Roulette 3+1. - Stefano Zanzoni - ebook

If you play online roulette, taking chances or putting your trust in luck, you can really have trouble. You need a method. Pay ATTENTION, you don’t need to buy the method (it’s illogical someone could think to sell it). The method has to be created, and to do this, you need a tool to not waste much time…or too much time. Roulette 3+1 is a tool to create methods based on innovative theories. It is composed of 3 PC programs, that you can download from the internet through a simple a process explained in the eBook. They permit you to study the behaviour of numbers to anticipate which one is going to come out. Each program is independent from the others. The ARROW TOOL calculate which is the missing number that will be extracted to be put in the vertex of an arrow composed of strings of numbers.The ZONE TOOL is based on remaining numbers in specifically created zones. The SPREAD TOOL is based on the difference of quantity of numbers belonging to each combination. Furthermore, you can implement everything with the random number generator, which is the same of online roulettes. In this way, the validity of the study of methods is more specific and fast. Point out that search a method without a tool is like to drive a nail (method) without a hammer (tool), or fishing a trout (method) without a fishing pole (tool). A good fisherman doesn’t design his own fishing pole, a good pilot isn’t the one who design and make the car. These were examples to understand the difference between buying a method that no one would sell it if it works. Buying a tool, instead, can be a source of income for the person who projects the tool and for the one who buys it and learns how to use it.

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Table of contents


To conclude





To understand “ARROW” tool


How to use the “Area”

Five “Scheme” Keys

Scheme “5”

Final Information



What The “Spread” Is?



Winnings or losses estimation

Take Profit And Stop Loss





Before presenting the 3 elaboration and calculation’s innovative tools about methods to earn money with

the Roulette game, I would like to make very clear what you have on your hands.
The main product is the PC program. This eBook has a dual purpose: allow you to download the program
from the internet through a link (web address) to install it in your PC; also, in this eBook you can find the
tutorial on how to use the program.
For this reason, we gave the name “APP Ebook”: it is an eBook that contains the instructions to use the
program and the link to download it.
After the presentation of the 3 programs, you will find all the download and utilization directions.
In the last part of the ebook you will find a tutorial about the use of a extra program.
I should point out that this program is not essential; its task, as you will see, is to make studies and
calculations faster.
Practically, it simulates an online roulette generating random numbers
In few seconds, it can simulate hundreds of “roulette spins”, allowing you to see immediately if a study or
system will be profitable or not.
The utilization of the “numbers’ generator” can be replaced by any online roulette demo, but according its
own times.
Furthermore this extra program calculates the winnings and the losses in the various combinations, in so far
you can set the money bet.
Finally, the program interacts with the “arrow”, ”zone” and “spread” parts. With just a click is possible to
set figures, so you can verify easily the validity of the system.

To conclude

As you have seen, the program is composed of 3 subprograms (Arrow, Zone and Spread) and an additional

program that is not included in the main menu, but it is implemented in each subprogram.
The 3 programs are real “tools”: to clarify the idea, we say that a tool is something that helps us to
accomplish an action that could be hard or even impossible to do by yourself.
Try to drive a nail without a hammer, alone with your bare hands is impossible. In this simple example, the
hammer is the tool.
This is an important definition to make you understand that these programs are not readymade methods to
win money, they are just tools and if you well exploited them, you can find the method to earn money with
the online roulette.