Reacharound Trade in a Flash - Gavin Rockhard - ebook

Kevin loves a reacharound! He has a knack for hunting down straight studs who will gladly handle his tender frame as long as they get to plow him from behind at the same time. Kevin's latest conquest is a basketball jock whose girlfriend talks him into "doin' gay stuff", so Kevin gets to bend over and take every inch of his studly ebony manhood, in this, Kevin's sexiest adventure in Reacharound Trade so far!

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Reacharound Trade in a Flash: The Basketball Jock

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Reacharound Trade in a Flash: The Basketball Jock

Gavin Rockhard

Copyright 2018

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Kevin had seen that black guy -- Raython -- and his white girlfriend -- Eliza -- walking through the gym, but he didn't know they were looking for him. Kevin wasn't hiding from them. He simply mopped the corridor, which sent him into some out-of-the-way corners of the gym, so Raython and Eliza didn't see him. Kevin glimpsed them from afar.

He didn't recognize Eliza because Kevin didn't care about girls. She was pretty, but she was in dowdy clothes and without makeup right now because she was at the gym, so she attracted little attention. Raython, however, had been one of Kevin's crushes for awhile.