Poptropica English Islands 2 Pupil's Book - Malpas Susannah - książka

Poptropica English Islands 2 Pupil's Book książka papierowa

Malpas Susannah


Dostawa: od 6,99 zł (darmowa dostawa z abonamentem Legimi)

Czas wysyłki: 1-2 dni robocze + czas dostawy


A Welcome unit of six lessons which introduces pupils to the characters and Family Island, as well as key introductory language.
Eight units, each divided into ten distinct lessons.
Four review units to revise vocabulary, grammar and skills work.
A Goodbye unit of four lessons. This finalises the quest and offers plenty of recycling opportunities.
Cut-out activities and stickers for use in every unit. Access to Island Adventure Game.
An easy access Grammar reference to the level’s grammar.

Liczba stron: 136

Format (wymiary): 22.0x27.0cm

ISBN: 9781292217727