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The Perfect 10 Plots Collection

#6 Perfect 10 Horror Plots

#6-2 "Damianos Book 2 The Last House"

Digital Edition


Plot Summary - Chapter by Chapter Breakdown

In a Nutshell: Damianos is the nickname given to Detective Andre Russell of the San Diego Police. He is on his way out to spend his Saturday evening with his girlfriend, Annie, when a missing person’s report catches his attention. He accompanies the ladies who made the report to their homes. Across the street he discovers the body of their neighbor eaten by poisoned rats in the basement of his heritage mansion. Weeks pass and the bodies start to pile up in the septic tanks and compost bins of various neighborhoods. It’s only when Damianos discovers that one of the children of these old gentlemen is a psychopath who gets off on hurting elderly men that he finds an answer to the enigma.

Part One - Rising Tension

Chapter One

CH 1/ Scene 1 – Being given the nickname of Damianos (the tamer in ancient Greek) some years ago, Detective Andre Russell tries his best to stay on top of the criminal case files invading his in-box with insane regularity. San Diego, CA is a relatively quiet city when it comes to crime. It seems that the majority of the nefarious elements is moving underground like sewer rats, rather than show their faces in the streets of the city.