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DESCRIPTIONR is for Retribution entices its readers with a family’s brutal abduction in this sexy exploration into the depths of human depravity. Forced to perform the most forbidden of all taboos, this family faces a father taking his daughter’s virginity, a mother seducing her son, and that’s just the start! In this tale of kinky and thrilling debauchery what other taboos lay ahead for this everyday family?EXCERPT“Do you like my pussy, David?” “Yes?” he gasped as he began rocking his hips into mine.“Oh good, I love your cock. I want you to fuck me often.” I panted as I began moving my hips upon him.“Oh, I love dirty talk, Allison never allowed it.” He panted.“I do. I love it. Will you shove your cock inside of me whenever I want?”“What about my wife?”“Does she fuck you anymore?”“No,” he confessed.“Then fuck ME!” I moaned as I began to gyrate my hips on him. It had been so long since I had been fucked that he felt extra tight and I loved how the head of his cock made complete contact with my cervix. “Oh... My God... You’re cock is so big, professor. You fill me up so good.” I moaned.“Is this a dream?” The distracted man asked as I began pumping up and down on him.“Oh no, this is very real. We are really fucking?”I began rocking my pelvis onto his as I kissed him. Suddenly he moved his hands and realized he was restrained.“What’s this?” He asked.“I’m kinky that way, do you mind?”“If that’s what it takes to fuck you, you can lock me up anytime,” he blurted.“Tell me when you are about ready to cum,” I panted as I felt my own orgasm approaching. “You’re doing it to me now... Oh God you’re making me cum... With your Big Fucking CCOOCCKK!!!!!!! OOOOHHHH!!!” I was overselling it for the sake of Allison’s enjoyment, but it was truly a wonderful climax.My orgasm seemed to trigger a similar response in the dear dean. Suddenly his breathing became erratic as his pelvis pushed more and more into me.“Oh God... Your pussy’s so tight... I’m really close now...” He cautioned.“Have you had a vasectomy?”“No, I’m still quite fertile.”“Good, so am I.”David’s eyes suddenly blinked fully open.“What?"“I only fuck for real. If you want my pussy, you have to be willing to cum inside of me.”“You’re on the pill?” He asked as I began to truly pound my hips on him.“No.”“Sam, Stop, I’m going to cum”“I can’t. It feels too... GOOD.” I panted.“You could get pregnant.”“That’s what I want. Fill me up. I won’t stop until you cum inside of me.” I begged as I felt another intense orgasm begin building inside of me.“I can’t... I can’t...”“Don’t worry. All I want is your sperm and this is better than going to a clinic.” David looked deep in my eyes.“Yes... It is.”

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Surely Wilder’s

Family Secrets — Sam’s Side

Published by Lot’s Cave

Forbidden Passions

R is for Retribution, © 2015, Surely Wilder

All Rights Reserved

Cover by Moira Nelligar

All Characters In This Book Are Age 18 Or Older

This ebook is licensed for your personal enjoyment only and may not be re-sold or given away to other people. If you would like to share this ebook with another person, please purchase an additional copy for each recipient. If you’re reading this ebook and did not purchase it, or it was not purchased for your use only, then please return to the Lot’s Cave website and purchase your own copy. Thank you for respecting the hard work of this author.

This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are either a product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual people living or dead, events or locales is entirely coincidental.

A Lot’s Cave Novel


Chapter 1 –Retribution

Chapter 2 –Reprisal

Chapter 3 –Relish

Chapter 4 –Rape?

Chapter 5 –Revelations

Chapter 6 –Reactions

Chapter 7 –Return

Chapter 8 –Redo

Chapter 9 –Results

Chapter 10 –Reward


Author’s Note

Family Exotica

Incest Erotica

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Chapter 1


Most likely I would go to prison for my actions; but what did I care? The stage was set. She had taken it all away from me, my life, my wealth; my acclaim, all of it. What did I care if I was going to have to spend the next several years in obscurity? She had already banished me to that place and had made sure I could never resurface. Yes, my smug faced, slightly plump, thirty seven year old thesis advisor had stolen everything that should have been rightfully mine; and though she thought she had won, I wasn’t about to let her get away with it.

“Sam?” she beckoned to me the day after Thanksgiving break. She was calling me into her office, it was more of a command than a request, but I complied despite the veiled arrogant tone of authority she now used around me.

“Yes, Dr. Jones?”

“Oh, please do call me Alice now. We are colleagues finally, after all.” She dribbled without sincerity.

“How can I help you?” I asked as I surveyed her new office that was now replete with the awards that should have rightfully born my name. She had completely redecorated her room and the expensive furnishings were purchased with the money that should have been rightfully mine. I would have been able to do something better with it than to waste it on her “Precious Moments” figurines which displayed her false understanding of Christianity.

“The Dean,” yes she was married to the Dean of Science and Mathematics, a clear violation of university nepotism clauses; “And I are taking our family on a trip to Florida this Christmas and I wanted to offer you the privilege of house sitting for us.”

I was completely taken aback. Me? I was supposed to protect her cherished belongings while mine stood vacant and open for another person to steal. Typical. It’s just the way Dr. Jones thought. For a moment I didn’t know how to respond. I had nowhere to be for Christmas, in fact, I hadn’t made any plans whatsoever since my family and I had a difficult relationship and it was a long trip to San Antonio. As I listened to her, I realized that her request was actually a mandate; one that I felt I had to obey; yet one more indignity I had to endure.

“Yes... I’d... be happy to,” I stammered. Why did I agree? I could have made up an excuse, what stopped me? I felt so foolish as she rattled on about this being the last full family vacation since her daughter would be graduating from high school this year and would be attending another school next year. “We can’t have academic incest, now can we?” She smirked as she concluded her long boast of successes.

All I wanted to do was leave and somehow never return. Perhaps I could thwart her with a sudden family emergency that would force me to go unexpectedly out of town. I could tell her my mother had become ill and that it was imperative that I go home. But, if I did that I would feel compelled to do so, and the thought of another one of my family’s bizarre Christmases wasn’t in my mind for the moment. They were always pressuring me to stay at home, continue the family traditions, start a family; I didn’t need that now, I wanted a career first. Besides, it would hardly prove to be an appropriate form of payback, I realized as I returned to my office upstairs. It wouldn’t upset their vacation in the least and they would be sunning themselves on the beach while I would be forced to do something I didn’t want to do. Damn it!!! That bitch who had stolen everything from me was still controlling my life; but, what was I to do? I couldn’t let that fucking cunt get away with everything.

Dear Dr. Jones was such a hypocrite I thought as I plopped down behind my desk and began looking at trivial e-mails from my students. She couldn’t abide the idea of academic incest, but she seemed to have no problem at all with academic plagiarism. She had taken my paper, which had put forward a revolutionary idea in the field of mathematics, and she published it under her own name while only giving me a bibliographic mention. God, how infuriating?! No, she hadn’t taken the writing verbatim, but she had revised it and rushed to publication so that when it was finally reviewed and juried, she received the full credit for my ideas. She received the awards, the money, the speaking engagements, while I was awarded a master’s degree for my work and granted a lectureship for maintaining silence; hardly compensation worthy of my work.

But I was just starting out, and was reminded by the Dean, her husband, that new professors shouldn’t rock the boat. “It makes finding another job in academia very difficult.” He advised when I complained to him about it. Yet, he was right. There was very little I could do except to bide my time before trying to land another position and get the fuck out of here.

One thing that Alice didn’t realize about me when she stole my ideas; I was never one to be trifled with. I had been home schooled and was quite accomplished by the age of fourteen. Despite her quirks, my mother was quite brilliant and I was fluent in three languages, could play the piano masterfully, and had become a skilled scholar by that time. So much so, that I graduated from high school when most of my friends my age were just beginning. With effort and work I managed to graduate college in three years as opposed to the normal four; and then at the age of seventeen, I began grad school out of state. It was my first time away from home, and of course my family worried for me, but I was determined to make something of myself and discover my true potential. I might have been the youngest student in the grad program, but what I lacked in age, I more than made up for with cunning and intelligence. I dazzled my professors, including Dr. Jones. I think I even intimidated them a little because I could speak to them on their level despite my age. In two years’ time, I landed my master’s degree and was teaching students who were barely my own age. A perverse thought crossed my mind; it would be a delight to have Dr. Jones’ daughter, her precious Cindy, in my class. I could definitely teach her a few things, and I would give her a genuine working over, I mused to myself... and then it hit me.

A wonderfully wicked, fully insane, tremendously devious, and wholly inappropriate, appropriate form of payback came to me. And, to make matters even better, it had come from Alice’s own mouth. The phrase, “We can’t have academic incest,” kept coming to my mind. Well if they couldn’t have academic incest, what about real incest?

One of the reasons, I was reluctant to go home was that my family engaged in consensual incest. I had been initiated into the family tradition when I turned eighteen, and it was beyond wonderful. I never felt manipulated or exploited. It was just one of the things that made my family unique. They were all amazingly skilled lovers and fearless in their exploration of things sensual. I would have stayed gladly, except; my family was wealthy. If I had stayed with them, I would have lost the battle for life.

I realized this after an amazing summer of family love that had me writhing in sexual ecstasy fulfilling every fantasy I could conceive. My father, mother, adult brothers and sisters denied me nothing. I knew I could either choose to stay with them and revel in the lascivious wonders of my body, or I could take a harder path, better myself, and discover my true potential. Though I loved my family dearly, I chose the latter path. Despite their very tempting offers to stay, I wanted to know what I was capable of doing in life. I experienced part of this as I worked on my Master’s thesis. To my utter shock and surprise I realized, I was a mathematician. It was so incredible to acknowledge I could contribute to my chosen field in meaningful ways, but Alice stole that from me, and since she had taken my brain child; I would take hers... in a manner of speaking. Why not introduce my conservative professor and her perfect little family to an act of such unspeakable depravity that they would never be able to reveal what transpired? It would be fun; it would be quite dangerous in some respects. I would turn Dr. Jones and her half-witted daughter into raging nymphomaniacs if I could just manage the first half of the plot.

For the next three weeks, the plan matured in my mind as I began preparing my trap. For the first time since the summer, I was actually giddy and happy each time I thought about the plan or procured the items I would need. To be honest, I was often sexually excited, but avoided the temptation of masturbation as I wanted to be fully prepared for the ultimate encounter which would either find me in jail or commanding the Jones’ household. Either place would put me in the middle of unusual orgies, so what did I have to lose?

I found opportunities to talk with Alice about her vacation and her personal life. I learned the critical information I needed to know as to where they would be staying, what flight, and the destinations they planned to attend. Unbeknownst to her, I would be canceling these reservations in due course. My ultimate glee occurred the Friday before finals. Alice wasn’t feeling well and seemed to be a bit overwrought.

“Is anything wrong?” I asked with concern.

“I probably shouldn’t tell you this, but my monthly visitor came today.”

“Oh, I’m so sorry,”

“I suppose it’s better to have it this week than vacation week, and thankfully, Cindy and I cycle together.” She confided. The unwitting woman had told me everything as I knew she would. She couldn’t help but gloat. But now I knew with certainty that both she and her daughter would be on day eight of their cycle on Friday night; and that would make them both pre-ovulation! My plan was becoming better and better. Not only would I introduce them to family love, I could get them pregnant as well. In fact their wombs would be reading to accept an army of sperm that night. From that Friday night to the next Thursday the two women would be at their fertile peak. All I had to do was to keep them fucking and their pussies filled with family juice until... oh my heart raced with giddiness as I thought about the possibilities. God I hoped they weren’t on birth control.

That thought stopped me cold. How could I get Dr. Jones to confide that kind of information to me? I had an idea. On the following Monday, I caught Dr. Jones in the teacher’s lounge and I appeared to be quite upset.

“What’s wrong?”

“Oh, one of my more promising students is dropping out.”

“Oh, my. Why.”

“She got pregnant. Can you imagine, in this day and age and the prevalence of the pill on the market...”

“Sam, not all people believe in birth control. If your student had been doing what she needed to do, work and study instead of spreading her legs and fornicating around, she wouldn’t be in this mess, now would she?”

“I suppose not, but surely you and Cindy use...”

“My daughter is a virgin, “She retorted haughtily, “And she will remain that way until she is married.” Alice said flatly. It took all of my abilities not to laugh.

“So, you don’t agree with the idea of birth control?”

“I don’t believe in upsetting God’s natural plan for procreation. It isn’t right for me or my family. Whatever other people do is between them and God, and on their conscious.”

Oh, the smug little bitch. I wanted to smack her for her judgmental attitudes toward others. But what was I supposed to do? Get my revenge, and now I knew with certainty that she and Cindy would be ripe for insemination. No birth control, no condoms, just family cock to knock them up. When I get even, I get even.

Finally, Friday came, the last day of school. For the next four and a half weeks, no one would expect the Jones’ to be anywhere. Their absences would not be missed by anyone since Alice had been so vocal in telling everyone who might listen what they were going to do. There was only one thing missing. I had to make it into the house before they left. How could I wrangle this, I wondered, when opportunity made itself apparent.

“Sam? Could you come into my office?” I was being summoned again by her righteous majesty. “Sam, as you know, we will be leaving tomorrow morning and I wanted to invite you to dinner tonight so that we could show you the security systems and give you the keys.”

“That would be wonderful, are you sure your up to it? I know you weren’t feeling well earlier this week.”

“All taken care of. Cindy and I will be able to relax on the beach with our bikinis and know worries for either of us.”

“How wonderful,” I exuded with as much charm as possible, I continued, “Can I bring the wine?”

“That would be lovely. Dinner will be at 6:30 sharp.”

“I wouldn’t miss it for the world.” Dinner! That was the perfect opportunity. Thankfully, I had a fake ID and a friendly liquor storeowner that let me buy there despite being under twenty one. Alice seemed to forget that aspect.

I hurried home and began my preparations. A quick shower and shave; it had been so long since I had engaged in sexual intercourse, and I was simply trembling with anticipation as I groomed myself to look my best, and thought of the sex marathon that awaited my unsuspecting family. Soon, I would introduce them to a world I knew quite well, family love; and though they would not get to indulge in their family vacation, the world I was about to introduce them to would be an even greater adventure.

I arrived at the appointed time carrying one bag and the wine.

“Is this all the luggage you have?” Alice asked as she answered the door.

“Yes, I travel light, plus I’m not planning on going anywhere for two weeks.” I smiled in return.

David, Alice’s husband greeted me and began showing me the business of the alarm systems. It was really quite simple and in no time I was made to feel right at home. Matthew, their twenty year old son, was busy setting the table. He was a handsome young man with all the available attributes of youth. Oddly, he paid very little attention to me. It was a bit unflattering and put me on my guard. I knew that he would be the problem child. He was in very good shape and I knew beyond doubt that I would have difficulty subduing him if it came to that.

Cindy came in from the kitchen carrying a large salad bowl and I was suddenly stymied in my plans. She was a petite young thing, barely over five feet tall. As I studied her cute, young frame, my heart sank. There was no way this angelic creature could be eighteen, I thought. The petite girl reminded me so of a shorter version of Taylor Swift with lovely, lemon sized breasts that made a delightful bubble on her chest. Innocence radiated from her in every action, move, and look. I wanted my revenge, but I was not willing to participate in child abuse. Still some girls mature faster than others, I realized. I struck up a conversation with her.

“Do you drive?” I asked.

“Of course I do, my parents just bought me a new car with the money from the book my mom just published.”

Another thing that should have been mine and I needed a new car. “Really because you don’t look like your 16.” I said cautiously.

“I get that a lot. I’m actually eighteen, my birthday was on Thanksgiving.”

My heart soared as I realized that though she had a beautifully small, petite bottom, and might look young and virginal; she was definitely old enough for sex, and ready to be popped.

“May I prepare the wine?” I asked Alice and she smiled and pointed to the kitchen. “Will it be ok if Cindy has a glass as well?” This was critical to my plan and I held my breath in anticipation.

“What do you think, David?”

“Well she is eighteen, and a young lady. It is a special occasion.” He soothed.

“Thank you, Daddy.” She smiled and her braces flashed in the hint of the dining room light. Such an enticing pair of lips for a hard and ready cock, I thought. Yes, soon she would be sampling many adult flavors as I transformed her into a ravenous whore.

Matt led me into the kitchen where I found the wine goblets. I had brought my other bag in with me as well so that I would have ample opportunity to set my trap. I had purchased three bottles of wine. Two of the bottles I had dosed prior to my arrival with a family recipe that would cause no harm, just deep and abiding sleep. The other bottle was for me and was obviously untainted.

Alice called us all to dinner and I served the glasses. Before the meal, David asked that we bow our heads, how wonderful; my conservative, religious, biblical family was soon to know each other, biblically.

I decided to put the plan in full motion as I volunteered the first toast. “To a new adventure, and new discoveries that I hope will bring this family far closer together than you could have ever imagined.” I smiled and we all clinked our glasses together. I was happy to see that each of the family members took healthy swallows of their tainted wine and I happily refilled their glasses to the brim when David offered a second toast. Oh, this was marvelous, more than I could hope for, and I again topped off their glasses with my miracle elixir. The conversation was bright and animated to begin with as all of the family members seemed to be enjoying the food and fellowship. They were so excited about the trip to Florida and escaping the cold winter here and I observed them carefully.

In time it was apparent that the telltale signs of my plan were beginning to work. The conversation seemed to slow down as did their actions. Yet each of the family members continued drinking the wine that was even now causing my plan to succeed. Cindy, the lightest of the group was the first to show signs of weariness. She simply set back in her chair and closed her eyes as the rest of the family seemed oblivious to her impending peril.

Matt, the college boy, had consumed three glasses by now and he was next to go. This was good, if anyone would be able to overpower me it would have been him, and now I had at least an equal standing with the Dean as his motions had slowed and his breathing had deepened. All he needed to do was to close his eyes, and he would awake to a very different reality.

“My, this wine seems rather strong,” Alice confessed as she looked at me.

I smiled at her as David began to gently snore. “Oh it isn’t Alice, it’s a normal strength, but I added a little bit to it.”

The look of horror on her face as she realized what was going on was worth all of the expense I had shelled out to make this happen. Her eyes suddenly bulged as she looked around the table to see her husband, son, and daughter fully asleep and vulnerable to me. “What have you done?” She mumbled as her eyelids began to close.

“Oh, I haven’t done anything yet; but I will soon.” I vowed as she reclined into her chair and sleep overtook her.

Chapter 2


COMPLETE VICTORY!!!! Joy filled my heart as I watched the hypocritical bitch drift into twilight. This had been the most critical aspect of the plan. Now that the family was unconscious, I could do anything I wanted, and trust me when I say; I wanted to do a lot. I began setting my plan in motion. Earlier I had purchased sixteen pairs of handcuffs for the family and now it was simply a matter of securing each of them to their dining room chairs. I tethered each family member to their arm chairs with quick skill making sure that their arms and legs were secured to their wooden prisons. Next, I set up four video cameras on tripods so that they would be able to catch the action in full.

Now that they were asleep and subdued, I needed to finish the final preparations. I went out to my car and began bringing in several loads of groceries. As it was below freezing outside I hadn’t worried about spoilage while I was inside, but it was time to put these things away. In one way the Jones family would be having a luxury vacation as I would be their primary cook and caretaker for the next several weeks. All they had to do was play along nicely, and maybe, they’d enjoy it. My mother had taught me how to cook and to be honest; I was quite good at it and enjoyed it as well. I had made plans for a sumptuous Christmas meal and now I would have the opportunity to prepare it. Thankfully, there was plenty of room in the refrigerator and pantry for me to stow my goodies away.

Step one of my revenge was now complete, it was now time for step two. I returned to the living room with my bag of tools, and was greeted by the sonorous melody of my four partners’ deep slumber. How angelic they all looked, but it was time to set things in motion. The tricky part was now over. They were mine, and I could play with them as I wished, but the true goal was to get them to play with each other. I had a plan.

I wanted Alice to be awake for as much of my retribution as possible. I grabbed the nearest water goblet from the table and splashed the contents on her face. Alice awoke with a start as she gurgled against the cold liquid. She immediately tried to stand, but discovered with shock her true state of restraint.

“What... What have you done? What are you doing?” She shrieked as I smiled upon her.

“Nothing yet, I just wanted you to be awake so you could see how all of this is going to proceed.” I smiled. It was nearly impossible for me to contain my glee, but at this point she knew beyond doubt that the tables had turned and that I was in complete control. I said nothing as I went to Cindy’s chair and pulled it back from the table. The dear, sweet girl continued to slumber in innocent sleep despite the jarring motion and rough sound of her wooden chair scraping on the wooden floor. Next, I pulled the dining room table out of the way so that all four of my loving victims were facing each other. I wanted them to all have front row vantages for my revenge.

“Sam... We can talk about this.” Alice begged as I picked up a pair of scissors from my bag and approached her. “Sam, please don’t hurt me.” She cried.

I pet her face gently and smiled at her. “I have no intention of hurting you at all, Allison. But, right now you are wearing far too many clothes for my purposes and I just need to get them out of the way. Let’s see this MILF body of yours.” I teased as I dropped to my knees to begin cutting off her designer pants.

Alice began kicking her left foot as I grabbed the hem of her pants. She didn’t have much room, but the slack in the handcuffs did make things difficult. “Now stop wiggling or I may cut you, and that would be your fault.” I commanded as I flashed the scissors at her to show her just how sharp they were.

It was eerily delightful to witness the bound woman consider my words, realize her predicament, and still for a moment. I smiled up at her as I slid the shiny metal shears into the fabric and with one snip to the side, ran the scissors up the outside of her leg and hip until I had to make a final cut at the waistband. Alice panted with both terror and confusion as I dropped to her right leg to repeat the procedure. She had taken such delight in showing off her new wardrobe with the proceeds of my work, and it felt so deliciously rich to be able to slice the expensive fabric from her legs. In no time at all I had cut her pants so that now; there was no barrier to keep me from her pussy.

“Now that didn’t hurt, did it?” I calmed as I grabbed the top of her pants and pulled down hard. Her slightly fleshy pelvis and pale legs came into view. I was delighted, surprised, and somewhat amused to see my conservative teacher wearing a pair of sexy thongs.

“My, my, professor, who would have thought you had such naughty underclothes,” I teased as I ran my finger in the waistband of her panties. Alice blushed as I gazed at her lingerie, though she looked at me defiantly as she sat firmly on the remaining material of her pants. It was clear that she did not enjoy her forced strip and the more she resisted; the more I savored. I pretended to struggle with her for a moment, but then, hissed, “These are coming off. You are no longer in control of anything.” With that I grabbed her ruined pants at the crotch and pulled away hard. Alice sighed in frustration as she felt the fabric slide from underneath her naked ass cheeks to reveal her pale legs. Only then did she begin to understand how truly desperate her situation had become. But of course the true joy of revenge is to do things in stages. I wasn’t about to tell her my complete plan as yet. I wanted to build the terror, take things slowly, and witness her complete and total dissolve.

“You aren’t going to molest me, are you Sam?”

“Oh,” I laughed, “I’m going to do so much more than molest you my dear. You’ll just have to wait and see.” I smiled as I returned to my bag where I picked up a remote control bullet vibrator. I turned to her and asked, “Do you know what this is?”

“No.” She panted.

“It’s a sex toy, Dr. Jones.”

Her eyes flared as she condemned, “That’s disgusting.”

“Oh, it’s not disgusting, it’s wonderful,” I smiled as I turned it on.

She began struggling frantically against her restraints as I approached her slowly and knelt before her. “It comes highly recommended and it’s something that I think you would especially like. Funny, I would have never thought of you as a thong woman.” I teased as I placed my hands on her knees. Alice tried to resist, but she wasn’t near as strong as she thought and I pried her legs open easily. I smiled at her.

“At least we know that you won’t be messy since you finished your period a few days ago. I really appreciated learning that. It means that your pussy will be open for full use, and I intend to use it well,” I smiled as I turned the device off and placed the elliptical orb into my mouth to slicken it. Alice looked at me with eyes of terror as I placed my hand on her pelvis and gently stroked her panties to feel her intimate region. I took my time with this enjoying the soft spandex that covered her fruitful loins and I made sure to feel every inch of the smooth fabric with slow movements as she whimpered in panic. It was obvious that she had a very full bush; I could feel the puffy mound of her pubic hair through the garment. She was beginning to realize that she could deny me nothing as I reached down and pulled open the left leg band.

“Stop that.” She barked at me, but in a way that made me actually think she might be enjoying this slow, unexpected sexual assault. Her eyes glowed with a look of anticipation, and I could not help but notice that her nipples were poking out hard against the silk material of her very expensive blouse. Could she actually be turned on in some way? I wondered.

Taking the orb out of my mouth, I showed her the shiny, slick metal that would be her new tormentor. “Oh... Well if that bothers you, Alice; I’ll be happy to go play with your other family members. I have another bullet just for Cindy. I’m sure she’ll like it.” I soothed as I gently stroked her face.

It was as if a switch went on and she was suddenly aware that we weren’t alone. She quickly looked at each of them as she called their names to no avail. “David... Matt... Cindy... Wake up family.”

Suddenly, Alice pulled violently on the restrains holding her and I smiled at her to celebrate my victory. For a brief moment, I actually felt sorry for her, but that moment passed as she bellowed. “Sam, anything, money... jewels... whatever you want, I’ll give them to you... Just leave us alone.”

“The one thing I want Alice is the one thing you cannot give me. You took my child from me, gave it your name, and took all my joy with it. Now, what can you do to make up for that?”

“Sam, I’m sorry about that, and I’ve been trying to think of ways to make it up to you, I truly have.”

“Thinking isn’t your strong suit, is it Alice? After all, you did have to steal my ideas to get noticed. Now don’t worry your pretty little brain anymore because once again, I’ve come up with the idea that will make us completely... even.”

Throughout this elongated foreplay, I had focused on Alice’s eyes, but now I looked down and was greeted with the wisps of her dark pubic mound which poked out of her panties. “Of course, I knew you weren’t a natural blonde,” I quipped as I slipped my hand through the leg band of her panties and pressed the egg shape device against her vulva.