Perverted Pleasures - Alana Church - ebook

The Gallifrey family is having a swinging good timeuntil younger brother Jason gets cold feet. Will his sexy older sister and horny twin be able to lure him back into the fold? And what other surprises are in store when new family members show up? Life is interesting when you work for Incest, Inc!~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~"Well, here we are," Angie said as they entered Jason's room. All things considered, she thought it best that they not make love for the first time in her room, with the faint scent of lust still in the air from her session with their father yesterday afternoon. Without any fuss, she stripped, tossing her clothes carelessly on the floor. "What?"Jason was staring at her. No. Jason was drinking her in, the expression on his face awestruck. She swallowed. No one had ever looked at her that way before, their faces filled with a combination of tenderness and desire and sheer, simple, love. The sight made her legs weak, and she was suddenly willing to do anything, literally anything, to make him continue to look at her that way."You're incredible, Angelica. Absolutely incredible.""Thanks," she said, trying to keep her voice light. Inside, she was turning to putty, her belly churning with unfulfilled lust, flooding her body with heat. "But what about you? Take those clothes off, pretty boy, and let me see what you've been hiding."Jason began to undress, and her eyes widened. Every square inch of him was lovely to her eyes. It was as if Shannon's Goddess had designed for her the perfect man and had hid him squarely under her nose for years. When he stepped out of his shorts and boxers, the sight of his nude body made her breath catch in her throat. "Jason. You're beautiful.""Me?" He laughed, the sound containing a surprising quaver. "Look at you. Your body, your butt, your...your breasts. You're absolutely gorgeous. I feel ridiculous just being in the same room with you."She smiled. This was a side of her brother she had never seen before, and she thought she might grow to like it. "You say the sweetest things," she cooed, moving closer. Unconsciously, she put a slow strut in her steps, enjoying the way her brother's eyes widened as she approached him. "What do you like the best? My butt?" She turned and shook her rear at him. "My boobs?" She lifted one in her hand, enjoying the weight as it settled into her palm."Everything." His eyes were wide, and she could see a sheen of sweat covering his chest. She leaned forward, wanting to lick it off, wondering how his skin would taste... 

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Incest, Inc.

Part Three:

Perverted Pleasures

By Alana Church

Artwork by Moira Nelligar

Copyright 2017 Alana Church

~~ All characters in this book are over 18. ~~

Monday morning...

Shannon Gallifrey stood naked in front of her closet, trying to figure out what outfit would be best to use to seduce her younger brother.

Which was certainly not a thought she would have expected to have a year ago, she thought with an inner smile. Or even a week. But the past two days had caused incredible changes in the lives of both her and her family.

First, there had been the astounding revelation on Saturday, that the company her father worked for, which had always seemed to everyone, including her father, to be no different than a thousand other non-profit charity organizations, was only a front for something unbelievable. The Roberts Foundation, ostensibly set up to combat a lack of educational opportunities in developing countries (and also in impoverished areas of rural America) was actually something completely different. Its long-term goal, hidden to almost everyone, was to raise the collective intelligence of the human race. And the way the foundation chose to try to do that was to have people of superior intellect mate and have children together.

Which would all be well and good, and it would have marked them as perhaps...eccentric, but not especially strange. But the foundation would have had no need to cloak its activities in secrecy had it not been for the second prong of its strategy, which was that the people doing the mating and the breeding be related to each other. Specifically, brothers and sisters, fathers and daughters, or mothers and sons. Cousins, too, were apparently open for business, but since both of her her parents were only children, that option didn't seem to be available.

Intellectually, it made sense, Shannon admitted. One could not expect arranged marriages, brought together solely for the purpose of creating intelligent children, to have a solid base of emotional support. And from her conversations with her father over the last few days, she had gathered that approach had been tried, and failed, before the foundation had switched to its more clandestine approach. The bonds between parent and child, sibling and sibling, were already strong. And with the financial incentives the foundation offered, a bonding between two people who already knew each other well was apt to stay strong and stable.

But still...

It was obvious that her father had not expected any of his children to accept the 'opportunity' the foundation had offered. In fact, he would never have mentioned it at all without the encouragement of his wife, Shannon's mother, who had strong feelings about the rights of their children to make their own choices. And it was crystal-clear that Scott Gallifrey had been completely gobsmacked when his shy, quiet daughter Shannon had declared her wish to be impregnated by him and to bear his child.

Shannon smiled and cupped a bare breast in her palm. One of her fingers absently toyed with her nipple, bringing it to a peak. None of her family truly understood her. Her parents were geniuses, highly respected in their fields. Her father was able to organize the building of schools in hellish conditions, in areas of the world that didn't have roads or running water, and were always under threats by local warlords and strongmen. Her mother, Beverly, was a clinical psychologist and psychotherapist, in addition to running the entire psychology department at the hospital where she worked. Her twin siblings, Angelica and Jason, were incredibly intelligent as well.

But none of them were like her. None of them understood the way her shyness hid a highly-developed and powerful sex drive. None of them had to deal with the agony of needing sex at a fundamental level, while at the same time not really liking to be around other people, period.

Except her family, of course. Always excepting her family.

The foundation's offer gave her a way out. Safe within her family, with the only people she truly trusted and loved, she could indulge her desires in a way she never could with anyone else. One hand strayed to the flat curve of her belly, and her lips curled in a secret smile. If the Goddess was kind, her father's seed had already taken root there. In nine months, she might be blessed with a child. A child for which her and her father would be paid a great deal of money.

After she and her father had broken that powerful taboo, the gates had fallen. Her mother had seduced her brother Jason yesterday afternoon. And her horny tramp of a sister had done the same thing with her father while Shannon was taking a nap the previous day. Her family had seemed well on its way to settling into a life-style which was the dream of perverted teenagers the world over.

Until her brother had apparently developed an entirely unwelcome set of cold feet. She sighed, her lips thinning, then shook her head. She shouldn't be so hard on him. The family had held a long, quiet talk the previous night after Jason had gone upstairs to his room. Her mother had shared quite a few details about her lovemaking session with her son. More than enough to make Shannon's panties wet, if she had been wearing any.

“It's my fault,” Beverly had said, her eyes worried. “I pushed too hard, I think. Beat him at his own game, with logic, then trapped him.”

“He didn't say no, did he, Mom?” Angelica had asked worriedly. Despite her estrangement from her twin, she still loved him dearly.

Beverly shook her head. “No. Not like that. But he wasn't...emotionally ready. His body was, of course. More than ready.” Her lips curved in happy memory. “But not his heart.” She heaved a dejected sigh. “I should have known better, dammit. I should have just held out my hand, like he was a scared puppy, and let him come to me, rather than jumping into his arms and practically forcing him to screw me.”

“He seemed to be enjoying it at the time,” her daughter had said with a winked twinkle in her eye.

“At the time, sure.” Her mother shrugged. “But what happened when the fun-time was over and he had a chance to think about it? I should have been there for him. That's my damn job. I'm a therapist.” One hand hit the arm of the couch in frustrated anger. “Instead, I fell asleep like some teenage boy who finally got his rocks off. And I left him alone with no one to talk to.”

“Which is why I'm going to him tomorrow,” Shannon said quietly, before her mother could berate herself further. “I'll talk him off the ledge. With the Goddess as my guide, I am sure we will find a way.”


What to wear, what to wear...