Renting a Girl from the Mall - Jack Stratton - ebook

Mark is a bit obsessed. He keeps running into a cute, if a bit bratty, college girl named Megan in the mall. She certainly wants nothing to do with the thirty-something Mark, but when she gets into some financial trouble she finds herself in his car listening to his very interesting offer.What is she willing to do for $1000? Can she play her part in his kinky role play scenario? Will she be seduced into entering his world of dirty games and easy money?

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Renting a Girl from the Mall, Part 1 – Attitude

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Copyright © 2010 by Jack Stratton

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Writing Dirty Press

The first time Mark saw her she was outside his favorite bookstore, red-faced and arguing with another girl.The two looked like college kids; he wasn't sure why he noticed her but he did. He couldn't make out exactly what the two girls were saying because he was inside the store and they were on the other side of the large window in the front, but they certainly seemed upset about something.

Mark, who was thirty-something and had no good reason to be watching two college girls argue, casually moved to the self-help section where he could see them up close as they mutely fought on the other side of the glass.

The one girl, the one he was instantly fascinated with, looked Asian though he guessed not fully. He thought she was half white from the freckles on her cheeks and her pale skin. She looked like a Japanese anime character with her large eyes and her colorful clothes--not to mention the hooded sweatshirt with the kitten ears on top.

Her eyes were outlined thickly with black makeup and her lips were painted purple like her nails. She wore purple fingerless gloves and a black ribbon like a choker, rainbow striped leggings, a short denim skirt, a low cut black T-shirt and the aforementioned hooded sweatshirt, which was purple and had some cartoon character on the back of it. Mark was enamored immediately, but in a vague daydreamy way. He wasn't the kind of man who would hit on a teenager, at least not now. When he was twenty-five it was a different story, but at thirty-five it was downright indecent to consider. Still the way the girl argued with the other girl, who was boring-looking in jeans and a band T-shirt, awoke hungers.

The girl caught him watching her suddenly and turned to the window, sticking her tongue out and flipping him the bird. He tried to pretend he wasn't looking at her, but the smile escaped onto his lips too quickly for him to stop it.

There was something adorable about her attitude.

It was a week later when Mark saw the girl again. She was sitting in the science fiction section of the same bookstore, engrossed in some graphic novel when he walked by. She was wearing a short black skirt this time, with long black socks that went up to the middle of her thighs just below where her skirt ended. She had the purple hoodie on again, this time zipped all the way up. Her hair was shoulder length and unnaturally black. The hood of her sweatshirt wasn't up but she wore another pair of cat ears like one you would get for a Halloween costume. The effect was somehow less comical and more sexy, at least to him.

She looked up as he walked by and her gaze met his again. She made a face of disgust and cut her eyes at him. Mark laughed and kept walking. He wondered what she must think of him. He was 35, tallish, thinnish, rather well dressed. He wore thick black rimmed glasses and he thought he gave off the air of a sort of intellectual. To her he imagined he looked like an adult who was completely nerdy and uncool.

Mark sat in the magazine section and smiled to himself, remember the days of being a teenage rebel.

It happened like that three or four times over the next month. For some reason he kept bumping into her and she kept noticing his interest and giving him a nice little dose of her attitude.

She had become a character in his imagination. He wondered about her life and thought about what she did all day, who her friends were and what they all did. It was bad, he knew it, but it was harmless. She was probably a college dropout, from the odd hours she was in the store and her lack of books or laptop.

He was pretty sure by the fourth good look at her that she was half Chinese. She was one of those kids who dressed wild and listened to crazy music. He wanted her.

She wasn't exactly thin, she had this sort of baby fat around her belly and cheeks, plus a nice chest--he guessed a large C cup. She also had a round ass that made him cringe with desire. She was short, he guessed not even five feet. She was delicious.