Reluctant Wife, Humiliated Husband - Isabella Tropez - ebook

He owes a lot of dangerous people money, and his wife is willing to do anything to help him...When Jonathan's debtors show up at his house ready to teach him a lesson, Julia knows there's only way to help her husband, and fulfill her own dark desires at the same time. She'll let herself be taken rough, unprotected, and in every way as her husband is made to watch.

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Reluctant Wife, Humiliated Husband

Isabella Tropez

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Reluctant Wife, Humiliated Husband

Jonathan was panting heavily by the time he reached his front door. He stopped a moment to catch his breath, otherwise he was going to collapse onto the ground. This had been going on for a couple of weeks now and sometimes he felt unsure if he would be able to keep up. Taking the long route was not easy, he had to climb various hills and jump over walls and fences. Poor Jonathan was so out of shape that he found this extra exertion completely draining. But it was necessary, at least for the time being. Until he could arrange for the money, he would simply have to avoid those thugs.

Jonathan knocked at the door, impatiently waiting to be let inside. After a few moments, his beautiful wife Julia opened the door. She looked at him and shook her head. Drained in sweat, and nearly bent double with exhaustion, he painted a sorry picture.

“I don't know what's been going on with you these days, Jon.” she said, allowing him to enter and flop on to the couch. “You look as if you've been running a marathon.”

Jonathan knew he could not tell her what the truth was. He couldn't even begin to imagine what her reaction would be. Fury? Disappointment? Shame? So he said, “I've decided to get fit, so I'm taking the long route home instead.” in between breaths.

Julia raised her eyebrows, realising this was extremely uncharacteristic of her husband. “Well, don't bite off more than you can chew,” was all she said as she went inside the kitchen to bring him a glass of water. He gulped it down greedily.  Jonathan shut his eyes and lay back on his seat, thinking he would take a little nap, just for a little while. Of course, he didn't wake up until dinner time.

During dinner, Julia barely spoke a word to him and answered his questions with short, curt responses. When they went to bed, she didn't even bother to kiss him good night and rolled over on to her side of the bed, facing away from him. Jonathan was relieved, because he was still sore from all the earlier activity, and had been for a while now. He just wanted to sleep. And sleep he did, although he was upset that his wife had not even given him a loving kiss.