Polish Jazz Recordings and Beyond - Lewenstein Maciej - książka

Polish Jazz Recordings and Beyond książka papierowa

Lewenstein Maciej


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This book is a guide to Polish jazz recordings on CDs. It describes over 1700 discs in a systematic and organized way, with artists’ names arranged alphabetically. It goes often beyond jazz and describes also discs with contemporary classical music or rock.

“There is no other book already published on the subject, certainly nothing of such scope or including such detailed information. Although several books about Polish Jazz have been published in the last decade, none of them concentrate on Jazz recordings and they are mostly concerned with biographical and historical aspects of Polish Jazz. Therefore Mr. Lewenstein’s
book is in fact an ideal companion to those books already published.”

Adam Baruch

Maciej Lewenstein was born in 1955 in Warsaw. He is a theoretical physicist and currently an ICREA professor at ICFO – Institut de Cičncies Fotňniques in Castelldefels near Barcelona. He has written over 480 scientific papers and is the recipient of many international and national prizes. Next to theoretical physics his other passion is music and jazz in particular. His collection of records includes over 8000 entries.

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