Practical Magic Spells and Witchcraft - Jackson Green - ebook

Practical Magic Spells and Witchcraft ebook

Jackson Green



This book, written by an anonymous author, contains a collection of love, protectional, binding, household spells, spells that bring financial luck and many others. Also, the book contains a detailed description of the rituals, as well as items needed for their implementation. This book will help you to learn magic. If you are interested in witchcraft, and you decided to move from theory to practice, then this book will help you in this case. It contains the spells that really work. The book contains a detailed description of the ritual of calling the spirits through the power of the magic circle. It will help you to solve money, love and other everyday problems. I hope you find these magic spells interesting and informative and the book will be useful for you. Spells from the book are very ancient and efficient. I'm sure that this book of spells will be a great addition to your collection of magic books and will help you to become a real magician or witch as your true will calls you. Includes easy but powerful love spells, money spells, and spells healing or protection. Blessed Be!

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Jackson Green

Practical Magic Spells and Witchcraft

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Practical Magic Spells and Witchcraft


By Jackson Green


Love Spell 1

Items: a red candle and a crystal


I call on forces higher then I,

To awaken the dreams that I hold inside,

Through this connection that knows my need,

I ask for love's enchantment with all speed.

May this work for me in the most correct way attracting the love I need today....

I call on thee in perfect love & trust working with me sending what’s just...

Harming none and helping all is how it shall be

This I make true 3x3x3.

Ritual: This spell is bested begun when the moon is waxing, but if you cannot wait

that long go ahead and do it. Take a photo of your lover and a photo of yourself.

Using a paper clip, hook the photos together so that the faces are on top of each

other. The idea is that the person cannot see past your face. Take the photos and

place them at the bottom of your underwear drawer. The person should soon

write, call, or reappear.

Love Spells 2

Items: a sampler size of your favorite scent, a pink candle a red candle and a


Ritual: First carve a heart in your candle with a tack or toothpick. Light the

candle in a window where it will receive moonlight (full moon light is best). Put the

scent container in front of the candle and say:

Venus, grant me the love that I lack;

Through this scent, my mate attracts!

Let the candle burn out naturally, then carry the scent with you, spraying on a

little whenever you are out or may be meeting people. Increase the power of the

magic by repeating the invocation as you put on the scent!

Love Spells 3

Purpose: To obtain the love from a specific person

Ritual: At night light a small fire in a cauldron or what ever you have available to

contain the fire. Cut out a piece of paper that is 3 inches by 3 inches. Draw a

heart on it and color it in with red. Write the name of the name of the person

that you desire on the heart. While doing all this be thinking of this person being

attracted to you and not being able to resist you! Think of his or her heart

burning with desire for you just like the flames of the fire. Then kiss the name on

the heart 3 times. Place the paper in the fire while saying these words 3 times. Do

so with sincerity...

Fire come from below,

bring me love that I do know,

make my heart blaze and shine,

to bring the love that will be mine!

Soon my love will come a day,

three times strong and here to stay!


Stay and meditate on the spell you just did, seeing it come true! After you are

finished concentrating for a few minutes, extinguish the fire. Soon your love will

come to you!

Love Return Spell

Purpose: This spell can be used to bring back an ex-lover or end an argument

between friends.

Items: Two white candles, A photo or drawing of your lover or friend make sure

he is alone in the photo, a photo of yourself smiling, a chamomile tea bag, a piece

of blue material.

Time: At precisely 8:00 in the evening.

Ritual: At exactly 8:00 in the evening light the candles and take a few

deep breaths to relax yourself. Try to imagine a peaceful scene - somewhere

beautiful and wonderful. Now relaxed, hold the picture of the person in your hand

and repeat these words:

“With the light of the flame I'll light your desire,

When I speak your name you'll feel my fire,

The spell has been cast So Be It!”

Say his name slowly 3 times and then put your picture face down on top of his so

that the two images are together. Wrap the two pictures along with the tea bag in

the blue cloth. Put the package in a safe place. To insure that your ex gets the

message- light the candles at 8:00 each night and say his name three times. Wait

three weeks and it's done.

Tarot Love Spell

Items: Star card, Lovers card, King of Cups.

Ritual: Lay out the Star and visualize the floodgates opening and all obstacles

that have kept you and your soul mate apart being removed, you should feel a

sense of relief as you lay down the card. Next lay down the chosen court cups

card and visualize everything you want in your perfect soul mate. Try to think of

personality traits as well as physical traits. Their hair, their laugh, sense of humor,

affection given and received and so on. As you lay the card down and you are done

visualizing, say these words:

"I call upon all good spirits, call upon all karmic forces, I call upon wide ruling powers

Make smooth the way that may love may be brought to me! "

Lay down the lovers card and say these words:

"As I lay this final card - the spell is cast

the magick shall last -so be it. "

Love Spell Box

Items: a box (one you decorated yourself), one red candle, one black candle and


Time: Start on a New Moon.

Ritual: Begin a quest to find "love" objects to place inside the box. (Special

objects which represent your love, sex, romance, or relationship.) Collect nine

objects. Charge them with your personal love energy. Place the objects and your

box on your alter. Light the red and black candles. Pick up each object in your left

hand and think and feel the strongest emotions you have ever felt while in love.

Then glue each item into the box so that it stays in place. Let your feeling guide

you to where to place each object. If you have a particular person in mind place

his/her picture in the box as well. Keep the box in a magickal spot in your home.

Every once in a while open the box to repower the objects and let some of the

energy inside flow out into you.

Attract A Lover

Items: 1 pink candle, a pink stone (rose quartz).

Ritual: Mark the candle and the stone with the Ing, Gyfu and Bjork Runes. Lit the

candle and place the stone beside the candle. Now repeat 3 times:

"Three ladies came across the land,

Bringing love into my hand:

The first called him (or her)

The second brought him

The third bound us together"

The stone is then charged to add to the spell. When the candle is finished, the

stone is secreted among personal belongings.

To Maintain Unconditional Love

Items: 1 white candle, 1 Pink candle, 1 Black candle and incense.

Time: Every Full Moon, once a month.

Ritual: Look at the Moon, then light the candles and say:

"The kind Fates have blessed my home,