Reiki – holistic energy work - Luise Hakasi - ebook

Reiki – holistic energy work ebook

Luise Hakasi



Recognize polarities through valuable energy work, discover inner beauty, gain divine power glow radiantly and finally heal ... with Reiki. According to the method of Dr. Mikao Usui.   A millenary life energy, an energy-exchange with the possibility of correcting energy channels to reduce or eliminate physical and emotional discomfort. By means of energy transfer, it becomes possible to balance body and soul, refocus, harmonize and heal. Universal power as life energy. Level 1 to 4. 

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Luise Hakasi

Reiki – holistic energy work

Level 1 to 4

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I would like to introduce myself

Hello, I am called Luise. I stand with both feet firmly on the ground, I am a happy person; not overly religious, but a die-hard fan of the Creator, his love and artful creations. I know that I am loved by him, because I can feel his love. I am a follower of the teachings unforgettable masters like Jesus, Krishna, Paramahansa Yogananda, Lao Tse, Yogi Bhajan, Deepak Chopra, Gandhi, the Dalai Lama and Sathya Sai Baba. They stood by me in different stages of life and showed me the way of truth. I am a certified athletic trainer, including with specializations such as Iyengar and Hatha Yoga and Reiki 3 (Usui Tibetano). I believe that our life is a course, which wants to teach us to love. When it comes to this unique item, I will always be an apprentice ... Would you like to recognize your polarities, discover inner beauty, gain divine power and illuminate brightly? Reiki helps you.



Reiki as a therapy?

Does Reiki really belong to the therapies? One cannot call this hand-laying a massage. A masseur relaxes with his hands, fingers and even loosens tense muscles with his elbow.


So what exactly is Reiki? Some people define Reiki as a manipulation of the soft body tissues for therapeutic purposes, healing or relaxation. I think, the word "manipulation" is not the perfect explication, though. It is true that Reiki can often be learned in massage schools, because it belongs to the field of wellness and health.


By the original description, however, Reiki will balance the life force in the body through energy transfer. An ancient oriental philosophy that when the body's energy is exhausted or is in an imbalance, an individual is vulnerable to physical and emotional discomfort. Reiki practitioners try to correct the energy channel of their clients and promote healing. In fact, this may lead to touch, but not to a massage.


Reiki was developed by the Japanese Dr. Mikao Usui, who was a ministers and heads of a Christian school, has studied for years in Buddhist monasteries and temples. At the end of 21 days of Lent he showed himself enlightened by the method, shared his knowledge with Dr. Chujiro Hyashi and Hawayo Takata, who trained 22 Reiki Masters who shared the knowledge with thousands of others.


Basic characteristics of Reiki is the transfer of energy, in which the master merely acts as a channel so that the patient wears the active role and finally the responsibility for his own healing. Energy can be balanced, realigned and the body can be harmonized. So, no religion, but a lot of spirituality at work with Reiki so. God or a universal life force is recognized as the source of all life energy.


What doctors and scientists dismissed for a long time as “placebo”, has now been proven: patients feel better and even rats responded in experiments on the energy exchange.

Reiki is now scientifically explained

Researches evaluated the benefits of alternative therapies


Reiki practitioners believe in the benefits of the energy from the therapist's hands that are placed on the patient's body against diseases. To understand the biological changes of Reiki, psycho-biologist tested this treatment on mice with cancer.


Animals like mice have no psychological evolution, faith, hope or empathy towards the handler. On the basis of experiments with mice, researchers tried to eliminate the placebo effect. USP in Brazil was chosen among others; Reiki has been carried out here in all different hand practices, without religious connotations.


In the experiment, 60 mice with tumors were divided into three groups. The control group received no treatment. The group "glove" received Reiki treatment by a pair of gloves by the means of 50 cm long wooden sticks. The "Direct Group" received a traditional Reiki treatment always by the hands of the same person.


After the release of the animals the immune question could be answered properly. How much tumor tissue could be destroyed by the body? The Direct Group had doubled the white blood cells and immune cells and destroys the cancer cells.


We do not yet know exactly how Reiki energy works; magnetically, electrically or electromagnetically. But it was proved that "subtle energy" generates physical waves that release different hormones which activate defense cells of the body. A placebo effect could be ruled out with certainty.


Current studies analyze the effect of Reiki on people. Until now, there only were recorded positive results. The results indicate an improvement in the quality of life, with significantly reduced symptoms of anxiety and depression.


Complementary therapies also showed positive results in tests in patients with sleep apnea; up to 60% improvement could be achieved. Current research on this interesting topic show that science is becoming more and more interested in the mechanism and the effects of alternative therapies.

The History of Reiki

The traditional story of Reiki begins in 1800, although Reiki energy was already known before this time.

Mikao Usui, Director of the University in Kyoto Doshita / Japan, whowas at the same time Christian minister was one day asked by his students, which healing method Jesus and Buddha used. He could not answer the question and, therefore, began his research and studies, which lasted more than ten years; Here he got to know the energy that he called Reiki.


The rediscovery of Reiki began with Mikao Usui, who was also investigating respect of Christianity. Christian authorities answered him that this kind of healing is not known and therefore Usui studied Buddhism for information. Buddhist monks told him that the ancient healing method was lost and the only way to discover it is to investigate the Buddhist teachings.


Mikao therefore inquired further, undertook long journeys to Japan and visited monasteries countless times. To read the original Buddhist texts, he studied Chinese and Sanskrit and Tibetan texts on the basis of those rites he discovered the formula to capture the most powerful energy, which could lead to an infinite power of cure.


Usui remained in meditation, woke up in the dark morning of the 21st day and prayed before throwing the last of the 21 stones that he had taken to the mountain heights. In his prayer, he asked for confirmation regarding its discovery and the type of use, as in the West a light appeared. While he looked in this light, he felt a deep awareness, communicating with his ego, so he agreed, due to this consciousness, physically and spiritually ready for a contact.


He therefore projected himself next to his body and could see many lights in the form of colored balls, which contained the holy icons in their interior. While he looked at every single symbol, Mikao Usui received his dedication and knowledge of how to activate and use that power in other people. As Mikao descended from Mount Koriyama, he had decoded, restructured and saved the Milenar method of Reiki therapy.


Mikao Usui became a pilgrim in Japan, brought Reiki to Chujiro Hayashi, a retired naval physician, which opened a clinic after his Reiki initiation in Tokyo. Mikao Usui died in 1930. He had previously initiated Chujiro Hayashi to a Master and his successor (in 1925).


1939, closer to war, Chujiro Hayashi felt the need to initiate a Mast and chose Hawayo Takata as his successor. Takata worked extensively with Reiki in Hawaii, Japan and the USA. He trained 22 masters, men and women. The Old West learned to know Reiki in the mid of the 19th century. 1962 Reiki was recognized by the World Health Organization WHO.


I will present to you in this book the method of Usui Reiki; There are various other types of Reiki, among others: Kundalini Reiki, which was developed by a Danish meditation teacher; it also purifies the body and liberates energy, but without symbols and mantras. Basic training is followed by the master level.


Raku Kei Reiki was brought to the West in the 80s by Arthur Robertson, based on vertical (Raku) and horizontal (Kei) energy flow, which cross (way of the fire dragon).


Imara Reiki resonates at a higher energy level, therefore it is only possible after Master initiation.


Karuna Ki Reiki originated from Karina and Tera Mai Reiki. Lightarien Ki Reiki uses high vibration frequency bands.


There are also other alternative healing methods such as Pranic Healing, Magnified Healing and others.

What is Reiki?


REI means universal; this refers to the cosmic energy, the divine source of absolute love and is the absolute wisdom. KI is the vital energy that stimulates all living things - plants, animals and humans.

Reiki is the process of the meeting of these two energies, the universal energy and our vital, physical energy. It is the art and science of activation, the orientation and the natural use of the vital universal energy, and brings a complete, energetic balance.


Reiki is the art of healing, bringing cosmic energy into the interior of our structure, pure divinity, connected with the love of man on earth, with all its moments, their states and the earthly world. It is an energy composed of sensations and therefore difficult to explain, because the very essence is love. Words to describe these feelings in a normal fashion, are always insufficient.

Reiki works on the causes of the disease, not the effect. Reiki energy is neither positive nor negative. It is the largest vibration of vital energy, which is available for a human. This vibration has a divine quality and therefore cannot be wiped anything. It allows us to get in touch with the living impulses of the world, bringing a sense of "uniqueness". All problems and physical disorders of man in his last resort are based on the illusion of separation in relationship with the world.


Reiki energy is a pure energy, perfect and intelligent, and can never be sent or forced into the body; it is gravitated, attracted by the receiver. According to this principle Reiki takes into account in its action the needs of each person.