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Antares Stanislas does not only give courses, astrology consultations and card readings, but also, in the past years, has dedicate himself to the investigation of new reading methods, which he has wrote about in several publications. In this text, the author introduces his new investigation and the inherent discovery of predictive astrology. A new method of astrological analysis with the aim of adding this to the unequivocal method of traditional astrological prediction. The methodological aim of the author is to give another tool to astrologists to help them carry out their predictions correctly. The method is described in a simple manner and illustrated with 26 real graphs and requires the reader to have basic knowledge of astrology.Giampiero, Artist’s Name Antares Stanislas is known for his many activities and articles on the web but also for his publications on the Tarot, Astrology, and predictions published in advance of the events that then occurred. Such as are documented in Facebook posts or Youtube videos, and reported on social profiles on Facebook. Antares Stanislas Site:

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Predictive Astrology

a new discovery in the transits reading.

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Rome on the25/07/2014 11:55 a.m.

-Dedicated to those who love me.

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Book Title:Predictive astrology-a new discovery in the transits reading

Author: Giampiero Tirelliin theAntares Stanislasart

© 2016, Giampiero Tirelli

All rights reserved.The reproduction, in part or whole, by any means, is forbidden without the prior permission in writing by the author.


As well as carrying out astrological consultations, I dedicate my time to study and investigation. This is due to my passion for subjects related to personal andprofessionalgrowth.The text you are going to read gives an understanding of, what I consider, a new discovery in the field of predictive astrology. I took the liberty of writing "new discovery", as it has not yet been declared by another astrologist, until the contrary is told. In this text, I am going to try and explain, in an easy andaccessibleway for all, a method that will help to make unique predictions. Here is an example, so that the reader can have a better understanding of what I mean by "unique predictions"; often, when an astrologist observes, for example, a very damagedastrologicalfourth sector, he or she can give three or four different interpretations, which, in itself, is good. In this case, can give a yearly prediction, which can beidentifyingproblems in the household, with parents or even the beginning or the end of a situation. As you can see, the astrologist pays attention to more specific areas, where more studies of the planets involved, the solar and lunarreadings,movements, etc., can be carriedout, to thus try and give an unmistakable, perfectprediction in comparison with a more general, yet no less complicated, study, allowing us to take one step more, with the aim of carrying out a unique prediction. Tosummarize, the attention is focused on the precision with which the astrological event is described, even if there are three or four events related to theanalyzedsector, like the example what is seen is a greatachievementbecause, as I have said, three or four possible events are shown and not thousands; and if, of these three or four, at least one or two of these are confirmed throughout the year, we can be happy with our work. It is not as easy as it seems, if an astrologistforeseesevents related to the fourthastrologicalsector, it could mean that the person is going to find great love or suffer from a theft, for example; in such a way that the events do not confirm the prediction. My discovery is not a planetarymovementreading method that replaces the already known methods, it complements them.

This method, which will be explained in the following pages, both written and with illustrations, and with real examples, cannot be statistically proven, but we are going to see in the twenty-three astral cards that