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Harley knows she's in big trouble when she is caught misusing company funds for her own pleasures. Her alpha male boss isn't going to hand her over to the police. No, he has other plans for her.She is blindfolded and punished in front of her peers for her indiscretions. Then, to add further humiliation to her punishment, he offers her to her colleagues to do to her as they wish. The worst part of it all isn't how rough they are, or how disgraced she is. The worst part of it all is how much she loves it.~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~"Dress shopping receipts total $543.""What about that?""That's not a business expense," he said, deadpanned. "You'll be liable for them.""What?""That means you'll have to pay for the expenses."Her cheeks burned red. "I know what liable means. I meant how am I supposed to pay for that?""You should've thought of that before you spent all that money," he said, making a note in his folder.She felt her blood boil. He was being so unreasonable. There wasn't even a chance for her to defend herself! She thought she was just going to get fired and that would be the end of it. Instead he was enjoying himself pointing out all her indiscretions. There was no way for her to pay for that. She didn't have that much money to begin with. And he wasn't done.She didn't have time to feel sorry for herself since he started talking again."$246 for lingerie is not company expense."She cringed, but didn't respond.He stared at her, his face an expressionless mask that made her anxious and angry at the same time. It occurred to her that he was enjoying this a whole lot. She clenched her hands into tight fists. She wanted to punch the man in the face to shut him up. "Do you have anything to say?" he asked, though it sounded like taunting to her ears.She shook her head."Good, because I'm not done," he said.She drew a deep breath and made herself comfortable in her seat. Her fingers fiddled with the buttons on her shirt and she found herself getting incredibly warm. She undid the button on her collar, opening up her shirt a little so she could breathe."The company certainly doesn't need a new violin or a sound system," he continued.She ignored him and slowly undid the second button. The shirt was beginning to feel too suffocating. She wanted it off. She waited for him to stop her but when he didn't, she continued. The third button revealed the cleavage between her breasts.A thought occurred to her and she spoke before she could tell her mouth to stop. "Did Jennifer get in trouble too?"His eyes dip down and she felt her chest flush in response to the attention. Let him look. He would be easier to deal with if he found her attractive. "Yes," he said simply.So Jennifer had been stealing company cash too. "How much did she spend?" she asked despite herself."Too much.""More than I did?" she asked.His perfect full lips curved into a wicked grin that made her shiver. "What you spent is peanuts compared to the amount Jennifer took.""Oh," she gasped. Her heart swelled as she started believing she could get away with it. From his own words, he didn't think she took a lot. "What did you do?" she asked."Seized all her assets and threw her out on the streets," he said as if he was commenting on the weather.Cold sweat trickled down the sides of her face. Maybe she wasn't going to get away with it after all. "What do you want me to do?" she asked, her voice barely a whimper now.He closed the folder and put it down in front of him. That's a good sign. "Looks like we're finally getting somewhere," he said.

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Dark Desires 8: Punished By Men

Daisy Rose

Copyright 2017 Daisy Rose

This is a work of fiction. Similarities to real people, places, or events are entirely coincidental. All characters depicted in sexual acts in this work of fiction are 18 years of age or older. No part in this book may be reproduced, transmitted, stored, or distributed without permission of the author or publisher.

This is a standalone short story that stars a dominating black man who takes control of a young woman who yields to him utterly and completely.

It also contains scenes including exhibitionism (office), spanking, hardcore domination, and gangbang (multiple males, 1 female). If public sex and voyeurism aren't to your fancy, then this many not be the book for you.

Chapters with 18+ scenes are indicated with an asterisk (*).

Chapter 1

Harley knew she needed to stop using the company's credit card to pay for her own expenses. She was thinking that even as she paid for three beers at the bar. She thought she had seen a familiar face in the crowd earlier, but assumed it was just her imagining things.

It was hard to remind herself about serious matters when she was having so much fun. She could feel the electric pulse of excitement as she edged closer to the stage with her friends, pushing past unhappy-looking parents to join the charged crowd awaiting the appearance of their favorite bands. It was a collaboration event so there were a few bands playing.

She linked arms with her friends, Amanda and Danielle, worried that they would lose each other while fighting through the crowd. It took a while but they finally managed to maneuver to a good spot with enough space for all three of them and their drinks.

They clinked their beers together.

"To Harley, without whom we wouldn't even be here," Amanda shouted over the noise.

"To Harley!" Danielle added.

Harley grinned and clinked beers with her two best friends. She didn't let them know that she had gotten the tickets through criminal means. What they didn't know won't hurt them.

"What time are they going on?" she asked.

"Soon!" Danielle promised.

Harley was supposed to be there for just the first performance, then she had to leave. From the corner of her eyes, she saw the familiar figure again. She turned quickly, trying to catch a glimpse of the man, but she only saw the back of the man, fast disappearing into the crowd.

It was highly unlikely that any of her colleagues would show up at an event like this. Tickets were expensive, for one. For another, it was something younger people enjoyed. Everyone at her workplace were in their thirties or forties. Yuk.

"I have to go to work tomorrow," she said, though her heart wasn't really in it.

She didn't particularly enjoy her part time job as a sales representative. She had to sweet talk people into buying things they didn't really need and that always left a bad taste in her mouth.

She looked forward to quitting the job and doing what she loved. She was a music major and knew how to play a variety of instruments. The job opportunities of a music graduate were limited though. She was in a band with a few of her course mates but that didn't seem to be going anywhere. She was looking to join an orchestra after she graduated but for now, she earned side income from performing during white-collar events.

She had been using the same credit card to pay for some of the band's equipment upgrades. They never questioned where the money came from and she never volunteered the information. She promised herself that she would pay the company back the moment she started earning money.

Deep down in her heart, Harley knew it was only a matter of time before someone caught on to her. After all, she had been using the company's credit card for the better part of the year.

Her face flushed red, worry and anxiety eating away at her. She needed to stop thinking about it and enjoy herself. She was going to graduate in a few weeks and focus on her band. They would start making money and she would pay back what she owed before anyone found out about her.

Somewhere in the backstage area, soft music started playing and she rocked back and forth on her feet, full of the intoxicating mix of excitement and anticipation. The club was brightly lit, multiple spotlights poised on the stage, highlighting the blood red curtains.

She felt slightly out of place amongst the hipsters with dyed hair and tattooed skin. She was wearing a white and yellow skater dress that she bought just the day before. It didn't really match her tanned skin and long black hair, but she loved the yellow duck patterns on the dress enough to not care. She even got herself a matching duck-pendant necklace.

She glanced at her two friends and felt even more out of place. Danielle was wearing a black leather jacket that hugged her curves and long black leather pants that made her look even taller than she already was.

Amanda looked like she belonged, what with her black and blue skin-tight mini dress. Her blond curls and tall, thin frame meant she was always getting uninvited advances from men. Both of them insisted she would get more attention from men if she had more time. Between school, band practice, work, and her shopping habits, she barely had enough time to sleep.

Harley's phone lit up and she sighed as she reached into her pocket to get it.

"Who's that?" Amanda asked, curiously peering over her shoulder.

"Probably just work," she answered. It was from a private number and it read, "You're in trouble." Harley felt a cold shiver down her spine. She had an odd feeling that it was connected to work and the mysterious shadow she had spied around the area.

"What does that mean?" Amanda asked thoughtfully.

Harley never had a chance to answer since the lights went out completely, sinking them into darkness. The background music grew softer and softer until there was just silence. A single spotlight came on and pointed directly at the stage, bringing everyone's attention to it. The crowd's mindless chatter turned into a screaming cheer as the curtains slowly drew open and revealed the first band of the night.

The anticipation sizzled like electricity in the air. She felt the hair in the back of her arm raise. She liked to picture herself up on the stage, strumming the guitar and playing as the lead singer. But she wasn't closing her eyes and imagining herself on the stage today. It would be a waste. Danielle and Amanda were big fans of the Devil's Singers.