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"Parisian Frolics" was translated from the French by the same author of "The Way of a Man with a Maid".It was printed in Paris for private circulation only in 1896, then translated and printed in London in 1920.The ladies that were satisfied by their preliminary peep were forthwith conducted to the destined chamber and the introduction effected, a similar privilege and opportunity of inspecting his proposed lady companion having been accorded to the male client.But as a rule these preliminaries were purely formal – thanks to the care that Mme. de Saint-Edme took to bring together suitable partners, – thanks also to the skill with which she described to each in turn the charms of the other. And when the happy man was conducted to the allotted chamber (carefully furnished with every requirement a loving pair could desire) arid introduced to the lady (who invariably made a pretence of doing needlework or reading when he was ushered in) Mme. de Saint-Edme would disappear, the sequel not concerning her.

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Parisian Frolics

Translated from the French by the Author of “The Way of a Man with a Maid.”


Parisian Frolics 1896AnonymousThis ebook is licensed for your personal enjoyment only. This ebook may not be re-sold or given away to other people. If you would like to share this book with another person, please purchase an additional copy for each person you share it with.If you’re reading this book and did not purchase it, or it was not purchased for your use only, then you should purchase your own copy.First edition 2012



A lady, young, fresh, extremely pretty and stylishly though quietly dressed, tripped daintily along a street in the neighbourhood of the Madeleine, in Paris, then disappeared into a respectable house, ran quickly up the stairs to the first floor and nervously pressed the button of the electric bell.

The tinkle had hardly ceased when the door was open by a neat maid who ushered the visitor into a handsome drawing-room in which were assembled sundry other ladies, all young and fashionably dressed, but all wearing the pre-occupied air of persons about to have an interview with, say, their doctor or their solicitor.

Presently, as if awaiting the new-comer, the mistress of the house appeared – tall, slender, exquisitely attired in black silk with a dainty head-dress of the style adopted by many English ladies of a certain age, possibly because of the undoubted air of distinction it confers. She smiled pleasantly at her young visitor as she shook hands with her; then with a murmured apology, she turned towards two of the other ladies and said: “Your friends have arrived and are awaiting you M – whereupon they rose and retired, smiling their thanks.

Turning again to her young visitor, she said affectionately: – “My dear, some one is waiting also to see you, a gentleman, one of my best friends. If you are willing to let him make your acquaintance, I shall be happy to introduce him to you.”

This “good friend” was none other than myself! The house belonged to Madame de Saint-Edme, the most obliging of women and also the most tactful of her sex in the delicate mission of creating and establishing the most intimate of relations between persons of opposite sexes who desired to avail themselves of such services. To pretty women pressed for money or inconvenienced by their sexual appetites and desires, to mistresses “en titre” seeking to increase or supplement their alimony, and to married women who found their allowances insufficient or their husbands’ powers not equal to the marital duties desired from them, Mme. de Saint-Edme’s discreet chambers offered the safest and pleasantest of opportunities for the acceptance incognito of financial or other assistance from gentlemen. Similarly she was ready to provide for gentlemen of amorous proclivities satisfactory opportunities of satisfying their carnal desires by the favours of impecunious ladies – thus avoiding on the one side a lengthy pursuit and on the other resistance before surrender.

Further again, those who loved to indulge in Lesbian practices found at her house a convenient rendezvous where they could revel in the enjoyment of their sweet fantasy with the wished-for object of their desire, or (in her absence) they could there without difficulty come across girls who understood and shared their tastes, and who desired nothing better than to either bestow or receive the lingual caresses so dear to tribades, lending themselves adorably to either of the two functions.

To old and trusted habitués (the younger fry being absolutely debarred unless there was not the slightest doubt as to their fidelity and discretion) she allowed the privilege of assisting at Lesbian-Priapus fetes and representations to which were also invited such ladies as wished to be present and whose discretion was assured – the lively feminine contingent knowing they had nothing to fear on such occasions where modesty was conspicuous by its absence.

She for who I was waiting was, according to Mme. de Saint-Edme, a debutante in libertinage who had so far honoured her house once only with her presence. Said Mme. de Saint-Edme to me:

“I wanted you to be first to enjoy her, but you were unfortunately in the country when she finally plucked up her courage to visit me, having disappointed me twice previously. I wished very much that one of my good friends had been then on the spot, but alas, there were none! – And from fear of letting her slip away again, I introduced a casual visitor to her and she let him enjoy her! It was a rare good piece of luck for him, but now, at all events, we have caught our little bird.”

Despite her cynically immoral principles, this excellent woman had the considerate delicacy to let her lady clients have a peep in secret at their respective proposed male companions, to decide whether they were pleased with them. Some fancied dark men, others fair – some admired beards, others preferred the simple moustache. Hot blooded and passionate women sought for muscular strength coupled with distinction; cold blooded ones were more solicitous about the price they would receive for their favours. To these latter, the preliminary peep was only a formality of secondary importance.

It is no use to run counter to tastes – to clash with caprices. The ladies that were satisfied by their preliminary peep were forthwith conducted to the destined chamber and the introduction effected, a similar privilege and opportunity of inspecting his proposed lady companion having been accorded to the male client.

But as a rule these preliminaries were purely formal – thanks to the care that Mme. de Saint-Edme took to bring together suitable partners, – thanks also to the skill with which she described to each in turn the charms of the other. And when the happy man was conducted to the allotted chamber (carefully furnished with every requirement a loving pair could desire) arid introduced to the lady (who invariably made a pretence of doing needlework or reading when he was ushered in) Mme. de Saint-Edme would disappear, the sequel not concerning her.

But when it was a case of a debutante she took care never to be far away! – for it was at the critical moment that the courage of the former failed them. “No! no! – not now! – not to-day! – ”they would not infrequently exclaim – and run out of the room. Then Mme. de Saint-Edme would intercept them in the corridor, – and by means of her soothing caresses and persuasive words, she would induce them to stay. Then she would take them to another room and induce them to undress, – then whisper soothingly and encouragingly: “Now dear, you are all right – I will go and bring him myself to you!” – and the episode would terminate with a bout of love made all the more delicious by the ardour imparted to the lover by a resistance that could only indicate that the girl he was about to enjoy was a novice in such matters!

But it must not be supposed that all the debutantes gave this trouble. After their second – and very often on their first visit – the majority of girls would not make any serious resistance to even the most audacious and libertine actions of their male companions. Very often indeed, instead of resorting to airs of startled innocence in order to stimulate their partner’s lust, they would endeavour to attain to the same end by arraying themselves in the most provocative and décolleté costumes! Among her other virtues, Mme. de Saint-Edme was able to give the best of advice as to the toilette to be adopted towards this end. It was not for nothing that she had been for years in one of the leading Parisian modiste’s establishments.

In this situation, she had amassed much by pecuniary gifts from the clientele, both for her suggestions and still more for her services as a “broker-in-love,” and the friendly relations she thus inspired invariably remained unimpaired.

On this occasion the lady whose favours had been retained for me had simply removed her hat, and I held mine respectfully in my hand while being introduced to her in the following words – “My dear, let me introduce to you the gentleman and friend regarding whom I have spoken to you!”

She turned to greet me, when – good Heaven! – I recognised a young cousin of mine! In our preliminary peeps we had seen each other but imperfectly, – her face had been in a great measure hidden by her matinee hat while it was no doubt my beard that made her fail to recognise me, for many years had passed since we had seen each other.

“Why? – it is you, Gilberte!”

I was puzzled to know what to do! Would it be advisable straightway to respect her and give up any attempt to induce her to accord to me favours she had evidently come prepared to accord to a stranger? Or should I treat her as if she was of easy morality, and without circumlocution address to her proposals that I would have made to any other woman I met under similar circumstances, and which I was justified in assuming would not be unwelcome to her? But women are so odd, their ideas of morality so extraordinary! – and some who would in occasions submit themselves without hesitation to the grossest lubricity would on other occasions resent the least attempt at a liberty! At all events ladies that came to Mme. de Saint-Edme’s chambers

Mme. de Saint-Edme at once saw that she had unwittingly created an awkward situation – that she had “put her foot” into it! She stood dumbfounded! I begged her to leave us to ourselves.

The situation was piquant! This cousin was the “petite cousine” of authors, the “petite cousine” of youthful amorous indiscretions and yearnings which had not come to anything owing to her early marriage and the subsequent impossibility of rendezvous, – and further, at such a time a woman does not lend herself to amorous adventures. I now found her grown into a beautiful woman, – and under surroundings that (to me, at least) afforded an opportunity of reviving our youthful mutual passion and of carrying it to a satisfactory denouement.

She dropped her eyes in confusion! I took her hands gently in mine, and while assuring her that she could absolutely rely on my discretion I added that if she would like to go away she was at perfect liberty to do so and that I would never breathe a single word as to this meeting. But as my noble and chivalrously virtuous declaration did not produce any response, the mere man in me began to assert itself – and imperiously too! – as I contemplated the tumultuous heaving of her breasts under her dainty corsage and the betrayal by them of her emotions!

“Speak, Gilberte!” No answer. “Would you like me to go away?” Still silence. could hardly expect to be considered as strictly virtuous – and Gilberte must rank herself with them! But our cousinly relationship – which at an ordinary society function would have assisted me – here was a positive handicap to both of us: I represented to Gilbert her family, her respectability, her past life, her girlish days!

I must confess that the memories of these latter were such as afforded to both of us a pretext for reviving the past in the present. In our youthful amusements we had not troubled to respect our mutual modesty I Stolen kisses, caresses of tongue against tongue, indiscreet ramblings of inquisitive hands under clothes, – all had brought us to the very threshold of the supreme pleasure. One day, when hidden in a barn with her, my hand had found its way to her little girlish cunny which it strove to excite by an active finger – while her little hands were amusing themselves with my prick as it stood rampant and stiff in her honour! But nothing else had transpired, and we had not met again, until now.

I reminded her of this, – she smiled, and little by little let fall her constraint, whether real or simulated.

“Don’t speak of it!” she said – “we were sillies!”

“We certainly were, because we did not take advantage of our opportunities! But now that we have so unexpectedly met?...”

“Tell me, – didn’t you know who I was when you came in?”

“Honestly, I did not.”

“Well, suppose that you had made me out, would you then have come in?”

“It is possible that I might have considered it better in your interests to disappear, – but I should have done so with great regret, for you were looking so lovely! And you? – if you had recognised me?”

“I should have run away!”

“But why? Do you think I cannot appreciate your charms as well as any one else?”

“Oh!... But you and another man are two very different things! – you are a relative – and I had not come here for the purpose of meeting my family.”

“I don’t suppose you did!” I replied laughing. “But it is so easy for us to forget that we are relatives. I have only to think of you as a charming young lady I have for the first time met, – and you have only to allow me to make to this charming young lady declarations and proposals to which I am sure she would like to listen much more than to remonstrances she might fear!”

“It seems to me so strange that I should be here at all with you! – I feel my presence here is so extraordinary – so upsetting!”

“Then, if we were to go on with our last meeting in the old barn, the sin (if any) would seem to you to be less grave and less piquant, – in fact almost allowable, as in marriage?”

“You’re talking nonsense!... Of course not!... But to be seen by you here makes me feel as if everybody I know is also looking at me!”

“Then you don’t care about doing this sort of thing before the world?”

Gilberte laughed frankly. I saw at once to what extent I should have adopted a false policy and how weak I should have been had I treated with an excess of respect a girl who, although my cousin, had of her own accord come to a house resorted to only by those who wished for a gratification of their sexual passions and desires! In fact, with any one else but her, I would before now have put myself in possession of charms which would have been surrendered to me kindly, – while had she been with any one else but me, she would not have concealed them from the eyes and no doubt the kisses of her happy companion!

“Well,” I continued, “I don’t know who you are, – it is the first time I have seen you. Mme. de Saint-Edme told me that she would introduce me to a charming girl who was visiting her for the first time, who proves to be even prettier that I could have anticipated, and who will, I trust, prove not less unkind than the others to whom Madame has introduced me and who have been good enough to amuse themselves with me here. May I ask what is your Christian name?”

“Gilberte,” she replied laughing.

“Gilberte! What a pretty name! Well now, Gilberte, let me help you to take off your hat and cloak.”

When I had hung these up; I passed my arm round her waist and kissed her on her mouth clasping her to me as I did so.

“You come here very seldom, I understand?” I said, – “I have not had the good fortune to meet you before.”

“This is my first visit, Monsieur,” she replied, entering into the spirit of the game.

“Really! But I think it cannot be the first time that you have left your husband in the lurch-for you look to me like a young married woman?”

“You are indiscreet, Monsieur!”

“Weel – I won’t press my curiosity any further! – at all events it is very sweet of you to allow others to share with him in enjoying your charms.”

Seating myself on a sofa, I drew her gently on to my knees, – I repeated my kisses on her mouth while my hand wandered inquisitively over her corsage. She laughed, – then exclaimed “Oh! Monsieur!” in the most natural way.

Then my hand descended a little, and pressed against and between her thighs over her dress. Her hand tried to push mine away! I yielded, – but only to pull up her skirts, in order to touch the bare flesh of what I had been feeling over her clothes! Gently I groped her calves, knees and thighs.

“Oh I... what are you doing, Monsieur?”

“Only trying to learn if you wear your garters above or below your knees. “’ Above, always!”

You have such sweet calves!” My hand climbed a little higher, – her skin was so soft and sweet!

“Oh!... oh!... you’re tickling me!... No!... no!...”

“Why!... your drawers are closed in front!...”

“Ha!... ha!... oh! take away your hand!... you’re tickling me!...”

“Oh!... now I’ve got to it!... Oh!... what a lot of hair you have! Ever so much more than you had in the barn!”

“What barn?

“Ah!... pardon me!... I was forgetting!”