Sandra's Sins - Ginny Watson - ebook

Sandra has just turned eighteen, and her party is planned... she wants a quiet time with four of her closest friends and her daddy, but something happens before the party that makes her think she should just stay at home with her devoted daddy... and maybe she can give on her birthday as well as receive!This is a taboo alternate version of Daddy's Birthday Surprise. 18+ Incest Content.

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Ginny Watson

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Sandra's Sins


Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

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Chapter 5

Chapter 6

A note from Ginny.


Sandra's Sins

An Alternate Version Of: Daddy's Birthday Surprise

Ginny Watson


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Chapter 1

Frank Pettman led a lonely life.

Twelve years divorced, and totally responsible for his little girl after a bitter court battle. His lawyer had gotten seriously down and dirty to prove his ex-wife Julie to be completely unfit to raise a child. But it was worth it he often told himself because deep down he knew she wasn't fit to be a mother. True, the court case had created an animosity that would never be healed, and a venom spitting Julie had vowed that to her, both husband and daughter were dead. And she never had tried to contact either of them, she had emigrated half way around the world and vanished from the record, and their lives.

But it was all true he tried to convince himself, maybe the lawyer had elaborated a little, but he had merely stretched the truth, he hadn't lied... well, not really.

He exaggerated the facts Frank told himself whenever he felt a twinge of guilt, then berated himself for the feeling. Why should he feel guilty, Julie was probably in re-hab, or a grotty backstreet dive somewhere, the woman had a weakness, alcohol, tobacco, more than a line or two of blow and when she was spaced out, she had a craving for cock... any cock!

Sandy is better off with me he told himself.

Maybe it was the subconscious and lingering guilt, but since the divorce Frank had lived the life of a monk. A few years after the decree absolute he had found himself tempted, a cute little temp at work, she was saucy yet also gave off an aura of sophistication, she wasn't a girl who would get banged in the back of a car after a few drinks. She was a girl who wanted wooing, wining and dining, only them would she put out.

For a week Frank had battled with temptation, Carol the temp, had shown her interest, she smiled, she giggled, she had popped a button on her tight blouse to allow him a better view, she always seemed to be close by, always in his line of sight.

And she isn't really that much older than Sandy he told himself despite knowing she was more than just a few years older, how could a girl that young possibly be interested in an older man?

“They crave experience and stability,” Roger, his co-worker had stated during a discussion that had been engineered without any hint of Carol's interest. “These young chicks aren't all gold diggers, some of them get tired of immature lads, and don't forget, girls mature faster, I mean mentally, young lads are led around by hormones and standing cocks, they only care about conquest, dammit Frank, we were just the same if you'll just admit it. But these girls want maturity, a guy who knows how to fuck because he's had practice, and he uses a his head, he's attentive to her needs. And bare this in mind too, a forty year old guy dating a twenty year old is going to feel insecure, so she can be sure when he fucks her he's giving 110%, not just satisfying himself.”

So she could be genuinely interested in me he told himself as she flirted with him the following day at work. And I have to admit, I do love the idea of a younger woman, the sort of girl that will make every guy my age as jealous as hell. And Carol fits that bill!

In his imagination she had a body that stretched far beyond his pocket, because as far as he was concerned the only way for him to get such a stunning beauty would be to rent her by the hour, and a girl like Carol would be expensive.

But she wasn't an escort, she was just an ordinary girl with an extraordinary look, and she wants to know me!