Punished For His Pleasure - Malory Chambers - ebook

Recipe for Pleasure Punishment:Take one gorgeous billionaire groom and one unhappy cheating bridezilla.Mix one explosive encounter with a timid wedding planner caught in the middle.Preheat steamy pleasures to scorching ecstasy.Bring to dungeon and strip.Tie with ropes, attach clamps, and whip to submission.Blindfold.Leave to simmer before inviting guests to share.Sprinkle euphoria.Serve happily-ever-after with a side of bondage.~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~It was a dilemma that completely beyond my job scope.Regardless of what a bridezilla Natalie was, I wasn't sure if she deserved to have her happily-ever-after shattered, especially since she was carrying his baby. I bit my tongue and stopped myself from blurting out the truth in front of him as he continued to set up.It was hard to open up even if I wanted to. There was an open mouth gag forcing my lips wide open. Saliva dripped from the edge of my mouth, sliding down my chin obscenely despite my best efforts to stop myself from drooling. The only words I could manage were 'Oohh' and 'Ahhh', which were exactly the only two things Lucas needed me to say.I ignored the burning tightness in my loins and tried to focus on the reason I was in his home. I was here to tell him the truth. I was here to make sure he wasn't going to make the worst mistake in his life.The baby wasn't his. The groom seemed to be the only oblivious person in the entire world. Well, he was going to find out when the baby came out anyways. The baby was going to be a mixed race baby. It was a twist straight out of a lifetime movie.I knew I shouldn't meddle. I was only their wedding planner.On the other hand, the fact that she had cheated on him enough times to impregnate herself with another man's baby infuriated me enough to break my one rule to stay out of a lover's relationship issues. Lucas did not deserve to be cheated on. Nobody did.If I had known how insane the whole thing was going to be, I would never have agreed to be their wedding planner."Are you ready, Olivia?"His voice broke me from my unpleasant reverie. I squirmed uncomfortably, standing on tip toe as my arms were pulled high over my head. My wrists were bound tightly together and hung on the dangling ring on the ceiling.The cold of the dungeon floor chilled my toes. I nodded despite my reservations and the first lick from the whip hugged around my small waist, the loud crackle echoing in the dimly-lit room."Ohh!" I moaned as I felt the first lash of raw, unfiltered pain catch up with me. I knew it would only take a few more whips before he started using his hands... and then, something even harder and hotter.Oh, what the hell have I gotten myself into?

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Punished For His Pleasure

BDSM Billionaire Public Humiliation

By Malory Chambers

Copyright 2015 Malory Chambers

This is a work of fiction. Similarities to real people, places, or events are entirely coincidental. All characters depicted in sexual acts in this work of fiction are 18 years of age or older.


"This isn't real," I said adamantly. I wasn't sure if I was trying to convince him or myself. "Nothing about this is real. I'm just a fleeting phase in your life, like everything else."

He made a half growl that sent shivers down my spine. Before I knew what was happening, his lips crashed against mine, his stubble brushing against my chin, prickling my skin in the way that kept me grounded. My eyes widened in surprise, but only for a split second before I mellowed completely. His lips were soft. Warm. He tasted like honey and caramel.

All the tabloids were right. Lucas Carlos was an incredible kisser.

His hands were on my back, pressing me to him, trapping me to him. I could feel the warmth radiating from his muscular body. His electric lust radiated from his body, twisting my insides with the intensity of his desire.

It was everything I had ever dreamed of and more.

When we finally surfaced for air, our breaths were still so close that there was a mist between us.

Even the cold breeze couldn't take away the heat of the moment. The world fell away and there was only the two of us at the bus stop, forehead pressed together. It didn't matter that my bus had just driven past with an angry roar of its massive engine.

"Tell me that wasn't real," he said thickly, expression serious.

I could lose myself his dark gaze, black orbs accentuated by the long lashes. I pulled back and shook my head. "That wasn't real." My words trembled. I didn't know if it was from fear or desire.

His expression turned livid and he turned to walk away, out of my life for the last time.

I was right about me being a fleeting phase in his life. Within a week, he had another arm candy leaning against him, then another one a month after that. And another and another and, well, eventually I just stopped keeping tabs on him and his many flings.

I thought he was out of my life for good and he was until life decided to throw me a curveball. Five years after breaking up with the self-made billionaire, I saw him again to arrange his wedding...

Chapter One

"Did you know he bites during sex? Has he ever done it with you?" She raised her eyebrow at me for only a moment before continuing, not bothering to wait for an answer to the insanely inappropriate question.

"Of course not. He only does that with people he really connected with. It's disgusting. I had bruises on my skin for days. I had to wear turtlenecks and high-collared shirts forever. Ugh."

"He can't be that bad," I consoled, only half listening as I combed through her hair. I had been trying my best not to judge, but the more time I spent with soon-to-be Mrs. Carlos, the less I liked her.

"He's horrible," she whined, closing her eyes as I twisted her ponytail into a French braid, fingers trembling slightly as I resisted the urge to yank her hair. "The other day, he wanted to try and tie me up. Can you believe it? He's so disgusting. I bet he'd never tried anything like that with any of his previous girlfriends. I swear he worships the ground I walk on. I mean-" The sound of hairspray drowned out anything she had to say. I stopped myself from using the spray forever just so I could not listen to her yap. She clearly enjoys the sound of her own voice all too much.

When I was first approached to handle their wedding, I made it clear that I was uncomfortable with the arrangement.

I could never understand it. Natalie Springs didn't have a problem with the fact that her groom and I used to be in a relationship. In fact, she seemed to take great pleasure in the knowledge that she managed to get him to marry her while I clearly didn't.

It didn't bother her that the only reason why she was getting married was because she was pregnant with his baby. And it showed. Her belly was a big round bump at six months. She wanted the wedding to be held before giving birth.

It was okay to want to be married before having the baby. What bothered me was how she made it known they were going to get married. The way the wedding was announced had been really selfish and frankly, painfully cringe-worthy. I had been planning another clients' wedding for almost two months.

When the wedding day finally arrived, I was almost as excited as she was. Lisa had a soft spot in my heart because she was the perfect bride a wedding planner could ask for. She was clear about exactly how she wanted things, and had no qualms about letting me change plans if her idea wasn't feasible.

The only thing I noticed about her was how she had to be careful with all her expenses. I knew they were paying for the entire wedding without burdening their families, something which endeared her to me even more, since I never had parents to fall back on. Lisa was a strong woman, but what Natalie did made her disappear into the room right after, tears in her eyes.

After the best man gave his speech, Natalie stood up and announced loudly that she had something to add. This came as a surprise to everyone, since Natalie was not so close a friend as to have much to add. In addition, she had not told me or anyone else that she was going to have a speech. There was a look of shock on Lucas's face that indicated he had no idea what she was going to do as well.

I stared, almost vibrating with distress, at the train wreck that followed. Not only did she use the wedding reception to announce that she was two months pregnant, she told everyone that Lucas was going to marry her, naturally.

And they'll have a wedding exactly like this one, only bigger and better.

Blood drained from Lucas's face faster than I had ever seen. He had always been careful with using protection. At least, that was true when we used to date. He kept completely still as she continued to talk about how incredible their wedding was going to be and how the doctor said her pregnancy was nothing less than a miracle given her frail body. She mustn't be put through any stress! Convenient, given how crazy she was being.

Veins protruded on his forehead as he fought to keep the smile on for Natalie's sake. What she was doing was vastly inappropriate. She didn't even wait until after the wedding to approach me, declaring that since she wanted the wedding to be like Lisa's, she wanted to hire the same wedding planner.

"This is hardly the place to do this," Lucas scolded, keeping his voice level with a strained effort. My eyes drank in every detail of his body before I could stop them. He had on a black tailored suits that hugged every muscle on his body beautifully. All the suits had always looked the same to me, but the way he wore his suit like a second skin made my palms sweat and my insides clench.

"I have to agree with Mr. Carlos," I said once I managed to tear my eyes away from him.

There was no question why Natalie wanted to make sure Lucas was going to marry her. Her very public proposal made sure he couldn't get away with a low-key wedding, especially given his fame and fortune. After graduating, Lucas inherited his family's millions and then some, discovering new startups that centered around the vast expanding digital world. His sudden shot to billionaire status meant a lot of eyes were on him at all times.