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DESCRIPTION: Samantha Kidd, one of Regal Bay's most successful real estate agents, carried with her several secrets. One, that she had once been a high-priced prostitute working out of the famous Madame Cheri's outside of Las Vegas. Two, that she enjoys a long-running incestuous relationship with her brother, Dennis. Living in Regal Bay, Samantha found that neither of these facts were considered abnormal. EXCERPT: Samantha found her brother’s manhood easily enough. It was growing harder by the second and she wrapped her fingers around the shaft to stroke it fully to life. Dennis growled into her mouth, enjoying it obviously. He rolled onto her, and she spread her legs wide to let him in. Her brother’s familiar cock slipped along her damp slot until it found its target. With a gentle push, Dennis entered her. “Oooohhh, Dennis! I love you!” Samantha purred, the words always the same when her brother first penetrated her, ever since that first time, when she and her best friend showed him what fun they could have together on his eighteenth birthday. Now it was her fortieth, and they were renewing their sibling love as they had so many times through the years. With the full penetration of her brother’s cock into her pussy, Samantha pulled her knees up and back, and then hooked her heels across his lower back. Dennis began to drive into her with short, shallow thrusts, enjoying the feel of his sister’s vaginal grip while getting control of himself. Too many times Dennis had dumped his load into her within the first few minutes. In an effort of control, Dennis asked, “Did you see a client tonight?”, his mouth hovering just above hers in the darkness. Samantha, well aware of her brother’s control issues, stroked his back. “Yes, I did.” “Did you…you know…?” Samantha giggled. “Of course, I did!” Dennis was equally aware of just how his sister enticed clients into signing for a house. Dennis, his control maintained, began to pick up his pace. “Did he make you cum?” Again, Samantha chuckled. “Not hardly. Although he did have a huge dick.” “Maybe I can fix that for you,” Dennis offered, and then began to drive his cock harder and deeper into his sister. “Maybe I can give my big sister an orgasm for her birthday.” “You’d fucking better, bastard!” Samantha insisted. “Otherwise, I’m kicking you out!” “Yes, Mistress! I’ll make you cum, Mistress!” Dennis replied. He liked calling Samantha “Mistress”, and knew that she liked it as well. He pushed up onto his hands and redoubled his efforts. Samantha responded by driving her hips up to meet his thrusts. “That’s it, you bastard! Fuck my filthy cunt!” Samantha roared. “Oh, fuck, yes! That’s it, damnit! That’s it! Aaaggghhhh!” When Samantha’s orgasm hit her, she went into a whole-body spasm. Her hips bucked and her legs flailed about. She grabbed her brother’s shoulders and pulled herself up from the mattress and all but hung beneath him as he power-drove his cock hard and deep, pushing her climax to the upper limits.

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by K.W. Steiner

The Matrons of Regal Bay

Published by K.W. Steiner at Lot’s Cave

The Matrons of Regal Bay

Samantha's Tale, © 2018, K.W. Steiner

Cover by Morgaine Wrightman

All Rights Reserved

All Characters In This Book Are Age 18 Or Older

This ebook is licensed for your personal enjoyment only and may not be re-sold or given away to other people. If you would like to share this ebook with another person, please purchase an additional copy for each recipient. If you’re reading this ebook and did not purchase it, or it was not purchased for your use only, then please return to the Lot’s Cave website and purchase your own copy. Thank you for respecting the hard work of this author.

This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are either a product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual people living or dead, events or locales is entirely coincidental.

A Lot’s Cave Novel


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Author’s Note

Family Exotica

Incest Erotica

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Chapter 1

Samantha Kidd, born Samantha Perkins 40 years to the day, stood in front of the foggy bathroom mirror looking at her reflection in the area she’d wiped off. She wore only her raspberry red hip-hugger panties. The rest of her clothes were in the sleeping area of the Holiday Inn suite, beyond the closed door. Waiting for her was a man she’d only met that afternoon, a client of the real estate firm that she worked for. His name was Clint Something-or-other. She never could remember their last names, not until she had a signature on a contract.

The woman staring back at her in the mirror was beautiful. Very beautiful. She was fit, reasonably slender for her age and 5’3” height, with warm brown eyes and long cocoa-brown hair that hung straight down her back. Her breasts were soft c-cups, capped with pencil-eraser-like nipples and small areola that most of her lovers likened to Hershey Kisses. They both ached from the abuse she’d enjoyed over the course of the last few hours. Clint liked to suck hard and chew on them. She didn’t mind, either.

Her skin was still slightly damp from her recent shower; her hair more so. She felt the tickle of drops falling from her hair against the small of her back, just above her panties. Samantha retrieved one of the smaller towels from the nearby rack and wrapped her hair up in it. A moment later, there was a light tapping at the bathroom door.

“I’ll be out in just a second,” she answered. Satisfied with how she looked after an evening of passionless sex, Samantha gathered up her cellphone and hand bag before opening the door.

“Sorry I took so long,” she apologized to the tall, rugged man standing before her. Clint wore his own underwear, which she noticed barely contained the huge cock he’d brought along with him. “It’s all yours.”

Clint made to embrace her, to give her another kiss if he could, but Samantha was an expert at dodging amorous men and made it past quickly. “I’ve really got to get back to the office before my secretary heads out,” she told her companion. “I’d hate for you to lose an opportunity to get your offer in before the long weekend.”

From inside the bathroom, Clint’s deep voice boomed, “That’s okay with me. I’m in no hurry to find a house the way it is. It’s my wife that wants a new house.” The shower started a moment later, and Clint added, “Did I tell you that she’s eight months pregnant with our first?”

Samantha shook her head and then nodded as she pulled on her bra. “Yes, you did. About a dozen times.” It wasn’t loud enough for him to hear. Clint was a nice man, married to a very nice woman whom Samantha like. He was eight years younger than she was, and worked as a foreman in one of the logging companies that worked the public areas east and north of Regal Bay. Earlier that afternoon Samantha had been introduced to Clint by her boss, Frank Vaughn, who had decided that she might be able to close a deal with the couple, something her colleague Quinn Vincent had been unable to do after a week of trying. In her defense, Quinn was new to the game, having only recently earned her license after teaching high school English for twenty-two years. Quinn just didn’t have the experience that Samantha had, not just in selling houses, but in seducing the clients.

Samantha Kidd never expected to enjoy life in Regal Bay as much as she did. Since arriving in Regal Bay some eight years earlier, Samantha had slowly come to realize that there was nothing but sexual delights to be found in her new home town. And as her eyes opened wider and she took more in, she developed a taste for fit, younger men, most often men nearly half her own age, and she was just 32 at the time.

Samantha had come from a family with money. She had been born and raised in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Her father was a lawyer, a junior partner now, and her mother a certified public accountant. Samantha had wanted nothing more than to get away from that city and her family, and when the opportunity came after high school to enroll at the University of Nevada at Las Vegas, she jumped on it. She had no real idea of what she wanted to do in life, and taking courses that might earn her a liberal arts degree someday seemed the easiest of all paths.

Samantha dropped out after three semesters, discovering fairly early on that she could make a lot of money working full time as a call girl. She had always enjoyed sex, from the first time a boy “took advantage of her” to the first time a guy her father’s age bought her a beer and then paid her to blow him in his pick-up truck out in the desert. While still a freshman, Samantha met an upperclassman named Daniel Hackett.

Daniel had come from a family similar to her own, in that they were well off. However, even though he had money in the bank, Daniel had ambition. Soon after she had finished her freshman year, they married, and she moved in with him in his off-campus condominium. Daniel and Samantha enjoyed a wonderful summer together, but when he insisted she return to school while he settled in as an intern at a downtown law firm, Samantha began to wonder if she’d made a mistake. As an intern Daniel brought in a healthy paycheck, plenty to allow Samantha time to enjoy the sun and fun of living in Sin City. The first time he denied her access to his earnings, however, was the last time spent the night with him. She moved out of his condo and back into the campus dorm, and filed for divorce a week later.

During that fall semester, Samantha was introduced to work as a call girl by a girl with whom she shared several classes with. Kelly McAfee was the same age as she was, but years more mature and worldly. Kelly was also from Pennsylvania, and had as big of a sexual appetite as Samantha had. It was through Kelly that Samantha made her first thousand dollars, “dating” men visiting Las Vegas by being seen on their arms in public, while catering to their pleasures in private. By the time her divorce had been finalized, Samantha was bringing in more money as one of Nevada’s legal prostitutes than her ex-husband was, and she was keeping every cent of it.

Giving up on school, Samantha applied to take a vacancy at the famed Madam Cheri’s Ranch and Spa, an hour outside of the city. She had a few regulars that would follow her anywhere, a couple of which lived in Las Vegas. These formed the foundation of her rapidly expanding cliental, a group she came to share with the other young women who worked out of the pleasure ranch. In exchange, Samantha was shown dozens of ways to pleasure men, and women, as well as herself, all of which was designed to increase her earnings. For seven years, Samantha made love to clients, who made her fairly wealthy in exchange.

Samantha quit the business on her thirtieth birthday, a pact she’d made with herself. She had been hounded for several of those years by a younger man, a state policeman as it would turn out, and after giving Matthew Kidd the honor of being her final client, she accepted his proposal of marriage. A week later, in one of Las Vegas’ many theme marriage halls, Samantha married Matthew. Two months later, she was a widow, after Matthew had been shot and killed in the line of duty by a drunk local politician who didn’t like being pulled over while driving his mistress back to her place.

Samantha left Las Vegas and moved to Regal Bay, where she and Daniel had spent their honeymoon eight years before. She was now thirty but after years of learning how to maintain her looks and manipulate men, it wasn’t hard for her to find a good job. At first, she worked in the office at Bayside Estates, hired by the owner Frank Vaughn ten minutes after she had walked through the doors. Frank had been easy to convince, being a married man and father who looked more like Joe Pesci than Joe Six-pack. Frank even paid for her to get the training she needed to pass the real estate exam. And thanks to Frank, Samantha was able to move into one of the exclusive Majestic View condominiums without the usual background checks and months-long wait. Within two years, Samantha was his best agent with the highest profits and closing rate of all of the women who worked for him.

Getting the paperwork that she had in her tote bag back to the office before Janice, her secretary, left for the weekend would guarantee Samantha the commission once Clint and his pregnant wife signed off at closing. Once she’d pulled on her skirt and blouse, Samantha went over to the dressing table mirror and touched up her lipstick. The shower was still running and she could hear Clint humming happily to himself. Seducing him had been too easy, she smiled. From what he’d told her in the bar downstairs, his wife had cut him off after she had started showing. It had been six months since he’d last got laid, he whined over their whiskey-and-cokes. Samantha didn’t feel sorry for him. She felt nothing for him. Unless you count greed as a feeling.

Samantha knocked on the bathroom door and then opened it a foot. “I’m going to head out, Clint. I’ve got to get back to the office. I had fun,” she lied. Well, half lied. She did enjoy his huge cock. She didn’t cum, but gave him the impression that she had. “I’ll call you next week, once the offer’s placed and accepted.”

Clint shut off the shower and asked quickly, “Can I see you again?”

“You will, in the office next week,” she replied. “And don’t forget, you need to have your wife there with you. She’s going to have to sign the papers, also.”

“I meant like this,” Clint whined. He stepped out of the shower and Samantha paused long enough to take in his huge member one last time. “Sheila’s not due for another month, and even then, it’ll be another two before I’ll get any.”

Samantha thought he looked pitiful, even though he was a powerful and fit young man. He just whined entirely too much for her taste. She wondered who actually wore the pants in that household. She replied, “We’ll see. Give me a call and we’ll work something out, okay?” She couldn’t resist one last look at his cock. “I wouldn’t mind riding that hog-leg again,” she admitted. Before he could respond, she pulled the door closed and headed for the hallway door. She stepped into her slip-ons and collected her tote, and was out the door before Clint could step out of the bathroom behind her.

She found the year-old Audi coupe parked where she had left it in the lot, next to the Mazda that Clint owned. Both cars were silver, though hers had been recently waxed and glittered under the lot’s lamps. She thumbed the keyless entry and climbed behind the wheel. She enjoyed driving the sports car hard and fast, and squealed her tires as she tore out of the lot, headed for downtown and the offices of Bayside Real Estate.


It was a quarter past eleven when Samantha stepped out of the shower, refreshed and ready to head for bed. The house she lived in had been one Bayside Realty had for sale when she had hired on. Frank was more than happy to let her occupy it, though should a buyer for the over-priced property be found she would have to give it up. That had been more than seven years ago, and thanks to a little manipulation here and there, Samantha was now the proud owner of the house and property, and she hadn’t paid a dime for it.

Although it was Thursday night ahead of the long Memorial Day weekend, Samantha would be going in to the office for a few hours on Friday, while the rest of the office had the day off. The Realty had already shown a profit for the first quarter that year, and was well on the way to a record-setting second quarter. As a gift to show his appreciation, Frank had given the staff Friday off for a four-day weekend. Summer was about to start, and the rental season would pick up the next week or two, so Saturdays would soon be scheduled for the agents as well as the office staff. For Samantha, however, she was already looking ahead, and the more she could land the greater her bonus check at the end of the quarter would be.

Samantha had on a pair of pink panties and a light robe when she headed back downstairs to the kitchen. The light was already on and she found her brother sitting at the table, drinking one of her beers.

“Why am I not surprised to find you here, Dennis?” she asked casually, as if she’d been expecting her unemployed younger brother all along. She walked past and retrieved a bottle of beer from the refrigerator. Standing at the kitchen island, she poured the craft beer into a glass.

“You know, Elysian Avatar Jasmine is considered a woman’s beer,” she informed her brother, raising her glass in a mock toast as she did before tipping it back and drinking nearly half of the IPA down.

“It all tastes the same to me,” Dennis replied. After a deep pull at the bottle he held, he added, “Free beer always tastes good to me.”

“Those cost me around two bucks a bottle,” Samantha told him. “And only one liquor store in town carries them. You owe me a six-pack.”

“I’ll buy you a case, just as soon as I get paid.”

Samantha sat on one of two the barstools that ran along the counter and faced her brother. “And when will that be, Dennis? Oh, let me guess. Right after you find another job.”

“I’m sorry I wasn’t gifted with a knock-out body like you were, Sam,” Dennis growled. “Otherwise I might be able to fuck my way to the top, too.”

“I beg to differ, little brother,” Samantha argued. “I recall the reason you’ve been bouncing around looking for employment these past dozen years was because you tried just that. The Air Force didn’t think running a brothel on base, out of your officer’s quarters at that, created the kind of image that they wanted to share with the world.”

“I was doing just fine until some British fly-boy’s wife caught a bug,” Dennis said. “Can’t help it he didn’t follow the first rule and wear a damned condom. All of my girls were told to never go without one.”

“Ha! All of your girls. Need I remind you that “all of your girls” were enlisted members of the U.S. Air Force? Prostitution was, and still is, an actionable offence. I’m still surprised you didn’t end up in federal lock-up.”

“You’re one to talk about prostitution,” Dennis replied, reminding his sister of her own sordid past.

Samantha finished off her beer and sat the bottle on the counter. “If we’re going to go through this shit again, you can just leave. I’ve got work in the morning.”

Dennis jumped up and went to his sister. “I’m sorry, Sam. I shouldn’t have gone there.” He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her into a hug. Dennis was five inches taller than his sister, and Samantha laid her head into his shoulder.

“It’s alright,” Samantha said. “I’ve had a long day, and I know you’re getting stressed out, looking for a job.” She tilted her head up and looked into her brother’s face. “How’s things going with Crystal?”

Dennis shrugged and stepped away. “Alright, I guess.”

Samantha recognized that response. She’d seen it before. “She kicked you out again, didn’t she?”

Dennis dropped into the chair again and picked up his empty bottle. Looking at it, he told her, “She said I can come back when I get a job, and start helping with the bills.”

Samantha went to stand next to him and placed her hand on his shoulder in comfort. Not for the first time, and she didn’t imagine it would be the last either, she said, “You’re welcome to stay here, little brother. You know that.”

Her brother replied, “I didn’t want to have to ask, you know. Mom and Dad won’t help me out anymore.” He looked up at Samantha and smiled. “As a matter of fact, I’ve got a new job. And I start next week. I’m heading out on a fishing trawler Monday morning.”

“Color me surprised,” she replied with a chuckle. “Who’s hard up enough to hire a bum like you around here?”

“K.F.T. They’ve got three boats, all operating out of North Bay,” Dennis replied.

“And they’re fine with you having never been a fisherman in your life, let along work a trawler? You know, that’s some serious shit out there on the open seas. You can get hurt, or worse, if you don’t know what you’re doing.”

Dennis stood up again, and again took her in his arms. This time, his hands went into her robe and onto her naked back. “I’ll be fine, Sam. You know me, I can pick up anything they throw at me, and do it better than anyone else.”

“But can you stick with it? That’s what always get you, in the end. You collect that first paycheck and then don’t show up the next day for work.”

“This will be different,” Dennis assured. Then, as if to make his point, he kissed Samantha. “I promise.”

Samantha saw a look in Dennis’s eyes then, a familiar look but one she’d not seen in some time. It was a look of lust. And when he pulled her a little tighter to him, she felt his lust as well. It was poking her in the belly.

“I’ve got to get up for work in the morning,” she reminded Dennis, just before his mouth descended onto hers again.

“I’m up for work, right now,” Dennis smirked.

Samantha reached between their bodies. “I can tell.” His mouth came to hers again, this time with more passion than a brother and sister should show each other. It lasted most of a minute, and when their mouths parted, Samantha told her brother, “You realize that today is my birthday, don’t you?”

“I know. What are you now? Forty?”

“You know I am,” she said.

“Want to open your present now?”

Samantha grinned wolfishly and gave her brother’s crotch a firm squeeze. “Is this my present?”