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Lesson I—The Nature of Psychomancy: Interesting, scientific principles underlying Psychomancy. Sensing objects by the Astral Senses. The three classes of Psychomancy. The phenomena of the Astral Vision. The Astral Tube. Projection of the Astral Body.Lesson II—How to Develop Yourself: The Dawn of the Psychic Faculties. Auric Colors. Visions. Development Methods. Concentration. Visualization. Psychometry. The Magic Mirror. How to use the Crystal and Mirror. General Instruction.Lesson III—Simple Psychomancy: Simple and Space Psychomancy and their differences. Sensitivity to Impressions. "Feeling" the Thought of Others. Seeing Through Solid Objects. Seeing Down Into the Earth. Telescopic and Microscopic Vision. Diagnosis of Disease by Psychomancy.Lesson IV—The Astral Tube: This most interesting study is stated clearly, so that all may readily understand this fundamental principle of Psychic Communication.Lesson V—Psychometry: Locating persons by a lock of hair, etc. Reading a person's characteristics, past history, etc. Describing distant scenes from flowers, etc. Describing mines from bits of minerals, etc. Reading the past associations of an object.Lesson VI—Crystal Gazing: Revival of a Lost Science. Various forms of Crystal Gazing. Directions of "How to Do It," etc.Lesson VII—Astral Projection: Projecting the Astral Body. Materializing one's self. Taking part in Distant Scenes, Events and Conversations. Showing one's self to Absent Friends. What the trained experimentor may do. The English Society's reports upon Psychic Phenomena along these lines. The Living Ghost within each of us. Traveling in the Astral.Lesson VIII—Space Psychomancy: What it means, and what may be accomplished by means of it. Swedenborg's, and others', wonderful experiences. Truth stranger than fiction. Scientific facts reading like a romance.Lesson IX—Past Time Psychomancy: Sensing the scenes, occurrences and objects of the Past, by Astral Vision. A most fascinating subject, and one of importance to those having or developing Psychic Power.Lesson X—Future Time Psychomancy: Reading the Future. Future events cast their shadows before. Destiny and Fate. Premonitions, Previsions and Second Sight. The wonderful prevision and prediction of Cazotte, and its amusing sequel.Lesson XI—Dream Psychomancy: Psychomancy during sleep. The Phenomena of Psychic Dreams and Visions. Traveling in the Astral while asleep. Remarkable and well authenticated cases of Psychic Dreams and Visions, true and verified. This lesson will explain many similar instances in your own experience.

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Lesson 1. The Nature Of Psychomancy

Lesson 2. How To Develop Yourself

Lesson 3. Simple Psychomancy

Lesson 4. The Astral Tube

Lesson 5. Psychometry

Lesson 6. Crystal Gazing

Lesson 7. Astral Projection

Lesson 8. Space Psychomancy

Lesson 9. Past Time Psychomancy

Lesson 10. Future Time Psychomancy

Lesson 11. Dream Psychomancy

Lesson 1. The Nature Of Psychomancy

The term "Psychomancy" (pronounced, "sy-ko-man-see"), is derived from two Greekwords, the first "psycho," meaning "the soul; the mind; the understanding" (and generally used to indicate "psychic" or unusual powers of the soul or mind); the second word, "mancy" meaning "to divine; to foresee, or foreknow; to detect secret things,"—andin occult parlance, "to sense," or "to receive impressions by the Astral Senses." So the word, as we use it, may be said to mean "Psychic Sensing," and in this work will be so used. The word "Psychomancer" means "one practicing Psychomancy;" and the word"Psychomantic" means "relating to Psychomancy."

The word "Clairvoyance" is frequently used by people to designate some of the phases of Psychomancy, but strictly speaking this term is incorrect when used in this sense, the true occult meaning of the word "Clairvoyance," being "transcendental vision, or the perception of beings on another plane of existence—the seeing of disembodied souls, elementals, etc." And so, in this work, we shall consider the true phenomena of Clairvoyance, as distinct from that of Psychomancy.

In this work, we shall regard as the true phenomena of Psychomancy, all the various phenomena known as Psychometry; Crystal Gazing; Perceiving Distant Scenes; a perception of Past Events, and Indication of Future Events; either in the full waking state; the state of reverie; or the state of dreams.

And, so this work will examine, consider, and explain, the various phases of phenomena above indicated—in short, the phenomena of "sensing" objects by means of Astral Senses, omitting the phenomena ofClairvoyance, or seeing disembodied souls, etc., which we regard as belonging to a different phase of the general subject, and which require special consideration and examination.

The majority of works upon these lines begin by an elaborate attempt to "prove" the reality of the phenomena in question. But we shall not fall into this error, for such we regard it. The time for the necessity of such proof is past. The records of the Societies for Psychical Research are full of proofs, and evidence, which are as full, complete and strong as ever required by any court to hang or clear a man. And the book shelves of the libraries are full of other books, giving like proof. And, for that matter, this work is not written to convince people of the truth of this phenomena—it is intended for those who have already convinced themselves of its reality, but who wish for specific information regarding its nature, manner of manifestation, etc. Where we quote instances of the manifestation of some form of Psychomantic phenomena, in this work, we do so simply to illustrate the characteristics of some particular form of the phenomena, and not as corroborative proof. With this explanation, we propose plunging right into the main subject itself.

There have been many attempted explanations of, and theories regarding the phenomena of Psychomancy, some of which are more or less plausible, while others are quite visionary, "wild," and fantastic. In this work, we shall pay no attention to those more or less ingenious "guesses" of the theorists, but shall, instead, give you plainly, clearly, and simply, the time-honored teachings of the advanced Occultists which teachings we believe to be the Truth, tested and tried by centuries of investigation, and experiment.


The Occult Teachings inform us that in addition to the Five Physical Senses possessed by man, viz: Seeing; Feeling; Hearing; Tasting; and Smelling; each of which has its appropriate sense organ, every individual is also possessed of Five Astral Senses, which forma part of what is known to Occultists as the Astral Body. These Astral Senses, which are the astral counterparts of the five physical senses, operate upon what Occultists call the Astral Plane, which is next above the Physical Plane, in the Sevenfold Scale of Planes. Just as do the Physical Senses operate upon the Physical Plane, so do the Astral Senses operate upon the Astral Plane.

By means of these Astral Senses, one may sense outside objects without the use of the physical senses usually employed. Andit is through this sensing by these Astral Senses, that the phenomena of Psychomancy becomes possible.

By the employment of the Astral Sense of Seeing, the Psychomancer is able to perceive occurrences, scenes, etc., at a distance sometimes almost incredibly far; to see through solid objects; to see records of past occurrences in the Astral Ether; and to see Future Scenes thrown ahead in Time, like the shadows cast by material objects—"coming events cast their shadows before," you have heard. By the use of the Astral Sense of Hearing, he is able to sense sounds over immense distances and often after the passage of great periods of time, for the Astral vibrations continue for many years.

The Astral senses of Taste and Smell are seldom used, although there areabundant proofs of their existence. The Astral Sense of Feeling enables the Psychomancer to become aware of certain occurrences on the Astral Plane, and to perceive impressions, mental and otherwise, that are being manifested at a distance. The Astral Sense of Feeling may be explained as being rather a sense of "Awareness," than a mere "Feeling," inasmuch as the Psychomancer, through its channel, becomes "aware" of certain occurrences, other than by Astral Sight or Hearing, and yet which is not "Feeling" asthe word is used on the Physical Plane. It may be well called "Sensing" for want of a better name, and manifests in a vague consciousness or "awareness." But still we must not overlook the fact that there are many instances of true "feeling" on the AstralPlane, for instances, cases where the Psychomancer actually "feels" the pain of another, which phenomena is commonly known as "sympathetic pains," "taking on the condition," etc., etc., and which are well known to all investigators as belonging to the phenomena of the Astral Senses.


But, to understand the Astral Senses, one must be made acquainted with the existence of that which Occultists know as "The Astral Body." There is no point in the Occult Teachings better established; longer held;or more thoroughly proven than that of the existence of the Astral Body. This teaching of the Ancient Occultists is being corroborated by the experiments, and investigations of the Psychic Researchers of the present day.

The Astral Body, belonging to every person, is an exact counterpart of the perfect physical body of the person. It is composed of fine ethereal matter, and is usually encased in the physical body. In ordinary cases, the detaching of the Astral Body from its physical counterpart is accomplished only with great difficulty, but in the case of dreams; great mental stress; and under certain conditions of occult development, the Astral Body may become detached and sent on long journeys, traveling at a rate of speed greater than that of light waves. On these journeys it is always connected with the physical body by a long filmy connecting link. If this link were to become broken, the person would die instantly, but this is an almost unheard of occurrence in the ordinary planes of action. The AstralBody exists a long time after the death of the physical body, but it disintegrates in time. It sometimes hovers around the resting place of the physical corpse, and is mistaken for the "spirit" of the deceased person, although really it is merely a shellor finer outer coating of the soul. The Astral Body of a dying person is often projected to the presence of friends and loved ones a few moments before the physical death, the phenomenon arising from the strong desire of the dying person to see and be seen.

The Astral Body frequently travels from its physical counterpart, in Psychomantic phenomena, and visits scenes far distant, there sensing what is occurring. It also leaves the body during what are known as Psychomantic dreams; or under the influence of anaesthetics; or in some of the deeper phases of hypnosis; when it visits strange scenes and places, and often holds mental conversation with other Astral Bodies, or else with disembodied entities. The jumbled and distorted recollections of these dreams areoccasioned by the brain not having received perfect impressions transmitted to it, by reason of lack of training, development, etc., the result being like a blurred or distorted photographic plate.

In order to intelligently grasp the underlying principlesof the phenomena of Psychomancy, and its allied subjects, you must familiarize yourself with the truth concerning the Astral Senses, which we have just stated. Unless you understand and accept this truth and fact, you will not be able to grasp the principles underlying the phenomena in question, but will be lost in the quagmire of idle theories, and fantastic "explanation" hazarded by investigators of psychic phenomena who have not made themselves acquainted with the Occult Teachings which alone give the student an intelligent key to the mysteries of the Astral Plane.


The phenomena of Psychomancy, etc., may be grouped into three classes, each being produced by its own special class-cause. In either or all cases, the impressions arereceived by and through the Astral Senses, but there are three distinct ways in which, and by which, these impressions are received. These ways, which we shall now proceed to consider in detail, may be classified under the following terms:

(1) Sensing by the "quickening" of one's Astral Senses sufficient to perceive more clearly the etheric vibrations or currents, the auric emanations of persons and things; and similar phases of Psychomancy, but which does not include the power to sense occurrences happening in distant places; nor the power to sense the records of the past, or to receive indications of the future. (See Lesson III.)

(2) Sensing by means of the "Astral Tube," erected in the Ether by the operation of one's Will or Desire, and which acts as a Psychic "telescope," or "microscope," with "X Ray" features. (See Lesson IV.)

(3) Sensing by means of the actual projection of one's own Astral Body to the distant scene. (See Lesson VII.)


"Clairaudience" is a term sometimes used to indicate Astral Hearing. Some writers on this subject treat "Clairaudience" as a separate class of phenomena. But we fail to see the distinction they make. It, of course, employs a different Astral Sense from that generally employed, but both are Astral Senses functioning on the Astral Plane, just as the physical senses of Seeing and Hearing function on the Physical Plane. And, more important, both forms of Astral Sensing are subject to the same laws and rules. In other words, all that is said in the lessons of thisbook on the subject of Psychomantic Vision holds equally true of Clairaudience.

Thus, there may be Simple Clairaudience; Space Clairaudience; Past Time Clairaudience; Future Time Clairaudience, etc.; also Clairaudient Psychometry; Clairaudience through Crystal Gazing, etc. Psychomantic Vision is the employment of the Astral Sight, while Clairaudience is the similar employment of the Astral Hearing.

In many cases of Psychomantic Vision there is an accompaniment of Clairaudience; while in others it may be missing. Likewise, Psychomantic Vision usually accompanied Clairaudience, although sometimes one may be able to hearastrally, although no seeing.

You will notice that in many of the instances of Psychomantic Vision related in this book, there is a mention ofthe person hearing words or sounds, while seeing the vision—this, of course, is Clairaudience.