Reluctant Father and Daughter in the Cornfield. - Tommy Mackson - ebook

Sandra was always a good girl until her father gave her that look one night.Sandra recently graduated from college and her soft supple body became the target of her father. When they went out to the movies one night one thing led to another and let's just say they might have ended up in a cornfield with a couple of blankets.Join us for some steamy father daughter incest.

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Tommy Mackson

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Table of contents

Reluctant Father and Daughter in the Cornfield.

By: Tommy Mackson

We grew up in the small farm town in the middle of Ohio. That was where I used to call my safe place recently it hasn't been very safe. My father has been looking at me and I don't know exactly how to react to this new awkwardness. Frankly it creeps me out a little bit I am always such a good well behaved little princess and for him to give me that look late at night and lick his lips, I'm just not sure what to think anymore. It just seems so weird. That is why I am sending outside right now because we went together for a father daughter reunion after I returned from final college semester. I was 25 years old now finally had graduated and he wanted to celebrate with me going out to the movies.

I never thought going out to the movies could be such a ordeal but today we were in the theater and right as the movie was starting he put his arms around me like it was some first date in high school. I just smiled and looked at him secretly I was weirded out. So I had to come out here and get some fresh air.

Suck it up I said to myself… Go back in there and see what happens. I went back inside of the theater and went to the concessions got some popcorn and I decided I would distract him with some popcorn.

"I got us some popcorn."

"Great, it looks delicious." He said as he eyed me up and down and smiled and then gave a light wink.