Paranormal Erotica - Ella Louise - ebook

This bundle contains three sexy stories:1. Big Gray Men (Alien MFMM Medical Menage)Seemingly alone at home, Cathy has an experience that is truly out of this world. After shivering and convulsing with pleasure from an unidentified bright light in the sky, she goes on a quest to find the source of this unexpected feeling. But when she stumbles on a ship with three hot gray humanoids inside that want to examine her body, Cathy knows she's in for the hottest ride in the universe.2. Taken By The Vampire Club (MFM Vampire BDSM Menage)When Eliza decides to celebrate the end of her lackluster marriage by joining a group of hot vampire hunks for one freaky, wild night in bed, she is excited to discover them already waiting for her with a silky blindfold, ropes, and some seriously seductive vampire appeal. But what she never expects to find in the company of these three vamps is a deeper connection with the alluring, rich vampire and nightclub owner, Isaiah.3. The Alpha Claims Her Back Door (Anal Sex, Werewolves)Innocent, virtuous Karen is horrified to discover that she has become a werewolf. Even worse, the powerful and primal urges that come with the change are driving her crazy. In a desperate attempt to quell these dirty thoughts, she buys herself a chastity belt. Surely, nothing is getting through that! But soon the urge overwhelms her, so she turns to the pack alpha for help…and ends up being taken in a hole she never expected, hard and without protection.~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~“Do you consent?”I regard the colorless creatures with their impressive physiques and still-unwavering erections. Once I get past the mouth thing, I could get really into the idea of these guys putting their hands on my body.To study me.And the promise of another go with that orgasm-ray makes up my mind on the spot. If I don’t do this, and I go home tonight to my normal, boring life, I will always wonder what it might have been like.I lean back onto the cold, metal table and lie down as calmly as possible.“Yes,” I answer. My voice is shaking, but if I’m honest with myself, it’s sixty percent excitement and only forty percent fear.

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Paranormal Erotica

Vampires – Aliens – Werewolves – Erotic Story Bundle

By Ella Louise

~~ All characters in this book are 18 or over. ~~

Big Gray Men

(Alien Medical Menage Erotica)


I bolt upright in my bed. My eyes are wide, but I can’t see anything at all in my pitch black bedroom.

My heart pounds, my body full of adrenaline.

The low, almost imperceptible voice calling my name is weird for at least two major reasons. First of all, I’m alone in my house. And second, the voice isn’t human.

It isn’t even a voice, it slowly dawns on me as the last fog of a deep sleep leaves my brain.


It’s an echo inside my head.

I clutch the blankets tightly in my fists, not moving. After several moments, I work up the courage to whisper, “Who’s there?”

And then, when there’s no answer, “Am I going crazy?”

The clock on my nightstand reads exactly 3:33 a.m. My bedroom around me is completely dark, completely silent, and as far as I can tell, completely normal.

Minutes pass.

Eventually, my heart rate returns to normal and I relax my death grip on my bedding. Surely, it was the last remnant of a dream that woke me. What I thought I heard isn’t even physically possible. No reason to get so worked up. It was just a dream.

Still, I grab my shotgun from its place, propped against the door by my bed, and do a cursory check of my entire house. It’s the first time I’ve touched the gun since my best guy friend insisted I take it as a housewarming gift when I moved out on my own.

I’d never owned a gun before, but it fit in with my outlook: take control of your own life, and don’t rely on anyone. Especially a man. Now, I’m thankful to have the weight of the gun in my hands.

I flip on the porch light to double check the woods behind my house one more time, but I see nothing but trees and the blackness between trees. Reassured almost entirely that it was a dream that had woken me, I turn the light off again and go back to bed.

Still, sleep won’t come.

Luckily, my tried-and-true relaxation method only takes me a few minutes, and already my mind is drifting to more pleasant places. When a girl lives on her own in the middle of the woods, she gets in touch with her own sexuality pretty damn quickly.

Smiling to myself, I slip my right hand beneath the waistband of the silky exercise shorts I sleep in and use my left hand to tug my t-shirt up over my breasts. My nipples are already hard from a combination of the chilly night air and my sudden, adrenaline-fueled tension.

I tease each nipple lightly, using only my fingertips. The fingertips of my other hand work gently at the folds between my legs, gathering moisture before I make contact with my clit. I like to take things slowly with myself.

A bright, white light shines through the crack in the curtains over my window and flashes directly across my closed eyelids.

What the…?

The thought doesn’t even have time to fully form inside my brain before my whole body is wracked with a powerful orgasm.

My toes curl until they almost cramp, my back arches, and my hands grip the blankets again, though this time not with fear. Hot, intense pleasure radiates out from my crotch and extends through my whole body with each pulsing contraction. I’m pretty sure I scream the name of some fantasy lover, lost in the moment. It doesn’t matter if I scream, I have no neighbors for miles around my little house in the woods. I ride the orgasm like a tidal wave.

It’s not until several seconds after it passes, as I’m lying gasping, still shuddering, that it occurs to me I had barely even begun to touch myself. In fact, I don’t recall even making it as far as touching my clit yet. I’m good, but I’m not that good.

And that light…

Something strange is going on here.

Throwing back the covers, I stand on shaking legs. I wrap a bathrobe around myself and belt it tightly. I’m chilled from a thin sheen of sweat that has broken out over my body.

Once more, I grab the shotgun.

Instead of inspecting my house for the second time, I step into a pair of sneakers and brace myself before opening the door to the house. Whatever flashed that light at me came from outside.

I'm not usually the type of girl to wander outside in the middle of night, but something about that white light has me intrigued. Well, more than intrigued, if I'm being honest with myself.

Leaves crunch underfoot in the chilly night air, but I don't turn back. I can't turn back. I have to figure out what it was that had such an effect on me. As silly as it seems to think it, I know it wasn’t my own fingers that made me feel that good.

I see a light in the sky. Even though it's not shining directly at me this time, I can tell it's the same light from the effect it has on my body.

Despite my orgasm just moments before, I'm already wanting more. It's a crazy intense feeling, one that I wouldn’t believe if I weren’t feeling it right now.

My nipples tighten and stand out, brushing the fabric of my t-shirt. I wrap my bathrobe more tightly around me, but I know it’s not the cold causing this reaction. The craving between my legs is an intense reminder of how badly I want that powerful release again.

I need more.

I take a few shaky steps forward, weak-kneed, almost tripping over a fallen branch in the dark. Of course, I brought a gun, but I didn’t even think about a flashlight.

Even though I’m steadily approaching the strange light, I still can’t make out what it’s actually emanating from. I can’t see a tower, or a plane, or anything that could be catching and reflecting the light of the moon.

It seems to be hovering in midair.

I blink a few times, squinting, but either my eyes are playing tricks on me, or it really is just hovering, steady and unwavering, a few hundred feet off of the ground.

Now that I’m closer, I can tell how very bright that light must be to have reached me so far away.

And so intensely.

I squirm at the renewed throbbing of my clit. Even if I am some crazy woman outside on a chilly night chasing what will probably end up being a weather balloon or something, it’s worth it if it means possibly recreating that pleasure coursing through every nerve in my body.

I keep walking until I am directly beneath the light source. I’m certain now that there’s no tower it’s attached to. If there were, I’d be standing inside it by this point.

The beam is still not shining at me, and for the moment, I am thankful. If it really is the source of my intensely physical reaction, I’m not sure I could make it home if it were to focus its full force on me again.

I picture myself staggering back to my house a few steps at a time, wracked with orgasm after orgasm. I can’t help myself; I giggle. This is utterly ridiculous.

And yet, I feel like a kid sneaking out in the middle of the night to peek at Christmas presents early. This may be totally silly, but it’s not like anyone ever has to know.

I wave my arms, trying to attract the attention of whoever might be operating the light.

Nothing. It stays stationary, pointing off in the distance. I feel an absurd stab of jealousy, wondering what other lucky girl might be the recipient of the same experience I had.

I shake my head. Now I’m really being ridiculous.

And, anyway, now that I’m out here in the middle of a freaking field at what has got to be approaching four-o-clock in the morning, I’ve managed to find nothing. Nothing but some disembodied light hanging above me, making me feel impossibly horny and, more possibly, insane.

I shake my head and turn to walk home.

And that’s when the world disappears.

At first, it feels like gravity has been tilted sideways. I feel as if I’m on my back, but the world hasn’t quite taken shape around me. Everything is surrounded by such bright whiteness that it takes me a moment to see that there’s a person over me, looking down at me. It’s like waking from anesthesia, when the doctor’s face first comes swimming into view.

But when this particular blurry face sharpens into focus, I have to bite back a scream.

He has no mouth!

I thrash, flailing wildly in an attempt to back up and put some distance between myself and this horrifying face, but I only succeed in crashing to the floor. In my disorientation, I hadn’t even had time to notice I’d been lying on a cold, metal table.

I huddle under the table, using it to shield myself while I try to get a better look at this stranger.

In addition to the smooth expanse of flesh where a mouth should have been, I also notice that the skin tone of this man – this creature – is gray. Gray like an old movie, or like someone had opened his image in a photo editor and completely desaturated the picture.

Only, this is no picture.

I want to run, but I can’t stop staring as he moves toward me. I have no thoughts. It’s like my brain is paralyzed.