Poolside Blackout (Interracial Black M / White M Gay Erotica) - Sara Coxin - ebook

Jeremy and his boyfriend, Sam, seem to have peaked in their relationship after only one year. Their passionate nights have now been replaced with long, lonely days as Sam struggles at work. With his constant busy schedule, he and Jeremy haven't been able to express their love in bed in months.When Sam forgets their anniversary, it's very much the last straw for Jeremy. Sam tries to apologize before he leaves for work but Jeremy waves him off. As he idly sits at home, he decides to call the pool guy to come and clean their pool. When the pool guy arrives, Jeremy's heart skips a beat as he sees a beast of a man.He's unsure of whether or not the big black pool guy is interested in men but after little poking and prodding, he confirms that the ebony statuesque man has his eyes on him. Having never been with a black man, Jeremy decides to try flirting... but how far does he go?

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Poolside Blackout

By Sara Coxin

Table of Contents

Title Page

Poolside Blackout

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Jeremy quietly watched as his boyfriend mow down his breakfast.  He was like a wild boar, scooping up big chunks of his scrambled eggs, with his hash browns mixed in and ketchup dripping off each bite.  He sighed and leaned back on his chair as he wondered how he let him get away with his weight.

His frustrations spread to the bedroom as his boyfriend rarely, if ever, performed like he used to.  His busy schedule didn't help matters any.  He worked long hours every day to try and appease his boss, who had promised him a promotion the year prior.

"Sam," Jeremy interrupted.

He continued vacuuming up his food, not even glancing up at him.  Jeremy shook his head, cleared his throat and knocked on the table.  He was most definitely the twink in the relationship when it came to body shape.

Not only was Jeremy clean shaven and skinnier, he was also a bit younger than Sam.  He contrasted greatly with his large boyfriend, who had hair all over his chest and lower body.  Sometimes Jeremy wondered what he saw in Sam.

"Sam!"  He repeated with a raised voice.

Sam paused and looked at him, crumbs all over his lips.  He put his fork down and looked at him with annoyance.

"What?"  He asked, his mouth still full.

"Are you planning on coming home late?"  Jeremy asked.

"Uh... yeah, I think so.  Bill wants me to see the specs by the end of the week.  The axles on the..."

His voice trailed off as Jeremy stopped paying attention.  Another sigh escaped his lips as he placed a hand on his hips and looked out at the porch.  They were supposed to go out on a nice date night to celebrate their anniversary but obviously Sam was oblivious.

"...and that means we just have a couple months to go."  Sam continued, not noticing that Jeremy had already tuned out.

Jeremy looked him in the eyes and watched as he furrowed his brows.  He looked confused, and somewhat scared as he glared at him.  Jeremy’s eyes narrowed as he continued holding his gaze.

"Did you forget again?"  He asked.

"Uh..."  Sam responded as he scratched the back of his head.

"You did... unbelievable," Jeremy sighed.

"Was I supposed to come home early today?"

"It's not just coming home early today Sam, what day is today?"

"Um...  Thursday?"

Jeremy sighed and shook his head, trying to hold back his anger.  This was their first anniversary and he had forgotten.  This was not the type of boyfriend Jeremy wanted.  He had already gotten out of a relationship with someone who didn’t care for anniversaries.

"Sam!  It's our first anniversary!"  He yelled angrily.

Sam swallowed his mouthful of food and stared silently.  Jeremy could see the gears in his head turning as he tried to check if Jeremy was right.  Once the realization hit, his mouth began to move, but no words escaped his lips.

"Yes?"  Jeremy inquired as he watched him struggle.

"Oh... oh jeez, I'm sorry.  Wow... this project, it's been killing me," Sam started.

Jeremy looked at the clock and crossed his arms.  He had heard this whole spiel before about how busy he was, or the jet lag from traveling.  It was beginning to get too old and too easily predictable.

"Why don't we have a late dinner?  At a nice upscale wine bar?"  Sam asked.

"Oh, that sounds good.  I’m so glad you made reservations,"  Jeremy replied sarcastically.

"Reservations?  How hard could it be to just get some time?  Wine bars aren’t that full at night... are they?"  Sam answered.

"I don’t know, who are you asking?"  Jeremy said as he rolled his eyes.

"How about I bring back some of your favorite food at that sushi place you like and then on the weekend, I can take you somewhere nice," Shawn suggested.

"Argh... just forget about it," Jeremy responded with clenched fists.

"What?  No, come on, let me do something," he said.

"It's getting late Sam, you need to start going or you're going to be late," Jeremy replied coolly.

"I promise, I can make this up to you," Sam said as he scooped another bite of his breakfast and stood up.

Jeremy waved him away as he stood up and took the dishes into the kitchen sink.  Sam rushed out, grabbing his jacket and nearly running into the door as he tried to open it.  Jeremy tossed the in and walked out to the porch, feeling more frustrated than ever.

He turned on the television for background noise and walked over to the coffee machine.  As he poured coffee into a nearby mug, he heard the weatherman talk about how hot the day was going to be.  He took a sip of his coffee and looked out again and stared at the pool.

It seemed that Sam had forgotten to call the pool cleaning service again as he stared at the pool.  Jeremy shook his head and picked up the phone.  While Tuesdays weren't their regular cleaning day, he wanted someone to clean it up for the hot day ahead.

"Hello?  Hi, yes, and you?  Hey, would it be possible to get someone over to clean my pool today?  It is?  Great.  Do you need my address?  Oh, you don't?  Oh, really?  It recognized it just like that?  Wow, okay, today at 2 in the afternoon.  Sounds good.  Thank you."