Secretary For Swapping (Vintage Erotic Novel) - Anju Quewea - ebook

This is a Vintage Erotic, Adult Novel... Full of sexual adventures... Involving a sexy and Seductive girl... Full of Sex, Surprises and Unusual Naughty Twists.

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Secretary For Swapping

CHAPTER ONE"Suck it, Trixie, honey," Moss Davis shouted. "Suck my big dick all the way down your throat!"Trixie Harris plunged her head up and down on Moss's thick cock. Moss entwined his hands in her hair and thrust his cock into her face. Trixie swallowed hungrily as his prick drove deeply into her mouth. She felt it slam against the back of her throat and swallowed some more.She drew back slightly, so that she was able to taste the moist stickiness of his cock-head again, twirling her tongue faster around the blood inflated knob. Then she began to suck rhythmically, with all the practiced expertise of the accomplished female lover.Moss watched her lips working on his cock, watched the soft wet skin of her lips pucker outward and then back in again as she moved her mouth the full length of his rigid meat.And from across the room Milt Harris, Trixie's husband, watched' his wife suck another man's cock and felt his own meat start to stiffen. Beside him, Moss's wife, Jennie, was running a vibrator around and around the lips of her pussy."You finally gettin' it up, honey?" Jennie pushed, jamming the whirling vibrator to the hilt in her dripping cunt."Yeah. Seeing Trixie suck dick, any dick, always gives me a hard-on."And it was true. The sight of his beautiful red-headed wife sucking a hard cock never failed to turn Milt on. But then just the sight of Jennie Davis' naked body would turn him on.But not this night. He and Trixie had been swinging every Wednesday evening with the Davis' for the past year, and suddenly Milt felt bored. He wanted some new and different pussy. He wondered if his wife felt the same about cock."Jesus, Milt," Moss yelled from across the room. "Hurry up and fuck my old lady before she ruins herself on that phony dick!""Yeah, yeah, I'm about to." Milt replied, then slid closer to Jennie's body.Moss returned his attention to his prick inside Trixie's luscious mouth. His Wily tensed and jerked as he sawed his dick between her sucking lips.All of the fleshy expanse disappeared with each hard thrust, so that only a small stretch of it showed pink and glistening with wetness between her lips.Her tongue, with a nerve-shattering lick on the outstroke, was like a thing gone wild with lust, making his cock jerk and convulse. She sucked hungrily, concentrating fully on the rigid, throbbing pole of cock meat inside her mouth. Her breasts danced wildly, adding to the lust-inciting picture Moss was viewing."Suck it, suck it, suck it!" he urged her, dropping his head back on the floor and closing his eyes.Trixie's body glistened with sweat. The pressure grew and grew in Moss' balls and he shoved his belly up hard against her face, bearing her protesting mumble, but not heeding it in his desire for the final release of boiling cam from his balls.Then, all at once, he felt the eruption begin, felt the first stream of white hot fire leap along the channel of his plunging cock. He gasped His cock began a sudden wild, convulsive jerking that flooded Trixie's madly sucking mouth with rush after rush of burning cum. It bloated her cheeks outward with each spurt until she was forced to swallow wildly to keep from choking, mewling and crooning and tickling his balls with the tips, of her fingernails."Keep... sucking!" Moss yelled. "Keep suckinnnngggg!"His hands were working roughly in her hair now, ramming her head down harder on his prick, burying it deep in her throat. And then, with one last mighty groan, as she crazily sucked at the juices of his lust, he emptied the final drops of his sperm into her mouth.Trixie continued to nibble gently on the fleshy rod, milking every last drop of his load, until his cock began to gradually deflate in her mouth. Moss flung his arms outward in exhaustion, a great sigh of fulfillment emitting from his lips.Trixie lay for a long moment between his outstretched legs, her head on his thigh, still nibbling gently at his limp cock. Finally, she crawled up and kissed him full on the mouth. He accepted her tongue hungrily as she thrust it into his mouth, even though drops of his own sticky white cum were drooling down in thin rivulets from the corners of her glistening lips."How did you like that, lover?" she cooed."As good as always," he replied. "Hell, better!""You gonna eat me now?""In a minute," Moss smiled. "Let's watch your old man and my wife get it on. That always turns me on again right away!"Across the room, Milt had decided to get it over with. He stood and pulled Jennie to her knees in front of him. His cock was rigid now and bobbing a full ten inches in front of his hairy groin. "Suck my dick a little, Jennie!"The blonde reached out and wrapped her fingers around the thick, erect prick. Milt's cock reacted immediately to her touch. A tiny drop of pre-seminal fluid dozed from the tiny eye in the head."Go on . . take it in your mouth!"Jennie eagerly opened her mouth and Milt pushed his hips forward, jamming the thick length of his prick down her throat."Suck on it, you bitch! Come on! Suck!"Jennie's face was contorted from a mouth full of meat. She worked her mouth back and forth over the thick shaft. She ran her hands around to Milt's buttocks and trailed her fingers over them."Want to suck my ass a little, too?" Milt hissed.Jennie nodded her head violently.Milt pulled his cock from her mouth, turned around, and bent over and spread his ass-cheeks apart. "There, baby, suck my ass!"Jennie buried her face between his buttocks, jamming her tongue in and out of Milt's brown asshole. Milt stroked his own saliva-soaked cock as the girl rimmed him. He felt his orgasm begin to build within his balls. He squeezed the base of his cock to hold it back. Then he stood up, turned around, and jammed his prick back down her throat, pounding his pelvis back and forth. Jennie's eyes filled with tears as his cock forced its way down to her throat."Keep sucking, baby! You're gonna get it!"Milt stood on his tiptoes. His thighs tensed and his cock began to spew forth his load of sperm. Jennie gagged but swallowed it eagerly, load after load.When Milt had finally finished coming, he pulled his cock out of her cunt-filled mouth and went into the bathroom to wash it off.Jennie wiled over and stared vacantly at her husband and Trixie. "Jesus, what the hell is wrong with him?""I don't know," Trixie said, her eyebrows knitted in a frown. "But we'd better go. I'll call you in the morning and give you a rundown?"* * *Trixie put her head back on the car seat and closed her eyes. "What was wrong tonight?"Milt glanced at his wife. Her beautiful body was encased in a tight sweater and skirt."Nothing.""Bullshit.""All right. I was bored.""You mean it? You want to stop swinging?" Her eyes flew open and she scooted closer to him."You know better than that," he chuckled."Thank God," Trixie sighed, and rubbed her mammoth tits against his arm."But do you realize that we've been swinging with one couple, the same couple, for over a year?""Yeah, but we both agreed that we would only swing with very beautiful, sexy people, like Moss and Jennie. You have to admit, there are only a very few beautiful people who like sex the way we do!""Then, my love," Milt sighed, "I think we should make swingers out of non swingers. I want to expand our circle a little.""I'm all for it," Trixie laughed, and lightly squeezed his prick through his trousers."Hey, take it easy," he laughed."You and Moss both came tonight, you bastards. Jennie and I got left out!""I'll take care of that when we get home.""What about Moss and Jennie?""Oh, I still want to swing with them, but I think we should both get another couple to join in.""Great idea. But who do we get?""Well," Milt smiled, "I was thinking about your cousin Gloria and her new husband.""Gloria and Mike? Never! And, besides, they've only been married a month!""Now, come on," Milt replied, "don't tell me that you wouldn't like to fuck a young, good-looking stud like Mike.""Of course," Trixie giggled. "And I'm sure you'd dig pumping your big hunk of meat into my cute little eighteen-year-old cousin!""You bet I would," Milt said. "And you, my love, are going to help me do it!"Trixie stretched out on the front seat. "Okay, how about next weekend... at the lake? I'll put it to Jennie in the morning. They're invited as long as they bring another couple along,""Hmmmm, I'm glad you dreamed all this up, darling. I was getting tired of just one strange cock every week!""Damn, but you're the hottest woman I ever knew," Milt said with some pride."You just love cock, don't ya, baby?""Just like you love pussy, sweetheart." Milt took one hand from the steering wheel and put it on her firm, soft thigh, just at the point where her skirt rode high on her lap. He began to stroke lightly.She slid close to him and, with a gleam in her eye, laid the palm of her slim hand on the crotch of his slacks. His prick hardened instantly."Mmmmm, daddy's ready, isn't he?""I'm always ready, sweetheart," Milt said. "For you.She began to stroke his cock lightly with her palm while his hand moved higher along her thigh."Do you suppose my little cousin sucks cock as good as I do?""No, but then I'll bet young Mike doesn't have ten inches of meat, either.""Nobody has a cock like you, lover," Trixie purred.Deftly, her fingers found the zipper of his fly and worked it down quickly. The throbbing length of his huge rod strained for escape. But Trixie kept it imprisoned inside, stroking his rigid tool with expert fingers, she knew how to torment a man, by touch, by word, by manipulation of her own body.Milt was breathing faster under her ministrations and she shivered in anticipation. God, she was going to give him a ride when they got home. She could feel her pussy begin to seep warm, moist fluid, soaking the thin silk of her panties. She pound her smooth buttocks down into the leather of the seat and stroked his cock harder."We're... almost... home," Milt panted.Her hand rubbed more tantalizingly over his prick, using the material of his shorts to rub the blood-engorged head to near explosion.His hand went higher along her thigh and his fingers found the dampness of her crotch. He wiggled a finger inside the leg band, dipping the tip into the juices of her warm, throbbing cunt, causing a low, soft moan of sheer animalistic pleasure to escape her throat."How do you like that, you little prick-teaser?" he hissed breathlessly."Ohhhhh, lover!"His forefinger found her aroused clitoris, moved slowly back and forth across its sensitive surface, until his wife was grinding her hips faster and faster down against the seat, her pussy surging upward against his rear as if trying to beckon it to plunge deep inside her cunt hole.Milt whispered, "You'll wait until we get home, won't you, baby?""Aaaagghhhhmmmmm!" she groaned. "Yeses, I'll waitttttt!"Milt grinned triumphantly, and eased his finger away from her clit, then let his hand rest on her thigh. Her fingers remained on his stiff-hard cock, but they weren't moving now. Her eyes were closed and she leaned against him.CHAPTER TWOMoss lay naked on the bed. He had his left hand pushed under his ass-cheeks so that he could pump two fingers into his own asshole while he wildly pumped his right hand up and down on his cock."I wonder what the hell was wrong with Milt tonight," Jennie called from behind the partially closed bathroom door."Fuck Milt, damn it!" Moss replied, his voice husky with lust. "C'mon, hurry up! Ain't you ready yet? Jesus, my balls are about to explode!""All right, all right" his wife called back. "Jesus, I'm just as hot as you are.""Well, if you get your ass in here," Milt cried out, jumping from the bed and pacing the room, "I'll damn well get your fucking nuts off, you cunt!"Suddenly the bathroom door opened and Jennie came out. Her hair was tousled and hung loosely around her shoulders. Her voluptuous body was encased in a black corset. Her heavy breasts bulged over the top. She was wearing a pair of black lace panties and a garter belt was holding up black mesh stockings. On her feet she wore a pair of black spiked heels."What took you so long, whore?" Moss bellowed. "Don't you want this big cock of mine?" He slapped his cock against her thighs several times.Actually Moss didn't mind the wait while Jennie got ready. It always made their little fantasy game more fun when she finally came to bed looking like a cheap whore he loved to degrade and fuck."Well?" he bellowed, slapping her tits and making them wobble above the tight cups. "Tell me how much you want my big, thick dick rammed down your throat!""Yeah, baby, lover," she purred is he continued slapping her thighs with his cock. "I want you to fuck my face! I want your cock up my cunt, up my ass! I want you to fuck me silly for the rest of the night, Moss!""Get down on your knees, whore, and suck my big dick!"Jennie eagerly did as she was told. When she knelt in front of her husband, he rubbed his thick cock over her face. She opened her mouth and wet her lips with the tip of her tongue. Moss bent over and undid some of the hooks on her corset so that her big tits were exposed. He pinched her nipples, making her moan softly."Open up wide, whore! I'm gonna stick it down your throat!"Jennie's bright red lips opened. Moss stepped forward and jammed his cock into her mouth. She gagged, but he held her had fast and began pumping his cock in and out of her mouth."You like it, whore? Do you like cock in your mouth? Isn't that what I'm paying you for? To do anything I want?"She nodded as she sucked him.He pulled his wet prick out of her mouth and slapped her with it several times."Lick my nuts!"He held his cock pressed against his stomach while she began sucking on his pendulous balls. She licked each ball separately and then sucked both of them into her mouth."Yeah, yeah, that feels good! Now stick your tongue up my asshole! Ohhh shit, yes, like that!""I want your cock back, Moss, please?" Jennie pleaded."Stand up," he ordered, "and take off your panties!"Jennie unhooked her garter belt. The hose slipped down her legs. Then she pulled down her panties and stepped out of them."Now get on the bed and open your cunt!" Jennie lay on the bed, spreading her legs wide and wing her fingers to pull the lips of her pussy open. Suddenly, Moss got to his knees and started licking her cuntlips wildly. Jennie groaned and cried out in pain as his teeth bit hard into her clitoris. He licked every one of her cunt hairs and sucked her hole ravenously. Then he pushed her back on the bed, got on his knees between her legs, and pressed the head of his giant cock against the lips of her wet cunt."Give it to me, Moss baby!" Jennie pleaded. "Please, give it to me!""Not yet, whore. Beg for it!""Pleeease! I've got to have that big dick inside me! That's what you're paying me for!"Suddenly Moss jammed his cock savagely into her cunt. Jennie squealed with pretended pain and his huge shaft dug deeply into her cunthole. He fucked her furiously for twenty minutes, calling her all the degrading names he could think of."Oh God, oh shit... I love cock!" Jennie howled as her husband fucked his meat in and out of her body in swift, lunging strokes. "I LOVE COCKMEAT!"Suddenly, Moss pulled his huge tool from her cunt with a loud, slurping sound and flipped her over onto her belly. His face was inches away from her gleaming ass cheeks and, with a vicious growl, began tearing and chewing the pulpy flesh with his teeth. His teeth left angry, red welts on his wife's ass, and she cried out in pain."Oh slit, Moss, now... NOW!" she screamed. "I'm shooting off like a whore! GIVE ME YOUR COCK!"Moss pulled her up on her knees and put his hand between her thighs, poking his fingers inside her juicing cunt. She backed up to him, reached between her legs, took hold of his mighty cock, and guided him into her hole."Fuck me, Moss!" she screamed."Shut up, whore!" Moss hissed, slapping her."I'm coming inside you, bitch! la coming inside your fucking cunt!