Secret Agent Disco Dancer: Double Agent Orangegrove - Scott Gordon - ebook

It’s Fredrico Frillyfoam’s first day on the job, and elements within the mysterious Black Eagle organization want to make sure that he doesn’t see the end of it.Of course, this is Secret Agent Disco Dancer we’re talking about here—expert at everything, including avoiding danger that crops up around every corner.When the newbie agent notices a Navel orange slip away from the compound, he’s more than a bit curious where the trail might lead. Could it be that a network of fruity fiends have infiltrated Black Eagle and are using the intel for dubious purposes? Or perhaps our silly superhero had one Twinkie too many?WARNING! Lots silliness abounds in this slim volume. Don’t drink orange juice while reading unless you enjoy shooting it out of your nose!Approximately 8,400 words, 20 images, 1 crazy frog + 1 no good, double agent super spy orange. (Whew!) Descriptions of my other popular children's books are included after the main feature (an additional 5 pages).

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Published on August 21, 2016

Last updated on February 3, 2018

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Chapter 1

“Hey, Freddy boy. Over here!” A short, portly pig with sunglasses waved from across the street.

“It’s Secret Agent Disco Dancer to you, buddy,” the frog yelled back.

“Shh!” Earnest T. Bacon, the T undoubtedly for Trap, looked around to make sure no one had heard him. “You can’t afford to reveal your secret identity. It would be disastrous for all of us.”

“Oh yeah!” The crazy frog scratched his green noggin. “So, uh...what are you doing in this vacant part of Washington, D.C.?”

“I wanted to be here for your first day on the job.”

“Really? I didn’t know you cared.”

Bacon bit his fat tongue, not wanting to reveal anymore. “Come, now. Let’s bury the hatchet. You don’t want to be late for your first day of work, do you?”

“Yeah, I guess not.” Secret Agent Disco Dancer started across the street. Little did he know, two cars were waiting in ambush, ready to smash into him once he passed the parked cars on the curb. But as that crazy frog put his webbed foot onto the pavement, he stepped on a piece of bubblegum, which whipped him back around.

The two assassins caught a flash of him and floored it, crashing into each other.

“Can you believe the nerve of some people?” Secret Agent Disco Dancer peeled the pre-chewed gum off his heel and hopped over the two crashed cars. “Lead the way, daddio!” He tossed the gum in a nearby waste basket.

“Unbelievable.” Bacon couldn’t believe the frog’s luck.

Of course, he planned for such an outcome, and had other measures in place.

“Shouldn’t we call that in just in case someone’s hurt?” Secret Agent Disco Dancer glanced over his shoulder at the accident as he walked alongside the pig.

“Already done.” Bacon wobbled along.

“Really? One day I want to be a secret agent just like you!”

Bacon stopped. “First, you must learn to keep it a secret.”

“Oh...right.” The frog put a hand over his mouth.

“So is this your first time to D.C.?”

“Indeed it is! I was hoping, if I get off early, that I could stop by the White House and meet the president.”

“All in good time.” Bacon did his best not to laugh. Surely the frog wouldn’t last the day, much less get anywhere near the president. “Since this is your first time and all, why don’t I take a picture?”

“Hey, that’s a swell idea!” The frog shook with excitement as if he’d guzzled down a Big Gulp.

“Isn’t it?” The pig swallowed his laughter. “Why don’t you move a little bit over there? Nope, more to your left. More... MORE!” A large safe dangled from a rope several stories above; a rope that would be severed by a micro explosive triggered by a certain pernicious pig’s cellphone. “Stop! Hold it right there!” He had him right where he wanted him. “Now say cheese...”

“Cheese? As in cheese pizza? Who eats pizza without pepperoni? Hang on, piggy wiggy. I’ve got a better idea!” He grabbed Bacon in a flash and returned to the deadly spot. “Why don’t we take a picture of the both of us?” The frog grabbed the phone and held it out as far as he could so that both of them would fit in the selfie.

As Secret Agent Disco Dancer clicked the button, Bacon jumped for his life, errantly knocking the frog out of the way. With a thud, the safe slammed into the pavement, kicking up dust and chunks of concrete.

“Wow, you really sure are one heck of a spy! How did you know that was coming?” Secret Agent Disco Dancer gazed at the safe and then the pig.