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Warning: This is a VERY taboo, vintage, hard-boiled full length (100+ Pages), post-censorship erotic novel. This is bad stuff. Both bad meaning bad and bad meaning *good*. The story is so crazy, we can't even give a proper description.******It took several days of urging before Susan finally convinced her husband that he should deflower their older daughter. When Dave at last agreed to do it, Susan called Cindy into the living room so she could explain what was going to happen."Honey," said Susan as she sat next to her daughter on the couch. "Do you ever wish you had a boyfriend?""God, yes," blushed the pretty young blonde. "I think about it all the time.""I thought you did," her mother smiled. "We've been alone here for almost two years.""It seems like two hundred," laughed Cindy."Did you ever do any heavy petting when we lived down home?" Susan suddenly asked."The guys used to feel me up," she answered. "But I didn't let them go all the way.""Would you let a boy go all the way now?""Do you want an honest answer?" asked Cindy."Yes.""Well," the girl blushed, "I wanna be laid so damned bad it's driving me crazy.""I thought you did," smiled her mother. "It's not healthy for a beautiful young woman to be without a man.""It's driving me wild," the lovely blonde admitted."What do you do about it?""Masturbate," was Cindy's frank and honest reply. "I spend half the time fingering myself off.""Your dad and I have been talking about this," her mother explained. 

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Rural Incest

Pearline Sharrow

Copyright © 2017

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Though they were completely isolated from the outside world except for the occasional bush pilots who flew supplies in and out on pontoon planes, they dearly loved the serene quiet of the beautiful country. There was the inconvenience of no schools, but because his wife, Susan, had been a teacher, their children were getting a good education. They sometimes experienced loneliness but by and large they enjoyed the peaceful life.Dave and Susan had three children, Cindy, beautiful and blonde, and the twins, Jody and Joy, who, at three years younger than Cindy, had just entered their teens. Because they'd learned to live together alone, there was seldom any bickering or arguing among the children.Another thing that made life so pleasant for them was Dave and Susan's strong sexual attraction for each other. Dave married her almost eighteen years ago after he had knocked her up with Cindy; their sex life had done nothing but improve over the years."Darling," Susan whispered to him one evening after the children had all gone to bed. "I feel like doing something naughty.""Are you thinking about fucking?" he grinned."Yes, sweetheart," the pretty woman giggled. "That's exactly what I'm thinking about.""Then I suggest we head to bed," he playfully suggested, quickly rising to his feet.After entering the bedroom, Susan seated herself on the edge of the bed and smiled up at Dave, who was standing directly in front of her. She was dying to be fucked by his big thick cock. Looking at him, Susan could see deep tenderness mixed with passion in his blazing eyes."Ready?" he whispered, blatant lust etched all over his face."Ready," smiled Susan, holding her arms out to him.Tenderly grasping her hands, he raised her to a standing position, and taking the hem of her dress in his fingers, he lifted it over her head as if he were unveiling a precious object of art. Dropping the garment onto a chair, he tenderly smiled at his beautiful wife, who was standing before him in nothing but panties and bra."You're so lovely," he whispered, studying her familiar body. "I never get tired of looking at you."Pressing his lips against the side of her neck, he inhaled the clean fresh scent of her hair. His head spinning with passion for her, he expertly unsnapped her bra and removed it. Putting his arms around her, he lowered his hands until his fingers were inside the waistband of her little panties, and then he tenderly rolled them down over her softly rounded ass.Sitting down on the edge of the bed, he drew her up against him and pressed his searing lips against her dimpled navel. Standing between his outstretched legs as he kissed and licked the smooth plane of her belly, Susan reveled in the luxuriant warmth of it all. While his hands lovingly cupped her asscheeks, his fingers were goosing and kneading into the soft warm crack between them.Finally releasing her, he stood up and gently laid her deliciously naked body back on the bed."Oh, sweet darling Dave," she whispered when he knelt down on the bed and brushed his lips across her sensitive inner thighs. The rapture in her body was suddenly intensified when his warm, wet mouth covered the entire length of her furry little slit and his tongue slithered deeply into the slippery flesh of her wildly aroused fuckhole. Crazed with burning lust, she began writhing her oozing pussy up tighter against his slavering mouth, thrilled by his talented tongue expertly massaging her throbbing clitty."Oh, sweet fuckig piss!" she squealed, pressing her soft, naked thighs tighter against his juice-drenched face. "It's so good... so good!"Curling her trembling fingers into his thick head of hair, Susan pushed her husband's slurping mouth down tighter against her steaming slit. When he moved his tongue higher up and began fucking it rapidly across her clit, it felt like a thousand fluttering butterfly wings."Holy shit!" she shrieked, slamming her cunt up and wrapping her thighs more tightly against his face. "Keep suckin', darling! I'm gonna come... gonna come!"Realizing that his wife was starting to climax, Dave began sucking harder on her tingling clitoris."That's it, honey!" she cried out. "I'm coming... coming!"Dave could feel her hot twat writhing and jerking against his mouth as he prolonged her wild orgasm for several more seconds with his expert technique."Oh, you sweet darling, you really know how to suck a cunt," she tenderly whispered a few minutes later as the strength slowly returned to her exhausted body. "I love the way you eat me out.""That's because your cute little pussy's so hot," smiled Dave, tenderly kissing her flushed cheek.Getting up from the bed, he walked across the room and removed his clothes. After lighting two cigarettes, he slowly returned to her.Watching him as he walked back, Susan couldn't take her eyes away from the big familiar cock thrusting up from his massive hair covered balls.Handing his wife the lighted cigarette, he sat on the edge of the bed, his thick boner standing against his belly. A hot tremor raced through his body when the beautiful woman rested her soft, cool hand on his bare thigh.After taking a couple of deep puffs on the cigarette, Susan put it out. Staring at his erect tool, the woman couldn't wait any longer to feel it stuffed up her horny cunt. Lying back with her long hair cascading over the pillow, she spread her legs and lewdly parted the lust swollen lips of her slippery pussy."My pussy needs a hot fuck," she whispered, a naughty gleam in her half-closed eyes. "D'ya wanta try it on for size?"His throat parched with lust, Dave just stared excitedly at the juicy twat lips that were so deliciously unfurled for him."Hurry," she teased. "I need that beautiful big cock in my cunt."Quickly kneeling between her widely spread legs, he guided his throbbing cockhead toward its juicy reward.Susan was shivering with anticipation when his hard knob nudged between the juice slickened lips of her seething pussy. Clutching him tightly, the aroused woman could feel her cunt stretching to accommodate the long, thick prick that was slowly sinking into her slippery little hole."Oh, sweet baby," she whispered, feeling the deliciously hard cock pressed against her tightly stretched cunt walls as it thrust more and more deeply into passion's fiery depths.When his big shaft had completely penetrated her, Susan squeezed her naked thighs around his waist, luxuriating in the heavenly sensuality of the thick cock that was throbbing so deeply in her quivering body."Don't move for a minute," she whispered, screwing her cunt more tightly around the thick base of his shaft. "I just want to feel it soaking in."Not moving, and locked passionately together in each other's arms, Susan could feel the hot blood pumping through the distended veins in his cock as it pulsated against the sides of her pussy. After remaining completely still for several moments, Susan began slowly rotating her hips, causing his big wonderful cock to stir around deliciously in her squeezing fuckhole.Unable, to remain motionless any longer, Dave began slowly pumping his massive shaft in and out of her hot, slippery cunt."Oh, darling," she softly whimpered, clutching him more tightly. "Your big cock feels so fuckin' good."His loins burning with lust, Dave began slamming into her with longer, deeper strokes."That's it, honey!" she squealed with prurient delight. "Just fuck the shit out of me!"Reaching beneath her, he grasped her ass in his strong hands, pulling her close. Clutching her lurching asscheeks, he began pounding his thick meat into her squirming slit at an even faster tempo. Driving his fiery shaft in and out, he began goosing her smooth soft asscheeks."Ooooooh!" she suddenly squealed with delight when one of his probing fingers brushed across her little puckered asshole."OOOOOOH!"Further aroused by her squeals of joy, he began excitedly massaging the sensitive ring of her tight little shitter."Oh, fuck, that feels good!" she whimpered when she felt his finger suddenly plunging knuckle-deep into her tingling asshole. "That feels fantastic!"Now pounding his tool harder and deeper into her boiling slit, he excitedly swirled the tip of his finger around the inside of her writhing butt."Holy Jesus, honey!" she cried out, arching her hips up off the bed. "More, honey, more! Ram it all the way up my ass!"Driving his inflamed boner deeper and harder into her hotly sucking cunt, Dave's middle finger began rapidly zipping in and out of her warm, buttery asshole."That's it, you sweet fucker!" she shrieked. From the way the gasping woman's cunt muscles were sucking and pulling on his thrusting prick, Dave knew she was rapidly approaching a climax. Wanting to bring her to a tumultuous orgasm, he began fucking her with a wild intensity. He could feel his own ejaculation building in his churning balls, and hoped he wouldn't shoot his hot load before they could reach mutual orgasm.Susan was very much aware that she'd never been so passionately fucked in her life, and she was frantically writhing her hot slit up to meet every fantastic plunge of his cock, trying to give him as much pleasure as he was giving her. The woman's beautiful face was contorted with animal lust as her long hair flailed wildly around the pillow. Her shapely bare legs were kicking crazily in the air as his buried finger raised her ass to better receive every powerful thrust of his cock."Oh, sweet, sweet fucker!" Susan whimpered as she began riding his magnificent boner up over the crest of her thunderous orgasm. "I'm coming, sweet fucker... COMING! COMING!"The ecstasy was almost unbearable, and when she felt his hot cum gushing into her spasming cunthole, she almost blew her mind. Susan had never experienced such a total and complete orgasm in her life, and it was several long moments before she was, able to stop lurching and writhing beneath his power. He continued shooting blast after blast of cum into her, prolonging the intensity of her climax.Later, as they lay naked on the bed, Susan's entire body filled with a soft, warm glow."God, honey," she whispered, gently toying with the tip of his vet, flaccid prick. "You're the greatest cocksman in the world. I don't know how I'd ever live without your beautiful big cock.""Flattery will get you everywhere," he grinned. "But you have the hottest little pussy I've ever fucked."Pleased with his sweet words, Susan bent down and began licking the film of half-dried cum from the head of his thick, limp dick. Not wanting to waste a precious moment of their wonderful sex life, she began sucking lovingly on hiss prick as it lay motionless against her tongue. Locking her lips firmly around it, she gave steady, deep suction as her tongue teased the sensitive tip of his shaft.Her efforts were soon rewarded. She felt his dick starting to stir in her mouth. It was exciting to feel his cock slowly expanding between her lips until it was a thick, hard cylinder nudging deeply into her throat.When his boner was once more as hard as steel, Dave asked her to get on her hands and knees. Kneeling behind her, he grasped her soft white hips in his hands, his eyes lusting over the lovely sight of her cute bare ass. The smooth creamy flesh of her rounded buns was a sight to behold. Looking just below her tiny asshole, he could see his spent jism oozing out of her slippery pussy. Her open twat looked so inviting as it winked up at him from between the soft pussycurls.Panting heavily, the man grasped his thick shaft in his hand and eased it up between the slick moist lips of her hot pussy. Releasing the grasp on his throbbing dick, he clutched her hips with his hands, violently pulling her back toward him as he thrust forward."EEEEGGGHHH!" screamed Susan as his big cock unexpectedly slammed all the way into her cunt with one wild plunge. Her scream was more of surprise than pain, and though it had hurt slightly, the intense pleasure far exceeded the minor discomfort.Susan was soon squealing with delight as Dave pounded his prick in and out of her writhing slit from behind. Pulling her hips back against him with every thrust, he was getting the deepest penetration possible. Her deliciously slippery cunt walls were squeezing hotly around his thick shaft as it thundered in and out of her lathered fuckhole.Almost out of her mind front the intensity of her husband's assault, Susan began wildly rotating her ass. Dave had been fucking Susan for years, but he'd never found her as hot and responsive as she was this evening."Fuck it to me, baby!" she moaned, pounding back at him as she frantically ground her ass around his plundering tool. "Give me the works, darling! Fuck me silly!"Removing one hand from her hip, Dave reached under the woman, seeking her swollen clit with his finger. When his fingertip found her tingling little-girl prick, the pleasure was almost more than the writhing woman could bear. Suddenly Susan's trembling arms collapsed and she fell flat on her stomach. Dave followed her down, his cock still plunging in and out of her squirming fuckhole while his finger continued teasing her sensitive clit."Oooooooh, honey!" she sobbed, her face buried in the pillow. "It's so good... so good!""Am I hurting you?" he panted."Shit no!" she moaned. "Just keep fuckin'!"Dave couldn't seem to understand Susan this evening. He'd never fucked her as violently as he was tonight and she was still screaming for more."Harder, honey, harder!" she squealed, lifting her ass a bit to make her battered cunt more available to his plunging prick. "Fuck me harder, please!"Eager to give his wildly aroused wife what she wanted, he drove and slammed and plunged his thick boner into her for all he was worth."That's the way, darling!" she squealed with delight as her husband drilled into her with feverish abandon, his steel-hard cock plunging deep into her belly. She'd never been so completely fucked in her life."OH, FUCK! FUCK!" she screamed. "I'M GONNA COME... GONNA COME!"Pounding into her with all his power, Dave suddenly felt his stinging cockjuice streaking hotly up his long shaft."Oh, shit!" he gasped. "Here comes my fuckin' load, baby!""Then squirt, honey!" screamed Susan. "Cream me good, honey! I'M COMING TOO!"Feeling his hot cum swirling into her cockfilled cunt, Susan writhed through the wildest orgasm she'd ever experienced in her oversexed lifetime."OOOOOOOH, FUCK I'M COMING... COMING!" she continued, as her husband's big spurting prick filled her, to overflowing with his thick jizz."Oh, God," she panted a little later as she lay exhausted in his arms. "That was the neatest fuck we've ever had.""It was fantastic," sighed the man. "Honey, I'm starting to worry about Cindy," she said a little later, referring to their daughter.