Rodan’s Awakening: Stories of The Conscious Dreamer Series - Sharolyn G. Brown - ebook

The person who Rodan was going to be died when she survived her family’s massacre.Rodan is living a simple life in her farming village when everyone she loves is massacred by an enemy they didn’t fear. As one of only a few survivors, she struggles to find a reason to live until someone from her past gives her one. Vengeance.Armed with this new goal, Rodan joins the hunt seeking retribution, but what will be the ultimate cost?

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Rodan’s Awakening

Stories of The Conscious Dreamer Series

Sharolyn G. Brown

Moon-kissed Publishing

Copyright © 2017 by Sharolyn G. Brown. All rights reserved.

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, and incidents are either the product of the author’s imagination or used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, actual locales, or actual events is purely coincidental.

No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without the express written permission of the author. Please visit for information.

October 2017 Edition

Cover Design by Steven Novak

Edited by Frankie Blooding

Specialty font used, Anita Semi-square


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For my Family

Chapter One

Rodan stood in the doorway of the simple one-room structure looking out into the darkness as she dreamt of what her future would hold. In the distance, the light from the End of Harvest festival bonfires glowed and its music echoed throughout the trees. Her intended mate, Jabok, came up behind her, wrapping his arms around her body. The feeling of him draped around her warmed Rodan more than the tightly fastened nazu she wore over her clothing.

He burrowed his cold nose through her long, brown hair and into her neck. She shrieked and tried to pull out of his grasp, which only made him hold her tighter. After several moments he removed his nose and, laughing, said, “You are so nice and warm.”

She playfully hit his arm. “Well you would be, too, if you had put on your nazu before you left home,” she replied snuggling into his embrace. “You are old enough to know how cool it gets this time of the annum once the sol sets.”

“I do not need a nazu to keep me warm. I have you.”

She smiled. He did have her. And in only one lunar cycle, they would have their bonding ceremony to make it official. She hoped the twenty-eight helios would go by quickly.

“What were you just thinking about?” Jabok’s gentle voice caressed her ear.

Rodan turned to face her betrothed and kissed him. “You. Me. Our future.”

He repaid her kiss with one of his own. Then he turned her around so she could look out the door again and pointed as he spoke. “Here is what I have planned so far. This is going to be the antechamber, so the rest of the house will be built behind where were standing. But in front of us, is what will be cleared for farming.”

The land in front of them was still untamed, consisting mostly of the standard copper colored grass, dark purple trees with copper leaves, and various other plants and bushes found on Trebor. Still, she stared into the darkness, easily imagining everything taking shape as he described it.

Rodan pulled away from him and walked back into the dimly lit room toward the small, centrally positioned wooden table. She skimmed her hand along its surface as she ambled around it. “I am glad to know you are just as excited about our future together as I am. And my parents are happy for us as well. I overheard them talking while I was getting dressed for the festival, and they plan to use some of the income they made selling our harvest to hire some of the other families to help us build our home. In fact, I believe it is going to be our bonding ceremony gift from them.”

“The same with my parents.” Jabok followed her into the room, entwined his fingers with hers, and matched her pace as she circled the table. “I wonder if we should be happy they are helping us build our home so quickly, or, if we should take it as an insult because it means they want to get us out of their homes as fast as possible?” joked Jabok.

Rodan chuckled. “Hmm. In the case of my parents, I know it is a gift. But for you, on the other hand, I think your mother is tired of you. She has fed and reared you for twenty annums, so I think she is ready to let someone else do it from now on.”

“Very funny. But the joke is on you because you are the unfortunate creature she is unloading me on.” Jabok laughed louder effectively stifling Rodin’s giggles.

She stopped moving and turned to stare at him. She crossed her arms and tried to think of a retort, but came up with nothing. The longer she watched him, the harder he chortled. His green eyes filled with tears.

Finally managing to get control of himself, Jabok stopped laughing and kissed her cheek.

Rodan softened and smiled. She wrapped her arms around him and lay her head on his chest, the ring he wore on a necklace pressed into her cheek. Jabok embraced her and rested his chin on her head. His body heat seeped through his shirt warming her now chilled ear and face.

After a few moments of silence, Jabok asked, “Did you happen to see Kada at the festival? I looked for him, but I did not see him anywhere.”

Rodan stepped out of his embrace and rolled her eyes. She hoped the dim light had kept Jabok from seeing. “No. I did not see him at the festival,” she said in exasperation. “But then, I was not looking for him. Why do you worry about him so much? He is an adult just like us, and he can take care of himself.”

Jabok sighed. “I worry about him because no one else seems to. We were talking during harvesting and, well, I believe he is finally going to do it.”

Jabok did not have to explain what he meant by “it”. Both she and Jabok had met Kada when the adults of their encampment, Lewu encampment, had taken him and his fellow survivors in. And even at fourteen annums, all he talked about was the helio when he would be old enough to join one of the Resistor factions as a fighter to avenge his parents’ murder at the hands of The Keepers. Rodan knew Jabok had hoped that with time, his friend would forget about this dangerous notion and settle into life within Lewu. However, the six annums since his arrival had only seemed to harden his resolve.

“And if he is going to do it, why do you care?”

Jabok threw his hands into the air. Then he raked his fingers through his short, black hair. “Because he is my friend. If he is leaving, I want to see him off. He thinks cutting himself off from everyone will make what he is going to do easier. But I want him to know he is not alone.”

She exhaled loudly and walked toward the door. “Fine. Leave me here, alone, and make sure Kada is not doing something stupid. I will walk back to the festival on my own.”

He grabbed her hand and gazed intently into her eyes. “No, you will not. You are coming with me. Kada is my friend, but you are my mate. Where you go I go, and anywhere I go, you go.”

She felt the heat of a blush rising from her chest and looked away from his stare. His green eyes that she loved having their intended effect. “Practicing your ceremonial vows?”

“No, speaking from my heart.”

He grabbed the portable light from the table, and hand in hand they walked out of their future home.

Rodan stood close to Jabok, still holding his hand as they waited for Kada to answer his door. Around them the music from the festival entwined with the sounds of the late helio creatures calling out and scurrying about in the nearby woods. The small light Jabok carried illuminated a circle large enough for them to see their boots and nothing more. After Jabok’s second set of knocks, Kada opened the door to his quarters.