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After becoming disenchanted with being the wife of a small town pastor, Alicia deserts her husband leaving him to be a single parent to their eight year old daughter.  Roxanne grows up to be smart, lovely and industrious. The small church becomes a success while his daughter holds a dark secret that turns out to be not so dark after all.~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~Shortly after we entered the motel room, Roxanne asked, "Okay, Dad, what do you think of your daughter now?""Sweetheart, I love you as much as I ever did," I said in response."What a sweet thing to say," she responded joyfully.  "I was concerned that maybe I was being too forward and pushy by inviting you to watch the shooting of my video.""I kinda thought that at first also," I responded, "but it was exciting to watch you in action."Her pretty blue eyes opened wide in expressing surprise at my comment and my very talkative daughter seemed to be at a rare loss for words so as she paused for a minute, I then continued, "Honey, I've always thought you were beautiful but I never realized how sexy you are until today.  I realize now that porn is a legitimate industry and you are a fine performer."She then responded, "Dad, I am amazed at how liberal you seem to be now; it sounds like you are actually expressing approval of my being a porn actress.""You are absolutely right, Roxanne," I said. "I not only approve of what you are doing but I am also turned on' by it as we used to say in when I was in high school.""Dad!" she exclaimed and while smiling she added, "Will you stop it?  Or do you want me to help you find a date when we get back home tomorrow, or how about now with the actress I was with today?"We were both standing face to face and I moved closer to put my hands on her shoulders and looked directly into her eyes and said, "Tomorrow is another day, and I don't want you to find me a date. I'd rather just be with you, now!"With a surprised look on her face she said, "If I am reading your correctly, it sounds like you are making a pass at me and I don't know how to respond.  Obviously, I'm pretty liberal about sex as you have surely seen, but incest is something that I've never considered," and then after a short pause added, "I'll have to ponder this for a while."I then responded, "Okay, how about first considering' and then ponder' right now and I'll wait for an answer.""Dad!" she said sternly. "You sound very serious and you are certainly persistent.  Are you sure this is something you really want to do?""I can't think of anything I would rather do," I responded decisively."This is crazy!" she exclaimed but then added, "On the other hand, I suppose many would say that being in porn is crazy.'  Where do we draw the line?"I then boldly responded, "Why does there have to be a line?"Roxanne then said, "Okay, Dad, I can see that you're excited and I can certainly understand whybut wait a minute.  Did I say excited?'  Dad, you're downright horny at this very moment, and I don't want to be the one to deny your satisfaction."When she said that, I felt like shouting out "yahoo," but I kept silent and as she started to undress, I removed my shoes and pants.

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Reverend Jim and his Daughter

By Houston Cei

Cover by Moira Nelligar

Copyright © 2017 by Houston Cei

All rights reserved.

~~ All characters in this book are over 18. ~~

The following story is entirely of the author's imagination. All events and characters are fictional. Any similarities to actual events or real persons, living or dead, is coincidental.

Author's note: This eBook was originally released as The Reverend's Daughter with a different cover.

Memoirs of a Pastor

My name is James Francis Hansen, affectionately known to my congregation as Reverend Jim. My interest in becoming a pastor began in early adolescence. I can still recall one particular Sunday when I heard our Baptist minister give a detailed sermon on the lasts days in the Book of Revelation and describing the joys of heaven and the sorrows of hell. After that sermon, it seemed like all I could ever think about was the day I would be old enough to attend a seminary.

That day finally came. I was accepted into a prestigious Seminary in San Jose, California. I studied diligently and never missed a day of school. I graduated magna cum laude with a Master of Divinity, and with the strong recommendation from the faculty, I landed a job as an associate pastor at a Baptist church with the likelihood of replacing the soon to be retiring Senior Pastor. This was a well-established Baptist church with a congregation of over five hundred persons. I thought I was going to become the next Billy Graham, but those hopes were soon to be dashed shortly after the Senior Pastor’s vacation.

I filled in for him for three weeks, dealing with counseling, classes and Sunday sermons, but upon his return, I was informed by the administrative staff of the church that I lacked the charisma to be a Senior Pastor and must step aside, which was a nice way of saying, “you’re fired.” Somehow the administration felt that since I could not fill those shoes, I was no longer needed as an associate pastor. Of course, I was disappointed but did my best to keep my spirits up. On the other hand, my wife of almost ten years, Alicia, was devastated. She knew that the social status and good salary of a Senior Pastor meant a comfortable and rewarding life, but suddenly, the hope of living such a life seemed to be a fleeting dream.

I revisited my old seminary and a member of the good faculty referred me to a small church in the inner city of San Jose that was in serious need of a pastor. I was well attired and did very well at the interview and landed the job. There were a few issues that I had to live with, such as the church being so small that it could only offer a small salary with very few benefits. Another issue was its being a charismatic Pentecostal church, and that meant getting filled with the Holy Spirit and speaking in tongues which are things the Baptists usually do not accept. I desperately need the job and was up for the challenge, and in time I came to enjoy the charismatic action.

None of that helped to appease my wife; to her this was a sad position compared to the future for which she had hoped. We were married during my first year of seminary and had one child, a girl we named Roxanne. While in seminary, I worked part time and my wife worked full time to keep us financially afloat, and now here I was without a promising job and she felt as if the sacrifices she made were all for naught.

Her attitude towards what she felt was my failure strongly affected our lives as a family and especially our sex life. She started having affairs and although they were obvious to me, I was in denial at the time. On the other hand, she would even tell me about some of the men she had been with, but I pretended not to hear her words. Her language started to get very coarse and unbecoming of the lady I had married. She used a myriad of four letter words and made little effort to clean up her language even in the presence of our eight year old daughter Roxanne.

There was one particular night years ago that I can remember as if it were yesterday. It was during the middle of the week: Alicia went to bed early, Roxanne was fast asleep and I was ready to retire to the bedroom for what I thought would be a typical night’s sleep. When I opened the door, there I saw my beautiful wife lying on our double bed in red satin underwear with a garter belt holding up her black nylons. Her long, raven hair was shiny and her blue eyes sparkled while she flashed me a seductive smile as she was also displaying her breast cleavage. She looked like a Penthouse model sporting her beautiful legs with those shapely thighs and calves that were accented by the black nylons and garter belt.

What’s this? I asked myself, she hasn’t presented herself to me like this for a long time. Her breast cleavage and sexy legs excited me, and yes, my noble reader: pastors get horny just like any other guy. I cleared my mind of our problems as I knew she wanted to make love and I wanted that time to be perfect. Even though I knew there had been so many others before me, I was her choice at the moment and that was all I cared about.

“I’ve been waiting patiently for hours, my dear,” Alicia said. “I hope you like what you see.”

I was very surprised to hear her talk so sweetly to me after all our quarrels and her harsh language of late, but I was also thrilled because I thought that this meant that our relationship was making a turn for the better. As I approached the bedside, all I could say was, “You’re as beautiful as the day we were married.” I know it must have sounded trite but I was so overwhelmed by her beauty and was so anxious to make love that I did not know what else to say.

I started undressed, letting my clothes fall to the floor. She smiled at my standing penis, and as it was very close to her face she enclosed it with her soft hand and stroked it slowly and gently. She continued to stroke as she took the head of it into her warm, wet mouth. What a delightful feeling it was as I stroked her hair! She put her other hand on one of my buttocks and put her fingers into my anus and then engulfed the entire penis into her mouth. I could sense that she was enjoying giving me head as much as I was enjoying getting it, especially knowing that my pubic hairs were touching her beautiful lips. Although it was wonderful to feel her sucking and stroking my penis, I was ready to go inside her. It had been several months since our last sexual contact so needless to say, I was more than ready. As I reached to remove her panties, she lifted her buttocks and off they went. Her feminine scent that I had not smelled in so long was enticing and as I gazed at her bush, she spread her beautiful legs to invite my penis inside her.

“It’s so nice to have you back fucking me again, honey,” she said softly. “It’s been so long and I’ve missed your cock…even though I’ve had so many others.”

Although her words were crude and the reference to “others” was not in good taste, I accepted it because I felt that I suddenly had my wife back, the wife I had known and loved for over eight years. Before entering her, I bent down to kiss her bush and I guess that was my way of showing “no hard feelings.” Our intercourse was very slow and rhythmic as she put her arms around my neck while she put her tongue in my ear and then gave me a very wet French kiss. It was a long kiss and our tongues mingled feverishly, and then it happened. She let out a moan and as she climaxed, she exclaimed, “Oh, darling, you’re the one!” I was so thrilled to hear her expression that I just relaxed slightly to let my semen spray inside her wonderful vagina. We had climax almost simultaneously, something that lovers dream about. We both spent the remainder of the night restfully sleeping.

It was Thursday, the day before my “weekend” of Friday and Saturday. I had my Sunday sermon prepared, finished all my usual church duties and left at my usual time. Some people think that being a pastor is a one day a week job, but that is hardly the case. I rushed happily home to be with my family, but upon opening the door, I found my eight year old daughter Roxanne sitting alone on the armchair; she was in tears.

“What’s wrong, sweetheart?” I asked, “Where’s your mother?”

“She left a while ago, Daddy,” Roxanne answered as she was sobbing. “She said she can never come back.”

Suddenly, it hit me like a gigantic rock falling from the sky. Last night was Alicia’s farewell to me. The sex, the kissing, the cuddling and the sweet talk all meant good-bye forever! It was more than good-bye; it was fare-thee-well with a stab in the back and a twist of the knife. She could have just left me, but apparently that was not enough for her. She pretended to be in love with me so that after our intimacy the previous night, her leaving would be a bigger hurt. This was her payback for my not giving her the life that she had dreamed of while she was hard at work as I was in seminary. I felt drained of life, but seeing how hurt and emotionally distraught my daughter was, I did the best I could to disguise my own emotional confusion.

“I want my mamma back! Please, Daddy, get her back!” Roxanne exclaimed. At that point I did not know what hurt me the most: was it my daughter’s plea or Alicia’s leaving? In any case, I felt that I could do nothing about either one of those issues.

What looked like the rekindling of a marriage turned out to be the start of many difficult years. There was not much future in my job at the small inner city church and although the salary was not great, it paid the bills and I was able to provide food and shelter for myself and my daughter. Members of the congregation were very generous with affordable and sometimes free child care as I was raising Roxanne.

As the years passed by and I had much more experience at the pulpit and with the affairs of church administration, the thought of sending resumes to bigger, well-established churches crossed my mind at times. Those thoughts vanished when I remembered how helpful so many members of the church were during those difficult years. I loved the members of my congregation, and they accepted me. I honestly felt that this small church had become my niche.

In any case, as the years went buy we still did not hear from Alicia. Although I missed her and could see from time to time in Roxanne’s eyes and countenance that she sometimes longed for her mother, we were coming to accept that we would most likely never see her again. As the years continued to roll along with my being the single parent, we talked about her less and less.


As Roxanne was starting to grow into a young woman she did well in school, and eventually developed into an attractive, fun loving girl who was popular with her classmates. I was hoping that she would lean towards going to college after graduating from high school, but she showed no interest in higher education. After missing the love and companionship of a mother since her childhood, I always wanted to comply with her wishes, but also with some parental direction. In time, she seemed totally recovered from the abandonment by her mother, and I felt good about myself that I had apparently filled both parental roles with a reasonable amount of success.

Roxanne’s personality seemed to blossom like a bed of beautiful roses and it seemed like everyone she met liked here and wanted to be in her company. As soon as she turned eighteen, she landed a position as a waitperson in an upscale restaurant in a very prestigious part of town. This was the kind of place where persons worked for years busing tables, hoping to one day be promoted to waitperson. Somehow, she landed this job with only an application and her charm without having to start out as a bus person. The gratuities were so good that in two weeks she would bring home almost as much as I made in a month. It certainly helped out with the bills, and although I watched her spend freely and was enjoying life, I encouraged her to save for a time when things might not be so prosperous. Such advice was the least I could do as a father to help my daughter’s life stay moving in the positive direction it seemed to be going.

With Roxanne’s excellent income, she suggested that we consider upgrading