Police Misconduct (Mister Officer, #3) - Jenna Powers - ebook

After an amazing experience with Officers Jones and Black, Leah waits to hear back regarding their tailing of her husband. She hopes that her suspicions were wrong and that her husband is faithful to her. She's stunned when Officers Jones and Black come by her house with three other black Officers and her husband in cuffs.Officers Jones and Black take her to her kitchen and show her pictures and text messages from her husband to a close friend of her's, proving that he's been cheating on her for well over a year. Leah is devestated and confused as to what to do next. Officer Jones has a suggestion, humiliate her husband Chris.As her confusion turns to pure anger and rage, she agrees. Officers Jones and Black take her back to the living room where her husband is hand cuffed to a chair. With him bound, she looks at the five big black cops, lust within her eyes. She's about to give her cheating husband a lesson in revenge while getting a huge amount of pleasure while she's at it...

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Police Misconduct

Book 3 of Mister Officer

By Jenna Powers

Table of Contents

Title Page

Police Misconduct (Mister Officer, #3)

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Leah stared at her sink as the cold water slowly circled around the drain.  A month had passed since the two Officers had visited her home.  She felt a small fire burning in her loins at the thought of the two big black powerful cops.

More importantly, Officer Black had stated that he would investigate her husband.  She grew more anxious by the day as she wondered if he had found anything.  Her husband had gone on more unexpected trips and stayed later at work lately.  A part of her hoped that it was all nothing but it was hard not to grow more and more suspicious.

Even now, her husband had not returned after suddenly getting a phone call and being asked to come in on a weekend.  She gripped tightly onto the sides of her granite top and sighed.  After turning off the water, she wiped her hands on a paper towel and headed back to the living room.

She yawned and lay back on the couch.  It was the same couch where she had been ravaged a month prior by the two black cops.  Her hand slowly trailed down between her legs, hoping to relieve some of the pressure.

Before her fingers could even slide past the waistband of her panties, a hard thud stopped her.  She sighed and stood up, realizing that it was someone at the door.  Leah creaked open the front door to see a teenager standing around, holding a box of pizza.

“That’ll be $24.05,” he said, barely glancing at her.

“Uh...  I didn’t order any pizza,” Leah replied.

“Huh?  Isn’t this 2201?”

“No, that’s across the street,” Leah answered, feeling slightly annoyed.

“Oh... whoops.  Sorry,” he said as he turned and jogged in the other direction.

Leah shook her head and closed the door.  She headed back to her couch and sat while turning on the television.  After channel surfing a bit, she stopped on a show about cops.  She bit her lower lip as she saw two black cops taking down a homeless looking white male.

Her thoughts traveled off again, thinking about Officer Jones and Officer Black.  The heat between her legs returned.  She dipped her hands down past her panties, gently rubbing the lips of her sex.

A soft moan escaped her lips as she teased her clit with two fingers.  Her juices slowly flowed as she began toying with herself.  With her pointer and ring fingers rubbing the lips of her sex, her middle finger gently pressed in.

She curved her finger as she slid her finger in.  Her nipples pressed up against her shirt, poking out as they turned rock hard.  She arched her back slightly while rubbing herself faster.

Her fingers weren’t comparable to the might of the two dominant black cops, but she tried her hardest to get off.  She bit her lower lip as she thought about the two big black rods as they hammered in and out of her holes.  Another finger soon slipped in as she sped up. 

Before she could slide in another finger, someone banged loudly on her front door.  Leah froze in place, her fingers still within her wet sex.  Her heart beat echoed in her head, mixing in with the thudding against her door.  It grew louder and louder as someone slammed their fist into her door harder.

"Hold on.  Sheesh, you're going to break the door down!"  Leah shouted as she quickly grabbed a nearby napkin and wiped her fingers.

She turned off the television, straightened her shorts and panties and took a deep breath.  She headed to the door as the knocking continued.  Leah opened the door and paused.  Her husband was in front of her, his arms behind his back, with a group of cops standing behind him.  She instantly recognized Officer Jones and Officer Black but the other three were foreign to her.

"Ma'am.  Do you recognize this individual?"  Officer Jones asked.

“Babe, please tell them I’m your hus-”

“Shut up!  We weren’t asking you,” Officer Black shouted.

Her husband quieted down and stared at the ground.  Leah gasped as she realized that he was handcuffed behind his back.  She glanced over at Officer Jones, then Officer Black, confused.

“Uh... yeah, he’s my husband.  What’s going on?”  Leah asked.

“Ma’am, why don’t we step inside and discuss this?  I don’t think you’ll want your neighbors seeing him out here in cuffs,” Officer Jones suggested.

Leah looked around and noticed that there were some neighbors starting to look at them.  She nodded and moved aside, allowing Officer Jones to push her husband into the house.  He and Officer Black came in first, followed by the other large three cops, who Leah noticed were all black.

“What’s going on?”  Leah asked as she closed the door.

“Officer Shields, why don’t you hold this guy over in the corner?  Officer Black and I are going to talk with her,” Officer Jones said.

The tallest of the black cops, a huge towering man, at least seven feet tall with muscles bulging through his uniform nodded and pulled her husband to the corner of the living room.  Leah’s eyes were fixated on his hulking frame, amazed that a human being could be so powerful.  His uniform looked as though it would just rip off his body with each movement.

Officer Jones pointed at the kitchen and led her and Officer Black towards it.  Leah continued glancing back at Officer Shields, as well as the other two cops.  She was beginning to grow worried.

“Seriously, what is going on?”  Leah whispered as they stepped into the kitchen.

“You wanted me to follow up on your husband.  Well, here you go,” Officer Black replied as he pulled a manila envelope out from behind his back.

He opened it up and poured the contents out onto the kitchen counter.  Leah’s eyes widened and she gasped as she saw the explicit pictures of her husband with another woman.  She picked one up and examined it, recognizing the face of the woman on the picture.

“That son of a bitch,” Leah growled.

“Also had a friend of mine dig up his phone records.  Text messages galore to his lady friend.  Goes back at least 2 years,” Officer Black added.

Leah nearly crumpled the picture as she stared at it.  The woman was actually her close friend, the one who had actually introduced her to her husband.  Tears began to well up in her eyes as she glared.

This was not what she was expecting.  When her husband Chris had moaned in his sleep, he had said his coworker’s name, Anne.  Even though he was still cheating, it felt much worse.