Rothschild's Illuminati - William King - ebook

Within the pages of this book the reader will find information exposing the secret society known as the Illuminati, and their agenda of coming to America to create a New World Order.

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Rothschilds Illuminati Puppets on a String

William King

Published by Global Resistance, 2017.

While every precaution has been taken in the preparation of this book, the publisher assumes no responsibility for errors or omissions, or for damages resulting from the use of the information contained herein.


First edition. April 4, 2017.

Copyright © 2017 William King.

Written by William King.

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Hundreds of years ago, Amschel Meyer Rothschild had somehow found a way to summons the evil forces from within and made a pack with Lucifer, the Prince of Darkness, and his fallen angels. This so-called deal with the Prince of Darkness had come at a price that very few men are willing to pay, but he was going to do whatever it takes to rule the world, even if the price was his soul. For his soul and his servitude, Lucifer, the Prince of darkness gave him the opportunity to accomplish his goal of one day bringing forth and ushering in a One World Government. Unbeknownst to Amschel Meyer Rothschild, the Prince of Darkness already had dips on planet, and never planned to let him rule it. This is Lucifer, the Prince of Darkness we are talking about. He will say and do whatever it takes to get your soul at all costs.

The plans for the establishment of a New World Order and a One World Government began early on in Europe. In fact, it was in the year of 1390 when the evil satanic spirits had revealed to Amschel Meyer Rothschild that going to America was critical, as it would be needed for this purpose, and foretold him that it would become the lone super power of the world. The Prince of Darkness also revealed that this was the process needed in order for him to bring forth a New World Order, and then eventually creating a One World Government, with his super-powerful family ruling the world. Lucifer also revealed that the Rothschild’s would have to create three World Wars in order for his family to gain control over the world. It was revealed to him that the last and final World War, World War III was to be initiated to transform the entire planet into what the global population would believe is the apocalyptic End of Days. The entire global population would eventually be caught up into this horrific nightmare, and as the population of the world could no longer stand this horrific suffering, they will cry out for peace. As soon as this happens the Rothschild’s will know that it was time for them to usher in the anti-Christ, who in return will speak very loudly of creating a One World Government that would bring peace, and mesmerize the majority of the population of the world with his deceptive words.

Now lets get to the top man that the Rothschild’s had picked to pull off this not so impossible feat. His name was Adam Weishaupt, and was born in 1748 to Jewish parents. He was just six years old when his father George Weishaupt died in 1754, and was then sent over to be raised by his Jesuit godfather Baron Ickstatt, who was at that time the curator of the University of Ingolstadt, in Bavaria.

Let it be known that the University had already been infiltrated by the Jesuits long before Adam Weishaupt had arrived at the school. Adams godfather, Baron Ickstatt revealed to him at the age of six that he had a destiny to fulfill, and his destiny was to create his own secret organization, and then travel to America where he would infiltrate all known high governments and its secret societies, which he would use to someday rule the world. Adam Weishaupt was prepped for his destiny from then on.

Later on in his life, Adam converted to Protestantism when he was studying Canon Law at the University of Ingolstadt, along with philosophy, theology, and the works of Pythagoras. After Adam graduated from the University of Ingolstadt in 1768 he was given the position of a tutor and catechist, then two short years later in 1770, he was made a professor of Canon Law.

In 1774, Adam Weishaupt was initiated as a Freemason at the Theodor Zum Guten Rath Lodge in Munich. He had finally infiltrated a Freemason lodge, the first part of his scheme had been completed, and now it was now time to start spreading the Illuminati’s secret doctrine to the Freemasons. This went on for some time within the Freemason lodges, and many disputes broke out over the years between the Freemason and Illuminati members of those lodges. Adam Weishaupt had no use for other occultisms and quickly found that no one in the Freemason order truly understood the occult significance of his ceremonies, so he decided that now was the appropriate time to go rogue and create his own organization. So on May 01, 1776 with the help of his brethren Baron Adolph Von Knigge, Adam Weishaupt formed his new Order of Perfectibilists, which would soon become known as the Order of Illuminati, the Bavarian Illuminati. This is exactly why to this very day that May 1st is “Law Day”, which is declared by the American Bar Association. 

Adam then recruited an inner circle of Masons, which he believed to be perceptive to all his satanic beliefs. Only a hand-full of Masons were present at the first meeting of the order, but a few years later it had significantly grew with lodges that had sprung up all throughout America.

In 1782, a congress had been assembled at the Amschel Meyer Rothschild’s Castle in Wilhelmsbad to finally, for the last time put an end to the numerous and ongoing disputes

between the Freemasons and Illuminati within those lodges.

I would like to point out something very important here, and that is no other name in history has been more synonymous with the secret society of the Illuminati than that of the Rothschild’s, and that’s because Meyer Amschel Rothschild created the secret society known as the Illuminati. Their name had been derived from the Red Shield, which they used as their emblem.

It was here, at the Rothschild’s Castle in Wilhelmsbad, where Amschel Meyer Rothschild had finally convinced Adam Weishaupt to accept his evil Cabbalist Doctrine, and informed him to spread this evil doctrine throughout the Freemason Lodges and governments in the world. According to the Kabbalah, the Cabbalist Doctrine provides a key to understanding world events, and is a secret doctrine of Judaism and Freemasonry combined. Nonetheless, according to this Cabbalist Doctrine, evil and catastrophe are endemic factors in the process of creation, the Yin and Yang so to speak. Without evil, there could be no good, and without destruction, creation could not take place. 

The Cabbalists believe that the Old Christian Order must be completely destroyed, ruthlessly if need be, before the new One World Luciferian Religion based on the Cabbalist Doctrine can be rightfully established. Hence, the Illuminati’s motto “Order out of Chaos.”

Nonetheless, regardless of the numerous ongoing disputes between the Freemasons and Adam Weishaupt within the lodges, on July 16, 1782 an alliance between the Illuminati and the Freemasons had been forever sealed, joining the two secret societies, which made up of over three-million members around the world at that time. 

The Rothschild’s had used the Illuminati secret society to infiltrate every high office around the world to achieve their goal of dominating the world’s financial system.

In fact, everything was going as the Rothschild’s had planned until there was a major breakthrough in the existence of the Bavarian Illuminati in 1784. Some of the former members of the order who had left do to irreconcilable differences had revealed Adam Weishaupts plans to Bavarian authorities, and when the government had caught wind of this disturbing information, they had the evidence that they had needed to finally raid Adam Weishaupt’s Lodges, along with the homes of his most influential associates. The documents that had been discovered at the home of Xavier Zwack in 1786, and then at Baron De Bassus Castle, in Sandersdorf, Bavaria, back in 1787 convinced  Bavarian authorities without a shadow of a doubt that the Illuminati’s manipulative plans to use wars and revolutions to bring forth the establishment of a New World Order was in fact true.

The Bavarian authorities wasted no time at all publishing the secret documents that they had confiscated during their raids. The Einige Originalschriften des Illuminaten Ordens that had been found at Zwack’s house in 1786, and then the Nachtrag von weitern Originalschriften that had been found at Baron De Bassus Castle in Sandersdorf, in 1787 was immediately published into their archives to be examined by anyone who had wished to be enlightened about the Bavarian Illuminati, along with their plans to create a New World Order.

After the investigation was over, the Bavarian Government  found the Bavarian Illuminati as being treasonous, and closed down the Lodges of the Grand Orient, and the secret society known as the Bavarian Illuminati were supposedly permanently banished from Bavaria, along with every other secret society at that time. From then on, anyone who was found associating with, or with an active membership with the Illuminati was sentenced to death. 

The Bavarian Illuminati’s secret book that had been written by a German named Zweig had revealed their practices along with their clever manipulative plans to create the French and American Revolutions. However, the exposure of their secret books did not dampen their plans one bit, as an Illuminated Frenchman named Robespierre, who had been delegated by Adam Weishaupt to instigate the French Revolution was already hard at work. 

Very early on in Europe, as early as the 1300’s, the evil satanic spirits revealed to the enlightened ones that they should travel to America and unite the states, along with establishing a new City of Babylon as their commanding post. The satanic spirits had foretold that the United States of America would become the lone superpower of the world, which was needed to bring forth a New World Order.

As I have mentioned previously, the Rothschild’s started this whole ordeal to create a New World Order, and the son of Amschel Moses Rothschild, who was a banker and a goldsmith was Amschel Meyer Rothschild who was born in Frankfort Germany. A few years after his father’s death, Amschel Meyer Rothschild got a job at Hanover Bank, which was owned by the Oppenheimers, and started working as a clerk. He eventually worked his way up the ladder and became a junior partner, and a short time later quit, taking over the business that his father Amschel Moses Rothschild started in 1750. Not too long after Amschel Meyer Rothschild became the middleman for the powerful Frankfurt Bankers, which included Rueppell and Harnier, and the Bethmann Brothers. Amschel M. Rothschild quickly acquired a sizable fortune after expanding his business into antiques, wineries, and the importing of manufactured materials from England.

Intertwined with the Rothschild’s was Prince William, and after his father died in 1785, he inherited his father’s fortune, which was the largest private fortune in all of Europe at the time. However, in 1806, when Napoleon’s troops finally forced their way into Germany, Prince William had fled to Denmark, leaving his fortune behind with Amschel Meyer Rothschild. The Rothschild’s had secretly buried Prince William’s ledgers, which revealed the full magnitude of his wealth, a list of his debtors along with the interest that was required from them, and 600,000 pounds to keep Napoleon from confiscating it. The Treasury Official, Buderus Von Carlhausen, the one who handled Prince William’s finances was given power of attorney, and in turn made Amschel Meyer Rothschild his chief banker that was now responsible for collecting the interest on all of the royal loans. However, Napoleon declared that all debts being paid to Prince William were to be paid to the French Treasury, and then offered a 25% commission on any debts that would be collected, but Amschel Meyer Rothschild refused.

Napoleon had once stated that when a government is solely dependent on the money from the bankers, it is the bankers, not the government in control.

Nonetheless, developing circumstances had arose allowing the Rothschild’s to propose a plan that would guarantee them the financial control over all of Europe, and one step closer to a New World Order, and one of these circumstances was taking advantage of the outcome of Waterloo.

Even though Napoleon appeared to be wining early in the battle, Prussian reinforcements drastically turned the outcome in the favor of Wellington. So when a courier of Nathan Meyer Rothschild, which was the head of the London branch of the family found out that Napoleon was being beat on June 18, 1815, he quickly sent the news to Nathan Meyer Rothschild.

In this day in age, in Wall Street, this would be called insider trading, and is against the law. However, it doesn’t stop the rich from doing it.

As soon as Nathan Rothschild received this great news he immediately began selling off his stocks on the English Stock Market, and as soon as everyone who owned these stocks noticed his massive sell off, they began selling off their stocks as well, causing the stocks to plummet. Then he informed his agents to secretly buy up every stock at unforeseen low prices. This now gave the Rothschild’s the complete control over the British economy, and Amschel Meyer Rothschild moved very quickly to establish a new Bank of England, and put his son Nathan Meyer Rothschild in control.

Napoleon had been defeated in battle, losing one-third of his men on June 21, 1815.

As soon as Prince William had received the great news that napoleon had been defeated, he returned to resume his ruler-ship, Buderus was made a baron, and the Rothschild’s were now the wealthiest and most powerful bankers in Europe. 

Amschel Meyer Rothschild didn’t waste any time and quickly established banks in Germany, England, and France. His sons were then made Barons of the Austrian Empire where they were to continue, and further expand their banking empire.

Amschel Meyer Rothschild was the Chief Executive Officer of the bank in Frankfurt, Germany, which was known as M.A. Rothschild and Sons. However, it closed its doors in 1901, just after the deaths of Meyer Karl and his brother Wilhelm Karl, which were the sons of Karl Meyer Rothschild. Amschel Meyer Rothschild had said “Permit me to issue and control the money of a nation, and I care not who makes the laws.”

Saloman Rothschild was the Chief Executive Officer of the bank in Vienna, Austria, which was known as S.M. Rothschild and Sons.

However, it closed its doors as well during World War II.

Even though the Rothschild’s have closed the doors to some of their banks, another one seems to take its place somewhere in the world.

Nathan Meyer Rothschild was the Chief Executive Officer of the bank in London, England, which was known as N.M. Rothschild and Sons. The bank has occupied the same premises since 1809. Nathan Meyer Rothschild had said, “I care not what puppet is placed upon the throne of England to rule the Empire on which the sun never sets. The man who controls Britain’s money supply controls the British Empire, and I control the British money Supply.”

Karl Rothschild was the Chief Executive officer of the bank in Naples, Italy, which closed in 1861.

James Rothschild was the Chief Executive officer of the bank in Paris, France, which was known then as Messieurs de Rothschild Freres. However, its name has been changed to La Banque Rothschild in 1967. 

Nonetheless, this was just the beginning of what the Rothschild’s would accomplish. As of this point in time their wealth was estimated to be well beyond 300 million dollars, so I cannot even imagine what the family’s wealth is today, somewhere in the trillions I suppose. The Rothschild’s started investing in all sorts of things like, the oil exploration in Russia and in the Sahara Desert, coal and iron, spanned railroads throughout Europe, financed England’s purchase of the Suez Canal, financed the CZARS of Russia, financed the Hapsburg Monarchs, financed Cecil Rhodes diamond operations, and even bailed out the Vatican from going bankrupt. In America, the Rothschild’s financed the Rockefeller’s Oil, the Harriman’s Railroad, and Carnegie Steel.

Amschel Meyer Rothschild had his will made out with very specific guidelines that were to be followed and maintained by his descendants, he died on September 19, 1812. In his will he put, all-important posts were to be held by family members only, and only the males were to be involved in the business transactions. The oldest son of the family was to be appointed as the patriarch, thus Nathan Meyer Rothschild took his father’s place. The family was also instructed to intermarry with their first and second cousins, keeping their fortune in the family. He also ordered that there were to never be any public records of the family’s estate. This can be achieved when you control entire governments.

I have always said that the Illuminati control both sides of every conflict, as they are always created by them, and there has been documentation that has been found that proves that the Rothschild’s have financed both sides of every war since the American Revolution. 

Nonetheless, the next stage in the establishment of a New World Order was in play, and in 1787, an artificial shortage of grain was created by the wealthy Illuminati manipulators on the grain markets. Some of the known manipulators were the Duke of Orleans, Marquis de Lafayette, who had been initiated into the Masonic fraternity by George Washington himself, and last the Jacobin’s, the nucleus of the French Revolution, who were founded by the Freemasons, and have vowed to destroy the monarchy, and help with the establishment of a New World Order. Sadly, the artificial shortage of grain produced a famine so great that it brought the nation to the brink of a revolution. The evil Illuminati immobilized the food supplies, and blocked every attempt at reforming that had been put forth within the National Assembly to exacerbate the dire situation, slowly starving the population to death. Therefore, the Illuminati used the Jacobin’s propaganda, helping to influence the uprising of the general population as they blamed the monarch, King Louis the 16th and his queen Marie Antoinette. 

Nonetheless, France had ignored the warnings given to them and the French Revolution broke out on schedule in 1789, thus, resulting in the prompt overthrowing and execution of King Louis the 16th along with his wife Queen Marie Antoinette.

Sadly they were both beheaded by the guillotine.

Many do not know that King Louis the 16th really cherished and loved his country, god, and his people. So you can see why the Illuminati had to have him removed from power. 

Now that the Jacobin’s were in power, they became more tyrannous than any monarchy during the revolution. After the overthrowing and execution of the King and Queen, thousands of the general population was sent directly to the guillotine, while many more died a horrific death in prison, without ever being brought to trial. Then in the year 1793 these new leaders embarked on another one of their evil agendas, which was the eradication of all of Frances unemployed citizens. The Jacobin’s plan was to murder approximately nine million people within France, which they horribly failed. Although history records do indicate that, the Jacobin’s did achieve to murder approximately a half-million of its citizens. 

After digging deeper into some archives I found out that Sir Walter Scott had published a nine volume set of books called, The Life of Napoleon, and in volume two he revealed that the French Revolution was a scheme planned out by none other than Adam Weishaupt, who was the leader of the Bavarian Illuminati, and was additionally financed by the Rothschild’s. 

In school we are all taught that the French Revolution was caused when King Louis the 16th cut off all of the food supplies, starving the general population, so they revolted. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. However, you have to remember who controls what is taught in our schools in the first place, the Illuminati. So don’t be shocked to find out that our history has been manipulated over and over again by the Illuminati to further their own agenda, and the educational system is their tool used to indoctrinate our children’s minds, and every one of us are forced through this indoctrination.