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Everyone tells Freya that it's impossible, that even the most talented, beautiful, and perfect women are not hired by the company, let alone someone as unimpressive as her. The man in charge, Raphael Hunter, may be wildly successful, but he is also controlling, ill-tempered, and stubborn to a fault. He only hires the best, and he only hires men.Yet Freya Fanning believes she can be successful because she has an advantage nobody else knows about:Raphael is a Master. Her Master. And she isn't there to work. She’s there to be dominated.Passionate Partners is a standalone short story that is filled with dominating alpha males and a single submissive young woman in public.~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~I jumped when I felt his grip on my arm. He leaned in close, so close that his lips were on my ears. When he breathed out, the second hand smoke clouded my sight and filled my lungs with warmth. The tendrils of smoke wrapped around me and I caught a hint of cocoa in the smoke that left a sweet after-taste in my mouth.He was too close to me. I had to fight the urge to run away, which wasn't unusual for me. He was capable of making me feel safer and more content than anyone in the world, but he was also capable of inciting fear."What're you doing here, Freya?" he growled, his voice vibrating from the bones in my jaw down the base of my spine. There was a shuddering in my loins that made it suddenly hard to breath. His exhaled air was warm but his grip on my arm was almost painful.I fought back the panic in my heart, thumping hard enough for him to fell the pulsing in my veins."I- I applied for the job," I stammered, suddenly unsure of myself."I know what you're thinking," he said, leaning back only enough to take another puff of whatever it was he was smoking."What am I thinking?""You think the only reason you made it this far is because I wanted you," he said."Am I wrong?" I asked."Yes."I whirled around to face him, certain that he was lying but the steady expression on his face said otherwise. "I thought-""You thought I saw your name in the list and used my power to keep you in the running," he said."Yes." I said, absolutely certain that the only reason I was even there was because he wanted me there."You're wrong," he said."I am?""Completely," his grip on my arm tightened painfully. "You're here because you're better than the fake bitches with their high heels and thick makeup," he hissed into my ear.He pulled back and took a long drag of smoke, then blew it out the window. I watched as the smoke dissipated into nothing. "Even a fool can see that they're not half the woman you are. You're here because you're willing to work hard for what you want. Did you see the girl in the black dress?" he asked.I frowned, then nodded. She had thick blonde hair tied in a neat bun and seemed to have handed the secretary his number before leaving."She graduated two years ago top of her class, but hasn't gotten a single job since.""Impossible," I said immediately. It was hard to believe someone like her would have a problem getting a job anywhere."Because she believed they were all beneath her," he snarled. "She tried to take her clothes off earlier," he laughed, then snubbed the cigarette on the glass window pan and tossed the still sizzling butt into the bin.There was a tightness in my chest that came from jealousy. I knew I shouldn't feel jealous. He wasn't mine to keep."She was wearing expensive underwear, but it wasn't enough to hide the fact that her breasts were fake," he sneered unkindly."I thought I was here because you wanted to keep my close," I mumbled, face burning red with shame. It felt ridiculous now, to believe that he would go as far as to hire me to his job so he could-"Now that you're here, that's the only thing I can think about," he said so abruptly I felt my face burning even more.

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Dominate Me: Book 2

Passionate Partners

A. X. Foxx

Copyright 2016: A. X. Foxx

All rights reserved. No part in this book may be reproduced, transmitted, stored, or distributed without permission of the author or publisher.

This is a work of fiction. Similarities to real people, places, or events are entirely coincidental. All characters depicted in sexual acts in this work of fiction are 18 years of age or older.

Passionate Partners is a standalone short story that is filled with dominating black alpha males and a single submissive young white woman.

This story contains scenes of BDSM, threesomes, and exhibitionism. If hardcore sex, bondage, and gangbangs aren't your thing, then this may not be the book for you.

Job Interview

"You really should stop smoking... sir."

I regretted saying anything the moment those words left my lips. He didn't bother hiding the irritation in his eyes as he looked up from the papers in his hands. His beautiful blue eyes fixed a well-practiced glare at me. When he saw the way I flinched, he smirked in satisfaction.

I was going to pay for speaking without permission and he knew that I knew. I really should know better by now. It was odd, seeing him outside of the dark dungeon, without the loud music and overwhelming rank of alcohol.

Everything was too clean. His office felt too big and too bright, with the floor to ceiling glass windows. The silence was disconcerting and induced an uncomfortable ringing in my ears. It was all quite overwhelming and foreign.

It was odd seeing him with a shirt on.

"Ten," he said simply before turning his attention back to the papers.

I gulped, fear gripping my heart. But I was also excited. I knew what he meant by the single word. It stood for ten whips, or ten spanks, or ten of whatever punishment he felt like handing out. I wondered if he was going to carry out the punishment once we were in the dungeon, or right here. The perfectly tailored buttoned up white shirt wasn't going to win the battle with his bulging muscles if he was going to whip me. It would probably rip at its seams the first time he drew his arm back.

Maybe he would fold his sleeves up and unbutton the top few buttons. That should keep his clothes from ripping. How sexy would that be, though? I couldn't help but smile as I imagined him tearing his clothes off in anger. He never did have the best temperament.

There was an incident just a few weeks back during one of the sessions where a man new to the club joined into a gangbang session without permission. My legs were stretched as wide as they could go. I was hung by my ankles to ropes attached as semi-permanent fixtures on the ceiling. I was lying flat on my back with my wrists shackled to my sides. My head hung off the edge of the table and was supported by the stranger's hands.

He had his cock in my mouth, stuffed all the way to the back of my throat, choking me. The scent of sex hang heavily in the air and filled my nose and lungs completely. It seeped from my organs through my entire body, alighting it with fires of desire.

There were multiple men around me, touching various parts of my naked body, leaving trials of goose bumps my skin and jolting my nerve endings awake. One of the men attached clothespins on my breasts and pinched my nipples. Another clamped the clothespins on my clit as a stranger pounded into my pussy, his cock stretching me wide.

I had long since went past the point of caring about how the others perceived me. Shame was no longer something my brain was aware of. The present was all too blissful to be worried about things such as humiliation and embarrassment. It was hard- No, it was impossible to think about how my coworkers would react when there were cocks all over me, rubbing on my body. Strangers were touching the most intimate parts of my skin, flicking my nipples and clit to send waves of desire up my spine.

Pleasure and pain was all I knew, with the former taking full control of my body and the latter bringing my attention back to the present every time one of men would pinch and slap my breasts and buttocks. The fleeting shocks of pain made the pleasure even more delectable.

There was a cock in my pussy, stretching me wide, and the man was careful to support my body weight with his hands on my waist and buttocks. It eased the pressure from my ankles. It was almost endearing, how he still cared about making me comfortable as he thrust into me harder than I had ever experienced. My brain immediately linked him to the black man in the crowd. He had the biggest cock I have ever seen and when he slid into me, I didn't need to see his face to know whom it belonged to.

The cock stretched every part of me, filling me completely. It was when I shuddering from the pleasure of having every inch of my insides explored when the man 'accidentally' wrapped a belt to my throat and pulled it so tight that I started to choke. Choking was one of my hard no's and it was stated clearly in my consent form.

That was when bliss transformed into pure terror. I struggled in the bondage, more than I have ever struggled in my life, legs kicking, arms flailing, and screamed my safe word (Red) over and over again, but my trachea was blocked and the noise I made couldn't be heard. It didn't take long for my distress to be noticed. Suddenly I wasn't just moving because of the pleasure, but actually fighting back.

The other men were not as careless as the new guy and sensed the change in me almost instantly. They pushed him away and started undoing the bondage holding me immobile immediately, sensing that the session was over.

The lack of blood to my brain made me lightheaded, but as I struggled to breath and calm my pounding heart, I could hear the seething anger in Raphael's voice.

"What happened?" he asked, like the calm before the storm. His voice was steady and you wouldn't be able to tell he was angry if you didn't know him. He wasn't just angry, he was boiling.