Ravaged Incest: Taboo NC Erotica - Charlotte Corbin - ebook

Warning: This is a VERY taboo, vintage, hard-boiled full length (100+ Pages), post-censorship erotic novel. This is bad stuff. Both bad meaning bad and bad meaning *good*. The story is so crazy, we can't even give a proper description.***********She thought it impossible that that enormous man, who resembled an ugly and monstrous pro wrestler, could even fit in the back seat of the wagon, let alone that he could be lying on top of her slim little daughter. It was unimaginable that that brute was fucking Crystal. It just couldn't be!Sammy spun her around and made her lie face-down on the cycle, but along the length of the seat this time rather than drooped over it from the side. He forced her down until her nipples kissed the sun-sizzling metal of the gas tank, then slapped her on the back when she screamed and tried to rear up."Fry them tits, Momma." He shoved her down hard, pressing his elbows into her back.She was straddling the wide leather seat now, her tits squashed to the hot gas tank, her chin resting on the handlebars. The boy threw a rope over her back and began tying her to the cycle. When he got her torso secured, he shoved her wadded-up jeans and blouse under her pelvis so he could lift up her ass, then pulled her legs up slightly and lashed them to the rear wheel of the cycle. She was positioned now so her cunt and ass were easily attainable from behind."Whew! Ain't she a ripe-looking bitch!" 

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Ravaged Incest

Charlotte Corbin

Copyright © 2017

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The temperature had to be over a hundred degrees, and not a whisper of breeze disturbed the black soot and noxious fumes that crept into the station wagon from the growling semi looming just inches in front of them. Crystal held her breath, clenched her teeth, ready to explode."Stubborn bastard!" June Martinson said. "I told you we should have stayed on the freeway. Now look at us! It'll take us ten years to get out of this God-forsaken canyon."Howard Martinson's big hands crushed the steering wheel tighter, sweat beading on the backs of them. "If you don't shot that trap of yours, I swear I'll belt you. I told you to relax, for Christ sake. We'll be out of here in no time, and we'll save about fifty miles."June sucked furiously on her cigarette, glancing at Crystal and Randy in the back seat. "A big bird is going to swoop down and rescue us, children. Your daddy's got it all planned out."Howard glared at her. "I'm warning you, big mouth, one more word..."June stared out the wide window. "Bastard," she whispered."Randy, open up that atlas and shove it up front." Howard took the atlas over his right shoulder as Randy handed it to him, then tried to drive and read the map simultaneously.Crystal just knew they were going to end up squashed, beneath the trailer of the semi, but she didn't dare say a word. She hadn't survived this long in this family without knowing when to hold her tongue.Randy was leering at her again, his brown eyes scoping her tits, then his gaze moving down to take in her bare legs and feet. She felt her nipples stiffen under the thin material of her T-shirt, felt an itchy throb in her cunt. She looked away, not wanting him to know she was excited. The way Randy looked at her sometimes, she just knew that he was on the verge of raping her. It was the same look she got from almost every guy at Lincoln High. Boys were such animals. If she gave them any encouragement, look out!"We'll be turning off any time now," her father announced.Her mother swung toward him. "What are you talking about? The sign a few miles back said no gas, no exits, no nothing for the next forty miles.""Just relax," Howard said. "I've been through here before. I know a secret shortcut."June groaned. "Another great shortcut like the one we're on now? Why don't you just get us back to the freeway? You haven't been through this area in twenty years. Don't you realize that things change?""June, will you just shut up?"June exhaled loudly, flung her cigarette butt out the window, and sat back, crossing her arms.Out of the corner of her eye, Crystal saw a bulge moving in Randy's shorts. He had his hand in his pocket and was stroking his cock. Her pussylips swelled, tingling. He'd been jacking himself off about four times a day during the entire trip. She wondered how he could stand all that sticky cum in his underwear all the time. She could smell it, had been smelling it all during the trip, and wondered why her parents couldn't.Boys were disgusting. It wasn't just Randy. All boys were. She'd watched more toys than she could remember jack off in class, groping their cocks by shoving a hand in a pocket. She'd heard that some boys cut holes in their pockets so they could wrap a bare hand around the naked meat of their cocks right there in class! How could they be so bold? Sure, a lot of girls, masturbated in class by squeezing their legs together, but that was hardly noticeable, seeing that most girls sat with their legs crossed most of the time anyway.Crystal crossed her legs and began to work her pussylips against each other, the raw fuckmeat of her inner cuntlips moist with pussycream and as hot as the asphalt of the highway. She dared not glance at Randy for fear she'd draw attention to herself. Maybe she could bring herself off without Randy even noticing.As she repeatedly contracted the muscles of her thighs, forcing delicious fuck-thrills through her teenaged cuntmeat, she began to slide her smooth legs against each other. Her toes curled from the sensations. The crotch of her shorts fast became wet, and she could smell her cunt. She prayed that Randy and her parents wouldn't detect the musky female aroma, but she was too hot to stop herself. It was maddening, having to masturbate like this, but it was equally exciting.Out of the corner of her eye she could see his brown toes wriggling with pleasure. He had deeply tanned legs that were covered with golden hairs. The truth was, she wanted him to fuck her. But she couldn't let him, could never let him. It wouldn't be right. No, even if he tried to seduce her, she would have to resist. If he wanted her, he would have to rape her.Crystal stifled a gasp, her heart slamming faster and faster. The thought of Randy raping her had almost brought her off. It was a terrible thought, almost as bad as the thought of her father raping her. But as terrible as the thought was, it excited her. Why did it excite her so? She was a bad girl, disgusting. She wondered what her parents would do were they ever to find put what a filthy mind she had.They were both so anti-sex. She wondered how she and Randy had ever managed to be born. She couldn't imagine her parents fucking. They'd almost cut off Randy's hands when they'd discovered that he jacked off. She could still remember that day, even though it had been five or six years ago. Even the word sex was taboo in the Martinson household. It was all so strange, because her dad was a handsome and virile man in his late thirties, and her mother was still a voluptuous blonde with a set of tits that Crystal envied. She didn't think her parents had fucked in years though. At least, she'd never heard them, and she didn't think it was possible for a man and a woman to fuck without making noise. Whenever she herself got fucked by some hot stud from school, she couldn't help gasping and squealing and grunting, and the stud usually moaned and bellowed like a bull, going on and on about how hot and tight and wet she was.Randy was suddenly shivering. Crystal dared to turn her eyes and discovered her handsome brother in the throes of orgasm, attempting to hold himself rigid and to stifle his breathing while his cock flexed in his shorts, filling with sticky cum. His body vibrated with rhythmic shudders, his toes curled under, his eyes rolling under closed lids, his face contorting as each spasm gnawed through his tight loins. The scent of his jism filled the back seat of the station wagon and Crystal got drunk on it.Shimmying her legs together, working her pussylips against each other, she brought herself off before Randy had recovered enough from his orgasm to open his eyes. As the waves of heat and fuck-itch saturated her teenaged crotch, passing in waves through her loins and down her legs, she rolled toward the door of the car, closing her eyes, crossing her arms, and pretending to be asleep. Biting her lips to keep from gasping out loud, she held herself as tight as the could, the sensations of orgasm exploding in her loins.


Howard had pulled the station wagon off the highway and they sat looking at the sign, June saying they'd be crazy to even consider taking the untended side road. She demanded they get back on the highway."No way," Howard said. "We'll have to wait 'til midnight to squeeze back into that mess. Look at 'em. A bunch of sheep. All of 'em afraid of a little sign. We'll be back on the interstate before that truck that was ahead of us makes it another mile.""Howard, you turn this car around and get back on that highway." June was shouting."Jesus Christ!" Randy snapped, covering his ears.Howard glared into the back seat. "You watch our tongue, young man. Don't think you're too old for a thrashing. I'll give it to you right here, if you ask for it."Randy closed his eyes and bit his lip.Howard threw a quick glare at Crystal, as if daring her to say anything, then stepped on the gas. The car jerked forward, leaving the highway with its crawling traffic behind them in a cloud of dust. June muttered to herself, letting out a sharp shriek as the station wagon bounced over a pothole in the rutted clay road. They were heading into another canyon, a narrower canyon, following the tortuous windings of a small stream which flowed below the road at their left."Will you all just calm down," Howard said, sounding as if he was trying to calm himself down as well. "I've taken this route before. There's absolutely nothing to worry about. We'll be back on the interstate before you know it. And then we'll find ourselves a campground with a swimming pool."Randy glanced at Crystal, and they both rolled their eyes! They'd both been through similar routines countless times before.The road got better, then worse, then better again. In places the road had been washed toward the stream, leaving hardly room enough for the car to squeeze between the drop-off and the wall, of the canyon. If they didn't roll off into the stream or get stuck in a pothole, or blow out a tire on one of the sharp rocks that threatened every few feet, then it would be a miracle."Notice the tire tracks," Howard said, his gaze glued to the road ahead as he maneuvered the station wagon. "We're not the only ones who have taken this road recently. It seems as if there are still a few other brave souls left in the world.""Brave fools," June muttered, but Howard ignored her.It was about a half hour later, just when Crystal thought they might make it back to the interstate alive, that the other brave souls came into view. Crystal knew they were trouble the moment she spotted them. She'd seen their kind in the movies too many times not to know what they were like."Oh, my God!" June said. "Howard, turn around.""Just stay calm," Howard said. "Nothing to worry about." He waved at the four motorcyclists as he steered past them, giving them a smile.The four were down at the edge of the stream, their chrome-trimmed cycles parked up above on the road. They resembled four pirates, one of them with his pants off and wading in the stream while he pissed. The pissing cyclist was the only one to acknowledge Howard's wave, holding his beer can up in salute and giving Howard a toothy grin, his red bandana holding his long hair in place. The other three all stared grimly at the passing auto as if either stunned or disturbed by the intrusion. Howard managed to squeeze the car between the cycles and the canyon wall, missing one bike by inches."Don't look back," Howard half whispered, although Crystal was already looking back, disturbed by the way the four cyclists seemed to be calling a quick conference.As soon as the station wagon had rounded the next bend, Howard gave the car more gas."What's wrong?" June demanded, sounding half hysterical. "Oh, for Christ sake!" Howard said. "Just stay calm! There's nothing to worry about!""I just knew something like this would happen," June said. "They're going to come after us. I just know it.""Maybe we should've brought your pistol, Dad," Randy said."Oh, for Christ sake!" Howard snapped. "Will everybody just shut up and relax! You've all been watching too much Goddamned TV. This is real life, not TV." He started to say more, but his words were drowned out by the droning roar of the four cycles as they suddenly rounded the bend.Crystal, still looking back, felt her heart swell and tighten in her chest as the four huge cycles and their savage-looking riders slid into view, closing fast on the car. Within seconds two of the growling machines were prowling past the station wagon, one on each side, while the other two cycles fell in behind the car. One bear-like cyclist, a black patch over his left eye, winked at Crystal as he slid by, the sun glinting off his half-bald scalp and off his gold earring. Crystal slid down in her seat, hiding herself like a little girl."Holy shit!" Randy said, watching the other cyclist pass on his side. He was a wiry, dark-haired youth.Crystal caught sight of a large blue swastika tatooed on the youth's bare left shoulder and of a gleaming silver hunting knife, the blade of which was clamped between the youth's front teeth."Howard, run them down," June said hysterically. "Kill them before they kill us.""Let's not lose our heads," Howard said, slowing the car as the two cyclists cut in front of him and decelerated. "They're just playing games."The huge cyclist suddenly put up his hand and stopped his machine. Howard hit the brakes to avoid hitting him. The cyclists all cut their engines, and suddenly the idling of the station wagon sounded pathetically weak in the stillness of the canyon."Stay calm," Howard half whispered, his voice quavering.The big man swung off his cycle and ambled up to the side of the car. His denim vest, stained with black grease, fell open at the front, displaying his enormous hairy beer belly, which appeared to sway as he walked."Afternoon," Howard said, his attempt at a friendly tone completely unconvincing.The big man walked right past Howard's door, ignoring him. His hairy paw fell on the hand of Crystal's door and he swung the door open with such force that it almost broke off. He grinned down at Crystal with stained and rotted teeth. "Ain't you a perty little bitch!"As he reached down and grabbed Crystal by her shiny blonde hair, she screamed."Hey, what the hell!" Howard shouted, throwing open his door. But before he could get out, a tall blonde cyclist appeared and kicked him in the gut, Howard fell back, gasping.The big man dragged Crystal out of the car while the other cyclists forced June and Randy out on the other side. Crystal heard her mother screech and heard a loud slap. She heard Randy grunt as he got punched or kneed in the stomach. The big man bear-hugged Crystal, drooling stinking kisses and bites all over her neck and cheeks. He was sweaty, and she itched as he mauled her in his filthy embrace. His hard-on throbbed against her lower belly."Digger likes you," the big man growled, forcing off her shorts. He tore the zipper open, then tugged her shorts and panties off with a vicious jerk. The ripped clothing floated down Crystal's naked legs as if made of tissue paper. His hairy paw twisted between her thighs, his fingers pinching the spongy meat of her blonde-furred cunt muff. He screwed a rough finger up her pussy, and she gasped, a shiver passing through her."Don't," she whimpered. "Please don't."Digger laughed, ripping off her T-shirt, nearly pulling off her head in the process. His rough paws slid all over her smooth naked body. She squirmed in his arms, the wiry hairs of his chest and abdomen scouring at her silky young skin. Digger got his fly open and his prick flexed up like a hot tailpipe between her legs."Please don't," Crystal cried, pounding at the man's massive chest.Digger laughed at her attempts to defend herself and stuffed her frantic cries back down her throat with his huge tongue. Gripping her jaw so tightly that his claws penetrated to the bone, he French-kissed her, his spit leaking down her gagging throat, his prick sliding and jerking between her thighs.Although fighting Digger, Crystal managed to catch glimpses of her father and brother being bound to the motorcycles with clothesline rope, and of the dark-haired youth using his hunting knife to rip the clothes off her mother."Howard!" June was shouting as if she'd completely lost her mind. "Howard, stop them, stop them!" She sounded pathetic.