Practical Cartomancy for All. 3rd edition revised and expanded - Antares Stanislas - ebook

In this new and third edition, Antares Stanislas adds the method of the septenary, another method for card spreading and sequential extractions that substitutes the one that was illustrated and explained in the second edition, the method of the reversed pyramid. This practical text for Tarot reading collects and illustrates the methods and divination games that the author has been successfully using for over twenty years. After some observations in the field, the author responds to particular questions, for example: the timing of the predictions, whether the cards have an upright and reversed positions, and some other trivia. He explains his three divination methods with the tarots and sets his sights into transmitting the method through a simple language and with 24 examples that illustrate the tarots spreads, and actual consultations that were later confirmed. *Pages: around 168; third edition.Giampiero, Artist’s Name Antares Stanislas is known for his many activities and articles on the web but also for his publications on the Tarot, Astrology,and predictions published in advance of the events that then occurred. Such as are documented in Facebook posts or Youtube videos, and reported on social profiles on Facebook.Antares Stanislas is an astrologer, card reader, and researcher from over 20 years. Site:

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3rd. editionrevised and expanded

Antares Stanislas productions


Book title:Practicalcartomancyfor all.Thirdeditionrevisedand expanded.

Author:GiampieroTirelli inarteAntaresStanislas


ALL RIGHTS RESREVED.The reproduction, even partial and by any means, is not allowed without the previous authorization in written by the author.

To my parents


I have performed consultations incartomancyand astrology for over fifteenyears. In this longperiod,I have not only performed spread of cards and erected astrology charts but I have also groomed, among mymajorinterests in the sector, theinterest inresearch, which I consider to be very important and which many astrologists, for time reasons or because they are very lazy do not spend much time on. This book is intended and recommended for those who want to learn orimprove, it believes in the theory and practical experience. It can be useful to the professional that wants to have new insights about some divination and interpretation methods. It isintendedfor newcomers and passionate ones that know the meaning of the major and/or minorarcanabut find it difficult to -match- the cards among them,thereby they cannot correctly interpret the several combinationsamongthearcana. I have, therefore, thought of a book – for all – different from many other books in the subject. Some will wonder why I amwritingthat this book is different from others. Who has bought books in the subject will find the answer when finish reading it, but for those who is approaching the subject for the first time and buys my book I can tell you that you will find several books that explain the meaning of the tarot but you will find very few ones that give the reader several practical examples, actual andconfirmed. On the internet, you’ll find everything about the major and minorarcana: symbolic explanations, their cabalisticandnumericalmeanings, astrological correlations, etc. It will, however, be very difficult to find a practical treaty accompanies of many real-life examples that have been confirmed. This is why I think it is very useful to publish and read a book about themeaningof the tarot, where it is explained in about a hundred or two hundred pages the theory of the majorandminor arcana. The book is, however, even more important because it is very difficult to find a book about practicalcartomancy.

Let us go back to what I have to tell you and show you in my book. In my many years of experience, I have always had the curiosity ofwritingeverything in my diaries that have beencollectingeverything. When I use the expression ‘everything’ I mean theconsultant’s birthdate and the ones of the people involved, if any, then the cards that I drew and even my answered and the date in which the inquiry was made. In this way,which I recommend to use, we can have feedback through the time. Not only feedback of the kind: it became true or not, but much more. The cards are not like coins for trivialquestionsthatrequirea yes or no answers. We have to treat them with respect. Very frequently, people pose questions that give room forayes-no answer, but frequently the cards want to tell us everything that surrounds the question, the state of minds, the causes,the advises, andhow the situation will happen. In my confirmations, therefore, I don’t look for a confirmationaboutmy answer through the time, but I ask the requestor to describe everything that happened during the period thatit took for my prediction tocome true.In this way, I can assign a correct value to the cards or to the many positions of the divination games often mentioned in the books about the subject, where, besides the explanation of the arcana, they also mention several methods but only two or three examples and frequently they are not real. Their only goal is for informative purposes.This is the exact problem. I think that for us to learn there is nothing better than to practice it, but it is not enough. I think that it is useful to practice on random things. Let me explain myself better. I couldcreate a course on major and minor arcana and lay many combinations on the table for you every day or via Skype (for those who take private classes with me) and hypothesize their interpretations. Will we ever have a confirmation? The answer is negative and even if this teaching method is good,I thinkthat it can be perfected.

The question is: How? The answer is simple, at least for me: we have to provide the answer with some certainty about the event. In short, I think that using, like as I do with my students, some spreads of cards that have already been confirmed by my experience, and really happened because it happened to my clients, the learning method becomespractical but also gives quality.Therefore, I not only provide examples of combinations or spreads where I comment in a general way the reading, but I also provide the spread of cards and divination methods that have been confirmed by the events, theexperience,and my own research. In this way, using the spread of cards that I provide my students, and that I provide to you in this book, you will know the person’s past, present, and future. Everything that is related to the question posed by the consultant. In this way we won’t have any doubt about thereadingof the cards and we will not generalize.

This is a method that I propose and that is different from many other booksa thatI do not think is of little value. I have thousands of consultations that I can provide you with, but in this book I will only use some, they, however, are still available, in case my editors advise me to use them or if I ever have time to publish other books similar to this one with other consultations that I have done inmyseveral yearsof practiceandthat have beenconfirmed by the events.

Now, I would like to give you another important fact that should not be disregarded and by which this book is worththe bepurchased and read. This bookis not only aboutproviding you with the spreads that I have performed. The book would still be interesting by it could be done by many, and I, surely,knowthat somebody will follow/copy my idea, like manyastrologistshavehalf-done in the pastwhen theycopied my ideas from well-known socialnetworksor from my official website or used my videos onYouTubeas an advertisingposterfor their own charging websites.

Let us go back to what should be the difference and makes this book even more interesting, which I repeat, for better or worse, is different from many others in the subject.Simply put, this book besides providing interpretations of some spreads about real events and that have been confirmed, offers you a new way of dealing with divination games that are frequentlymentionedin the internet or in the books.

So you can understand the concept better, I’ll give you an example:who of you new comers o who buys this book doesn’t know the method of theCelticcross? I assume that many of you have read it, or studied it, or bought it in the manner that it is explained in the many books or the online resources. And well, my research has been useful even for this, to use the methods – classic – providing some modifications to the values of the positions in the divination games. In this book, I will use three methods, three divination games very well-known:

a)The method‐Celtic cross game

b)The method‐Simple cross game


The method of theSeptenaryconstitutes, in this new edition, the method of the inverted pyramid, which back then had not satisfied me. I keep my rational spirit and miintellectualhonesty andif something does not satisfy me, I change it.

These are the three methods that I use morefrequentlyand which, with time, I have perfected even by going against (in the nicest sense of the word) authors or publications on internet that gave a different meaning to the position in the methods mentioned above. In thefuture, I would like to tryperfecting, if needed, the methodPapus, if I have time.Other divination methods are not mentioned because I have tested them and I didn’t find them useful, I didn’t like them and much less usedthem. I advise that you always master at least three or four methods and not more.Ifanything, you can perfect those three or four methods with studies and research.

After reading this book, you can try testing my corrected methods and the way of reading the cards and see if you have a match. I’m convinced that you’ll have matched and gratifications as I did, when I practiced it. It will happen to you thatyou will take this book again to see if there are cards that I drew in the same position so that you get an idea of the final result for the question or to get an insight that,together with your intuition, which cannot be left out for those who want to practice in this subject, will bring you a correct prediction. I have explained to you why I wrote this book and what is characteristic of it, who can read it and what are its peculiarities and novelties. Obviously, before continuing to the part that you like the most, comprised of spreads of cards, consultations and interpretation, it is fair to explain some things that cannot beomittedin this context.

The times in the cards

There are many things to say and clarify and I hope I include all of them in a manner that the rest of the text can be as clear as possible and leave you with very few unanswered questions.The questions that people usuallyask me are inherent about the times of the cards, or better, if it is possible to determine the time that it will take from the spread to the predicted event. I can, first of all, say that the times incartomancyof predictions is the thorn in the side of the fortune tellers, just asthe exactbirth timeis for an astrologist. Given that I’m also an astrologist, I know well how a wrongbirth time, even for more than thirty minutes, can bring a wrong interpretation of the radical chart and of the predictiontimes in astrology. Sadly, it is not possible to indicate assured times usingcartomancyand this is the main reason why several authors andcartomancyprofessionals,through the centuries, have given different correlations between the arcana and the signs or zodiacal planets. It is enough to think that there is some people that say thatthe Magician is correlatedto mercury,toTaurusortoAries. Same for the others. Without talking of the minor arcana where the ‘doctrine is still less uniform in the meaning than in the case of major arcana. Other methods that I have tested for timing have not provided me with significant statistics and therefore are not mentioned in my book. By significant I mean that the method has to provide positive results above the average, therefore I would like to see a 70% of positive cases to be able to confirm the method. I can confirm that the methods mentioned in this book and corrected according to my experience have given meastatistical average of over 90% and therefore I consider them almost perfect. I don’t say this just for the sake of saying, but because this are the methods that I trust when I perform a consultation. Those who have consulted me can confirm having seen me execute the methods described in thebook, in which I fully trust. Let us go back to the question inherent to the times inpredictioncartomancyand let us provide a subject answer from my own beliefs:

The times incartomancycannot be dictated if not by the duration of the spread itself or by the time that the event itself requires.

This affirmation of mine, underlined, deserves my commentsand close examination.

I explain the first part of my subjective affirmation. To me, and not only to me, I would say by my experience too, made up by consultations and consultations, the simple cross and the inverted pyramidhave a maximum of three months to come true, while theCelticcross has a maximum period of six months. Only in the case where slow cards are drawn like temperance and hermit then the prediction can come true within nine or eleven months. According to my point of view, it is, therefore, more correct to reply to whom asks if, for instance, they will find a love that they will find itwithinthree months from the spread (a simple cross). This woman can find lovewithinthen days from the reading or during the third month and if that does not happen let us not make up excuses, the reading was wrong. If later the woman informs us that she met a lover and the he responded badly or that she was still thinking of his and because of that she was ‘blocked’ it is not the fortune teller’s fault.

Some would ask: who is that woman that does not have any lovers? I allow myself to reply that this is not always said and evenwhen I see in the cards a new love or date I speak of a declared lover, a man or woman that insistently comes forward or with whom the man/womancan talk on the phone for hours or on a chat.

However, not like a simpleacquaintancelike many others. I hope I explained myself. Now, I’ll explain the second part ofmy thoughts, remember the one I underlined. If a student, for instance, asks me if the will pass an exam in a week,then thetime is already determined by the event itself.I don’t consider I need to indicate another example in this regard. There is no need to pretend more than what the cards can say.

To ask if they will find love or if they will find work are questions that, in the case they find an affirmative answer and a confirmation within three months, would be very short from a small miracle. To saywithinthree or six months is not grave. If a person finds a job in May instead of March,I thinkthat what is important is that they found the job and that the cards predicted the indicated time interval by the game that we undertook. Who on the other hand, and they exist, tells you will find a new love the coming Tuesday, in the train, and they will be blonde and of an earth sign, either they are a magician or they have special powers. If you find somebody that claims these things and the spreads come true with a mean average over what the CICAP (N. De T. Italian Committee for the Control of the Affirmations for the Supernatural activities) expects. Although I don’t agree with some methods, it is fair thatthe correct information is spread there, where there usually is somespeculationabout some terms like sensitive, healer, and similar.

Can I doself-consultations?

Now, I willswitchover to another question that has been posed to me, even by card readers, and the question is if the cards can be spread of oneself. My answer to such a question will be short and with a positive answer, yes. There, however, isabut. If the card reader does not manage to create a mental blankness or the correct concentration during the preliminary phase, before the interpretation, then it is better to visit a colleague. By preliminary phase I mean when we mix the cards and then we draw them. We need not to influence them and because of that the card reader has to focus and detach himself from the personal situation. It is not easy.

After this preliminary phase, there is another probable error when performing aself-consultation. The problem is the correct interpretation. The card reader could be so involved in the question that he might notperforma correct interpretation.