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The unexpected can sometimes be amazing... Tau Geta Delta, now that was the fraternity for me.  Sure, I'd been down on the whole frat thing when I started college life, but at a tech school with three guys for every girl, I'd started to come around.  Taus had the best parties, and seemed to attract the hottest women.  They even had better than average job placement after graduating, what wasn't to like about that. They did have a reputation for having the hardest initiation, only about half the pledges made it through and joined up.  That wasn't about to dissuade me, though.  I was up for the challenge.  Or at least I thought I was.  I expected a little hazing, but I didn't expect to get turned into a girl!   To get through the week, I had would have to live as an elfin brunette with nice curves and discover all the pleasures of being a coed.  It sounded crazy until I bumped into Tom and found out that I was swimming in womanly needs that he was more than happy to help me enjoy.  Now all that's left is telling the story of my crazy sexy adventure! This bundle contains all 7 parts of the story Part 1 - Dressing Up Part 2 - Private Education Part 3 - Student Seduction Part 4 - Friendly Benefits Part 5 - Playing Girly Part 6 - Public Exposure Part 7 - Boxers or Lace  

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Pledging Tau Geta Delta - The Complete Collection


Published by Farleven

Copyright 2018 Farleven

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Pledging Tau Geta Delta - Part 1 - Dressing Up

Pledging Tau Geta Delta - Part 2 - Private Education

Pledging Tau Geta Delta - Part 3 - Student Seduction

Pledging Tau Geta Delta - Part 4 - Friendly Benefits

Pledging Tau Geta Delta - Part 5 - Playing Girly

Pledging Tau Geta Delta - Part 6 - Public Exposure

Pledging Tau Geta Delta - Part 7 - Boxers or Lace

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Pledging Tau Geta Delta - Part 1 - Dressing Up

"You're never going to get in." Max laughed as I looked over towards fraternity row. All of the frats were lined up there, one stately building after another. All of those opportunities hiding behind brick walls and Greek columns.

"Well, at least I'm going to try." I replied. When I'd started at the University I laughed at the whole fraternity thing like a lot of people. It all seemed too chummy, and I wasn't a wild partier. What could I say, I wanted my degree, and joining a fraternity didn't seem to be much of a help in that.

"And just why is that? You've been ripping on those dopes since I met you." Max asked. He was right about that. Pretty much since the day we met in out first chemistry lab, I'd been making snide remarks about the frats. It had seemed so natural at the time, I guess it was an outsider thing, if there was a group I wasn't in, it was always easy to make fun of it.

"I guess Mack turned me around, you know that guy I met in my circuits class last semester. It's not all just drinking and debauchery, they've got a great career placement rate, and I don't exactly have family connections. That, and they're basically swimming in girls and you've got to admit we haven't been having much luck." I replied. There was a sad truth to that. Going to a tech school might be great for the resume, but it was hell on dating. Having basically three guys for every girl made it rather challenging, and I wasn't exactly a buffed up jock.

"So, you'd sell out for a job and a girl?" Max shook his head, smiling. "Yeah, not a bad case, I guess. So which one of the weenie houses are you going to try for?"

"Tau Geta Delta. Right there." I stopped and pointed out the house. It didn't really stand out very much from the others, but that was the place to be. If I was going to join a frat that was going to be the one.

Max nodded. Everyone had heard of Tau Geta Delta. It was true that they threw the best parties, but they also had the best programs for actually getting a job after college and of all the frats they seemed to always be inundated with hot girls. There was only one downside.

"Well, I sure hope you're ready for hell week then." Max laughed. Hell week, the little term that the frats used for describing the week of suffering they liked to inflict on pledges before letting them join. Of all the fraternities, the Taus had the worst reputation for a challenging gauntlet.

"Oh, I'm ready." I puffed out my chest a bit and strutted down the street. The truth was, I had no idea what to expect. Sure, there were stories about how pledging usually went down, but the Taus somehow managed to keep their hell week traditions a secret.

"Yeah, I'll bet. They only let in like half their pledges after hell week, and still no one knows what they do to those guys." Max replied. It was the strangest thing. Most fraternities would let in all comers, you just had to go through the rituals. Tau Geta Delta was actually more selective. It wasn't clear just how they made their selections, but a lot of guys didn't stick around after Hell Week.

"Yeah, that's kind of strange, but that just makes me want to find out what they actually do." I said. The mystery of it was intriguing. They were one of the best of the Greek houses and yet half their pledges would quit or get weeded out before actually joining. At least it was clear that no one got hurt pledging with them, but I just had to know what the story was.

"I guess that means I won't be seeing you around as much." Max slapped me on the shoulder and we headed back towards the dorms. With any luck, I wouldn't be making this walk for much longer.

"Hey, don't say things like that. You can always stop by and heck I might convince you to join up too." I gave him a good punch to the shoulder. Just because I got into a frat didn't mean I'd abandon my friends. "Hell, if I get to be that kind of a jerk, you have my permission to beat the crap out of me."

We both laughed at that. Neither of us was the violent type, but the sentiment was right on. Then picked up and got going again. I had a few more days before I'd be making my attempt at pledging and I needed to pack up a few things. All the new pledges would be living in the house for hell week, and if I made it through that I'd be moving in permanently. I also needed to get ahead on my studies so that I wouldn't get behind too much while I was pledging.


There's a moment when you just have to wonder what exactly made you think something was a good idea. Standing naked in the middle of a basement with about thirty other equally naked guys is one of those times. As much as I tried to keep from glancing around the room, it didn't take much to realize that pretty much everyone else here was thinking the same thing.

I suppose they had to make us complacent. The first few hours after we arrived, they'd simply had us doing various odd things around the house. It was almost cliched. Thirty some guys cleaning the kitchen with toothbrushes wasn't exactly the crazy kind of thing that people would run away from though. For a moment, I suspected that their hell week reputation was just a bit of fancy propaganda.

At least until they ordered us down into the basement and told everyone to line up and strip. So we were all standing around in the buff, with a couple of the elder members standing up on a little platform in front of us. This had to be the beginning of whatever ritual drove away half the pledges. All I had to do was go along with it. It wasn't like they were going to kill anyone or anything. So I stood there, waiting for the real show to begin.

"All right, gentlemen." One of the robed guys spoke out. He didn't really shout, but his voice boomed around the room and everyone was instantly focused on him. He motioned up towards the president of the house, and all our eyes followed.

"Welcome." Hamilton Prescott smiled as he gazed out at us. I'd only had a chance to shake his hand briefly when I'd come here, but he had an air of command that no one could question.

"I always look forward to this night, when I get the opportunity to start our pledges on their journey to become Taus. The next week will be a harrowing one for you, the challenges that we will test you with will make you better and prove that you are ready to truly join us. However, I want you all to know that you can always decline a challenge and walk away." Prescott waved towards a robed figure that stood at the end of the room, next to the first of us naked pledges. The robed man was holding a thick, leather bound book. It looked old, and the pages weathered, as if it were more suited for a museum than a fraternity.

"Now, you will be asked to swear that you will hold to the secrets of the Taus, even if you should decide not to join us. The challenges and rituals of this week shall not be spoken of to anyone who is not a Tau or currently pledging. To assure this, your agreement will be bound by the magic of this tome. Simply repeat the affirmation with your hand on the book. We shall continue once everyone has been bound." He explained. I turned to see the robed member present the book to the first naked pledge and offered the statement to be repeated.

One by one, everyone repeated the phrase. I wondered if it was truly magic or just part of the fun. Normally, I wouldn't even have questioned the existence of magic, but the fact that no one ever shared the story of being a Tau pledge actually made me wonder. If they really could cast a spell on pledges, that would keep everyone's mouth shut.

Finally, it was my turn. The old book was presented and I placed my hand on it. I felt an odd warmth as my hand pressed into the well worn leather. It was more than just the heat of the hands that had preceded mine, it seemed to tingle up my arm, and I shuddered a bit.

"Now pledge, repeat this. I swear to never reveal the secrets of the Taus to anyone who does not know them, in this I pledge my life and honor."

I repeated the phrase and was instantly hit by another strange sensation. This time inside my head, I felt something tingling again. It didn't really hurt or feel good, and it disappeared in a second. Somehow I knew that no matter what, I'd never be able to tell anyone about this or anything else that was about to happen. That alone felt strange, that such a fact could be just as grounded in my head as the law of gravity.

It didn't take long for the rest of the pledges to finish and we were again all standing around waiting for things to happen. Honestly, I couldn't wait to get my clothes back on before I caught a cold or something.

The member with the book walked onto the stage and presented the book to Prescott. He bowed and said a few quiet words and then took the book. He stood for a moment and then slowly opened it and turned the pages until he found the one he was looking for.

"Thank you pledges. Now we can begin. I know you're all a little anxious to get dressed again, but I assure you that your current discomfort was necessary. Now, there is just one more thing I need. Who among you are virgins?" Prescott asked. The room held quiet for a moment and then I saw a couple of hands go up. Robed members quickly came to each of them with a new robe and then walked them out.

"For what we are about to do, a certain carnal knowledge is necessary in the soul." Prescott explained and then he pulled up the book. "Now, relax, this will feel strange, but it will all be over in a few moments."

Then he held up the book and began chanting in a language I'd never heard before. Other robed men began chanting as well. The air seemed to spark with energy and I felt my skin begin to tingle. My sight began to fill with little lights, like dancing stars until I could see nothing but a swirling pulsing glow. My body began to feel strange as well. I felt warm as a heat seemed to boil up inside me. A tightness began pulling at me, as if I was being pressed from all directions, but especially in my waist. Then, as if I was some kind of squeeze toy, my hips seemed to expand as did my chest as if being squished in one place had me popping out in others.

All of that strangeness was nothing compared to the sudden wicked cramp between my legs. At first it seemed like the other pressure, but then I felt almost like I'd been kicked in the balls. The moment of pain quickly faded, but then my stomach twisted and grew nauseous. I struggled to keep from doubling over before this discomfort melted away as well. That was when the lights began to fade and I was left standing naked with the others.

Then I heard a shriek. Just like the sound my little sister would make when I'd jump out of a closet at her. I nearly jumped out of my skin as it echoed around the room, and was quickly joined by a half dozen more equally frantic squeals of dismay all around me. I turned towards the closest one, half expecting that we'd been set up by the fraternity. Maybe they'd brought down a bunch of coeds and were trying to surprise them with a room full of naked guys.

Then my chest shifted when I turned. I stopped, and the feeling continued for a moment, as if something on my chest was bouncing to a rest. It was an impossible feeling, and I couldn't help but look down. Somehow I managed not to add my own shriek to the din in the room when I saw two perky round breasts pointing up at me. I took in a deep breath, as my heart started to race. It couldn't be possible, but my eyes and the strange weight on my chest told me that it was most certainly true.

I held to my self control and quickly looked around the room. I wasn't the only one suddenly sporting a pair of bouncing mammaries. The entire row of naked guys had turned into a row of naked girls, most of whom were in some state between shock and panic. Half of them had hands on their chest or between their legs and most of the rest were simply staring down at the chest and trying not to hyperventilate. The surprising thing was that a couple of the girls were smiling joyously as they cupped their breasts.

I took a deep breath and tried to stay calm. All of the pledges had been transformed into women! I looked down to make sure, my stomach twisting as I looked down past the peaks of my new tits to confirm that my dick was nowhere to be found. I'd certainly not been left out of whatever had caused this change.

I debated for a moment to send a hand down between my legs to check, but decided not to. The strange empty chill down there told me all I needed to know. If this didn't get reversed, I'd have ample opportunities to inspect myself later. Now, I had to address the issue more directly.

I turned back to Prescott. I hadn't believed in magic before, but until someone explained this away, I didn't doubt that the chant had been the trigger for some kind of spell. That meant they had done this on purpose and hopefully had a way to reverse it.

I was about to raise my voice above the echoing cries and wails when he slammed the thick book shut. The boom seemed to stamp out all the noise and everyone turned back to him. No doubt most everyone else knew that he must have caused this and would have the answer.

"Ladies!" He boomed again, emphasizing the reality that was hovering over all of us like some kind of dream. "Ladies, I apologize for the discomfort, but we have prepared a team of mentors for each of you. They will answer all of your questions and explain the challenges ahead. I know this is a shock for all of you, but to become Taus you must handle adversity and grow from it. Now, I wish you all the best of luck and I hope to sign each of your names into the rolls at the end of this journey."

Before anyone could object or harangue him, Prescott slipped off the stage and left the room. That seemed to be the signal, and it suddenly a flood of people entered the room. Before I could figure out what was happening, a man and a woman in robes approached me and held out a long bath robe for him.

"Here, I think you'll be wanting this." The woman smiled warmly as she held out the fuzzy pink robe. I thought for a moment, considering if I really wanted to put on something so girlish, but I lacked other options, and suddenly realized what a sight I must have been for the guy standing next to her.

I quickly grabbed the robe and turned around to pull it on. The shock of the transformation had finally been broken and my modesty returned in spades. Even if I hadn't been turned into a girl, I didn't like strutting around naked.

"Thanks, I..." I paused, surprised by the higher pitch of my voice. I knew it should have shocked me, but after a lifetime of being a guy there was a purely visceral effect of hearing a feminine tone echoing in my ears as I spoke.

"You'll get used to it." The woman smiled. "I'm Meredith."

"And I am Kyle. We're to be your guides for the week." He motioned towards the exit. "Now, why don't we show you to your room and we can explain."

"Yeah, I'd really like an explanation." I nodded as I followed them out. Everyone else seemed to be getting the same treatments, though a couple of the more freaked pledges were needing to be talked down. I could understand that, but I'd always taken a very realist approach to things. Even for something as unreal as this, losing my wits wouldn't help anything.

Luckily it wasn't a long walk back up the stairs to my room. I'd dropped my stuff off there earlier today. It wasn't exactly spacious, just enough room for a loft bed, a simple desk and a comfy little couch for relaxing on. I took the desk chair and let the other two sit down on the couch.

"Now, will you tell me what all this is about?" I waved down at my chest, hips and then back up at the long hair my head seemed to have sprouted during the transformation. I squirmed a bit in my chair as I sat down, not quite sure how to position myself, it was strange not having to worry about my balls, but I was still naked under the robe and didn't want to give anyone a free show either.

"It is the tradition of the Taus to help make our brotherhood stronger and better. Our founding members could see the dark path that other fraternities took, especially in the ways that they treated women, so when our great elder found the book of knowledge, they decided to use it, to discover the secrets of the other half of humanity. Over time, it has become one of our most important rituals and one that we require all pledges to experience." Kyle began.

"So, you did this too? Became a girl?" I blurted out.

"Yes, every Tau for the last one hundred and twenty three years has become a woman before being allowed to join." Kyle nodded. "It was decided to initiate pledges this way as a very direct way to test character. Some people accept, some embrace and a few reject the change. We always offer the choice of changing back at any time, but only those who complete the challenges can become members."

"So if I asked to change back now, I could?" I asked. I felt a rush of relief at the thought. It wasn't that I wanted to actually give up, but having the option made me feel a lot better.

"Certainly, do you want to?" Kyle asked. I could feel his sincerity. It wasn't hard to believe that a guy's first reaction to such a change would be to reverse it, and despite the fact that we hadn't been asked, I didn't doubt that he meant it when he said I could change back on demand.

"No, I'm going to at least hear you out first." I sat back, relaxing a bit more. I was too curious not to let him finish. I wasn't exactly in pain, or even exceedingly uncomfortable. I could certainly give him time to tell the rest of the story.

"Wonderful. Now, for your initiation, you will only be transformed for this week, during which time you'll be given different challenges each day, some small and some large. Everything outside of this fraternity and our sister sorority, the Delta Kappas, has been changed to reflect your life as that of a girl. Your friends and family will remember you having always been a girl. The spell is very complete, even your driver license will reflect the new you." He paused for a moment and motioned towards my pants. They'd been thoughtful enough to bring my clothes back to my room as well.

I took the hint and went to pick them up. It wasn't until I was bent half way down that I felt the unfamiliar jiggle of my new breasts and realized that I'd let the robe come open a bit and was given Kyle a nearly unrestricted view of my chest. My mind raced for a moment, trying to decide what would be the most dignified thing to do. Ignoring it was just too brazen, but racing to close up my robe was needlessly feminine. Instead, I just looked up at him and scowled a bit when I noticed him still smiling and then slowly closed the top.

I didn't quite know how to react to that. No doubt he'd liked what he'd seen, but I couldn't decide if I should be flattered or offended. Either way, I pulled out my wallet and flipped through my cards until I got to my driver license. I blinked and shook my head when I saw it. It wasn't real, and yet I knew it was true. My name was Alison Emily Sterling. Aside from my height, which had dropped about four inches, the other details were the same. The most stunning thing though, was the picture. I stared at what I knew was my new face, the delicate features and thin nose with blue eyes that was framed by light brown hair. I wasn't classically beautiful; rather I looked a bit more like an elf, and I realized that it matched well with the rest of my new frame.

“Okay, so what now?” I asked as I put my license back. I had to admit that I was growing more than a little curious to check out my new body. I suppose I should have been freaking out more, but I actually found the idea intriguing. I’d get to be a woman for a week and then go back to my old self. I would never have expected such a thing to happen, but now that it had, I was too intrigued to back out.

“Well, for now, you need to get ready for the opening party. I’ll help you with that, and I can go over a bit more about the challenges. So, if you don’t have any questions for Kyle, he can go help with some of the other party work.” Meredith smiled warmly. It wasn’t hard to tell that she wanted Kyle to leave, and I certainly wouldn’t mind having the room a bit less crowded.

“I think I’m okay for now. Thanks for the explanation.” I nodded to Kyle and he smiled and left. Now it was just this sorority girl and I. Hopefully she could answer a few questions. Somehow I felt more comfortable without a guy around. I know it sounds strange, but there was just a strange tension in the air when he was here. I suppose it was the way he looked at me that made me feel a bit odd. I could just imagine what I’d have been doing if I was sitting across from a sexy girl wearing only a bathrobe, and that fact alone made me a bit anxious.

“So, feel better?” Meredith smiled. “Sometimes it’s better when it’s just us girls, you know?”

“Yeah, I do now. So what’s your story, why are you here?” I asked.

“Well, you know how a lot of pledges don’t make it to being a Tau?” She asked and I nodded. It was certainly part of the legend of the fraternity. “Yeah, well, pledges have a choice, if you make it through all the challenges, you can either join the Taus or the Deltas. You don’t have to go back to being a guy.”

“What, you mean you used to be…” I sat stunned as I looked at her smiling face. I mean, experimenting was one thing, but to decide to never go back? I hadn’t even considered that.

“Sure. I mean, after a week I just couldn’t give it up. About a third of the pledges become Deltas. I know it sounds crazy, but you’ll either get it or not when the time comes. Now I’m sure you’re just dying to know more about these challenges, and your hot little body.” Meredith got up and took off the monk robe she'd been wearing. She had a sexy T-Shirt and shorts combo going on. She was a nicely curvy brunette, and I would have been left a stammering idiot if I was still a guy, but for now, things were too weird to think that way.

“You could say that.” I nodded. “I suppose there are clothes for me somewhere around here?”

“Yep! I brought you your first outfit. Somehow, they just have a way of knowing the right size for each girl, even before they transform.” She turned to the closet and pulled it out. After everything else, I hate to admit that seeing the dress she pulled out was the first thing that made me really blanch. It wasn’t so much that it was revealing, rather the fact that it was a very perfectly feminine sundress. Sure, it would show off a bit of skin, but it was just the idea that it was a dress that really slammed everything home.

“A… dress…” I stammered, looking at it. It was a nice warm yellow with a hem that would probably keep it just over my knees. Somehow I just knew I’d look stunning in it. But it was a dress! I’d be wearing a dress!

“Of course, have we finally chipped through your defenses?” Meredith smiled as she watched my eyes bug out a bit. She paused and put it back in the closet. “Now, maybe we should talk about the challenges.”

“Like putting on a dress.” I tried to reclaim my cool composure, but it wasn’t easy. Nothing about this was easy, but now that I was really taking in the reality of what had happened, I was doing my best to keep from feeling overwhelmed.

“Well, that’s not really a challenge.” Meredith laughed. “No, the challenges are all about sex. Every day you’ll have a new one, and the president will keep score. I can’t tell you what they’ll be exactly, but the one constant is that you’ll have to orgasm and get a partner to orgasm every day.”

“What?” I don’t think there was a way to really express just how crazy that sounded. Yet, somehow, I knew she wasn’t kidding. I gripped at the armrest of my chair as I breathed for a moment.

Sex? Okay, I mean, sure I liked sex and as an average guy I didn’t get to enjoy it nearly often enough. I’d not even been on much of a date for the better part of a semester. But now I was a girl. Not that I wasn’t curious, but I couldn’t have sex with a guy! Or could I? I started to squirm in my seat as I thought about it. There was a wickedly perversity to the idea, I mean, I’d get to see what sex was really like for a girl. That was cool, but doing it with a guy?

“So you’re wondering about sleeping with guys, right?” Meredith interrupted my flurried thoughts.

“Yeah, I kind of was.” I blushed a bit at that fact. I hated to admit it to myself just how quickly graphic my thoughts had become. Even more surprising was the fact that I found the whole notion far less nauseating and far more titillating than I would have expected.

“And from the way you’re blushing, I’d guess that you find the idea a bit more appealing than expected.” She grinned. Somehow she knew just how I was feeling and then I nearly slapped myself for my silliness. Naturally, she’d been through this, and probably had much the same reaction!

“As long as I don’t have to admit to it.” I smiled back. It was just so hard to keep up the façade, but I didn’t know how else to act. Nonchalant was kind of my thing, and this whole conversation was well off into the twilight zone.

“Fair enough, but I’ll let you know a little secret about the whole transformation, you’ll find that guys are just as attractive to you now as girls used to be.” She nearly whispered that last part, the laughed a bit. “It does get a bit awkward when we get a gay pledge. But, you’ll notice you haven’t lost your interest in girls either.”

I shuddered at the thought, but I knew she was telling the truth. Just a few moments of thinking about guys and sex had sent my stomach whirling in anxious anticipation. It also made me feel kind of warm and squishy between my legs. It was really hard to describe the feeling, but I knew in my gut that it was how girls felt when they were aroused. In the end it was my head and not my body that managed to snap me out of the strange fantasies.

“This is all just crazy.” I laughed. I’d expected almost anything other than this when I’d decided to pledge a fraternity. Here I was, naked in a pink robe, getting hot thinking about letting some guy take me! It was just too surreal not to be funny.

“So do you think you want to try or should I call in Kyle and you can join the others who are backing out?” She asked.

I sat there and thought about it. It wasn’t a hard decision, but I didn’t want to just jump in without thinking things through. It was a once in a lifetime kind of opportunity and it was only for a week. I couldn’t imagine wanting to stay this way, but then I figured most pledges probably didn’t think that way either, until they decided not to change back. Ultimately, I did still come here for a reason, and after all of this I had to admit the idea of becoming a Tau was overriding any other concern. If they had the power to do this, what else could they do?

“No, I’ll do it. So I guess we have to get ready for the party?” I blushed again, remembering the yellow dress waiting for me in my closet.

"That's the spirit. First, you should probably get showered, and then I'll help you get dressed and primp a bit. Nothing too fancy for tonight." She got up and walked over to the door. "Shall we?"

I followed her out. Thankfully, they had private showers and I tossed the robe over the door once I'd slipped out of it. There was already a couple of others showering, but I had to admit I was far more focused on my new body to care. The breasts were obviously the most noticeable, between their weight, the way they moved and the fact that I couldn't look down without staring at them. It was really a strange perspective. On the one hand, the simple fact that I had breasts made them seem huge, and my new frame was a fair bit smaller than my old body. I tried to be objective though, and decided that they were pretty average, with a nice round fullness and cute pink nipples.

It was hard not to just stare down at my new body, but I knew I couldn't dawdle too much. So I grabbed some soap and started to lather up. I started with my chest, naturally. My breasts were squishy and soft, with just the right amount of firmness. I had to admit I would normally have loved breasts like this, of course, having them on my chest was something entirely different. They were also sensitive, but not quite as much as my fevered male imagination would have expected. My nipples were a bit more tender, and I suppressed a couple of soft coos when I soaped them up.

The rest of my figure wasn't quite so curvy. I did have noticeable hips, but not a big ass and my legs were just thick enough to keep me from looking like a chicken. I was also hairless from the neck down, or at least all of my hairs were little soft hairs. I had no bush, or hairy legs. I wondered if it was something that would grow in or if it was permanent. It certainly made exploring between my legs a more intense experience.

That was probably the strangest thing. When my hand slipped down to my crotch and only found a set of fleshy folds I could feel my heart beating strongly in my chest. It was hard to deny the reality of the changes when I slipped a finger between them and quickly discovered my clit and the entrance to my new vagina. I shuddered a bit as I reacted to the probing of my fingers. Where my breasts had been less sensitive than I expected, my new girly bits were just the opposite. With just a few tentative motions I'd managed to get myself hot.

That was just too much for me now. I pulled my fingers away and worked through the rest of my shower. My whole body felt a bit more tender under the flowing water, but I managed to keep from succumbing to the distraction. In the end the hardest part was getting my hair washed. I normally kept my hair pretty short, so it was an adjustment managing my new mane. It came down just past my shoulders, and was full enough that it defied rinsing for much longer than I thought it should.

Finally, I was done, and Meredith helped get me a towel and then escorted me back to my room.

"So how was it?" She asked as she started to blow dry my hair. I just sat back and let her do it. I couldn't even remember the last time I'd used a hair drier, but I imagined that letting this amount of hair air dry would take a lot longer than I had.

"I'll just say weird." I tried to chuckle and heard it come out as a giggle. I blushed a bit at that. I suppose the reflexes were the same, but some things just didn't translate right.

"All squishy and soft in the wrong spots, right?" Meredith thankfully ignored my girlish sounds. She probably understood how embarrassing they must be for me.

"Yeah, how did you get used to that?" I asked. It still boggled me that she had decided to stay a girl. Being curious was one thing, but making the change permanent, and being stuck in this sexy little body was hard to imagine.

"Honestly, I thought it felt good, and when I started fooling around with guys, well, I don't want to give too much away, but the whole sex thing was so much better as a girl." She giggled as she finished up the drying. I didn't know if I should believe her or not, but the truth was I would find out for myself soon enough.

"Now, seriously, I know it's strange, but you've got a normal woman's body now, and the reactions that go along with it. If you just relax and go with what feels right, I guarantee you'll enjoy it." She put away the hair dryer and pulled out some underwear.

I gulped as I looked at the bra and panties that she was holding. Thankfully, they weren't too perverse or anything. Just a plain pair of white cotton panties and a white bra with subdued pink flowers printed on the cups. I was going to need to put them on. I knew I shouldn't really be bothered by that fact given that I was currently wearing a rather garish pink bathrobe. I certainly couldn't be more girly then that, but there was something intimidating about the bra.

"Now, if you don't want to wear any underwear, no one is going to force you." Meredith smiled as she saw my reaction. I shuddered again at that notion. Given the cut of the dress I was about to wear, it wouldn't be hard to notice that I was going commando. As disturbing as wearing girly underwear was, the idea of flashing everyone at the party was even worse.

I didn't say anything, and just grabbed the soft garments from her. I got up and slipped on the panties first. After a lifetime of rather bulky boxers, it barely seemed right for the thin little piece of cloth to do the job. The way the fabric fit snugly between my legs left me squirming for a moment. I certainly wasn't used to feeling something cupping my groin so fully.

Unfortunately, I lacked an equally demure option for managing the bra. I took a breath and then slid off the robe. The cool air of the room gave me goose bumps and I could swear I could feel my nipples tightening in the cold. I quickly slipped my arms through the straps and then pulled up the cups so that I could get my breasts into them. The hardest part was reaching behind me to get it clasped. Meredith watched me with a bemused smile, but I was lucky enough to get the clasp done before I needed to ask for help. I could only imagine the various jokes she could tell about such a failure.

"Very nice. Now, are you ready for the last part?" She bounced back over to the closet.

"Yeah, I guess I am." I winced a bit when I watched her pull it out. It was just as feminine as before, and I think I wavered just as much as the last time I saw it.

"Okay, this is a bit undignified, but you just slip it on over your head." She helped me slide it on. She was certainly right about the undignified part, standing there half naked with my arms up and my head completely surrounded by the dress. Luckily it only lasted for a moment before I managed to pull it down, and the whole dress seemed to just fall into place. Before I knew it, Meredith was zipping up the back and I was encased in a bright yellow sun dress that showed off my cleavage and legs, and left me with a disturbing draft between my legs.

"This will take some getting used to." I stated as I took a quick walk around the room. The way the skirt fluttered around my legs was almost distracting, especially the way it pushed the air around my thighs.

"Well, it's just for tonight. Tomorrow you can wear whatever you want from your closet and even do a little shopping if you like." Meredith explained. "Now, we have to finish primping you before the party. You wouldn't want to look like something the cat dragged in, now would you?"

"No..." I rolled my eyes a bit, and then let her direct me back to the desk. She'd set up a little makeup mirror and some makeup for me.

"Now, just let me take care of things today, but tomorrow if you want any tips, I'll be happy to help. For tonight, I'll just keep it simple, you've already got great tone and eyelashes so I'll just go with a bit of eye shadow and some lipstick." She explained and then flashed through the process. She did give me a bit of blush as well, just for effect, and I was left to stare at my new reflection.