Samantha Rampage - Eliselle Yu - ebook

Three men had the misfortune to meet Special Agent Samantha and they disappeared without a trace.From the Society's tales of murders and kidnappings.

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Eliselle Yu

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Table of contents

From the archives of The Society


Door to Door


From the archives of The Society

The Society is a secret organization of assassins, specializing in delivery of murders on request. The members know each other in tight circles and are often mentally ill or unlimited sadistic, whose only requirement is to be efficient in bringing to the end their task. They act often with unconventional methods in order to satisfy in every detail the (sometimes absurd) demands of customers (or their lower instincts) and are involved at various levels in all kinds of illegal activities.

Cases file in Volume 3:

Awakenings: agent Samantha kidnaps customer and makes him to disappear into a caveDoor to Door: agent Samantha was seen by a witness during a job; it is required to eliminate the witness Party: customer must be eliminated and body should not be found; the Society is free to choose the best way to accomplish the task; agent Samantha is in charge of the assignment


She spoke, all the time.

Like a radio, she could not be quiet, not a moment of silence, except when sipped wine and it was not clear how she managed to find all that blast.

At some point during the evening, he realized that he was not listening more and that the woman moved her sinuous and fleshy red lips only for the benefit of the walls.

And when her monolog became just background noise, he realized that because of the alcohol and her hysterical chatter, he was being hopelessly stunning.

"It makes no sense, you know?" She said gesturing quickly with one hand, so as to bring down one of the straps of her gown.

She ran her fingers through her long red hair and continued, "Well, it makes no sense, they assured me that narcotic would do the effect long time before, while you're still awake"

She reclines in her chair, crossing her long legs wrapped in thin black tights.

"You would have already been bound and gagged in the trunk of my car while instead, I'm still here to pretend to have sex with you, trying to eat dinner, this useless"

The vision began to dim for a few minutes and everything went black.

"Maybe I should just put your head into a plastic bag and suffocate you, I would save a bit of trouble" She leaned forward and quickly for two seconds that gave him back to see a close-up of her large breasts protruding from the skimpy dress she wore.

"But you think? How long does it even to sleep? I'll have to kill!"

Definitively collapsed without any of the last sentences had really reached his ears.