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DESCRIPTIONIn the latest from Surely Wilder’s erotic tale, Matt confesses the desires he’s kept secret. His views of homosexuality, bisexuality, and need for sexual release, cause Matt to question the love necessary to accept his place within the family. Captured, forced into sex, and finding passion in incestuously straight sex, just what unexpected pleasures will Matt face in R is for Retribution III?EXCERPTI stood and reached out to her and she stepped forward awaiting my cue. I simply took her in my arms and began dancing with her in a slow sensual fashion. We didn’t say a word as she rested her head upon my shoulder and we gently swayed to the music. She wore a sweet perfume that stirred not only my emotions, but my desire as well. I took hold of her face and pulled it up. We looked into each others eyes for a moment and then began kissing. Sam was following my lead, and she allowed this to be gentle, as we kissed lightly enjoying the closeness of our bodies, and slow churning of passion. I liked this, a lot. I realized what the problem had been with Dana almost instantly. Like my sister, she had been too aggressive. When she placed my hand on her breast, she expected me to perform instantly. I didn’t like that. I liked seduction and gentleness.Sam and I continued our tender courtship for the first song as I kissed her lips, eyelids, forehead and neck. Eventually, I returned to her lips and her mouth yielded as I opened my mouth. She allowed me to gently explore her oral cavity as I tempted and teased her lightly. I move my hand to her back and our kisses became much more passionate as I pulled on the zipper and released the dress. Slowly, I began pulling the top of her dress from her shoulders as she pressed into me to keep it up. After I knew it was loose, I stepped back, and we both let it fall to the ground. Sam was standing before me in lingerie of virgin white, with a bra, garter belt, panties, and matching stockings. I was stunned. The song ended and she stepped back into my arms so we could share our embrace. We kissed with complete passion as she guided us toward the couch and we sat down together. Passion now guided me as I began to gently paw her bra covered breast and ravaged her mouth with my tongue. She returned my zeal in full and I delighted to hear gentle whimpers of pleasure come from her. She liked this too.Suddenly, she broke away from me and placed a hand on my breastbone to keep us apart. She was panting, but composed herself. She looked at me with a bright smile, but there was a clear look of desire in her eye. My kiss had turned her on, it felt really good. “You are an incredible kisser.”“Thanks.” I blushed again.“Can I ask you something?”“Of course.” “If you’re so gay, why are you hard now?” She smiled as she pressed her hand on my fully aroused member.

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Surely Wilder’s

Family Secrets Trilogy

Published by Lot’s Cave

Family Secrets

R is for Retribution III, © 2015, by Surely Wilder

All Rights Reserved

Cover by Moira Nelligar

All Characters In This Book Are Age 18 Or Older

This ebook is licensed for your personal enjoyment only and may not be re-sold or given away to other people. If you would like to share this ebook with another person, please purchase an additional copy for each recipient. If you’re reading this ebook and did not purchase it, or it was not purchased for your use only, then please return to the Lot’s Cave website and purchase your own copy. Thank you for respecting the hard work of this author.

This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are either a product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual people living or dead, events or locales is entirely coincidental.

A Lot’s Cave Novel


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Chapter 2

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Author’s Note

Family Exotica

Taboo Erotica

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Chapter 1

Rationale: Son’s Side

I am not what I seem to be; nor, have I ever been. I am not happy; I am not confident; I am not powerful; I am not sexy; and yet, to the outside observer, I am all of those things. I have lived a life of deception that I was taught to maintain by my loving family and their equally loving doctrines. For as long as I can recall, my life has simply been a road map of missed turns, and missed directions, so much so, that as I lie here gently cuddling with Samantha after an intense round of sex, I can only say that I am lost and filled with utter confusion.

My secret is baffling, especially given what just happened. This beautiful Amazon of a woman whose body is nothing short of perfection seduced me with such charm and enthusiasm that I willingly gave in to my desires and consummated an act of love I never thought possible for me. She inspired my lust and passions so that they overtook me. When she mounted me and began grinding her tight pussy upon my hard cock, I had never felt anything more wonderful and exciting. Half way through I felt the need to possess her. So I flipped her over and pulling the mask from my eyes I began thrusting into her over and over again with the absolute need to hear her cum, and feel myself empty my life resources into her open cunt. It was so incredible to experience the way her vagina contracted upon me, to feel her light body stiffen, to hear her moans of satisfaction, and to reach the pinnacle of pleasure to the fullest as I ejaculated deep inside of her fertile core.

I think it was the first time I ever truly enjoyed being with a woman, not that I’m a virgin. I’ve had sex before, it’s just...well...I’m gay; and the fact that I could do what I just did in the way that I did it has me floundering for answers.

I always knew that I was different: different from other boys. It really became apparent in junior high school though. I enjoyed sports, but hated the locker room. I loved going out on the basketball court and playing. I was tall for my age, better coordinated than most, and the coaches thought I showed promise. On the court I was full of confidence as I took every opportunity to better myself, study the game, and work hard. The locker room was a complete disaster. How in the world do you take a shower with a bunch of other guys when you’re the only one sporting an erection? Yea, it happened. Not that anything lurid ever occurred, especially at that age. It’s just I knew that something wasn’t right and more importantly it wasn’t something that I could talk about. I always made an excuse as to why I couldn’t shower; my ride was waiting; I forgot my soap; I had to get somewhere; something. I didn’t realize it, but I was already using my sister as my beard. She’d wait for me outside while I changed, and always look pissed like she had somewhere to be, so no one thought anything about it, except for me.

At home, I would struggle with the situation. My mom was pretty awful. She didn’t harp on it, but she would make references to fags, homos, queers. At first I didn’t know what these things were, but due to the instant access of the internet I quickly discovered that I was those words. God; how humiliating? I never understood until then how destructive a single word could be. If I ever wimped out of something she would say, “I didn’t raise a fag.” Christ, how do you even begin to start a conversation with something like that?

I knew two things at once. The first and most important thing was that I could never tell her. She’d say, “It would kill me to learn you had turned into a homosexual.” Turned into? You don’t turn into it, you simply are. Would it kill her to know that she made a homosexual? The second thing I knew was that I couldn’t act out my impulses. It was simply safer to remain a virgin than endure the risk of discovery. I might have had thoughts, but the thoughts were mine; no one else’s. The moment I crossed the line to reach out to someone else, my secret would be known. I could trust myself to keep my secret; I couldn’t trust others.

That became painfully clear at school and church. I couldn’t believe how fast a boy’s reputation could be destroyed by a single word. I’d seen it happen and was always amazed that the guys who were first to condemn another boy were the ones who I knew were gay. It was weird. Just the mention of the word fag was enough to cause a bloody fight where the accused boy would have to prove his machismo instead of just letting it go. At church it was even worse. My mother belonged to a really conservative group that proclaimed that the destruction of America was on the horizon because of queer acceptance. Really? That was going to cause the downfall of America? What about economic inequality or racial tension or educational decline or depletion of natural resources or the decay of the economy? None of those things were going to cause the decline, but two guys wanting to make love to each other would? I knew at an early age that they were just homophobic hypocrites even though I didn’t have the words to use.

So, I learned to keep my secret. It wasn’t hard. I just didn’t talk much about romance or sex. I played the games that guys play and talked about this or that girl as she’d pass down the hallway. I hate to admit it, but I helped to spread gossip about which girl was doing what with whom. I never started those rumors, but if the subject came up; I’d share what I knew. I joined the drama group and “hung out.” I made enough casual comments and risqué jokes that no one would suspect me of anything. Somehow, I found myself to be one of the more popular kids and no one ever suspected anything. Nor did I allow it to happen.

Prom was a killer. I didn’t want to go for a lot of reasons. I even left the time open at work so my boss could schedule me, but Linzie, my boss knew about prom; so she kept the date open. Crap, I had to go and my Mom was putting especially strong pressure on me to take a girl. She gave me the sister trap. “If you don’t find a nice girl to go with you, you’ll have to take your sister.” She was serious. Talk about becoming a laughing stock. I had made it all the way through high school with no intrigue, no stories, no scandals; I wasn’t about to lose my reputation because of a stupid dance.

Dana had played the opposite to me in our most recent play. It had been a romantic role and we kissed at the end, so I asked her. She was more than willing. She had just broken up with her boyfriend and was glad to have someone make him jealous. I didn’t really care. It was a nice time; I have to admit in retrospect. I bought the corsage, met the parents; took the expected pictures. We went out for dinner first and talked. I wasn’t aware of it at the time, but apparently, she was putting the full court press on me, twiddling her hair, showing cleavage, finding ways to touch me. I thought she was just being nice. We made it to the dance and it was fun. We danced and even took the room since we both really knew how to dance. When it was over she asked to go someplace to talk for a while. So, I drove out to a remote spot. She leaned over and started kissing me. It was nice, I have to admit; and I enjoyed making out with her, but I wasn’t having the usual reaction, or at least the reaction she expected. At a point she grabbed my hand and placed it on her breast.

My reaction then was perfectly in keeping. I stopped in sudden shock.

“C’mon Matthew, it’s prom and we’re both eighteen. It’s not like we’re breaking any laws and I’m on the pill.” She smiled temptingly.

I pulled my hand back and decided the truth was my best out, my only out really. “Dana, I’m a virgin.” I admitted.

Her eyes lit up suddenly and she smiled at me. “I don’t mind. We can go slow.”

I looked at her and explained, “I know it sounds corny; it even sounds corny to me, but I’m waiting for that right someone.”

Her smile faded as she asked gently, “And that someone isn’t me?”

“You are a wonderful woman, but no; I’m just not ready for that now.” I confessed, and it was a fully honest confession.

Then she shocked me with her next statement, “You have given me the most memorable and precious prom any girl could hope for. I wish I was that girl, and Matthew; I can be that girl for you if you change your mind. I’ll always cherish the night I went out with a true gentleman.”

I smiled. We went for a late night snack and talked about our plans after graduation. She was really a neat girl, kind of goofy, but she had a game plan and was going to try to become an actress. I told her I’d look for her on the big screen, and then I drove her home. All the traditional stuff happened. I walked her to the door, we kissed, the light of the porch came on, and I said goodnight; my secret intact. The next Monday at school I was the gem to the female population of my class. Dana had let it slip what a gentleman I had been and how I was saving myself. God, that was a trip. Every girl in school gave me a positive response that day, and the guys wondered what I had done to Dana to have such a high reputation.

I graduated from high school and no one was the wiser, but I was alone, conflicted, still a virgin, and hating myself for the inner thoughts I carried. I went to college, and that’s where I “lost” my virginity, but in doing so; I learned something truly wretched. Sex without emotion was worse than the feelings I had before. I didn’t go wild, but I did go to some parties. It wasn’t difficult to find who wanted to hook up and so one night I let it happen with a guy I had just met. He was hot, so was I; he was a bottom, I didn’t really know what that meant, but as we kissed and I allowed myself to become fully aroused it was so freeing. We spent a night together and it was incredible to do with him the things I had always hoped to do. But in the morning, he basically said thanks, and that he was off to find the next love of his life for tonight. I was stunned. I had finally let my defenses down and I was getting walked out on? How was this possible?

Even worse, coming to age during the AIDS generation, no one was letting their guard down. Dana had offered me unprotected sex because she was on the pill. That would have at least been real. But when everything is bundled in a condom and latex is the flavor of everything...I mean, what’s the point? I quickly learned that men might turn me on, but I hated sex. I kept thinking that the best solution for me was simply to join the priesthood, but then another of my mother’s death sayings came to me, “If I ever found out you turned into an atheist or catholic, it would kill me.”

Fine, I’d kill her if she found out I was gay; I’d kill her if I became a priest. I really had no option. She was going to die. I got pissed, that’s what happened. I focused on my classes, but spent any spare time I had getting blind drunk by myself. It was simple that way, classes, homework, booze, gay porn, and oblivion became my daily ritual. I was miserable and dying in the misery. In a moment of clarity, I realized it was either her life or mine. Either I was going to kill her by telling her I was gay; or, I was going to kill myself for keeping the secret.

Opportunity came during Thanksgiving break. I went home and it was nice, because I had a week of sobriety to let my head clear. My sister, ever the rattler, was really excited because we were going to Florida for Christmas. She showed me all the bikinis she had gotten and wanted to know which one I thought was best for her. I told her it was weird for her brother to help her find a bikini. I was still tied into the school network and I knew that my sister had gotten around. She was known to be a blowjob queen. Great, my sister was getting more cock than me and could probably teach me a few things.

I was about ready to leave her room when she broke down. “Don’t go,” her voice cracked.

I turned to look at her and saw a small tear running down her face. “Cindy what’s wrong?” I asked as I tried to comfort her.

“Mom and Dad are getting a divorce, that’s what this trip to Florida is all about. They want a distraction to keep us happy after they drop the bomb shell.”

I was stunned. “How do you know?”

“I overheard Mom talking to the divorce lawyer. She wants to file the papers in January, they have to wait six months after that; and she’ll be ‘free’, that’s her word. She’s said a lot of really bad things about Daddy.”

“Like what?”

“Stupid shit, stuff that doesn’t make sense. I heard her call him a fruit and a fag once. Daddy’s not gay. We’re proof enough of that.”

“She’s just pissed. That’s what women do when they’re mad at men. She’s probably called him a motherfucker too.”

“More than a few times, and to think she sends me to my room for saying shit.”

We laughed. “I’m sorry squirt,” I said as I ruffled her hair. She flashed her braces at me in a big smile. She got up on her knees and gave me a big hug. “This won’t mess us up, will it?”

“I’m not sure I know what you mean.” I responded.

“I’m one of the few girls in this world that actually likes her brother, and I don’t want that to change.” She laughed and broke away.

“No, Cindy, this won’t change us.” But it did change me. Fine, Mom was moving on to live her life and explore the choices she made. Neither she nor her religion nor her prejudices and fear had the right to deny me my choices. I went back to school. I had performed poorly that semester finding more time to dissolve into a bottle. But I put on a fantastic fourth quarter flare. I focused on classes like never before, spent more time in the library than graduate students, and studied my ass into the ground. They might be disappointed in me, but I wouldn’t let them criticize my performance. I passed all of my classes with A’s and B’s. I was ready.

I wanted my revenge. I wanted revenge for having to keep a secret my entire life. I wanted my revenge for being something that was so vile to my mother she would disown me. I wanted my revenge against a religion that preached love, but taught hate. Most important I wanted to live my life and explore my sexuality with grace and courage. I didn’t want to have to use condoms, I wanted the real thing; and I was determined to find someone safe that I could do that with. She was going to drop the bombshell about the divorce; I was going to drop the bombshell about being gay. We would be even and nothing was going to stand in my way.

Chapter 2


Mom had invited her assistant, a junior instructor, to dinner on Friday night, the day before we were to leave. Samantha was going to house sit for us while we were in Florida. When she arrived, I have to admit, I was less than kind. If I had to say it flat out, Sam was cool. She was a little younger than me, only nineteen, and she was teaching college. If that wasn’t impressive enough, Dad kept going on about what a promising career she possessed as a scholar. My father didn’t say that about many of the people he worked with, so if he said it, he meant it. It was clear that she was a protégé, and it was also becoming increasingly clear to me that Mom wanted me to like her.

Throughout the afternoon, before Samantha arrived, she kept needling me about college life. I told her that my classes were going well; that I enjoyed what I was doing; that I was in line to receive an assistantship in the spring semester which was good since most of those went to juniors. Everything I told her was true and the kind of thing most parents would have enjoyed hearing; not her. She wanted to know about my love life and when I would bring that special someone home.

I wanted to kill Dana in the moment as I figured she had talked to mom too. When Sam arrived, I made myself as scarce as possible. I was polite, it wasn’t her fault that mom was trying to play cupid with us; and I just wasn’t going to put her in that situation. I thought by being curt and brief I could avoid a mountain of troubles and maybe make all sides happy. Sam wouldn’t feel creeped out that I hit on her; Mom would know that I had been polite, just not outgoing or charming the way people described me; and, I would be able to live another day with my secret.

Sam brought wine. Well, she did look over twenty one and that was excellent for me. We sat at the table, Dad said grace; and Samantha poured the wine. I nearly changed my mind about dating her when she proposed a toast. I drained half my glass. Samantha had anticipated that and she topped off my glass and all the others. It was an excellent wine. Slightly fruity; not too dry, but not overly sweet; Dad followed Sam’s toast with a toast of his own. Again, I finished half the glass and began to feel the warm oblivion of stupor that I had denied myself for the better part of four weeks. I hoped she had another bottle, I remember thinking. If she did, I’d happily try to take it from her before dinner was over.

In the beginning I was eating and mainly listening. I’d interject at times that it seemed appropriate, then, it started hitting me. This was a much better wine and I was a lot more tired than I thought. I began to slow down as I listened to the others and tried to maintain a semblance of sobriety, but the wine was so good, and Samantha kept topping my glass so that it was a never ending flow. God she was pretty, not that it turned me on, but really beautiful Hispanic features with red hair and green eyes. That was an odd mix. The last thing I remember was smiling at her and being so thankful she had come with the wonderful wine, when...I passed out.

Nothing could have prepared me for the world I returned to. Suddenly I was aware of an urgent stirring in my loins. I wanted to cum, but I couldn’t. My cock was hard, and someone was giving me an outrageous hand job while sucking my balls. The person doing it really was an expert.

I woke with a start mumbling some words and suddenly I heard Mom and Cindy moaning, but they weren’t in pain. I looked over at my sister, she was bound to a chair and her head was thrown back, her long blonde hair cascaded over the chair as her legs opened and closed in a rhythmical fashion. She was at the height of sexual excitement. I heard a buzzing sound and saw a lump inside her panties. Crap, her skirt was tucked into the hem of her dress; and I could that her panties were see through and that my sister was completely bear. The lump looked like a small silver egg and Cindy seemed to enjoy it immensely.

If that wasn’t shocking enough, I looked across the room and saw Mom, naked? Holy crap; holy crap; holy crap!!! She was making the same movements as my sister and moaning in sexual bliss. Her huge breasts, which I had never seen uncovered; heaved as her body jerked from moment to moment. I had never seen Mom nude, but I was suddenly confronted with the idea that she was quite beautiful. She had the kind of figure and coloring immortalized by Manet, especially the painting, luncheon on the grass, only mom was much bigger on top. Her breasts had huge nipples that seemed to cover half the globe. The areolas were a pinkish purple that seemed to gently fade into the creamy color of her flesh at the edge. It was clear that she was in very real sexual distress.

Then I looked over at Dad, and I was stunned. He was bottomless and sitting only in a t-shirt. His cock stood up like a tower of desire. His prick throbbed with his heart beat and the thick, meaty spear was almost purple in color. Then I noticed why, he was wearing a cockring. God, it looked painful.

All of these observations happened quickly and then I became all too aware of the person working on me. I looked between my legs and saw Samantha. She was butt naked, and smiling at me with a come hither look, which I couldn’t do anything about since I was handcuffed to my chair?

“Did you like that?” Samantha asked as she blew a warm jet of air on my balls. Either it was lucky or this girl really understood how to give a blow job.

“Why is everyone nude, and why are Mom and Cindy moaning like that?” I asked cautiously. This was too bizarre, even for me.

Samantha crossed over to the table and picked up two remote devices. She aimed one at mom, suddenly she stopped moaning. My mother looked at me, and brought her legs together. I knew that she couldn’t help but to display her sex as there was some device in her causing the action. Sam then pointed a remote at Cindy. My sister took a huge gasp of air and sat up. She was the only one wearing clothes and she began darting her eyes between dad and me as she stared at our throbbing cocks. I looked over at Dad and realized at once we were mirror images. His penis stood nine inches long, and like mine, it had a huge circumference.

I again asked Sam to explain why we were like this and bound to our chairs. I was trying to keep an even tone. From what I could surmise, I was the last person awake as obviously, Mom and Cindy were moaning in sexual arousal when I awoke, and Dad was sitting up looking rather sheepish. “Tell your family what you did to piss me off, Allison.”

I was brought back to reality by Samantha’s voice. Mom answered evasively at first, and Samantha threatened her by telling her that she had a bigger butt plug. Then she commanded mom to show us.

I sat in stunned silence as I watched my mother shift in her chair to show us her backside. Of course she was too fleshy and we couldn’t see, so Samantha ordered her to spread her legs. It was amazing, and I couldn’t help but look. She spread her legs and then opened her ass cheeks to reveal a cylinder disc that was wedged tightly against her rectum keeping it open. I knew what it was at once, it was a beginners set, I knew that because I had considered getting one for myself.

Samantha explained that she had lots of toys for us. Some that would cause pleasure like the vibrators Mom and Cindy had, and some that would cause pain like the butt plug mom now wore. I looked down and realized that like Dad, I had a cockring on. It was a double loop kind that encased both my balls and my dick. No wonder I couldn’t cum earlier. I had been completely restricted from doing anything. The pressure I felt was becoming truly intense, but I listened through it to try to understand the situation.

Sam asked Mom to explain one more time, and Mom was a little more direct but not really. She didn’t want to answer the question which made me realize, she had done something pretty intense. At that point, Sam got pissed and went to her bag and picked up a flogger. She hit the chair that she had been sitting in at dinner and it clattered to the floor. I was actually stunned by the intensity of her anger and the impact on the chair. I realized at once she meant business and Mom had better answer or something terrible would happen.

She commanded a third time for Mom to tell us what she did, and to begin with the words, “I’m a thief.”

I was stunned. I sat in my chair and listened as my mother honestly confessed to the fact that she had stolen something quite valuable from Samantha that she could never repay; and that Dad had been complicit in the act. I looked at Dad and his head bent down; I knew it was true. He had done something awful to this woman. Mom said that Dad had explained to Sam that she had simply followed a time honored tradition and that in time she would do the same to one of her protégés.

Sam responded vehemently to that stating, “Except I’m not a thief.”

“Not a thief,” My mother blurted out “You just stole my husband. You fucked him right in front of me,” Mom wailed.

Cindy and I were shocked and we both blurted out “Dad.”

He explained that Samantha had woken him the same way that she woke me. He had no control in the situation. I could easily understand that. She could have easily taken advantage of me at any time, and because of the cockring, I wished that she would.

Then Samantha, or maybe it was Mom surprised me; I’m not sure which, but Sam snapped back at mom telling her not to be a hypocrite. That she had made love to her as well and mom had said it was...wonderful.

Oh my word; I had found an ally. I didn’t want to hurt Mom, but I did want her to understand how hurtful her judgments had been. If Sam was telling the truth, she had introduced my mother to the wonders of lesbian love, and she enjoyed it?! This was astounding.

My sister asked Mom what she had stolen, and I suddenly realized, that was the missing piece. My sister might act the dumb blonde at times, but it was just an act; she always knew how to cut to the chase. What could my mother have stolen that would have caused this woman to flip out this way? And, how could Mom be so stupid? You don’t mess around with someone that is able to take a master’s degree in mathematics at the age of 18. Math is all about problem solving, so if you piss off someone with those kind of skills, they’re going to get even.

That’s when Mom explained that she had stolen Samantha’s thesis idea and published it as her own work. My heart sank in the confession. Up until that moment, Samantha was the evil person. It was stupid and reckless for her to do the things she had done, but when Mom said that, I suddenly understood, and felt sick to my stomach. All semester long, Mom had been sending me extra money and I had spent it on stupid stuff: clothes, beer, expensive meals, body waxing, hair styles. All of that was gained from Samantha’s money. I deserved none of it; and she had probably lived the life of most students I knew by getting by on a steady diet of ramen, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, oatmeal, and boiled eggs. No wonder she was so skinny.

Dad said that he was going to have Mom make it up to her by giving her the money. Sam broke at that point, explaining that she didn’t care about the money; she cared about the recognition for her work which she could never recover. Then she broke down. I had never seen anyone’s heart break before; but I saw it then. Samantha actually lost control of her body and fell to her knees. She began sobbing huge tears and her whole body shook with the ache of her loss. I knew at that moment, she was an incredibly passionate woman and despite studying the sciences, she was a creature of deep emotion. It’s weird, I had never had feelings towards a woman before, but with Samantha, it was somehow, different? She combined intelligence, creativity, passion, and beauty with a raw sexuality that was absolutely stunning. I wanted to go to her and apologize for my part in her torment, but I was restrained. I could only look down in shame. I hadn’t caused what happened to her, but I had benefitted from it, and that was bad enough.

Samantha stayed curled on the floor, crying herself out for at least 10 minutes or so. I looked at my family. Cindy’s heart was breaking for her. She couldn’t feel the level of despair that Sam felt, but it was obvious that she felt for the girl. Dad seemed to have mixed emotions. Occasionally, I saw flashes of anger as he tried to free himself from his restraints, at other times he simply looked at Samantha and shook his head. He knew he had wronged her. Mom just looked guilty. She couldn’t look at Dad, nor would she look at Cindy or Me. She kept her gaze on Samantha as her eyes watered, but no real tears came forth. I couldn’t tell if she was doing that because she felt for Sam or because her shame had been exposed. In either case, she was moved. The sexual tension I had woken to was gone, and now all that remained was an odd sense of concern for the person that had taken us captive. I understood why she did what she did.

After a time, Samantha’s body stilled. I don’t think there was a tear left in her eyes. She sat up slowly with snot running out of her nose, not an attractive picture, but truthful. She went to the counter where she had placed the food items and gulped down a glass of water. Then she took a napkin and began cleaning her face and clearing her sinuses.

I had to break the tension, and I wanted to know the worst case scenario. I asked, “So, what are you going to do now? Get dressed, leave, and let us starve to death?” I meant it as a joke, but no one took it that way. I think we all realized that she could have done exactly that and there would have been very little we could have done about it. We were at her complete mercy.

Samantha blew her nose and laughed, “No, you should see the mountain of food I brought in while you guys were sleeping. No one’s going to starve and no one’s going to die.”

Everyone took a huge sigh of relief on that, but I still wanted to know our fate, so I called her out. “Then what? I’m having a hard time keeping this straight. Mom and Dad wronged you; and you got pissed. Trust me, in the same situation I would be, too...But...Your solution is to drug us, tie up the whole family, and…have sex with us? Sounds like a wacky form of revenge to me.”

Everyone laughed at that, even Samantha chuckled a little, but then the room got very serious as she explained that Dad had wanted her to keep what Mom had done a secret because it would cause a scandal if it got out. Her revenge was to create a scandal so intense so outrageous that we would all have to keep the secret and never tell anyone what happened, not even the police.

At this point, I was intrigued. I knew the girl was smart, a borderline genius, but how could she pull this off? Mom wasn’t the kind of person to let things go, and being forced to sit in front of your family with toys in your most intimate parts was not something she would easily forgive. She threatened Sam that she would be held responsible for her actions some how, some way.

The gloves were off and the two women were now showing their true feelings for each other. I can’t even describe the emotion. It wasn’t hate. When you hate someone, you avoid them, you walk away. Neither of these women wanted to part company. They had too much passion in this contest of wills, and the two naked women stared each other down in their magnificent beauty with neither of them breaking. That’s when Samantha explained her plan to us and she was right. It was so intense that none of us would ever be able to reveal what happened this Christmas. She was no longer borderline genius, she was the full-fledged thing.

She explained that we were staying home for Christmas with her and that she was going to turn us into her sexual slaves to the point that I would have sex with my mother and Cindy would be deflowered by Dad. It was obvious at that point that we might be able to resist what was going on, but we couldn’t really prevent it.

Dad tried to mitigate the situation and told Sam that he had some condoms upstairs and that I knew where they were. He did, and I did. I didn’t have the heart to tell him that condoms have an expiration date, and there was no reason to wrap up because the things he had upstairs belonged more in a museum than as a form of protection. Still, it was a small out.

Then Samantha revealed her true intent, condoms would not be necessary because again, this was to be a true scandal. We were all going to have full on procreative incest with each other. By the end of Christmas, Cindy would be pregnant with Dad’s child, Mom would be pregnant by me, and one of us would have impregnated her. I was stunned. It was the perfect plan. There would be no way for any of us to tell anyone what had happened. Mom’s child would list Dad as the father, and Cindy’s would be John Doe. Sam would have to have a similar listing since she wouldn’t know whether Dad or I knocked her up. There was only one thing she hadn’t counted on, I was gay, and mom was safe. I had already lost my erection from her earlier crying fit, and was, shall we say, unfit for duty. So, on a note of ultimate irony, maybe mom would be thankful to find out I was a homosexual.

Sam wasn’t about to let any of us rest. She said that we would begin tonight and that Cindy’s defloration would be first. I kind of felt bad. In the previous conversation, I outted my sister. I knew she had been experimenting at school and that though she was technically a virgin, she was basically a blowjob queen and had even pulled a blowjob train. I was going to talk to her about that.

Something came over my sister as we listened to a lame argument Dad concocted to avoid having sex with her. I watched Cindy as my Dad and Samantha argued with each other. I had always thought of my little sister as a kid, and my constant nickname for her was squirt. She wasn’t a squirt as she listened. Cindy had turned 18 last month and was capable of making her own decisions about her body, and it seemed that she had made her mind up.

She was sitting next to me and her skirt was tucked up high in the hem of her dress. She made no attempt to hide herself as Sam and Dad argued. No, she was trying to distract my father by opening her thighs so he could see her sex. Beads of sweat had formed on my sister’s brow and she was gently biting her lower lip. I looked down and was stunned to see that her genitals were fully aroused which was clearly apparent because of the transparent thong. I was amazed to see how fully inflamed my sister’s pussy appeared to be. I looked at Mom, but this time I wanted to see how much they resembled each other. Cindy was fully shaved below so she was easier to see, but both women had huge, perfect clam shell like lips and it was clear that they were both in heat. Both Mom and Cindy had really large labia and though I couldn’t see my sister’s clit hood, Mom’s was standing up and fully engorged above the mass of brown pubic hair she sported. I guess it was the natural sexual charge in the room, but I felt myself becoming aroused too.

I looked over at Dad and he was fully inflamed. His cock had blossomed to its full nine inch level and was ready for service. He might be trying to deny it, but it was very clear that he wanted to take Cindy’s maiden head. As the battle of wits came to an end, Samantha asked my sister if she wanted my father to deflower her. I was floored when she said yes; but then she explained that our father would be more gentle than any other man could be and that many of her girlfriends were sleeping with their fathers, she would be happy to do that for him. More than that, she wanted a baby, and would be honored to have Dad’s. My sister, the squirt, became a full woman before my eyes as she made these statements and I saw her in a completely different way.