Riding Dazey's Train - Bo Dunne - ebook

Dazey, a beautiful blonde, has a dream she has not fulfilled at 26 years old. She goes home to visit Mom and four younger brothers to make it come true. At her request, Mom takes them skinny dipping at a secluded riverbank. Out of sight from Mom, Dazey lays out on the riverbank and takes each of her four well-endowed brothers in turn.~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~Dazey drove into the familiar little streets of the trailer park she had called home until she left for college at eighteen years old. The night was warm but nearly dark by the time she parked outside the doublewide trailer where her mother and four younger brothers lived.Dazey walked up the home-made wooden steps to the porch at the front door. She wore a strapless yellow sundress, braless, with tight elastic around her massive boobs holding up the dress. The dress was snug around her waist, but short and loose at her thighs. The evening wind swirled up the hem. She hadn’t bothered with panties.Only one car was outside and the house dark, so she supposed her mom and three of her brothers were out. She wanted to surprise them, so she hadn’t told them she was coming. Since she had her own key, she let herself in. Her soft-soled white sandals made little noise.Inside, only the kitchen light was on. The room air conditioner was whirring and the temperature was comfortable. When she saw that a small light was on in the screened porch at the rear of the house, she went to the back door, expecting to surprise one of her brothers.Just before she opened the back door, she saw the youngest of her brothers, Dane, standing in front of the old porch couch. A girl named Gena, who would now be eighteen, Dazey calculated, was sitting on the couch.

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Gator Tail Trailer Park No. 6

Riding Dazey’s Train

By Bo Dunne

Previously published as “Knight Train”

~~ All characters in this book are 18 or older. ~~

Dazey lay back on the bed and watched herself on the video screen on the opposite wall of her boyfriend’s apartment bedroom in Orlando. Her boyfriend, Stu, was on top of her, sucking on one of her boobs and squeezing them both with his hands. The video camera was placed behind him, so the screen showed him from the back with her face visible over his shoulder.

“Mmm, come on, hon,” she whispered in Stu’s ear.

Unlike many attractive women, Dazey never expressed false modesty. Guys had noticed her all her life, especially when her body had developed, and she put extra effort into making female friends because girls had often resented her on sight when they first met. Now twenty-six years old, Dazey had straw-blonde hair cut just at her shoulders, deep blue eyes, and pale skin that would not take a tan. She had classic cheekbones and a big smile with perfect teeth that never needed braces. Though not very tall, she had 38D boobs, a trim waist, and a heart-shaped butt. Her legs were toned and shapely, and as she watched herself on the screen, she spread her legs wider, making more room for Stu to bring his stiff cock into position.

“God, you’re hot,” said Stu, rising up and putting the head of his cock against her pussy lips. “Uh, you ready?”

“Give it to me,” said Dazey, without much enthusiasm. Her body was responding, but she felt oddly detached. Stu was a decent-looking guy, with short brown hair and a toned body. He worked as a regional business manager with a hotel chain. In bed, he did everything right, but it was never good enough.

“Okay, here goes,” said Stu.

Even as Dazey felt his cock parting her pussy lips and entering her, she sighed inwardly. She made a fairly good living for an event-planning company and Stu was a rising star in his company. None of it seemed to matter. She craved excitement and she had a dream that had never come true.

That would have to change, she decided, even as Stu’s cock began pumping into her. She worked her butt up, taking his average-sized cock into her pussy as she watched his ass on the video screen. As usual, her body reacted well to Stu’s cock, but that was because Dazey was very sexual and always got off from a hard cock. The sad fact was that every fuck from him was exactly the same. At least she had a show to watch while he banged away.


Stu watched Dazey’s stunning blue eyes as she looked over his shoulder and viewed them both on the video screen behind him. Setting up the video camera was a good idea, apparently, since she was entertained.

He pushed his cock into her pussy, then pulled out and pumped her hard. She bucked her pelvis up to meet him, while her hot, spread legs waved in the air. He knew he was damn lucky to have Dazey, since every guy he knew was hot for her. No actress or model anywhere was more beautiful. She insisted on an open relationship, but he could live with that in order to fuck her occasionally.

Dazey ground her clit against him and lifted her butt in rhythm to match his. Her breath came faster. Stu had learned that she got off fast, so he didn’t have to worry about holding back. He pounded into her and she screamed as she came, clutching him with both hands and tightening her legs around his waist.

Stu rammed into her again and again, until his cock blazed and his balls emptied into her.


Dazey’s pussy burned with intense fire and she worked her clit against him while she watched them both on the video screen. They finally collapsed, exhausted. Getting off was a good thing, she thought to herself. Stu always got her off. It just wasn’t enough.

“I’m going home to see my mom this weekend,” she said.

“It’s not far, right?”

“Back in the trailer park where I grew up. I just want to see her again. And I haven’t seen my brothers in a while.”

“That’s fine,” said Stu.

Of course it is, Dazey thought to herself. Everything she wanted was fine with Stu. He was a very accommodating semi-boyfriend. Too bad he was so dull.

She should have pursued her dream a long time ago.