Portrait - Eliselle Yu - ebook

The birth of Ramona, how she became the vicious, cruel, pitiless murderer that is today

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"Okay, one more" Vickie said, making a gesture with her hand. Ramona followed her directions and she laid down prone, lifting legs and crossing her ankles.

A second photo, the lightning flashes, the whistle of the batteries that were recharged, Vickie that looked into the camera and smiled.

That was the way Ramona had spent the last two hours, moving from initial skepticism and trepidation, to play like a crazy woman.

When Vickie approached her a few days before in the coffee to propose a photo shoot, she replied coldly, the same way she would have responded to the preachers who came to her door to speak about God.

Because seriously, she thought she just wanted to pull out money. But she politely insisted, sitting gracefully at the table in front of her and promising "Within minutes, I promise. And if you do not care, I'll offer you breakfast"

Ramona had sipped tea from his cup, peering from behind his glasses a little lower her, slimmer body, but less athletic, blond hair and pale blue languid eyes. A blonde, cute and sweet, like many others she had seen around, though ...

Although after the first five minutes, Ramona would have liked to answer how she responded to the preachers usually: I'm a lesbian.

The difference is that, if she said to the preachers to get rid of them, with Vickie she would definitely want to try her!

And she even didn't know why that little pretty blonde, but definitely not so beautiful, she liked her so much.