Renting a Girl from the Mall 2: BFFs - Jack Stratton - ebook

After procuring the services of a beautiful nineteen year old girl, Mark is training his young paid playmate Megan on how to seduce her best friend into their kinky world.Will Ashley be convinced to follow her best friend down the rabbit hole and into a twisted and kinky lifestyle? Will Megan be able to deal with her master's new obsession? Will Mark be able to handle not one but two rented sex slaves?Excerpt:“How does this work?” Ashley said, her eyes red and her lip quivering.Megan was pulling her down the street by her hand, stopping every few steps and sighing deeply giving Ashley pep talks.“It’s the easiest thing in the world. I know you’ve had sex before. In fact I know all three guys you’ve done it with. Trust me, it’s going to be awesome. You just go there and start making out with him and then he’d do all the work and then you leave with 500 buck!” she said pulling her best friend another twenty feet.“But I don’t even know him. Like I’ve never even met him! What if I don’t want to do it when I get there?” she asked almost on the verge of crying.“Then say ‘I don’t want to do this’ and he’ll drive us back to the mall,” Megan said, annoyed.“But what if he doesn’t-like-think I’m pretty enough?” Ashley said, her biting her lower lip.Megan rolled her eyes.“You’re gorgeous, come on! You’re, like, the prettiest girl I know!” she said even more agitated.They walked a bit more, the whole time Megan pulling Ashley by the hand.“What are you going to be doing? You’re not going to leave me alone there are you?!” Ashley said, suddenly hysterical.“No! I’ll be right there, I mean, in the other room-” Megan thought about that, “I mean, I can even be in the same room if it will make you feel better,” she added.Ashley’s red eyebrows furled at the thought.“You’d do that?” she asked meekly.Megan tried not to smile.

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Renting a Girl from the Mall, Part 2 – BFF

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Writing Dirty Press

Megan pulled Ashley’s arm as they nearly collided with a pack of jocks who were eagerly piling into a Gamestop. The mall was remarkably crowded, even for a Saturday, and the two girls were dodging in and out of the teeming masses before finally landing at a bright neon blue door and entering.

“Meg are you serious? How are you going to afford a spa treatment?” Ashley asked with a shocked laugh.

Megan pulled Ashley in and they both marveled at the spa’s spotless waiting room. The place was a minimalist white shop with curved counters and a very pretty, very thin woman behind a desk carefully tapping on a keyboard in spite of her long fingernails.

The two girls tried to stifle their giggles as the receptionist looked their way and gave them a rather concerned frown. Megan took Ashley’s hand and dragged her to the desk.

“Hi, we have an appointment,” Megan announced with pride, wrapping her arm around her friend’s waist.

“Really, for what exactly?” the woman said, raising an eyebrow and looking at her computer screen.

“Two massages, two facials, and two Brazilians. It’s for Ms. Megan Cho and guest,” she said with a smile, showing off in front of her friend.

The woman behind the desk clicked a few things with her mouse and then tried to smile in a way that said, “sorry for the misunderstanding.”

It was somewhat understandable that the woman might think the girls were in the wrong place. At nineteen and eighteen respectively, Megan Cho and Ashley Rourke were not exactly the spa’s normal clientele.

Megan was a somewhat gothed out five foot tall girl with a purplish black asymmetrical bob, a black miniskirt, fishnets, purple Doc Martens, a hooded sweatshirt over a far too low cut top and a mischievous grin. Her skin was ruddy, a light caramel, and flawless.

Ashley, on the other hand, looked a bit younger than her eighteen years. She wore a denim skirt of reasonable length, a bright baby blue t-shirt, and a look of pure fear on her face. The blue of the shirt set off her pale blonde hair, her pale skin and the small batches of light freckles on her cheeks, arms, and legs.

The receptionist checked her sheet again and then looked the girls over once more.

“Yes well, you have two full treatments all paid for. Why don’t you two take a shower, then we’ll bring you some fresh juices and you can meet your beautifying clinicians,” she said with practiced grace.

She stood and beckoned the two teens to follow her. They were whisked into a locker room where they put away their clothes and got into huge soft white robes. Megan eyed her friend, trying not to be obvious about checking out her body.

Ashley was the opposite of Megan in lots of ways. Megan was curvy, with big tits and a big ass, both of which were amplified by her thinnish waist and short stature. Ashley was somewhat skinny, though she held a little baby fat around her belly and her hips looked wider than Megan remembered back in high school. She had smallish breasts that were tipped with soft and very puffy pink nipples.

Everywhere on Ashley’s body where the sun hadn’t touched was a pale creamy white. Everywhere else was a slightly off white color and kissed with freckles. Megan even caught a flash of her pretty little blonde patch of pubic hair which made her bite her lip.

Megan had always liked girls as well as boys, but she had only gotten to act on her bisexuality once. Now she imagined going down on her friend and it made her face feel hot. More than that Megan remembered exactly who had paid for the spa treatments and the plan he had concocted and,that made her wet.

She would be going to go down on Ashley soon enough. She was going to get to do everything to her and then watch her get fucked and that was somehow even hotter to think about.

“You okay?” Ashley said, confusing Megan’s arousal for sleepiness or sickness.

“Yeah, I’m cool, let’s shower,” Megan said taking her best friend’s hand and leading her to the shower stalls.

As they stood in adjoining stalls Ashley whispered over the side to her friend.

“How can you afford this? You don’t even have a job!” Ashley asked with awe.

On the other side, as Megan soaped up her body, smiling to herself.

“It’s a secret. I’m just glad you’re doing this with me. It’s like Sex in the City or something! Two girls out for a day of pampering!”

Ashley laughed, “well, I’m all for that, but didn’t they say Brazilians? Isn’t that, like, when they rip out all your hair?”

Megan smiled to herself, “you don’t have to if you don’t want to, but I really love the way it feels after. When you’re walking around it just makes you tingle.”

Ashley didn’t laugh at that, she just sort of blushed, Megan soaped between her legs hoping she would stop getting wet every time she spoke to her friend because it might make the spa treatment a bit embarrassing.

Megan realized she had lost herself in daydreams as she heard Ashley turn off her shower. Megan quickly rinsed off and joined her friend outside the shower stalls and before both girls wrapped themselves in towels, Megan eyed Ashley’s body hungrily again.

As they dried off Megan remembered the first day she walked around after Mark had shaved her. The way the fabric of her underwear seemed to turn her on. How every shift made her aware of her pussy. She remembered how much it turned Mark on and how he went down on her for hours and for the first time she really enjoyed that.

She shook the thoughts out of her head and followed the tanned women into the next room for some kind of steam treatment.


The two teens laid side by side in another one of the spas small white rooms. So far they had been steamed, peeled, exfoliated and now, soft and warm and relaxed, they were covered in some potent greenish mud and left to wait for whatever alchemical effects the spa’s magicians had planned for them to take effect.

“Okay, so something is going on with you. For the first time in months you seem happy and you have all this money all of the sudden. What’s happening?” Ashley asked seriously.

Megan, who had been prepared and coached on how to deal with this conversation, waited a few minutes and finally looked over at her mud covered friend and asked, “do you promise not to tell another living soul what I’m about to tell you?”

Ashley swallowed.

“I guess-” she started, but Megan cut her off.

“I can’t tell you if you only guess, you have to promise, like seriously promise,” Megan said in a tone that made Ashley worried.