Saved by the Werewolf - AJ Tipton - ebook

Adam is a dreamer determined to save his home town. Charlie is an impulsive gym owner trying to rescue his kidnapped family. Can these two unlikely heroes save the day?For the hunky yet irresponsible Charlie Huntington, life was always about having fun. But when his entire family is captured by his magic-crazed older brother, Charlie is forced to step up. Does this happy-go-lucky werewolf have what it takes to get those he loves out alive?Sexy werewolf Adam Esteban is a kindergarten teacher who adores sweeping romances and dreaming of a family to call his own. But when an insane magic user blows Adam's house to smithereens, Adam knows he must become a real hero. Will Adam get his happily ever after, or will the real world be too much for this idealist?Saved by the Werewolf is a short, gay paranormal romance novella. If you like charming castles, steamy alliances, and the redeeming power of family, then you’ll love the final installment of the Werewolves of Singer Valley romance adventure series.Buy Saved by the Werewolf to join the family today!Saved by the Werewolf stands alone, but is best enjoyed after the other books in this series:Stolen by the WerewolfEnchanted by the WerewolfAvenged by the Werewolf

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Saved by the Werewolf

A M-M Shifter Romance

AJ Tipton

Copyright © AJ Tipton 2017 The right of AJ Tipton to be identified as the author of this work has been asserted by her in accordance with the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 (or other similar law, depending on your country). All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted, in any form, or by any means (electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise) without the prior written permission of the author, except in cases of brief quotations embodied in reviews or articles. It may not be edited, amended, lent, resold, hired out, distributed or otherwise circulated without the publisher’s written permission. Permission can be obtained from

This book is for sale to adult audiences only. It contains substantial sexually explicit scenes and graphic language which may be considered offensive by some readers.

This is a work of fiction. All characters, names, places and incidents appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, organizations, events or locales is purely coincidental.

All sexually active characters in this work are 18 years of age or older.

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The night sky above Adam Esteban lit up with fire, and he dropped flat to the ground, crisscrossing his arms over his head. His stomach churned, his blood raced, as he braced for impact.

How the fuck did my life turn intothis?

The ground shook underneath him, his ears overwhelmed by the roar of destruction raining down all aroundhim.

Silence. The barrage had stopped, at least for the moment. The blasts that had been coming from Castle Rhodes tended to come in short bursts.Adam stood and brushed himself off. His senses were still on high alert, but the castle was stillnow.

Adam took a few deep breaths, trying to relax. Fucking witches. The small town of Colt Hills had been under siege for nearly a month now, so the streets were mostly empty. People barely dared leave their houses after dark, always moving in groups, their eyes on the skies, terrified of whatever was going to rain down onthem.

Adam looked around for anybody who could have been hurt. And then he sawit.

A crater smoldered where his house had stood a second before. Adam's legs propelled him forward while his brain was too shocked to process.

What just happened? He kept waiting to realize that he’d made a silly mistake, and his house was actually the one over there, or the next street over. But the lettering on the mailbox left dangling over the smoking hollow glared athim.

This wasit.

Of all the houses in the neighborhood to get hit by a flaming burst of magical… something, it had to be hishome.

It was gone. Just gone. Everything he'd ever collected, made, or loved reduced to a hole littered with fragments of plastic, metal, and what looked like half a toilet.

Castle Rhodes brooded down at him from the rise above Colt Hills. Adam used to love staring out at the old ruins from his kitchen window, dreaming of romantic adventures while dicing tomatoes. The castle was hundreds of years old, absolutely stunning, and, although the real history of the place had long been forgotten, it had an alluring mystery about it that Adam had always loved.

But that glamorous aura was absent today; it had been gone for nearly a month. The ruins now emanated an eerie green glow that had been shooting out bursts of sparks and debris ever since some insane witch set up shop inside the castle.

Adam had been scouring every book in the Colt Hills library, every obscure nook and cranny of the internet trying to figure out a way to save his town, but he was just a kindergarten teacher and a wolf shifter, not a magic user. As a shifter, he'd been around enough magic users to know that whoever was up at the castle was only going to get more dangerous as each day passed. Colt Hills wasn't a big town, and the supernatural community was a bit thin on the ground. He'd planned to reach out to experts, but this was the last straw.

His students were scared. Their parents were scared. Families were in danger.

He stood up and ran back into town, his boots slapping against the pavement. He didn't stop until he stood in front of Ellen's Castle Rhodes Museum and Gift Shop. The place was a tourist trap and a bit of a dump, but the founder/curator/guide/janitor of the museum, Ellen Spokane, had such love for the props and junk left behind by the many films shot at Castle Rhodes that she'd kept her shop open out of pure force ofwill.

"Ellen, I need to see that black cuff from the Mystery of the Wizard," Adam said without preamble as he pushed open the door of the museum.

"Adam!" Ellen cried, throwing her arms--and the book she'd been reading, which hit the wall behind her with a thunk--into the air in welcome. Ellen was a wiry, tall woman with grey hair that reached past her beaded belt, and bright red lipstick that glittered brightly for attention. "It's been an age since you were last in here! At least aweek!"

"Sorry, Ellen," Adam said. He walked forward to kiss her offered cheek. "I've been busy at the school, and now my houseis--"

"It’s no excuse for not coming to see me, you big, beautiful man. I always need more eye candy around here. The tourists will come back, just youwait."

Adam nodded, not wanting to contradict her optimism. It had been a few years since the last movie crew came by, and the tourists that used to flood the town to gawk at the castle they'd only seen on screen had slowed to a trickle. Despite her cheerful tone, the thick layer of dust she'd let accumulate over the glass cases testified that she wasn't actually expecting any visitors.

"Ellen, could you spare the wizard's black cuff? I don't know how long I'm going to need it, but I'll get it back toyou--"

"Ooooooo," Ellen cooed and ran around the counter to give him an enormous hug. Adam was only slightly ashamed at the squeak that escaped his throat. Adam was a big guy, but Ellen's surprisingly-strong embrace choked the breath out of him. "You have a date! I just knew that someone would come sweep you off your feet eventually! And of course you need to improve yourlook."

Adam glanced down at his simple button-down shirt and slacks he'd worn to work, startled. "What's wrong with how I dress?"

Ellen strode over to where the black cuff was displayed under a glass case and pulled it out, twirling it on her finger as she spoke.

"I swear, you'd think you were a monk, the way you carry on. Or, more accurately, the way you don’t." She pushed the cuff onto his wrist. It tingled for a second before the sensation passed. "There, now you look like a rockstar."

Adam ran his fingers over the leather, wondering if Ellen had any idea exactly how valuable this cuff was, or if the prop master who had used it in the movie had known that the prop he was using was a real magical object. Adam doubted it, but he was just grateful he hadn't had to bargain with big city covens to get a magic suppressor.

"Thanks for this, Ellen. You're amazing."

She flipped her hair over her shoulder. "Yes, I know. Now, you go get yourman."

"Ellen..." Adam opened his mouth to contradict her, but thought better of it. "Can I leave my bag here while I take care of all this?" He handed her the gym bag he'd been carrying when he left school, which now held all of his worldly possessions.

Ellen clutched the bag to her chest, grinning. "Of course! Now you'll have to come back and tell meeverything."

Adam chuckled. He certainly hoped he'd have a good story to tell her tonight. The alternative was that he wouldn't be coming back at all. He closed the museum's door and glanced up at the castle. Its glow against the sky was looking more sinister by the moment.

Storm the castle, stop the evil witch, figure out where I'm going to sleep tonight… Adam took a deep breath. He'd always wondered if his life would ever become like the movies he obsessively watched. Now that it was, he wasn't sure if he was excited or terrified.

Here Igo.

Charlie Huntington cursed his dress shoes for pinching his toes as he jogged toward The Howl cafe. He was late, again.

I'm so screwed.