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When a big drug company released Pill X, curing the world of every disease known to man, what they didn’t say was it also heightens libido and lowers inhibitions. The day the pill was launched went down in history as Pill Day, and sexual pandemonium swept the nation.Pill X: College, follows two roommates as they got lost in the debauchery sweeping their campus. From frat house orgies to a first time experience between two college boys, this book is filthy, unprotected, hilarious, and incredibly sexy.It’s both gayer and more over the top than the first book with plenty of guy and guy and guy on girl action as well. If you’ve ever fantasized about what it would be like to live without the risk of disease, especially on a rambunctious college campus, then this is the book for you.Just like in the original Pill X, each of the stories connect through characters, leading to one gloriously day of filthy and taboo debauchery.

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Guy New York


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About Pill X:

Part One: The Jesus Couple

Part Two: Sarah’s Roommate

Part Three: Peter Eavesdrops

Part Four: House of Masks

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ON MAY 7TH, 2017, A big drug company released a pill that cures everything, calling it Pill X. What they didn’t tell the public about were the side-effects: constant arousal, lowering of inhibitions, and performance enhancement. When the whole world took the pill at the same time, the day went down in history as Pill Day. Sexual madness took over, and from high schools to board rooms people fucked with reckless abandon.

What did you do on Pill Day?




“BABY, I TOLD YOU I would never take the pill. It doesn’t even make sense! I mean come on, we’re waiting until we’re married. What would be the point?”

Sarah’s boyfriend was pacing her dorm room holding a small gold cross in his hand. When Pill X had been released the night before, he was suddenly unreasonably worried that something would go wrong. He knew she was a good Christian and a good girlfriend. He knew that she loved him, and he knew that she wanted to wait, but none of that mattered. Everyone was talking about the Pill, and temptation was everywhere these days. It was so difficult to be faithful to God, let alone each other, and they had to do their best and try their hardest. There was no other way. To give in was to go down the path to hell, and he could see the flames whenever he closed his eyes, reaching out to pull him in. They grew closer every day.

“I don’t mean to doubt you,” he said, finally sitting down on the bed next to her. He made sure to keep a few feet of space between them less they give in to temptation all on their own. “It’s just that everyone is losing their minds today and I’m nervous. I’m sure you would never do anything, but it’s hard. Will you pray with me?”

“Of course my love,” she whispered, kneeling instantly by the bed. She closed her eyes and wondered if she could already feel it working. Was her face warm or was it the light of God? Was she flushed and if so, could he see it? Tony was her love and her perfect match, and she didn’t want to upset him with the truth. They were going to get married, and she would perform her duties like a good wife. It was something she had known her whole life. Of course, there were things he didn’t know, but that was for his own sake. They were things that he would never understand.

After ten minutes of prayer, they stood together and held hands in her small room. He was going home for the weekend to be with his parents. They had plans to protest a local abortion clinic, although she wasn’t sure how that made sense anymore. Of course, since the Pill, she wasn’t sure anything made sense anymore. Nevertheless, he was leaving her for the weekend. More importantly, he was leaving her this weekend.

“I love you,” she whispered, stepping back from him. Her body was doing things she didn’t expect, and she suddenly wasn’t sure if she could hold back. She knew that she was already soaking wet, and if he so much as touched her, she wasn’t sure what would happen.

“God loves you,” he said with a smile. She’d learn, but it was still difficult. “I’ll be back on campus Monday, but I don’t want you to leave your room, do you understand? It’s dangerous out there. I wish you could come with me.”

“You know I can’t,” she said. “But don’t worry about me. I’m not going out into that filth, I promise. I’ll stay here with my Bible. I’ll be a good girl.”

“I know,” he said, his smile leaving his face as he pulled on his coat. He turned one last time and looked at her standing in the light through the window. If he looked closely enough, she almost appeared an angel. Maybe everything would be okay after all.

“I’ll see you soon. Jesus loves you,” she whispered as he repeated the words to her before closing the door. The second she was alone, she fell onto the bed, relief flooding her along with overwhelming excitement. She was a good girlfriend, but when her best friend had given her a pill the night before she had simply taken it without thinking. What harm could there be in being prepared? She was a virgin, but that didn’t matter. Of course, now that she could feel it working, she didn’t think it was a condition that was going to plague her for long. Not now. Not now that she had a weekend free. Not now that she had taken the pill.

Sarah pulled off her conservative dress, removed her bra and panties, and then stepped into the sluttiest thing she owned: a yellow sundress that came to just above her knees. It was scandalous. She twirled around in it once, and the thrill of air on her skin and her privates was more exciting than anything she had felt in a long time. It was almost as if a madness was filling her whole body, urging her to do things she didn’t quite understand. The only thing she knew for sure was that she was going to do them. All of them. She brushed her hair in the mirror, applied the darkest red lipstick she could find in her roommate’s collection, and then before she could think better of it, she was out the door.