Paying the Handymen - Deborah Cockram - ebook

Jenny has a problem. As a young single mom, living on a very limited income, she simply can't keep up with all the demands of life. Working two jobs, barely keeping up with the bills – when an electric line in her home fries and leaves her without electricity, it's more than she can handle.Then again, Jenny has always had one asset like no one else – her voluptuous, sensual body body. Ample breasts, thin waistline, and legs that just go on and on and on…a beautiful girl-next-door face with piercing blue eyes, all framed in the loveliest blond hair. Jenny's always know she can have any guy she wants.So Jenny puts an ad online – she'll trade a handjob, maybe two, (while she's dressed in a provocative barely-there teddy) for a good guy who'll fix up her home wiring.Jenny gets more than she bargained for, when Jim shows up, not replacing the faulty wiring, but repairing a half-dozen fixtures, arranging for some much-needed car repairs, even getting her some good, solid, new furniture.Then it comes time to pay, and oh…Jim and his friends expect a lot, and Jenny finds herself on a harrowing, carnal, arousing payment plan of public sex, gangbangings, BDSM, and even her first lesbian experience.And it's all inside, just a download away…

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Deborah Cockram

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Table of contents

Humped Hard by the Handyman:

Pounded by the Repairmen

Hot Times With The Handymen

A Steamy Trilogy of 3-on-1 Stranger Romance

Deborah Cockram

© Copyright 2017 by Deborah Cockram & After Midnight Press

This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents either are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental. Everyone in this story is 18 or older.

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Humped Hard by the Handyman:

A Sensual Tale of Hot Stranger Sex

By Deborah Cockram

It was humiliating.

And yet strangely titillating, beyond anything Rachel had ever dreamed.

And they hadn’t even touched yet.

Jim smiled down at her – he was tall, well over six feet, and she was barely five-foot-four. He was cute, in a rugged kind of way, with a couple of day’s beard growth – it was light brown splotched with a few strands of gray. Jenny figured he was mid-forties, probably twenty years older than her, but he had aged well. His short hair was mostly light brown, with a few hints of gray here and there. His face was dark, tanned from outdoor work, with a couple of lines starting to show, but his smile was wide and inviting and boyish and made his blue eyes sparkle.

Jenny reached out and began unbuckling the wide leather tool belt he wore. When she unfastened it, Jenny was surprised at how heavy it was – she nearly dropped it when the weight transferred from his hips to her hands. He reached down quickly and grabbed it.

“ Careful,” he said, his hand brushing hers.

She flinched at his touch – though she wasn’t sure if it was because of uncertainty or desire.

“ Hey,” he said, reaching up and cupping her face. “It’s okay, no need to be nervous.”

She wondered if he’d say she didn’t have to, if he’d let her off the hook, or say maybe they would do it some other time. Up to this point he’d been such a gentleman, doing far more than the work he had agreed upon – for no extra charge, he joked several times.

The agreement had been simple, though humbling beyond words. She’d gotten the idea from a Craigslist ad she saw, a woman offering to give someone a hand job if they would replace a light fixture in her bathroom. No kissing, no other touching, the woman had been very clear about that.

When Jenny’s AC went out, followed by her stove going on the fritz, she thought of that ad. A single mom with a little boy – she got pregnant when she was 16, and her boyfriend never came back after that – Jenny had few options. She worked during the day when her son was in school, and had a separate part-time job working every Sunday at the grocery store, but sometimes it just wasn’t enough.

She tried living without the stove or AC – preparing only food that she could cook in the microwave or in the regular oven, but that just made the house that much hotter. It was May and already felt humid and summer-like, and Jenny knew she and her son would never make it through the coming months.

So she placed the ad on Craigslist: Single mom desperately needs help – AC out, stove too, but I have no money. Willing to trade favors (and you know what kind) to the right man for repairs.

She got dozens of replies, even from a handful of legitimate repairmen, but narrowed it down to Jim from Jim's Fix-It HVAC Service after getting pictures from all of them.

Jim, that turned out to be his real name, had spent the better part of two days at her place, while her son was in school. He managed to get her stove fixed right off, but had to get a part for her AC and return the second day to finish those repairs. He’d also replaced a light fixture in her hallway and repaired her broken doorbell, simply because he said she seemed like she could use a break.

And because he knew she owed him a good, long fuck for his trouble, she suspected.

Jenny looked up at him, waiting, but no offer to forget the whole thing was forthcoming. Instead, he held her face in his cupped hand, leaned down and pressed his lips against hers.

Jenny shivered, not from some bolt of passion running through her, but because she was suddenly unnerved, and appalled at what she had agreed to do, what she was about to do. Hell, she hadn't had sex in three years – unless you count playing with yourself – so the very idea had her on edge. He kissed harder, his tongue playing along her lips, one hand gently against her hip.

“ Wait,” she said, pulling away.

Jim leaned against the wall, crossed his arms. His face had an expression she would best describe as bemused.

“ It’s okay, little lady,” – that was the term he had used on her since their first meeting – “I’m a little nervous, too.”

Nervous hardly described the emotions going through her head at the moment. Mortified came to mind. Certifiably crazy was another term.

“ I’m…I just…” Jenny didn’t know what.

Jim pushed off from the wall – Jenny flinched when he did – then he stepped to his tool bag, rummaged around in that a bit, then pulled a small, bright orange battery-operated screw-driver. It was shaped like a small hand gun, complete with a trigger he could press to send the little screw bit at the end of the barrel twirling.

Now Jenny grew nervous. She didn’t like the look of that long screw bit.

“ Don’t get scared on me,” Jim said. “I just think this’ll go easier if we can get past the awkward first touches, get you all hot and excited right off the bat. Then you won’t have to think about what you’re doing, we can just act.”

He loosened the part of the barrel which held the screw bit, took out the bit. He pulled the trigger – the hole where the bit had been whirred, but there was nothing projecting from it. “This little thing…” he said, stepping toward her.

Jenny stepped back, but found herself against the wall, Jim now inches from her.

“… this little thing vibrates a great deal,” he finished. Without warning he reached down with the screwdriver, pushed the smooth plastic top right up against her pussy and pulled the trigger.

Jenny gasped before she thought to control her reaction. The vibration was so abrupt, so startling, that a surge of sexual stimulation rolled through her body.

He pulled the screwdriver away.

“ You like that?”

Jenny still felt nervous, and embarrassed. She nodded, and he stepped against her, their bodies pressing together, and shoved the screwdriver against her again, holding the trigger in the “on” position.

“ Oh my god,” she whispered, the steady, pulsing vibration sending tremors through her body. Her panties grew damp. No, wet.

“ Just close your eyes,” he whispered, and she complied while he kept the screwdriver against her, his other hand now stroking the side of her neck.

Jenny moaned when his hand played down across her chest while he leaned over, pressing his lips against hers. His hand, the one not holding the screwdriver, was on her hips now…stomach…under her t-shirt, cupping her breast. She squeezed her legs together around the hand holding the screwdriver, orgasm welling from deep inside, rushing through her.

"Oh Jesus," she whispered, a sudden flash of heat running through her. She felt her own skin grow hot as she opened her legs and arched her back, pushing her hips forward, trying to press hard against his hand, against the vibrating screwdriver.

A shudder rolled through her when she felt his tongue slip between her lips. She pushed her tongue forward, tasting his, slipping between his lips, exploring his mouth as he did hers.

She groaned, her legs growing weak. Jenny felt herself sliding down against the wall, Jim following her to the floor. He pulled his hand from under her shirt, grabbed her hand and guided it down, between her legs, to the screwdriver. He pressed her hand there until she grabbed it, held it in place while he pulled both of his hands from between her legs. He cupped her face with both hands, kissing hard, deep, his breath forced into her mouth.