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Stories Marketing Ads I know how discouraging it can be to put your heart and efforts into a project or business, only to feel like you’ve been left holding an empty bag. It can really make you want to throw in the towel; but, hang on. Don’t give up on yourself or your business just yet. There are several things you can do to turn this situation around. If you’re not setting and consistently meeting your business goals, something’s got to give. You will need to identify where the breakdown is and fix it. Depending on which and how many goals are falling short of their marks, you may discover that you need to make multiple changes, in a variety of areas. However, this doesn’t mean you’ll have to put in a lot of extra time and effort to achieve your goals. In fact, this is an opportune time to make the needed changes. I say this because now is your chance to implement a very beneficial marketing method, social media stories. Storytelling has always been popular, particularly when it comes to marketing. However, stories have emerged as an amazing strategy to use in conjunction with social media marketing.  If you want to attract more business with social media stories, incorporate more visuals, interact with your target market, and meet your business goals you’re about to learn ;-  Why audiences love social media stories • Visual stories excite, intrigue, and empower the viewer with choices. • Whole stories can be consumed in seconds. • Stories with hashtags are easy to find and access. • Relevant stories make audiences feel more involved and important. • Audiences like seeing the “real” you in “real life” situations.   • Stories address their impulse wants, as well as here-and-now needs. • Stories can provide many, highly-visual forms of info within one story.   Social media stories are still new, in the big scheme of things. By adding these very visual stories now, you can still get early-adoption benefits, which include being one of the people in your niche, who is on the ball with the latest marketing methods. If creating visual content makes you want to run for the hills, you're not alone. Producing videos can be scary and creating images may seem out of your league, but they're not! .This book   will show you how to quickly attract more business with social media stories, incorporate more visuals, interact with your target market, and meet your business goals 

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Table of Contents

Profit from Facebook Instagram Stories Marketing Ads | Disclaimer:

Profit from Facebook Instagram Stories Marketing Ads


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Table of Contents

Profit from Facebook Instagram Stories Marketing Ads


Chapter 1: Welcome to  Instagram 

Instagram Does  Matters 

Chapter 2: Instagram’s History and Trending  Features 

How the  Stories features was created   

Chapter 3:  Choosing a Niche and Setting Up 

Instagram Stories Set Up Guide

Selling the Dream 

Examples of Highly Effective Instagram Accounts 

Choosing Your Niche 

Chapter 4: How to Grow Your Account 

Growing an Instagram Account, the Basics 

How to Gain Followers

Chapter 5: How to Use Instagram Stories 

Instagram Stories: The Basics 

Going Live 

Making Boomerangs 

Tips, Tricks and Hidden Settings 

Chapter 6: Making the Most of Instagram’s Powerful New Features 

Why We All Should be Excited by the Trend Toward Live 

How to Create Great Stories and Live Videos – Tips and Advice 

Chapter 7: How to Create Stunning Pictures and Videos 

Hardware  and  Composition 

Chapter 8: Monetizing Your Instagram Account and Finding Sponsors 

Promoting Your Own Products and Services 

Finding Sponsors 

Chapter  9 : Instagram & Facebook Stories Role in  Driving  Brand Awareness

Facebook Stories Set Up Guide

Chapter 10 : Useful Apps for Story Creation on Instagram and Facebook

Frequently Asked Questions about Facebook and Instagram Stories


Welcome  to INSTAGRAM

Chapter   1 : Instagram Does Matters

Instagram will often be relegated to ‘afterthought’ in a number of internet marketing campaigns. If you have an ebook or a blog to promote, then there’s a good chance that you will have thought long and hard about how you’re going to handle your SEO and how you’re going to dominate Facebook; but won’t have given much consideration at all to how you’re going to kill it on Instagram.

This of course is a big mistake, as you will learn in this chapter.

In fact, you only need to take a look at how other brands are treating Instagram in order to see why it’s such a big deal...

And what you will find when you do look into this, is that an awful lot of money is spent on Instagram. There are countless brands that are spending large amounts of cash investing in influencers, or becoming influencers themselves. Many particularly savvy individuals have even managed to make a full-time living on Instagram by getting high paying sponsors to support their channel.

Brands are willing to support channels in this way because they know what a massive impact Instagram can have on an audience. Instagram is not only impressive in terms of the numbers but also the engagement and the way it is able to ‘sell a dream’. Like they say: a picture tells a thousand words. Add some impressive filters and your word count goes up big time!

And while you might not think of Instagram right away as one of the ‘main’ social media channels... well, you should really think again! Instagram actually has an incredible 500 million users, which is 1 million more than last year! That makes it the second largest social media platform just behind Facebook – it is actually bigger than Twitter!

What’s more, is that Instagram is growing faster than the majority of other platforms. It does appear to be somewhat slowing down in the growth department but it is still a juggernaut with incredible momentum when compared with other platforms.

Instagram also has more monthly advertisers than Twitter and engagement is also particularly high.

Instagram has over 700 million active monthly users with about 500 million  daily  users  and those users have shared over 40 billion photos in total. That’s 95 million photos and videos each day!

Instagram also has some other very appealing statistics behind it. For instance, it is one of the very best platforms for reaching women. In fact, 31% of all American women use Instagram (compared with 24% of all American men). This is a great opportunity for brands that are marketing their goods to women then and it also has a particularly international audience – with 80% of users being outside the US.

A survey conducted by Iconosquare in 2015 revealed that 70% of users have at some point sought out a brand to follow on Instagram. 62% have followed brands they love and 41% are open to marketing messages and discounts. 65% of users also reported that they found it flattering when a brand liked their post.

All this engagement sounds great on paper but it’s even better when you compare it with other platforms. Instagram – according to research firm L2 – actually has 18 times more engagement than Facebook or Twitter. 

From your standpoint as an advertiser, Instagram also has a lot of advantages: one being the fact that it is so quick and convenient to use. The great thing about Instagram is that all you have to do is  point a camera phone and shoot – there’s no need to come up with a witty comment or a good idea! Posting to Instagram is fast then but it can have massive impact – this translates to incredible ROI.


What You Will Learn In this book, well Facebook bought Instagram  with  a  1  USD Billion ticket in 2012  ,  so.. it’s probably no surprise that Facebook-owned Instagram and Facebook Stories are becoming more popular too. we’ll be taking a deep dive into Instagram with  some bonus on facebook and particularly into the latest feature of the stories features :

Instagram & Facebook Stories  to Drive brand  awareness  ,Grow your list and Increase Sales 

The basic  portion  will be to learn how Instagram works, how to make the very most of its different features and how to leverage these – as well as Instagram Stories – to make a MASSIVE impact on a huge audience and the roots starts  with Instagram  and  complement well into facebook stories in later chapters

Instagram really does have the power to transform your brand and to drive massive sales, you just need to know how to make the very most of it. Read this book and you’ll learn just that.

A small selection of the things we’ll cover includes...

A rundown of Instagram’s features and history

How to create stunning images and photos that really grab attention

How to build and grow your audience to incredible heights

How to ensure maximum engagement

How to drive sales and downloads from your account

How to use live video and Instagram Stories in order to create an even more powerful relationship with your viewers

How to monetize your Instagram account

How to integrate Instagram with your other social media activities and internet marketing strategies

How to attract and acquire sponsors to earn a living solely from Instagram

And much more!


Chapter 2 : Instagram’s History and Features


Instagram was created by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger and first went live in October 2010 as a mobile app. The basic premise is very simple. Instagram allows you to upload a photo to your own profile and to view photos that others have uploaded on a feed. The objective here is different from Facebook however. Rather than keeping an archive of all your photos in order to tell your own story; the objective with Instagram is rather to be more selective. You will generally upload a single photo at a time and spend a little time cropping it, adding filters and generally making it look as artistic as possible.  

Instagram has since been described by many as an opportunity to find art in everyday moments. You’ll see pictures of empty gyms, of wine glasses with lipstick stains, of sunsets, of running shoes covered in mud – all with different filters applied and a story to tell. Those who understand the platform well manage to create some very artistic images using only very limited tools.

Those tools are ‘filters’. These are simple effects that can be applied to Instagram images, in order to give them a retro look, different colour temperatures, faded effects and much more.

It took no time at all for the service to grow to 100 million users by April 2012 and 300 million by December 2014. This is unheard of growth in the industry and as such, it was only a matter of time before Facebook would come knocking and make an acquisition. Facebook demonstrated tremendous faith in the platform when, in April 2012, it purchased Instagram for a whopping US $1 million (cash and stock). This would prove to be a smart move – while Instagram grew by 23% over the following year, Facebook would only grow by 3% during the same timeframe.

Facebook made a promise to Instagram users at the time not to ruin the platform with new features or to be too intrusive. For the most part, the company has been true to its word and it would certainly be fair to say that Instagram has maintained its integrity and core purpose over the years. Instagram has been somewhat integrated into Facebook but not to a huge degree; if you did not know that the two were owned by the same company, then you could very realistically not realise it on looks alone.

That said, there have still been a large number of different changes and updates to Instagram over the years and these have largely improved the platform. For instance, Instagram would originally only support a square image format in order to mimic old Polaroid photos. Later, it would introduce the ability to upload photos in a range of aspect ratios, creating many more possibilities over time.


Another perhaps overdue feature that was added in 2013 was video sharing. Users could record and share videos up to 15 seconds and with resolutions of 640x640. This was seen by some as an attempt to compete with other platforms that revolved around video sharing – such as vine. However, it was arguably a logical addition to the platform’s roster of features.

Then came more precise editing controls. Rather than just being able to add different filters, users could now alter different settings manually – controlling things like the brightness, the contrast, the saturation etc.

Instagram Direct was also added in 2013 and was another important upgrade. This allowed users to send images directly to other users. In 2015, new features were added to this mode, allowing for basic instant messaging and the ability to share multiple photos at once. The main function for this however is of course to share pictures that you think a friend or a contact will particularly enjoy and then came Instagram stories...

How the  Stories features was created 

Instagram Stories was added on August 2nd 2016 and at the time of writing, it is the newest big addition to Instagram’s functionality. It’s also one of the biggest game-changers for the platform and very much a product of its time.