Pounded By The Sexy Black Forest Rangers - Sara Gordon - ebook

When Allie gets caught out in a howling blizzard, she doesn’t expect to be rescued by a sexy black stud who handcuffs her to his bed, then demands her innocence in repayment for saving her life! Even if she meets his outrageous demands, will she survive the explosive encounter…especially when another sexy forest ranger shows up to join in the fun?~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~Icy sweat broke out all over when Allie tried to move her arms, and couldn’t. She was securely handcuffed to a sturdy bed frame.Caine began to shimmy out of his wet pants. She choked on what she’d been about to say, and goggled at him in disbelief. What was he doing?At least his long shirt provided some modesty; it hung over his briefs, front and back, like an ebony curtain. If she really looked, she could see…But she didn’t want to! She didn’t want to see any part of him; she didn’t want to be anywhere near him!“I won’t hit you again, I swear!” She’d have promised to pull the moon down from its orbit just to escape this nightmare. “Please…let me go!”He eyed her for a long moment, and she wondered at the sudden glint in his dark eyes. “No, I don’t think so.” He drawled it with a slow grin that made her nerves sizzle with renewed terror. “You’ve got a helluva good swing, and I don’t trust you not to do something stupid. This way, I’ll know exactly where you are when my back’s turned.”“But I have to pee!” She nearly wailed it, and jerked so vigorously on the handcuffs that they bit into her wrists. “Ow!”“Serves you right.” He considered her a moment longer, then turned to spread his wet clothes near the fire.Was Caine really a forest ranger? How did she know he was telling the truth? He might be an escaped convict, for all she knew. The handcuffs could have been stolen when he’d broken out of jail, or…Sternly she reined in her imagination. Whoever he was, he’d clearly saved her life. She owed him the courtesy of a fair hearing before passing judgement on him.He didn’t look like a forest ranger…but then what did a forest ranger really look like? She was pretty sure they didn’t really dress like Smokey the Bear.She was pretty sure they didn’t wear silky black dress shirts, either, though. Or skintight black briefs!Suddenly aware that her gaze had drifted down, she stared around in rising panic for her own clothes. Where were they?

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Pounded By The Sexy Black Forest Rangers

Another Hot “Pounded By…” Book!

By Sara Gordon

Artwork by Moira Nelligar


Copyright 2015 Sara Gordon


~~ All characters in this book are over 18. ~~


If she didn’t find shelter soon, she was going to freeze to death.

That was Allie’s only thought as she trudged through the shrieking wind and snow, vainly searching for someplace safe and warm to take shelter from the blizzard.

The morning had dawned bright and clear, and she’d dressed warmly for her impromptu hike. How could she have known the weather would change so lightning-fast? A few stray clouds had become a whole flock of them, the wind had shifted direction and begun to scream with icy fury, and suddenly the entire world had turned white and bitterly cold.

Was she even heading in the right direction? Who could tell when hard-driven needles were stinging her face, forcing her to turn this way and that or be scoured raw!

The cabin she’d blithely passed that morning should be somewhere up ahead…if she hadn’t missed it entirely. If she wasn’t about to walk off a jagged cliff. If she didn’t sink down into the deepening snow and just give up entirely.

It was a tempting thought. No one would miss her, would they? No one even knew, or cared, that Alicia Babcock was fighting for her life against Mother Nature herself. The odds of her surviving were getting worse every minute. Why not just throw herself down in a blowing drift and end it all? Everyone said it was painless…you just drifted off to sleep, and that was that.

She was already getting drowsy, and the aching cold in her hands and feet was fading into soothing warmth. Wasn’t that the first sign that her body was slowing down, succumbing to the inevitable? And she was barely making any headway now; the snow was nearly up to her knees, slowing her progress, tripping her when she tried to take a step.

Yes, much easier to just give up, and let it all go. She was a big believer in reincarnation; she’d do better next time around…

Allie woke to glorious heat, and the delicious scent of bubbling stew. She laid still for a long moment, staring blankly at the rough-hewn timber roof over her head. Was this the afterlife? Had she already been reborn?

She didn’t feel like a newborn infant, though. She felt…herself.

Weak, though. And hungry.

She tried to move, but couldn’t. Her arms and legs were weighed down.

She was trapped under a thick quilt, she realized after a moment. At least, her body and legs were.

But her arms…

Icy sweat broke out all over when she tried to move her arms, and couldn’t. She was securely handcuffed to a sturdy bed frame.

Wide-eyed panic gave her the strength to buck away the quilt, but no one answered her frantic yells for help. The cabin—and she recognized it now as the one she’d been searching for in the blizzard—was empty.

Who had brought her here, handcuffed her to this bed, and then left again?

Brought her here, stripped her right down to the sexy red lingerie she’d been wearing under her bulky hiking clothes, handcuffed her, and then left again, she amended with growing foreboding when cool air prickled over her nearly-naked body.

Sternly she tried to rein in her terrified imagination. She hadn’t been beaten or raped. And whoever had rescued her would have to come back soon, or the stew would burn. She took some small comfort in that.

Why had she been tied to this bed, though? Where else could she go? The wind was still howling like a banshee, hurling snow past the cabin’s single window like a million javelins. Only a fool would venture out in that!

She received her answer fifteen minutes later when heavy footsteps clomped up the wooden deck steps, and the door swung open on silent hinges. She gasped as freezing air swept through the single room before a snow-covered giant slammed it shut again.

He dropped an enormous armful of firewood into the nearest corner, then shot a single intense look her way that knocked all the air from her lungs. “You’re awake,” he rumbled, and a discontented scowl twisted his lips. “It’s about time. You gonna try hitting me again?”