Poetry, poems and love letters - Luise Hakasi - ebook

Poetry, poems and love letters ebook

Luise Hakasi



Beautiful Poetry, poems and love letters, not only for lovers, but for everyone who cares about romantic moments, the beautiful moments of live and love.

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Luise Hakasi

Poetry, poems and love letters

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Is it love?

I`ve got a question

I do not know if this is love


Some pain hurts me

Looking for a place to stay.


Faith! I never thought of such a home

Where you were happy

And I was happy with you.

I have never cried for you

No ideals,

No undone things.

I`ve never written any romantic poems

After waking up in bed

No sensual songs sung.

Do I love you ? I do not know.


I do not know if I idealize you,

Your tender smile, the sound of your voice

But I see the smile

It penetrates through the winter

Bringing me sunshine

Every afternoon, with you, without fear.

The dawn disturbs

I have to stay,

to look at the curves of your body.


I've never thought of

Kissing you all over,

I do not know if it's love.

It is perhaps a beginning ...

I do not know if you've changed my senses.

It might happen.

I do not know, but somehow you've inspired my soul.

Perhaps because it`s a long time

since something like this happened.

I do not know if it's love,

but I shudder.

I do not know if I 'm sick

but I suspect

that you have infected me.




Life and love

Let us love! I love you.

I live in your heart,

I can feel this pain and this love

I faint, with passion

With charm, with heat,

with burning tears, with languor.

I want to drink your lips

your love of heaven.

I want to die in your womb,

I want to be pressed to your chest.

I live, I hope,

I shudder, I feel

I smell your skin, your hair

I want to dream and sleep.


Come, my angel, my love,

my soul, my heart .

That night, I will whisper, like the wind,

like the sweet breeze, caressing you .

I want to live this moment,

the freshness of the night

the glory of the stars

the fascination of the moment

perpetuate with your love in me.

I want really great love

Love, only love. Here ... now...

more ... everything ...

Loved one! Loved one!


Do you remember? Forgot? Indifferent?

Keep moving or disconnecting. It is evil? It is good?

Who says you have to love someone?

Has a love life?

It is a feather in anyone's life.

Love sings.

Whom God has given the voice to sing.

And then when I would one day be dust,

to ashes, nothing,

then my night was a dawn.

I do lose,

to find me.



Hold your breath

The afternoon has expired

the flowers are closed,

the moon blended, leaving his mark on the water.

The light passes

in the waves on the beach,

licks off the ground,

harmonizes with the night,

better than the day.

Now we live in the night,

before the sound of the sea,

the gentle scent of the orchard

and the sweet moments of starry nights.

My lover.

As in the honeymoon,

a temple with corridors of soft tones

the warbling of the birds

greeting the night lights.

Until then, the sun rises again,

the trembling dewdrops can disappear on branch.

We listen to the leaves of the tree,

the beating of the heart

in the middle of the forest , among the lush green trees.

The dawn leaves the flower blush,

a soft kiss in eternal dreams

the voice of a bell tower from far away.

Singing we jump down to the river

into the light of dawn,

to the mouth into the sea.

Our hearts float

like a golden cloud in the blue sky

Our hot kisses

mumble the tenderness, let us stop the breath.

We hardly perceive the stimuli of the country,

only our own perfume,

more than the flowers meadows

Here, close to the sea.

We feel only our harmony,

our waves

our poetry

all of this is love.





Love when it reveals

it feels good

looks splendid.

But we know how to speak then,

because we feel so much.

Sometimes we remain speechless,

the mind seems to forget.

But we can guess

we hear the view,

we see the words,

we know that we are loved.

We are one,

we feel closed

who can say how he feels,

a soulless speech.


But I can tell you

what do you not dare to say

You no longer have to talk

because I'm talking about

the language

of love.

Love is a fire,

it burns you, without being seen.

Love is a wound,

that hurts , without being felt.

Love can be an unfortunate satisfaction,

a pain without direction, without injured.


It is no longer missing as good will,

not lonely to walk,

but to proceed hand in hand together.

Your winning arrows are not lost,

they are captured by the will

they serve, to win, the winner.

They kill those who rob us our loyalty.

But they can be in favor of friendship

Send in the hearts of men.

In contrast to self-

it is the same love.



Love verses

Sweet like sugar cane, it seems to me,

very sweet,

peel, taste , taste.

I wanted to know what love is,

I longed for love.

And today, finally, I know it.

I have adored this study,

this unique science.

There is no love? It is longing? It is a championship?

A selfish love?

A flaming love.

A burning love.


Unlike canning,

Love you have to find

Love must be observed,

Love must be cultivated.

Love has to make.

Love, because I love

with the spirit,

with the ether,

with the body

with liquid substances.

As air, watch out for it,


You will not be able to catch it, anyway.

Love is instinct,

Love is transubstantiation,

Love is imposing and intangible.


Love is carnal,

Love is like twilight of the Gods,

Love is feeling and beyond.

Love is like a flute,

Love is art

Love is ambition and the language that I speak.

Love can refuse

Love can be understood

Love can be reached eventually.

Love can rob a final resting,

Love can break hearts

Love can shred us small

and can make a small bag from our soul.




Not only are there ideas and shyness

There are also delusions and desires

which make your head spin.

Dear, you have to live with love one must shine.

Love you have to fill properly

Love must be moved into the light.

You penetrate your being, not just your kisses

Love data make the air full,

with madness ideas and unimaginable wishes.

Yes, hot and easily. In the light of day,

scattered in my arms

in the fog of fantasy ...

Not so pale, but bright and flaming

like a flame

like a room full of twinkling stars

Love is not for the weak.


Dangerous to look at you

What is normal when it is aromatic?

Precious of your way with your gestures.

I want to follow you into the past

you draw me in like a treasure

stately pleasure fills me

your twittering voice, your clear profile,

your quivering breasts , your graceful movements,

you fascinate me

cheerful, feminine, fashion here is superfluous.


Your look, your fiery game, your wild kisses, your rare perfume,

your amazing games,

you little devil, sometimes sharp, sometimes painful,

sometimes caressing , sometimes icy.

I kiss your hands.

Your smile, your sensual movements

your rosy skin, your keen nights.

I see, and that filled me

I get hot flashes,

I am hallucinating ...

I enjoy ...

Until my exhaustion.


(Foto shows the garden of Versailles)


Love veil

Gorgeous garments from shiny silk and dark velvet

in the width of which I could die.

But I come to warm me,

because I'm cold.

And I want

in the waves of pleasure strangle ...

answer me.

A castle in a secluded hot desert

all in black, silent for hours.

Griffins to the folds of your fairing

like a big criminal.

In this cloth I could

just hide my tears.

Tall, blond, Dutch or French

an almost hesitant beauty ideal

beyond cool sadness

or melancholy Artemis.

If I'm drowning in your clothes

I listen to your sins.


High night of warless planet

eyes full of tears like water in the lake

with tender moon and wild dreams.


I wish

this night would be eternal.

Sigh sounded, we plunder our feelings,

we dethrone the sadness,

we illuminate the desire.

Our gondolas go on a cruise

through the shady streets of emotions.

Under murmuring words

we greet the day

between silk and velvet,

sensitive as the dew on the trees,

dominant as the music and

whisper like the wind.


My whisper extends