Paranormal Alpha Males Bundle - Angelina White - ebook

Included in this bundle are the following sizzling stories by Angelina White and Aaliyah Jackson:Claimed By The AlphaWhen Alexis, a successful black lawyer, agrees to a charity auction with her as the prize she thinks it's going to be a boring time and a boring date... that is, until her own boss is the one to claim her with an incredible amount of money. What she doesn't know is that her boss isn't just a billionaire, he's a werewolf, and when he changes he becomes insatiable. With her white boss in an animalistic werewolf state can she resist his advances or give in to his uncontrollable lust?The Wolves WithinWhen Tamara gets a job working as an accountant for a lumber camp, she's not excited but money is money. Out there in the middle of the forest, there's only the rough, burly loggers to keep her company.Late at night, Tamara leaves her cabin to take some photos for her blog... but what she sees makes her drop the camera. Sam, the head logger, and five of his employees undergoing a rapid change under the moonlight.Soon she finds herself surrounded by six figures with one thing on their minds - claiming her. Taking On The White Bikers Chantel gets a little too drunk at the club, and wakes up in the bed of an outlaw motorcycle gang member. Although she's embarrased at acting like a ho, she decides to stay and kick it for a while. And with no ride home she doesn't really have a choice. One game of strip poker and several drinks later, she finds herself the center of attention for the entire clubhouse. Soon she'll be taking on more than one white biker as she gives in to her deepest desires and does things she can never, ever admit to doing. 

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Paranormal Alpha Males Bundle

Aaliyah Jackson & Angelina White

Copyright © by Angelina White & Aaliyah Jackson

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Table of Contents

Claimed By The Alpha

The Wolves Within

Taking On The White Bikers

Claimed By The Alpha

Angelina White

“Alexis! Can you come to my office for a moment?” called her boss, Willa Richards. Alexis had been with Richards & Gerber Law Firm for over seven years, and had worked her way to being one of their top lawyers, but Willa still had the power to strike fear in her heart. Not many people had the power to unnerve Alexis, but Willa was definitely one of them.

“Hey Willa, what do you need?” Alexis answered when she got into the doorway. As she walked in she tried to read the look on Willa’s face. She was a tall, skinny, Hispanic woman with dark chocolate brown eyes and short-cropped brown hair that accentuated her striking jaw line. She had the look of a woman who had clawed her way to the top, and was willing to strike out at anyone who dared challenge her.

“Are you all set for the charity date auction tonight? Is that what you are wearing?” Willa replied, giving her outfit a look up and down.

Alexis believed she was a good-looking woman. Her ebony skin shone flawlessly, and her eyes were a light hazel brown, in contrast to her jet-black hair that hung in ringlets around her shoulders. She didn’t flatter herself to be a fashionista, but she didn’t think she was hopeless. Today she wore a fitted navy blue pantsuit paired with a crisp white button-down shirt and shiny black heels. She looked professional, while at the same time showing off her womanly curves. Her generous breasts could not be contained, as cleavage overflowed out of her shirt. She enjoyed showing men what they would never have. She knew she had impossibly high standards, and she liked it that way. She knew her worth, and wouldn’t settle for anything less than what she thought she deserved.

She had completely forgotten about the charity date auction. Probably because she didn’t want to go. Not only was the idea of a man buying her infuriating to her, but date auctions were always incredibly boring. She prided herself on her self-reliant and independent nature. She had grown up in a poor neighborhood in the Bronx, and she had worked hard to pay her way through college and law school. She eventually made her way to Richards & Gerber, one of the top divorce firms in New York City. She had done all of this on her own, without help from anyone, especially not from any man.

“Do I really need to go? I mean, can’t I just write a check for the charity instead?” Alexis pleaded. “No, of course not,” Willa answered, with an irritated look in her eyes. “No, you must go and represent Richards & Gerber. The point is, of course, to help raise money for the charity, but it is also to network, and make new connections for the firm. If you want to become a partner, you are going to have to make some sacrifices. I know you don’t want to go, but you have to. That’s my final decision. The charity is at 4:00 this afternoon at the St. Regis hotel. Be there on time, and do your job.” Willa declared, turning to her computer to signal that the conversation was over.

Alexis was fuming as she walked down the hall to her office. How would selling herself to creepy, rich, old men help the firm? But she knew better than to ignore Willa. Alexis did want to become partner, and the only way that she could do that was to prove herself to Willa. If this was what it took, she was going to do it. She walked into her office and took a seat at her desk. It was a plain desk made of mahogany, with her computer, several files, and a picture of Alexis and her mother the only things she kept on it. Her walls were just as bare, with only the several degrees she had earned hanging on the walls. She didn’t believe in excess, probably because she had never had an excess of anything growing up. It scared her, at times, how much the rich clients she saw everyday took their wealth for granted. She would never be able to understand their entitlement.

Setting that thought aside, she checked the clock on her phone. It was already 1:30, damn. If she was going to this charity, she was going to make the best of it. She would get there early, and sweet talk the wealthy elite that would inevitably be there. She picked up her briefcase and her coat, and walked towards the elevator. As she waited patiently to reach the parking garage, she did a mental sweep of her closet, trying to find the sexiest dress for the charity. She might not want to be there, but she was going to go full out for it. If she did get a decent price, it would make her a talking point to the potential clients present. Maybe even the man who bid for her. The elevator finally arrived at the parking garage, and she walked to her car. She got in and made her way to her Upper East Side apartment.

Once arriving at her apartment, she took off her clothes and got into the shower. As she watched the water flow down her dark breasts, and down her arms and legs, she thought about the last time a man had touched her. It had admittedly been a while. For brief moments she felt the pangs of her isolation. It was only human to desire the touch of another, after all. She walked out of the shower and wrapped a towel around her body.

She walked to her closet and searched for the perfect dress for the night. She needed something that would grab everyone’s attention. After some deliberation she decided on a tight red Tom Ford dress that made her breasts look bigger, and her ass look perfect. She zipped herself up and put on her 6 inch black heels before going into her bathroom to apply her makeup. She didn’t want to put too much on, but she knew makeup was an important factor in completing the image of sex appeal. When that tedious task was finished, she transferred all the necessaries into a tiny clutch she would bring with her.

With one final, satisfied look in the mirror she walked out of her apartment to the elevators. She would take a taxi, because she won’t want to worry about her car after the date. Resigning herself to her fate, she hailed a taxi and told him to take her to the St. Regis.


She walked into the hotel and followed the signs for the charity date auction. The hotel was full of people milling around the lobby, some heading for the bar. Well, it was Friday afternoon, so it was to be expected. She made her way into the ballroom that was to hold the charity event, and was pleasantly surprised to see many men already there. She checked into the date auction, and grabbed herself a glass of champagne. As she sipped her champagne, she looked for anyone she might already know. As she was scanning the room, someone tapped her shoulder, startling her.

“Excuse me, Ms. Morgan? I’m sorry if I startled you. Are you alright?” someone asked her as she turned around. She didn’t recognize him, but he was startlingly good looking. He had short spiked hair, and sky-blue eyes that she knew were slowly undressing her. His eyes captivated her, but she soon found herself scanning his body, absorbed by the way his black suit hugged his body, highlighting his bulging muscles. She was pleasantly surprised when she noticed the prominent bulge in his pants.  He made a polite cough, and she brought herself back to reality. “Oh, I’m sorry, hi. Yes, I’m Alexis Morgan. And you are?” she said, thankful he couldn’t notice her blushing. He smiled as if he could read her mind, which only made her blush more. “My name is Mark Wallace. Pleased to meet you,” he said, bowing, and kissing her hand. Mark Wallace! How did she not recognize him? Wallace was a well-known playboy, who had more money than most states in the country. His exploits were weekly fodder for the tabloids, but it never seemed to bother him. She felt stupid for not recognizing him right away.

“Mr. Wallace, it’s a pleasure to meet you. How may I help you?” Alexis asked, feeling like a high school girl talking to her first crush.

“Please, call me Mark. I wanted to introduce myself. I hear you are partaking in the date auction?” he said, stepping closer to her.

“Yes, I am. Do you plan on bidding on anyone? I hear there are some very beautiful women being auctioned off.” She replied, surprised at her unconscious flirting. Before he could answer her, the MC of the event stepped onto the stage. “Hello everybody! I hope you are all ready to raise some money today! May I ask that all of our lovely participants make their way backstage, so they can get ready for the auction! Thank you so much!” a peppy young man bellowed onto the stage. Alexis turned around to say good-bye to Mark, only to realize he had already left. She felt a pang of rejection in her heart for a brief moment, until she realized it didn’t matter.

Alexis sat and watched from backstage as one woman after another went onstage to flaunt her assets, hoping to garner attention and money from every man out there. A corner of her mind wondered if Mark would be watching her. She couldn’t find him in the crowd from where she was standing, but he hadn’t made any bids on any women yet. That was strange, she thought. She would have expected him to make a bid on at least someone by now. It wasn’t like he was lacking the money for it.

Finally, it was Alexis’ turn. She walked onstage, adding a little sass into her walk, hoping to draw everyone’s attention away from the bar and onto her. She blew a kiss as she walked to the MC, eliciting various catcalls around the room.