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The pricing procedure defines the conditions permitted for a document and the sequence in which the system takes these conditions into account during pricing. A standard pricing procedure is defined in the standard SAP system.  It contains conditions most commonly used.  These include material prices, discounts, and surcharges, such as freight, or tax.

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Basic Rules in SAP-Sales and Distribution Module

Table of Contents

Title Page

Rules In SAP-SD Module

Inquiry | Quotation | Order | Delivery | Billing

Customer master

Departure Zone of Shipping Point

Sales document type

Sales area

Define Access Sequences

Sales Organization | Chart of Accounts | Account assignment group –Customer | Account assignment group-Material | Account Key

Sales Organization  :

Responsible for:

Distribution of goods and services

Negotiating Sales Conditions

Product Liability and rights of recourse

A sales organization is uniquely assigned to a company code

Master data’s are separately maintained for a sales organization

All items in the Sales and Distribution document belong to a sales organization

Distribution Channel:

Means through which products and services reach the customer 

A distribution channel:

Defines responsibilities

Helps in achieve flexible pricing

Differentiate Sales statistics


A division is used to group products and services.

A division represents a product line.

Sales Area:

A Sales area is a combination of

Sales organization

Distribution Channel


Each Sales and distribution document is assigned exactly to one sales area.

A sales area can belong to only  one company code.


Sales Organization

Distribution Channel




Sales Area


Plant and Storage Location:

A Plant is a location where stock is maintained

Plant and storage location are used by all logistic area of R/3 System

A Plant is uniquely assigned to a company code

Shipping point:

Shipping point is the highest level of organizational unit in shipping

Each outbound delivery is processed by one shipping point

Shipping points are assigned to a plant

More than one shipping point can be assigned to a plant


Sales and Distribution