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Can Any Woman Melt This Billionaire's Cold Heart?Royce Erickson is the hottest man alive. He's wealthy beyond belief, with a body built for sin! Alice is just a naive young divorcee desperate for a chance at a new life. So she takes a job in the secretarial pool. Soon she's plucked from her boring world and chosen to be this handsome billionaire's assistant! But what he wants from her isn't on her resume.Desperate to make ends meet, Alice takes Royce's unusual offer! She tries hard to keep her feelings from taking over. But falling for her handsome & wealthy boss is hard to resist. Are the feelings mutual or is Alice just another conquest?Get ready for a steamy ride!

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ROYCE: Bound By The Billionaire

Victoria Foxxe

Published by Knight Press Inc., 2017.

This is a work of fiction. Similarities to real people, places, or events are entirely coincidental.


First edition. September 8, 2017.

Copyright © 2017 Victoria Foxxe.

Written by Victoria Foxxe.

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Table of Contents

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Part One

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Author Notes

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Preview Excerpt:

"Please don’t stop," I moaned as my hips gyrated enthusiastically. 

Both hands were cuffed to the headboard. While my legs were tied to each bedpost so that I was spread-eagled. Bound and helpless, I’d resigned myself to my kinky fate. 

Blindfolded, I felt warm hands massaging my thighs; while my captor’s hungry mouth eagerly explored my aching core. Much to my dismay, this state of affairs had me aroused and dripping wet.

“You’re so fucking delicious!” he growled and smacked his lips greedily. Then he went back to work, using his slippery tongue to lick up-and-down the entire length of my quivering folds. 

Never before had I felt such intense pleasure! I gasped and bit my lip, as a primal moan escaped from me. When my breathing shallowed and he started to circle my most sensitive part with his finger.

“Have you ever wondered what you taste like?” he breathed softly into my ear.

Shocked I wasn’t sure how to respond. Sure I’d touched myself, “down there” before. But it had never occurred to me that I even had a taste. 

“No, I’ve never...” I stammered. 

“Shhh...” my captor whispered. Then he pulled his exploring fingers from between my wet folds and brought them to my lips. Without thinking I obediently stuck out my tongue and licked. The sweet-salty flavor surprised me , and I was shocked by how much I enjoyed it. 

“That’s a good girl”, he said in his movie-star sexy voice. 

I blushed like a teenager; so happy that I’d pleased him. Never in a thousand years did I think I'd be one of those women. You know the type who will do anything for her man! 

Of course my entire world changed the day I met Royce Erickson. 

Just a few days ago I had been an ordinary woman, living a terribly uneventful life. Now, I was the property of the world kinkiest billionaire; about to experience pleasures I only dreamed of before.


Part One

Royce Erickson. You've seen him in the glossy magazines, standing next to Donald Trump; or maybe on the evening news giving a press conference. From his broad shoulders, to his well-muscled body, there’s only one word for him: Delicious! His voice is that marvelous, deep baritone that commands both respect and obedience. Let me tell you, he's one hundred percent total alpha male! 

It's unbelievable that our paths ever crossed at all. I'm not exactly the most beautiful woman. Don't get me wrong, I'm not hideous or anything. But I'm far from a supermodel. I'm a little shorter than most and probably thicker in the middle than is in vogue these days. 

Plus there's my red hair, something I've always been a bit paranoid about. As a kid, it was damned-near Day-Glo Orange, and I got teased quite a bit. When I got older the color deepened to a more seductive auburn. That was when the boys stopped teasing and started flirting. But I could never shake a sense of insecurity about my appearance. That's probably how I ended up in my first marriage; a complete lack of self-esteem. 

I was eighteen when I met Daryl, and he was a few years older. The smart college student had seemed like an excellent catch. When he asked me to marry him, I figured why not? Our plan was a genuine one; I’d work so that he could finish his education. Once he found a suitable job as a Lawyer, it would be my turn to go to school. 

The five years I spent working minimum wage jobs to support my louse of an ex-husband didn't count for much. Day-after-day I slaved to put him through Law School with every menial job imaginable. And what did he do after he graduated? You guessed it, dumped me for another woman! Now he was free to start a fantastic new life; one that most assuredly didn't include me.

I still remember the last few polite words he ever spoke to me: “I’m sorry Alice; I just don’t love you anymore.”

So now I found myself divorced at twenty-five; with nothing to show for my years of selfless-devotion and loyalty. Yet I can't say my marriage wasn't without merit. Years of indentured servitude had kindled a fire in my soul!

Once my divorce was final, I decided I was ready for a drastic change. So I packed up my bags and left Oklahoma City behind and headed for the shimmering heat of Los Angeles. It was a reckless and poorly planned decision. Meaning, I arrived in the City of Angels with nothing more than a meager savings account and two beat up suitcases. 

As luck would have it, I managed to get a cheap rental in a rundown hotel. But I didn’t have as much luck finding a job. Every job I applied to had turned me down for the same reason: not enough experience!  

While I may not have a fancy college degree, I had a lot going for me. Dependability, loyalty, and perfectionism! Surely those skills were marketable, weren’t they? 

And then one day, my luck changed. While looking-through Craigslist I came across something that seemed like the right fit: 

Do You Have What It Takes?

International Unified Corp needs Office Staff!. We provide goods and services in a wide range of industries, including fashion, food, construction, and travel. Our office in Los Angeles serves as the headquarters for our global operations. If you think you’re a service focused and well organized individual, then we just may have the job for you. 

Duties will include:  

Answering phones, taking messages, and screening callers.

Data entry and document review. 

Management of office equipment and supplies. 

Must not be adverse to the occasional odd job. 

I badly needed money, very much so in fact. So while I lacked the necessary experience on paper, something deep inside compelled me to try. It was then that I also decided to get a little creative with my resume.

Overnight, I gave myself a full work-history makeover. Imaginatively rewriting my resume to fit the job!  There’s was nothing much to lose, and I figured no-one would bother to call my former employers in Oklahoma City to verify anything. 

It was risky, but I was already down to the last of my savings, with no sure prospects of employment. I just had to get this job

A few days later I received a call to show up for an interview. Not long after that, I arrived at International Unified Corp’s office a few minutes before eight o'clock; on a Wednesday morning. Still nervous and somewhat shocked that I managed to get this far. 

What if they checked my references?

Could I get arrested for lying on my resume?

Maybe I should just head back to Oklahoma. 

I arrived at the front desk where a security guard sat. His eyes were tired and bloodshot , and I wondered if I’d just woken him from an ill-deserved nap.

"Hi my name is Alice White, and I'm here to see Ms. Nelson?" I actually hated the sound of my own voice. It always sounded a little bit too high and girlish. Even my best attempts to lower it when I spoke were only partially successful. 

The security guard looked through a notebook. Then he grumbled, “Sign Here”. 

After I signed my name in the guest book, he tossed me a plastic badge and gestured towards the elevators. 

"Go up to the seventh floor and then to the first door on the right."

I clipped the badge to my blouse, and walked into the main lobby. Before I knew it, the elevator doors parted , and I stepped inside. My palms were wet with nervous perspiration, and my fingers shook nervously as I pressed the number “7”. 

It’s not too late... You can leave now before they find out you’re a fraud! 

Before I knew it, I found myself on the seventh floor in an elegantly painted and decorated office space. As I walked down the shiny marble floor, I looked directly to my right the door was slightly ajar.

Tentatively I pushed it open and stuck my head in "Hello?"

"Come in" a domineering voice commanded me. So I stepped inside and spied a woman who looked to be in her late forties sitting at a desk. She was surrounded by piles of paper, boxes, and file folders. 

"And you’re Annie, correct?" She narrowed her eyes and regarded me carefully. I couldn’t help but notice her distinctive British accent. 

"No Alice... Alice White."