Ring Of Lust (Vintage Erotic Novel) - Anju Quewea - ebook

This is a Vintage Erotic, Adult Novel... Full of sexual adventures... Involving a sexy and Seductive girl... Full of Sex, Surprises and Unusual Naughty Twists.

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Ring Of Lust

CHAPTER ONELifting a steaming mug of welcome black coffee to his lips, Frank Paynter smiled across the rustic table at the voluptuous brunette, his clear, brown eyes lingering, liking what he saw, as he lied glibly."My horse went lame on me.""Had you run Toby in the snow?" Charlotte Harding asked. She knew that the roan gelding wasn't lame. Having just helped her hunting lodge guest to unsaddle the big red horse, she would have noticed anything wrong with Toby when she had put him in his stall."No," he answered then offered another excuse. "It's a lousy day for hunting. Too much snow... ""It's easier to track the game... elk especially.""The fact is that I wanted to come back," Frank admitted.Charlotte looked at him quizzically, an eyebrow going up slightly above grey-green eyes, kindling with interest at this new gambit, as she asked, "Oh...?"Running a nervous hand through his jet-black hair, which had just begun to show a few silvery strands at the temples, he laughed, "I didn't feel like shooting defenseless animals." Then, he was plucking a cigarette from the package in his heavy wool shirt pocket and lighting it in the silence. "Actually," he went on, after a moment, "I'm more inclined to indoor sports!""Not so risky...?" she smiled, guessing already what he was thinking."... And, a lot cozier!" he told her, his grin changing to a frankly lewd appraisal of the full voluptuous contours of her breasts straining at her sweater, adding, "It's also a hell of a lot more fun!"Playfully, Charlotte cocked her head to one side, her own lustrous blue-black hair cascading down over the side of her face, as she asked facetiously, "What's your favorite indoor game? Chess? Bridge?""Try strip poker!" he suggested, sipping more of his hot, black coffee. "... But, let's not bother with a deck of cards!""Are you suggesting something?" Her look was archly naive."I am!""Like what?""Like fun and games in the sack!" He said it bluntly."Oh... ? What about that cute little wife of yours?""We're going to get a divorce! This little trip up here was her idea. She wanted us to get together again, alone... and away from the kids... ""... A reconciliation?""Yeah, but there's not much possibility of that... really!""That sounds like a line to me, Frank!" Charlotte said, getting up from the bench and draining her coffee cup."Well... if I read things right," Frank grated, "you and your husband have got a pretty good thing going here with this hunting lodge!" He, too, stood to his feet and came around the table to face her. "I heard him making it with Nancy Barber... and I'm just guessing, but I suppose Gene Barber was laying you at the same time!""You guessed wrong, Frank." She said it without rancor, as she played him like a trout."Hell, Charlotte, I know why the Goodwins wanted to leave! They didn't want to put up with all the wife swapping that's been going on! So, your husband promised them a refund and flew them out!""We call it swinging!" Charlotte said it softly."... And, you're wrong about Gene Barber! Jim and I both made it with Nancy!"Frank was thoughtful for a moment. "That's different! I suppose you've got your eye on my wife, Cheryl, then...?""That depends... ""On what?""On you, mostly," she smiled."How's that?""Well... Jim likes Cheryl, and he'd like nothing better than to take her to bed... and... " Frank interrupted her. "And you? I'd guess you're interested in her, too!""Sure! I swing both ways! You guessed that didn't you?" Charlotte's eyes were bright, as she told him levelly, "... but, I was trying to tell you... If you're making a play for me you'll have to let Jim make it with Cheryl, too! That's the catch!"His laugh was bitter. "Damn! That's a good one! You're both welcome to her, if you think you can thaw her out!""Is she frigid?""About like that snow out there!" he answered. "Ever since our second child was born a little more than three years ago, she's been like an iceberg! Hell! I might as well be living in a monastery!""Is it really that bad, Frank?" Charlotte asked, moving in close to him, her hips thrusting out slightly, her voice going soft along with her eyes, as she lifted her moist sensuous lips for his kiss. "... Or, is that part of the line?""No line! No bullshit!" he grunted. "Just the whole truth... and nothing but the truth!""So help me... " she chorused with him, the last word, God!, smothered in her mouth, as his lips came down on hers, his arms going around her to crush her hard and tight against his still trim athletic body.He felt her soft womanliness warm against him, and while his hand slid exploringly up under her sweater, he felt her loins grind in against the warm hardened bulge of his penis coming to full, pulsing erection inside his pants. He exulted to himself: Damn it! I knew it!Deep into her mouth his tongue probed lashingly, as she returned his open-mouthed kiss, and her arms snaked around him, her hands rubbing the hardness of his back muscles through his shirt. Charlotte was glad that Frank Paynter had decided to ride back to the lodge, while the others continued their hunting foray with the guide, Jonothan Longwalk. She knew that Jonothan wouldn't have been fooled by Frank's story about the big roan's going lame, and she wondered how her guest had extricated himself.Leaning back away from Paynter after a few moments of sensual communion, Charlotte looked up at him and gave her hips an extra little gyration against him, feeling the heat of his loins through their clothing and knowing by the involuntary lurching of his cock that he was now fully aroused."Tell me something, Frank. How did you get away from your wife and Jonothan?""Oh, I just said I wasn't feeling very well... had a fever coming on," he laughed."You've got a fever all right... but it isn't in your head!""Yeah, I know... It's in the head of my cock!""... And, you want to put out the fire?""That's the idea! That's what I came back for... while there's no one around.""Then, why don't you quit beating around the bush... and ask me?" Her gray-green eyes bored challengingly into his.Frank, who thought he was being bold and forthright, was momentarily taken aback by her bluntness. "All r-right... " he faltered, "Will you...?""Will I what?" she urged."Will you go to bed with me... a-and make love...?" Stepping away from him, then, exasperated, Charlotte stood with hands on hips, head cocked to the side. She looked him up and down with burning eyes and said, "That's the trouble with Baby Swingers! They get love and sex all mixed up! I'm all hot for you already... and I'll go to bed with you... fuck with, any way you want to go!... But, that's not love. It's sex! Sex! Pure and simple! Understand?"He understood very well, then. There was to be no involvement, no emotion... no love in the ordinary understanding of the word. She was laying down the rules for fornication and adultery... without guilt, and he was more than willing to play by those rules. "Damn! You're laying it on just like it is, aren't you?""That's right!" she snapped, then softened as she asked, "Well... do you want to play by those rules... or not...?""Damned right, I do!""Well...?""Well, what?""Tell me you want to fuck me!"Gaspingly, he choked out, "Damn it, Charlotte, I want to... fuck you!"With a fluid motion, she glided into his arms, and lifting her lips for his kiss, again, murmured, "Frank, I thought you'd never get around to actually saying it!"This time, it was her tongue which she used to probe, experimentally, erotically, thrusting it deep into his mouth then moving it back and forth suggestive of copulation, while below her hips moved with sensuous knowledge, undulating up against his hardened cock which pulsated wildly inside his pants. Then her tiny hand slipped between their tightly pressed bodies to caress the lewd bulge at his crotch, at the same time she was trying to estimate its quality... as well as its quantity.After a few moments, Charlotte broke the tongue-twining kiss and murmured breathlessly, "I think it's time we found a bed!"Between his legs, Frank's testicles were drawn up tight to his body by the contracting strength of his desire, and his cock ached soundingly. Moisture oozed excitedly from its tiny slitted head, wetting the inside of his shorts. He was ready... too ready, and that worried him. Christ, I feel like I'm ready to blast off right now! He was worried, because after making his bumbling play for Jim Harding's voluptuous brunette wife, only to discover that all of his roundabout maneuverings weren't necessary after all, he felt like a damned fool. Now, if I get her in the sack and shoot my wad too soon... what'll she think?On weak-kneed legs, Frank followed her from the kitchen across the rough-hewn floor of the living room, strewn with thick warm rugs, to the steep rustic stairs that led upward to the rooms on the second floor, which were only little more than sleeping cubicles. As he followed the owner's wife up the stairs, his gaze was on a level with her full-rounded buttocks, sheathed in a too-tight pair of men's jeans, which she wore for their warmth. The weather was quite cold in northern Montana in November! Impulsively, he reached out to caress the full-fleshed moons swaying provocatively before him. She felt his eager hands and smiled back over her shoulder at him, showing her pleasure and giving her buttocks an extra little swing for his benefit.Then they were in her and Jim's room, and she was unbuttoning her sweater. Removing it and casting it to the top of an already cluttered bureau top, Charlotte glanced out the window."Damn!" she said with a strength of feeling he didn't understand, at first. "It's snowing!"Frank shrugged. His shirt was off already, and he was pulling off his undershirt. "So... it's snowing. Isn't that what it does most up here?""It worries me, that's all.""Why... because your guide'll be bringing the others back sooner than you expected?" he asked. His salacious eyes watching her avidly as she shrugged out of her blouse.Crossing over to her, he reached around behind her and fumbled the clasps of her brassiere loose, as she was answering his question. "No, it's not your wife popping in on us that bothers me," she told him, then added with a mischievous smile. "As a matter of fact, that'd be groovy. Maybe I could go to work on her and start thawing her out a little... " Her brassiere was off now, and her naked breasts were in his hands feeling voluptuously warm and soft and pliant as he greedily caressed and massaged their satin smoothness. He reveled in the lust-inciting fullness of them, pouting out high and proud from her chest and crowding together until there was only a narrow valley between them. They coned out ripe and firm against the palms of his hands. Her coral-pink, berry-like nipples seemed to burn holes into his flesh, as he held them like rare jewels."Then it's your husband you're worried about?" Frank barely knew what he was saying, and it was kind of inane, he thought, to be talking about her husband at a time like this, especially when he was just about to take the man's wife to bed and screw the hell out of her. Below, his cock was jerking involuntarily with a demanding urgency. Damn! He had to get it into her... before it was too late!"Yes," she was saying, "I'm worried about Jim... because if too much snow builds up on the landing strip, he can't make a safe landing!"* * *About the same time, Jim Harding was becoming somewhat worried, too. He was flying on a visual flight plan from Butte to his own little landing strip at the lodge just a few miles South of the Canadian border. Overflying Helena and Great Falls, the weather reports were becoming ominous concerning a moderately heavy snowfall over the general area east and south of Glacier Park. Critically, he listened to the tinny voice coming over the speaker, advising him of the adverse weather condition and recommending an alternate landing west of the park. Rogering out, he kept resolutely on his Northeasterly course, deciding to take his chances that it hadn't snowed long enough yet to build up a dangerous cover of wet snow on the strip. Hell! I've landed there before under these conditions... and I'll do it some more, I suppose!He was sure in his own mind that he had done the right thing in refunding Mike and Sarah Goodwin's money and flying them back to Butte. Christ! I can't win them all, I guess... but I sized them up as a couple, who wouldn't mind a swinging party while they were on a hunting vacation! Making a mental note to remind himself, in the future, to ask a few more questions, to really get at the attitudes of his clients before the final arrangements were made for a hunting excursion to his lodge, Jim settled down to fly his course carefully, keeping a watchful eye for possible icing of his wings or carburetor.Of course, he was in a hurry to get back to the hunting lodge. Only a part of his plans had been ruined by the sour-grapes griping of the Goodwins about the uninhibited sexual activities that had gone on that first night at the lodge. Cheryl Paynter and Nancy Barber are still there... and Charlotte, of course! And, it's just a matter of time, until I get Cheryl in the sack!It was cold in the plane's cockpit, even with the heat at maximum delivery, but he managed to keep warm, as he thought about Cheryl, fantasizing about what he would do... just how he'd bend her to his will and fuck her! Goddamn! Women like her really turn me on! They act so damned cold and uninterested... and when they begin to come apart and start begging for it, I know I can fuck them any damned way I want to! Actually, it was like a game to him... a game with a real challenge, and when he won, which was most of the time, the reward was out of this world. Unknown to any but a few of their most intimate friends, Charlotte and Jim Harding kept a secret notebook containing pertinent notes concerning the couples with whom they had swung, along with polaroid pictures, nudes for the most part; additionally, in a code known only to them, each couple was rated on a scale ranging from undesirable, at the bottom, to highly desirable, see again, often, at the top of the scale. It was clever of them, and they never seemed to want for couples desiring their company to share each other's spouses.A real stroke of luck for Jim and Charlotte had been their acquisition of the isolated, hunting lodge in northern Montana. It was right out of a story book, having been bequeathed to Jim by an eccentric great uncle, who had seldom used the place, preferring to live in the sunnier climes of Southern California. At any rate, when the old man passed on, he had irascibly decided to leave a goodly portion of his worldly goods to his grand nephew to keep them from falling into the hands of his closer and what he considered to be his grasping, conniving and covetous kinfolks. At first, Jim and Charlotte had thought the place was useless, but then a plan evolved. He fixed it up, refurnishing it and building a landing strip; then, he began organizing hunting safaris of three to four couples, flying them into the isolated wild area, where the lodge was used for wild, uninhibited swinging sex parties. Oh, some of the guests did some hunting, too, under the expert guidance of Jonothan Longwalk, but mostly the sports were of the indoor variety of either closed or open swinging. And, it had been successful, overwhelmingly so. The Goodwins had been the first couple to object, and he cursed them roundly for causing him this extra trouble of flying them out and taking him away from the scene of the action. Oh, well... hell, it's only an hour and a half flying time, now! I'll be back just about in time for lunch... or maybe a little later! Then, he thought about Cheryl Paynter, again. I sure hope Charlotte's got things set up by now... It's going to be wild when that cute, little ice-cube starts squirming and squealing on the end of my cock!* * *Twisting away from him lithely after a few moments, during which Frank had leaned his head down to capture one of her fully erect nipples in his mouth to suck and nibble upon in growing excitement, Charlotte reached down to unbutton her jeans. Then kicking off her moccasins, she wriggled out of the pants and stood in only filmy and brief nylon panties. As she slipped them off, she said, "Come on Frank, we've got to get you naked, too!"Frank was seated on the edge of the bed now. Kissing her, fondling her breasts and watching her with intense anticipation had been too much for him; the sexual excitement within him had been delicious, but now, as his wildly throbbing penis ached with his need, he knew that he would be premature... that he couldn't last long enough to be of any sexual use to her. It had happened to him before; especially when he had had to wait for long periods of time before Cheryl would consent to have sex with him. Then, it would happen. He'd no sooner get his aching cock shoved into her than he'd be spewing his lust-heated cum... too soon."Goddamn it!" He looked at the loveliness of Jim Harding's wife, her voluptuous alabaster-white curves reminding him of classic pieces of sculpture he had seen. Her hips were wide, buttocks like full, pale moons curving down to softly tapering thighs, and at the joining angle of them, her jet-black pubic hair, curling softly, covered the tantalizing swell of her pussy mound. Above, her white belly was slightly curved, fuller by far than the almost elfin, boyish flatness of his own wife Cheryl's abdomen. Then, as his eyes devoured her, moving upward to those luscious melon-like breasts he had just been fondling and on upward to her laughing gray-green eyes, set wide apart on either side of her long straight classical nose, regal above full, sensual lips, he had the feeling that she was the ultimate woman, so much unlike the fragile, skin-and-bones ideal of woman foisted upon the American public by the advertising agencies. Damn! She's a real woman... built the way a woman was intended to be built... for fucking!Standing there, naked and desirable, concerned that he was not undressing too, and wondering why he had ripped off that swear word, Charlotte asked, with characteristic cocked head, "What's wrong, Frank...?"Then she saw that he was sitting there on the edge of the bed, one of his hands down between his legs, cupping the bulge of his cock and balls up close and hard to his loins. She knew that he was distressed about something. Coming quickly to him, she sat down on the bed beside him, asking again when he didn't answer. "Is something bothering you, darling...?""There sure as hell is!" he grinned ruefully, not daring to look into her face. "It makes me so damned mad at myself. Here I am... just about to make it with you... the kind of woman I've dreamed about all my life... and I'm so goddamned excited and worked up about it that I'm just about ready to shoot my load off in my pants!"Her tinkling laugh irritated him, at first, but then she pushed him back onto the soft mattress of her bed and cooed, "You poor dear, how long has it been since you've laid that little wife of yours?""Hell, it's been a couple of weeks, at least!" he told her truthfully. "... and, like I told you... we came up here to be alone, to work things out! So far there's been nothing! Not a goddamned thing!"Again, that throaty laugh and a hum of understanding rippled from her lips, and she was saying, "She's really been holding out on you, hasn't she?" Then, Charlotte was easing herself off the bed, standing up and coming in between his legs, her tiny, white hands going out to his belt buckle, which she undid rapidly; then, as she zipped open his fly, she went on, "So... I can't say I blame you. Any man would be in bad shape... and I'll take care of that right now!"His fly was open now, and she hooked her hands into the waistband of his pants and hauled them down to the middle of his thighs. As he looked down the length of his body, raising his head to watch, his shorts followed, unveiling the wildly pulsing shaft of his penis, the foreskin of which was already retracted to expose the angry red cock-head moistened from the over anxious seeping at the tip. His cock stood jackstaff straight, lurching with his need, as it speared out from the hairiness of his loins.Before he divined her intention, the lodge owner's wife was kneeling between his thighs, her hand going out to grasp the thick hard length of him, while her other hand dipped down and under to cup and fondle his pulsating balls drawn up tight and hard... and aching needfully."Mmmmmmnnnnn! I knew you'd be something... really something else!" she murmured admiringly, speaking almost as much to his desire-hardened cock in her hand as to him, directly. "Yummy... like an all-day sucker!"Her hand slid up and down its thick throbbing length a couple of times, as she caressed it gently, while her other hand now was rhythmically squeezing his sperm-bloated testicles, all of which made him think that she was going to masturbate him to completion. Raising up to prop himself on his elbows, he choked out, "God, Charlotte... if you're going to jerk it off for me... go ahead and do it... but hurry, damn it! Hurry!""No, darling," she whispered. "You deserve better than that!"Slowly, she lowered her head to kiss the huge bulbous tip. The electric touch of her soft sensuous lips caused him to flex his hips and shove his aching cock-head upward into her mouth, as a heart-felt moan escaped his lips."Godddddddd!" His breath exploded from him with the word, as overwhelming sensations of excitement shimmered and concentrated in the swollen head of his penis.Her mouth came slowly down over it, ovalled lips enclosing the glans with soft warm moistness. Inside her mouth, his cock jerked and expanded involuntarily, while already he could feel the searing turbulence of his burgeoning load of semen straining hotly for release. Propped up on his elbows watching her, the very thought of what she was doing to him, the utter lewd salaciousness of it, almost as much as the erotic sensations keening through him, gave the young husband a heightened feeling of lust. She was holding the massive thickness of his cock with one tiny hand, while with the other now, she was using her fingernails to gently scratch his throbbing testicles and every now and then, her middle finger slid back a little farther into the crevice between his buttocks to tease the warm puckered flesh of his anus.Meanwhile, Charlotte had begun to suck his blood-engorged penis with a slow steady rhythm, her cheeks hollowing in and out, while inside her mouth her tongue swirled lewdly around and around the rigid coronal rim of his cock-head, causing ever wilder sensations, but when she began to flick her tongue back and forth across the underside, strumming the tiny sperm-filled ridge like a finely tuned violin string, he thought he'd jump right out of his skin. Again, he moaned out his intense pleasure. "AAAaaaaaaaugghhhhhh!"Now, her head was beginning to bob obscenely up and down over him, like a substitute cunt, except that her ever busy tongue was slipping up and down the sensitive underside of his wildly pulsating hardness, and at the top of her up-stroke she was attempting to thrust the tip of her tongue into the tiny wet slit in his cock-head.