Polish for the Beginners - Urszula Dierkes, Katarzyna Dworkiewicz - audiobook

Polish for the Beginners audiobook

Urszula Dierkes, Katarzyna Dworkiewicz

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Are you interested in learning Polish and developing your language skills – listening, speaking, reading and writing? Would you like to gain language confidence in everyday situations? Beginner‘s Course will not only introduce you to the language quickly, but it will also do it in an entertaining and motivating way. It will give you a vivid image of contemporary Polish. Additionally, you will learn a lot of useful and interesting facts about the country, people and culture. This course has grown from the experience and findings of the “Learning Lusatia” project, that was supported and carried out by a combination of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research along with the European Social Fund within the scope of the “Learning Regions” programme.

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