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Three disquieting and imaginative stories.RABBIT. The life of a couple of lovers crosses that of a group of children who are playing in the woods. But their game is cruel, scary, to the point that the two young people start to fear for their lives. Something evil dominates the minds of those children and perhaps there will be no escape for anyone.FOREVER. Dying can be unpleasant, even in old age. Mr. Paolo knows this well, because he has already died a lot of times. He's back, though, he always comes back. Even if its time will always be shorter. What will happen when he can not return?HENS. In a village in the mountains, inhabited almost exclusively by ladies, a young worker arrives to repair their homes. Many are in contention, but it is Caterina to welcome him in her house. It could be love, true love, if she did not have something to hide. A secret that no one could accept, not even him.

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Liczba stron: 63

Illusion Short Stories # 13


Original title: Coniglio

Translated by Talida Mantegna


Original title: Forever

Translated by Cinzia Albanese


Original title: Galline

Translated by Alfio Loreti

© 2018 Illusion

© 2018 Stefano Pastor

Graphics: Angela M.


“Here. It’s perfect!”

Andrea put his arm around her waist and bent down to kiss her. Lisa’s lips were soft and damp, a paradise that was about to open only to him.

They were on a glade in the middle of trees, In the thick of the woods. They had been walking for a long time, hand in hand, and even tighter, exploring each other without words.

As soon as Andrea saw that place he realized it was perfect, the ideal place to stop.

Hidden by the bushes, illuminated by the sunlight that was crossing the trees. He would soon see her naked, finally, in all her splendor.

Lisa was the most beautiful girl in the school, the most intelligent, the most spirited, and he was a true, tall, muscular athlete who was collecting medals continuously.

It had been almost an obligation for them to become a couple.

Andrea laid a tablecloth on the ground, even though he did not have any intentions to make a picnic. The only thing he wanted to eat was Lisa. See her undressing, and then becoming his, completely his.

A distant laughter distanced him from his thoughts.

Andrea twist a lip. “Wait.”

Lisa sat down on the tablecloth, then lay down and smiled. A smile full of overtones. “Do not take long.”

Andrea walked through some bushes and, not far away, found another glade, broader. With a large green field. He saw children playing.

Some of them ran here and there, shaking their arms up and down. Andrea shook his head, feeling too big to act in that absurd way.

He looked at them again for a moment, without being noticed, then he went back.

Those children would not be a problem, absolutely no. They would try to make as little noise as possible, even though he doubted they would hear them in any case. And if they had seen them, what would have been wrong with them? They would only have an accelerated course of sexual education. Certainly, they would not be sorry.

He had a mischievous smile in his face when he reached Lisa. She noticed. “What did you see?” He knelt beside her and put a hand on her arm, caressing her soft skin. “I saw you.”

Then he bent down and kissed her.

The little girl was sitting on the ground with her legs crossed, watching the other four running and laughing.

She was the smallest, the others were all taller, they were about ten years old.

“Enough!” she shouted. “I’m bored.”

The games blocked. The guys were still laughing, trying to get back serious, then turning to her. They were males, all four, and ran in bizarre ways, as if they were pretending to be birds.

Marco and Sandro were schoolmates, and they just finished to attend fourth grade. Michele was Sandro’s younger brother and had a year less than him. The last one, Luke, was the smallest of all, and he also seemed younger. She was actually Michele’s schoolmate.

They swirled all four around the little girl sitting in the middle of the field. They laughed again.

She looked annoyed. “Enough! Stop it!”

They slowed down and slowly stopped.

She invited them by widening their arms. “Sit down.”

They sat down one after the other, cross-legged, just like she did. A couple were giggling again.

She studied them one by one, thoughtful, then decided. “Let’s play another game.”

Now nobody laughed, they began anxious. Michele dared to talk. “But this is cool. It’s funny.”

The little girl snorted. “I don’t have fun anymore.”

She was strange, with those braids tied by red ribbons, and that white dress all lace and crochet. She looked like a doll. She did not look more than seven or eight years. Her voice was lamentable, but her eyes were watchful, black wells that never left the four little boys.

“What do you wanna do?” asked the bigger Marco.

And she: “I wanna play Rabbit.”

They looked at each other, confused. The discomfort was slowly coming up, because that word had raised concern. Marco braved and asked: “Could we do another game?”

She screamed: “Rabbit! I said rabbit! I want to play rabbit!”

All eyes lowered and stared at the bottle pouring in front of the little girl. A green, empty, dirty glass bottle.

She impressed it with the movement and the bottle began to rotate.

It turned around, turned around, turned around, and everyone’s eyes followed it.

Only she disinterested, preferring to study the expressions of her companions. She saw them hold their breath.

Then the bottle slowed down and stopped shortly.

In front of Luke.

Now the child seemed even smaller, he clutched on himself. He did not speak, he said nothing.

“You’re the rabbit”, said the little girl.

Then she looked up at the other three. “And you are the dogs!”

Luca was quick, jumped up, stepped back and ran.

The little girl ordered, “Dogs! Take the rabbit!”

The three children jumped to their feet.

Luca had already crossed half a lawn, and ran looking behind.

The three children started chasing, with gloomy eyes, yowling.

Luca ran, desperate, without saying a word.

Andrea was shirtless and Lisa’s blouse lay on the tablecloth. She was wearing a bra and Andrea was trying to unfasten it. But he was inexperienced and too busy to kiss her.

The contact with her body excited him crazy, so he could not unhook it in any way.

Lisa seemed to have fun, seeing him clumsy, and tossed him even more, embracing him and caressing him. Her hand went down more and more.

It was at that moment that a crazy train seemed to overwhelm them.

Actually, it was only a child who had jumped out of the bush and was plunged between them. He stomped the tablecloth, hooked his foot to Lisa’s blouse, almost stumbled, recovered the balance at the last instant, and released it with a kick.

Lisa was astonished. “What?”

Andrea, interrupted in that crucial moment, was less prepared than the girl: he felt confused, he just did not understand what was happening.

Then the invasion was complete.

Three little kids came from nothing. Two plunged directly into them, but they were fast enough to avoid them. A third went around the bush and appeared to their right.

Andrea became furious. Not against them, but to himself. He knew that they were there, he had seen them. They should not have stopped there. He got up and shouted, “Go play on another side!”

No one listened to him.

The first, the smallest one, was still running, turning on constantly. That’s why he stumbled and rolled to the ground.

The other boys conversed with him without slowing down. None of them despised apologizing to the two lovers for that invasion. They ignored them beautifully.

“Send them away!” Lisa shouted. Then she looked horrified what looked like a rag on the ground. “My blouse!”

Walking on her four paws, she reached her. She took her hand disgusted. “Nooo!”

Andrea went to the four boys. “Did you hear me? Go away! You have all the wood available! Move.”

It was as if he had not even spoken, no one listened to him.

The smallest, back on the ground, backed back like a shrimp, then turned and crawled. He saw a fallen trunk and tried to reach it, to hide under it.