Public Spanking - Malory Chambers - ebook

After being tied up and brutally taken in all her holes, college student and part time maid Ashley thinks her punishment was done and over with. She soon finds out that her days of bondage and submission are only just beginning.When Ashley is caught by her professor while behaving lewdly with her boyfriend behind the cinema, she knew she was in deep trouble. The strict and handsome Dr. King has the power to take away her university scholarship and have them both expelled. However, he is willing to let them go if they submit to his demands.Ashley surrenders to being spanked bare bottom by the professor and taken hard and without protection, right there in broad daylight.

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Public Spanking

(Punishing The Maid 2)

By Malory Chambers

Copyright 2015 Malory Chambers

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This is a work of fiction. Similarities to real people, places, or events are entirely coincidental. All characters depicted in sexual acts in this work of fiction are 18 years of age or older.

Daydreams & Exhibitionism

I licked my lips as I stared at the way the professor ran his hands across the blackboard. Dr. Nathan King was responsible for advance biology, a subject that I had been doing horrendously at. I only took up the class because of how sexy the professor looked in his profile picture.

The smooth muscles on his arm rippled in the simple gesture. He had a voice that demanded attention, though I was too busy staring at his body to pay attention to the actual words leaving his lips.

His square rimmed glasses added maturity to his thirty years of age. I wondered how his fingers would feel like on the small of my back, moving lower and lower until he touched the smooth flesh of my bottom. The contrast between his dark ebony skin and my pale white would be hot, that much was sure!

He had always interlocked his lithe fingers firmly together when he was thinking of something. I bet his long fingers would reach deep into my holes, reaching spots that have never been touched before. Perhaps I could cum from him curving his fingers inside me. I shuddered at the thought and wiped my sweating, clammy palms on my skirt.

My mind wandered back to the day in the office. The feeling of helplessness as my hands and legs were firmly cuffed by the sides of the desk while the older men touched and kneaded my body left me breathless just thinking about it. There was something about the total submission that made my knees weak.

I imagined that the professor was one of the men. It was quite possible since I was blindfolded the entire time, though highly improbably. A girl could dream though. I imagined that he was the second man who stretched my pussy walls to the limit, pushing into an already filled hole with his throbbing cock, groaning as he spread my cum and cock-filled pussy as he stuffed into me.

I crossed my legs under the table, feeling a wetness grow between them at the memory of being double stuffed. It was a sensation unlike any. I ran my hands through my hair and held the pen tightly.

The day's experienced hadn't just left me with memories. I had marks on my wrists and ankles where the cuff where the struggling and pulling had dug into my skin. My butt and thighs were red and sore for days, as were my stretched pussy. I had worried that I wouldn't be able to cum properly after getting the satisfaction of having two cocks inside my pussy at once, but a drunken night with a guy I picked up from the bar proved otherwise.

Some nights I could count on the pinpricks and phantom pain from getting my clit spanked to make myself cum without even touching myself. I bit my lower lip and felt my breathing quicken.

I felt a sharp sting of pain from the point of a pen on my arm and almost yelped, if not for Eric's hand on my mouth, silencing me. He winked as me playfully as he lowered his hand.

"Pay attention," he mouthed, leaning towards me in his chair.

Shouting in the middle of Dr. King's class, accidental or not, would not have gone well. Dr. King was not known for his merciful ways. I've seen him take down a prankster dressed in a bear costume.

That was a sight to see. The student barely made it ten steps into the hall before he had thrown a marker at him, surprising him enough that Dr. King could grab his shoulder and prevent him from doing what he had planned. Dr. King disappeared with the student through the back door and returned alone a few minutes later.

Word quickly spread on how he did not take kindly to being interrupted while all I could think of was how quickly he had moved and how firmly his hands held onto the student. I had no doubt that beneath the formal work attire and the icy exterior was a firm and strong alpha male with an insatiable lust.

Eric poked my arm again, surprising me in my thoughts.

I narrowed my eyes at him and mouthed, 'What?!"

"You were drooling," he whispered as soon as Dr. King's back was turned.

"I was not," I rolled my eyes and turned away from him to pretend and scribble notes into my blank notebook.

"Let's watch Mission Impossible later," he waggled his eyebrows at me in a manner that suggested other fun activities besides just the movie.